HEAD COACH: Kirk Ferentz

RECORD AT IOWA: 143 – 97

CAREER RECORD: 155 – 118



STADIUM: Kinnick Stadium (70,585)



September 1 Northern Illinois

September 8 Iowa State

September 15 Northern Iowa

September 22 Wisconsin

October 6 at Minnesota

October 13 at Indiana

October 20 Maryland

October 27 Penn State

November 3 at Purdue

November 10 Northwestern

November 17 at Illinois

November 23 Nebraska



Wyoming 24 – 3

Iowa State 44 – 41 OT

North Texas 31 – 14

Penn State 19 – 21

Michigan State 10 – 17

Illinois 45 – 16

Northwestern 10 – 17 OT

Minnesota 17 – 10

Ohio State 55 – 24

Wisconsin 14 – 38

Perdue 15 – 24

Nebraska 56 – 14

Boston College 27 – 20




RUSHING: 139.2

PASSING: 190.2

TOTAL: 329.5




RUSHING: 144.6

PASSING: 212.8

TOTAL: 357.5



2013: 8 – 5

2014: 7 – 6

2015: 12 – 2

2016: 8 – 5

2017: 8 – 5






PASSING: Nate Stanley, 196 – 351 –2,437 – 26TD – 6INT

RUSHING: Toren Young, 45 – 193 – 2TD

RECEIVING: Nick Easley, 51 – 530 – 4TD

TACKLES: Jake Gervase, 58

SACKS: Anthony Nelson, 7.5

INTERCEPTIONS: Jake Gervase, 3



Dallas Craddieth, S St. Louis, Missouri

John Waggoner, DE West Des Moines, Iowa

Tyler Linderbaum, DT Salon, Iowa

Spencer Petras, QB San Rafael, California

Julius Brents, S Indianapolis, Indiana

DJ Johnson, CB Indianapolis, Indiana

Jeff Jenkins, OG Crystal Lake, Illinois

Daviyon Nixon, DT Kenosha, Wisconsin

Tyrone Tracy Jr, WR Indianapolis, Indiana

Noah Shannon, DT Montgomery, Illinois



If there is a team that can possibly unseat Wisconsin in the Big Ten West it could be Iowa. The Hawkeyes were the only team of the country to beat a top – 10 finalist by more than 30 in their win over Ohio State. Junior quarterback Nate Stanley was inconsistent, but was spectacular at times. He threw five touchdowns against Iowa State and Ohio State, but had a bad game against Wisconsin. Stanley threw for 26 touchdowns and only six interceptions.

Stanley will have one of the top tight ends in Noah Fant who scored 11 touchdowns in 2017 on only 30 receptions. Fanta 6’5” 241 pounds and is a matchup problem for opposing defenses. Senior Nick Easley is the top returning wide receiver (51 receptions). Easley is a possession receiver who works well in the slot. Ihmir Smith –Marsette and Brandon Smith will look to stretch defenses.

The running game will be without Akrum Wadley. Toren Young and Ivory Kelly-Martin will be expected to get most of the carries this season.

The line will return three starters including left tackle Tristan Wirfs, center Keegan Render and right tackle Alaric Jackson. The Hawkeyes will miss center James Daniels, who entered the NFL draft.



Iowa returns only for starters from a defense that ranked 36th in the country last season, 17th in scoring. DC Phil Parker must replace All-Americans Josey Jewell and Josh Jackson.

Anthony Nelson returns at one defensive end spot with Parker Hesse manning the other end position. They combined for 20 tackles for loss between them last season. Former five – star AJ Epenesa is expected to get plenty of playing time at DE.

All three of Iowa starting linebackers must be replaced with players that mostly played special teams in 2017. Iowa will look to sophomore Nick Neimann, Kristian Welch and Amani Jones as the starting linebackers.

The secondary will be led by Amani Hooker, who showed signs of stardom in 2017. He’ll be joined by Brandon Snyder, Michael Ojemudia and Matt Hankins in the secondary. I was passed defense ranked ninth in the Big Ten last season. Through interceptions or pass breakups, Iowa was responsible for 46% of its opponents incomplete passes, ranking second in the country.

Iowa’s defense has promise and should be the type of unit that will keep the Hawkeyes in each and every game this season.



Kicker Miguel Recinos returns after hitting 11 of 13 field-goal attempts last season. Colten Rastetter and Ryan Gersonde will look to battle it out as the starting punter in the fall. Rastetter averaged only 37.8 yards per punt last season and was listed behind Gersonde after spring practice. Iowa will evaluate their return game this fall.



Iowa, on paper, looks to have everything in place to move the football consistently on offense. The biggest question mark on offense will be the running game. Stanley will need to complete a higher percentage of his passes and that may not be easy with the amount of inexperience at receiver. Replacing all three starting linebackers and an all-everything cornerback will also be a challenge on defense. One of the biggest pluses this season for Iowa might be its schedule. The Hawkeyes will not see Ohio State, Michigan or Michigan State – three of the Big 4 from the Big Ten East.


PROJECTED RECORD: 8 – 4, 5 – 4 Big Ten.



THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Iowa’s head coach Kirk Ferentz.

COACH FERENTZ: Good morning. Looking forward to getting back on the field with our team next Friday. Always anxious for that. So we’re at that point. I think the team’s had a really good summer thus far. They’ll finish up this week, take a break, needed break, and then hopefully come in fresh to start the next phase of our preparation.

And thus far the 2018 team has been a really good group to work with. I think they’ve handled every phase of the program pretty well and certainly have the potential to be a good football team.

So really what’s important now is finishing up this week in good fashion and then having a great preseason camp. Like any team, that’s a really important thing.

Just looking backward for one second, we had some really rewarding moments last year, and probably the biggest thing I would note for this team moving forward, if we’re going to take another step, it’s all about consistency for us. So we’ve got to find a way to play with more consistency and see what we can do on that front.

Roster-wise, just if you look at the losses, the most obvious loss would be our linebacker corps. We had three seniors that played at a high clip, and we also had a fourth, Kevin Ward, a very valuable special teams player captain for us on special teams. We lost four players at that position that did a really good job. Nate Bazata was an unheralded defensive tackle, played well on our scheme, and Josh Jackson at the corner position. Defensively we have some work to do.

And on the offensive side, lost a couple of linemen, two running backs that were good players for us and a receiver.

So as we move forward right now, I think if you look at this ball club, we’re a little bit more certainly veteran to the quarterback position, Nate Stanley, coming back for a second year. I think the surrounding cast as receivers and tight ends are a better more qualified group than a year ago. And then in the offensive line I think we have a chance with enough experience right now to have a good group there.

The obvious thing we’re lacking is experience at running back. But we like our players there. They just haven’t played very much.

On defense, obviously, the big question is who is going to be our linebacker. Our linebackers will be our starting linebackers and depth behind them.

And then the secondary and the defensive line developing depth there as well. And the other big thing is our punting game was less than stellar last year. And if we’re going to have a good football team, we have to take a step forward in that direction, too.

All in all, we’ve had good competition, healthy competition, I think, back in the spring. Expect that to be even better this August with guys that haven’t played being a few months older and more experience and adding a bunch of freshmen on top of that.

Again, it’s going to be good to quit talking about all this stuff and get back on the field and actually start working towards the ’18 season. Questions.

Q. Nate Stanley, a year ago at this time, competing for a job, now becomes a second junior in your 20 years to be at Big Ten Media Days. What type of growth from him have you seen, and how did that happen?
COACH FERENTZ: I think that in itself and significant. He is a second underclassmen we brought up here, Josey Jewell being the other, and as far as we know, they’re the only two juniors in the history of the program that have been selected captains after their sophomore seasons by their team. We have a lot of captains in December, it’s a total team vote.

So I think that just tells you how far Nate came last year, from being a guy we weren’t sure was going to start in August, at this time last year we didn’t know who our starter was, and really had a good season. But most important, I think he’s gained the respect and confidence of his teammates.

Great to have him back. He’s worked extremely hard. And a few things you can’t give players are experience and confidence, and I think he’s been able to certainly benefit from a year of play, and looking forward to good things from him this fall.

Q. Kirk, you had an experienced center last year in James Daniels, who had rare athletic ability. How do you replicate what he can do, and do you have the type of player who can compete at that type of level?
COACH FERENTZ: Really, you don’t replicate somebody like that. I mentioned yesterday through my entire career I’ve probably been around three centers that had his kind of ability, going back to Joel Hilgenberg in the early ’80s, and coached a guy named Wally Williams in Baltimore, in Cleveland, that had some freakish abilities too.

When you get a player that has those kinds of abilities, it’s really rare. The good news for James is his best football is ahead of him. He’s 20 years old right now, so he’s got a great future. Tremendous athlete but more importantly a great young man and very intelligent.

Keegan has played really good football for us very quietly the last couple years. When he moved over full time this spring, he has played that position in the past, cross trained. He looked totally natural there.

What we won’t have is a guy of James Daniels’ athleticism. Probably have to go to the NFL to find that. Kind of rare. We’ve found in Keegan not only a good football player but also a guy respected in the program, very quiet leader, but very strong leader, and that’s important I think at that position.

Q. A lot is being made about the disparity and strength between the two divisions. What are your thoughts on that, and is the West catching up with the East finally?
COACH FERENTZ: I don’t know about the race there, but, you know, I think the Big Ten, I’ve been in the league for quite a while now, 28, 29 years, something like that, it’s always been a great conference. That’s what I do know.

The consistency of what the league stands for, what it’s all about, the quality of play, the quality of coaching, the competition, week in, week out, I think is really impressive.

There was a time I think in the ’80s where there were a couple of programs typically at the bottom that really had a hard time competing. But it’s interesting, you know, in my mind, at least, over the last 15, 20 years, it’s been extremely competitive, and really I’m kind of focused on the 12 games on our schedule.

I don’t see a game — we better be ready in each and every one of them. They’re each going to be tough contests. That’s the nature of college football right now. But I think it’s accentuated in our conference. Anybody can beat anybody, so you better be ready each and every Saturday.

Q. You lost a couple of guys last year early to the NFL. Do you see that kind of taking off and the NFL maybe being more aggressive to underclassmen or that shifting to two years in college football?
COACH FERENTZ: I think it’s pretty much documented right now that’s a trend that’s rising. I think last year I think was the highest number, if I’m not mistaken, that entered into the draft. And unfortunately there are guys that enter that shouldn’t enter.

Both of our players had good choices to make. And certainly wouldn’t second-guess and supported both of their decisions. We’ve had other guys in the past, Brendan Sheriff (phonetic) and Desmond King, who decided to stay in for their senior years. That’s a decision an individual has to make, in my opinion, unless they’re getting ready to make a bad decision. We haven’t had that case.

It’s kind of interesting, James Daniels’ case, James is the kind of player we typically don’t — we’re not able to recruit. But fortunately his brother had a good experience at our place. I think our message resonated with him. He came in with uncommon skills and played at a very early age for us.

Josh, on the other side, is a pretty unique story in that he was not very highly recruited out of high school and started one game going into last year, ends up being a Consensus All-American and second round draft pick.

So when things like that happen, they’re great success stories, and just I’m just happy for both those guys. They’ll both do very well at their respective teams.

Q. What does Parker do that makes him successful, Parker Hesse? Sort of an undersized defensive end in this league. And what kind of example is he for the rest of your program?
COACH FERENTZ: First that comes to mind is his attitude. He caught our attention. He came to camp. He’s from a smaller town in Iowa up north. And we liked him in camp, saw some things about him. He played quarterback and outside linebacker.

And then during our first bye week, two of our coaches went up and saw him compete live. They both came back and — I talked to them. They were on their way down in the car down that evening, Friday night, and they were very excited about what they saw. It’s just competitive nature playing quarterback and then playing defense.

We’re a team that tends to project. We look at guys that play maybe other positions. And if we think we find something in terms of their makeup and their competitiveness that we like, we’ll recruit them and then figure out where they’re going to play later on.

Parker grew into the defensive end position and really got thrown into action probably before he was ready. Jared had an injury, so he had to play a lot in that ’15 season. And he was playing against pretty good players, Conklin in the title game from Michigan State.

But he competes hard. And that’s another common denominator with him since he got on campus. Talking about guys we respect in our program, Parker certainly earned that. Everybody on our team thinks the world of him. He’s a tremendous young person and outstanding student. Checks all the boxes. Players like that help you hopefully have a chance to put a good team together.

Q. Talk about Noah Fant. He’s one of the best tight ends in the country. And what do you expect from him this season?
COACH FERENTZ: Well, if we’re going to have a good football team, our best guys have to play their best. That’s been a common denominator throughout all the years. And certainly we consider him to be one of our best, and hopefully he’ll be here next year at this time with us.

But I was hoping Josh and James will be here too. We’ll see how that all plans out. But he’s a tremendous young guy. We played him a little bit two years ago trying to get him acclimated a bit and get his feet wet.

And last year he had a tremendous season, really took steps, not only as a receiver, but in all areas of his game. And we’ve seen that continue to grow this past spring, the work he did blocking, his attitude is great. Certainly he’s more comfortable and more adept at what he’s doing now because he’s got some experience behind him.

And just like everything about him. He’s been a tremendous guy in our program. Again, if we’re going to have a good season this year, we certainly need players like Noah to have a tremendous year. And I can’t think of a reason why he won’t, other than he’s going to attract attention for sure.



  1. FIRST NAME LAST NAME         POS.       YR.         HT.         WT.        HOMETOWN / HIGH SCHOOL

1             Wes       Dvorak  DB          Jr.           6-0         197        Parkston, South Dakota / Parkston

2             Ryan      Gersonde             P             So.         6-4         198        Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Marquette University HS

2             Peyton  Mansell QB          R-Fr.      6-2         210        Belton, Texas / Belton

3             Trey       Creamer              DB          R-Fr.      6-0         190        Cartersville, Georgia / Cartersville

3             Keith      Duncan K             So.         5-11       180        Weddington, North Carolina / Weddington

4             Nate      Stanley  QB          Jr.           6-4         242        Menomonie, Wisconsin / Menomonie

4             Josh       Turner   DB          R-Fr.      5-11       188        Delray Beach, Florida / American Heritage

5             Manny   Rugamba             DB          Jr.           5-11       193        Naperville, Illinois / Naperville Central

6             Max       Duchow               DB          R-Fr.      6-1         186        Pewaukee, Wisconsin / Kettle Moraine

6             Ihmir      Smith-Marsette  WR         So.         6-1         175        Newark, New Jersey / Weequahic

7             Spencer                Petras    QB          Fr.          6-5         227        San Rafael, California / Marin Catholic

7             Colten   Rastetter             P             Jr.           6-1         213        Guttenberg, Iowa / Clayton Ridge

8             Matt      Hankins DB          So.         6-1         185        Lewisville, Texas / Marcus

9             Geno     Stone     DB          So.         5-11       209        New Castle, Pennsylvania / Senior

10           Camron Harrell   RB          R-Fr.      5-10       195        Bourbannais, Illinois / Bradley-Bourbannais

11           Michael Ojemudia             DB          Jr.           6-1         199        Farmington Hills, Michigan / Harrison

12           Brandon               Smith     WR         So.         6-3         219        Lake Cormorant, Mississippi / Lake Cormorant

13           Henry    Marchese            WR         R-Fr.      6-3         195        Vernon Hills, Illinois / Stevenson

14           Kyle        Groeneweg         WR         Sr.          5-10       186        Inwood, Iowa / West Lyon

16           Kyshaun               Bryan     RB          R-Fr.      5-10       198        Fort Lauderdale, Florida / St. Thomas Aquinas

17           Cedric    Boswell DB          So.         5-11       190        Beverly Hills, Michigan / Groves

17           Ryan      Schmidt                QB          Jr.           6-5         235        Linn-Mar, Iowa / Linn-Mar

18           Drew     Cook      TE           Jr.           6-5         250        Iowa City / Regina

18           John       Milani    DB          Jr.           6-0         201        Iowa City, Iowa / West

19           Max       Cooper  WR         So.         6-0         185        Waukesha, Wisconsin / Catholic Memorial

21           Ivory      Kelly-Martin        RB          So.         5-11       200        Plainfield, Illinois / Oswego East

22           Toks       Akinribade           RB          So.         6-0         208        Brownsburg, Indiana / Brownsburg

23           Dominique          Dafney  WR         Jr.           6-2         225        West Des Moines, Iowa / Valley

27           Amani    Hooker  DB          Jr.           6-0         210        Minneapolis, Minnesota / Park Center

28           Jack       Koerner                DB          R-Fr.      6-0         200        Des Moines, Iowa / Dowling

28           Toren    Young    RB          So.         5-11       221        Madison, Wisconsin / Monona Grove

29           Nate      Wieland               LB           R-Fr.      6-1         223        Iowa City, Iowa / Iowa City

30           Jake       Gervase               DB          Sr.          6-1         212        Davenport, Iowa / Assumption

31           Aaron    Mends   LB           Sr.          6-0         228        Kansas City, Missouri / Winnetonka

32           Djimon  Colbert  LB           R-Fr.      6-1         234        Shawnee Mission, Kansas / Bishop Miege

34           Kristian  Welch    LB           Jr.           6-3         238        Iola, Wisconsin / Iola-Scandinavia

35           Barrington           Wade    LB           So.         6-1         233        Skokie, Illinois / Niles North

36           Brady     Ross       FB           Jr.           6-0         245        Humboldt, Iowa / Humboldt

37           Brandon               Snyder   DB          Sr.          6-0         214        Larchwood, Iowa / West Lyon

38           T.J.         Hockenson          TE           So.         6-5         250        Chariton, Iowa / Chariton

39           Nate      Wieting TE           Jr.           6-4         250        Rockford, Illinois / Rockford Lutheran

40           Parker   Hesse    DE          Sr.          6-3         261        Waukon, Iowa / Waukon

41           Colton   Dinsdale               DB          Jr.           5-11       215        Reinbeck, Iowa / Gladbrook-Reinbeck

41           Drew     Thomas WR         R-Fr.      6-0         189        Humboldt, Iowa / Humboldt

42           Shaun    Beyer     TE           So.         6-5         240        Shellsburg, Iowa / Cedar Rapids Kennedy

43           Dillon     Doyle     LB           Fr.          6-3         227        Iowa City, Iowa / West

45           Ben        Campos LB           R-Fr.      6-1         225        West Des Moines, Iowa / Valley

45           Joe         Ludwig  LB           R-Fr.      6-0         233        Middleton, Wisconsin / Middleton

46           Austin    Kelly       FB           Sr.          5-11       245        Hickory Hills, Illinois / Stagg

46           Tommy Kujawa  TE           R-Fr.      6-3         230        Greendale, Wisconsin / Greendale

47           Lane      Akre       FB           Jr.           6-0         242        Geneseo, Illinois / Geneseo

47           Nick       Anderson             LB           Jr.           6-2         225        Waukee, Iowa / Waukee

48           Jack       Hockaday            LB           Sr.          6-1         235        Forsyth, Illinois / Maroa-Forsyth

48           Bryce     Schulte  TE           R-Fr.      6-3         244        Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Xavier

49           Nick       Niemann              LB           So.         6-4         232        Sycamore, Illinois / Sycamore

50           Jackson Subbert LS           Jr.           6-3         240        Williamsburg, Iowa / Williamsburg

52           Amani    Jones     LB           Jr.           6-0         238        Chicago, Illinois / Phillips

53           Garret   Jansen   DL          Jr.           6-2         280        Pella, Iowa / Pella

54           Daviyon               Nixon    DT          So.         6-3         306        Kenosha, Wisconsin / Indian Trail

55           Kyle        Taylor    LB           So.         5-11       228        Silver Springs, Maryland / Gonzaga, Washington, D.C.

57           Chauncey            Golston DE          So.         6-5         265        Detroit, Michigan / East English Village Prep

58           Jake       Newborg             OL          Jr.           6-3         290        Inwood, Iowa / West Lyon

59           Ross       Reynolds              OL          Sr.          6-4         295        Waukee, Iowa / Waukee

61           Cole       Banwart               OL          So.         6-4         296        Ottosen, Iowa / Algona

63           Spencer                Williams               OL          So.         6-3         295        Cedar Falls, Iowa / Cedar Falls

64           Kyler      Schott   OL          R-Fr.      6-2         290        Coggon, Iowa / North Linn

66           Dalles    Jacobus DL          So.         6-0         280        Palo, Iowa / Cedar Rapids Kennedy

66           Levi        Paulsen OL          Jr.           6-5         305        Moville, Iowa / Woodbury Central

67           Levi        Duwa     OL          R-Fr.      6-3         270        Kalona, Iowa / Mid-Prairie

68           Landan  Paulsen OL          Jr.           6-5         305        Moville, Iowa / Woodbury Central

69           Keegan  Render  OL          Sr.          6-4         307        Indianola, Iowa / Indianola

71           Mark      Kallenberger       OL          R-Fr.      6-6         282        Bettendorf, Iowa / Bettendorf

72           Coy        Kirkpatrick           OL          R-Fr.      6-4         290        Madrid, Iowa / Madrid

74           Austin    Schulte  DL          So.         6-4         275        Pella, Iowa / Pella

74           Tristan   Wirfs     OL          So.         6-5         320        Mount Vernon, Iowa / Mount Vernon

76           Dalton   Ferguson             OL          Sr.          6-4         308        Solon, Iowa / Solon

77           Alaric     Jackson OL          So.         6-7         320        Detroit, Michigan / Renaissance

80           Devonte               Young    WR         Jr.           6-0         203        Waldorf, Maryland / North Point

82           Jack       Kallenberger       DL          Jr.           6-5         272        Bettendorf, Iowa / Bettendorf

84           Nick       Easley    WR         Sr.          5-11       205        Newton, Iowa / Newton

84           Austin    Spiewak               LS           So.         6-1         232        Rolling Meadows, Illinois / Fremd

85           Nate      Vejvoda               TE           Jr.           6-5         250        Homer Glen, Illinois / Providence Catholic

86           Noah     Feldman               TE           R-Fr.      6-4         230        West Liberty, Iowa / West Liberty

87           Noah     Fant       TE           Jr.           6-5         241        Omaha, Nebraska / Omaha South

88           Jacob     Coons    TE           R-Fr.      6-3         240        Solon, Iowa / Solon

89           Nico       Ragaini  WR         Fr.          6-0         191        East Haven, Connecticut / Notre Dame

90           Sam       Brincks  DE          Sr.          6-5         275        Carroll, Iowa / Kuemper

91           Miguel   Recinos K             Sr.          6-1         193        Mason City, Iowa / Mason City

91           Brady     Reiff      DL          Jr.           6-3         272        Parkston, South Dakota / Parkston

93           Brandon               Simon    DE          So.         6-0         250        Newark, New Jersey / Don Bosco Prep

94           A.J.         Epenesa               DE          So.         6-5         277        Glen Carbon, Illinois / Edwardsville

94           Caleb     Shudak  K             So.         5-8         179        Council Bluffs, Iowa / Lewis Central

95           Cedrick  Lattimore            DL          Jr.           6-3         295        Redford, Michigan / East English Village Prep

96           Matt      Nelson  DE          Sr.          6-8         295        Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Xavier

97           Romeo  McKnight             DE          So.         6-4         257        Crystal Lake, Illinois / Crystal Lake Central

98           Anthony               Nelson  DE          Jr.           6-7         271        Urbandale, Iowa / Waukee

Seth       Benson  LB           Fr.          6-1         205        Sioux Falls, South Dakota / Washington

Julius     Brents   DB          Fr.          6-2         180        Indianapolis, Indiana / Warren Central

Blair       Brooks  WR         Fr.          6-2         180        Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Marion

Dallas    Craddieth            DB          Fr.          6-0         197        St. Louis, Missouri / Hazelwood Central

Samson Evans     WR         Fr.          6-1         205        Crystal Lake, Illinois / Prairie Ridge

Joe         Evans     LB           Fr.          6-2         210        Ames, Iowa / Ames

Matt      Fagan    OL          Fr.          6-5         245        Council Bluffs, Iowa / St. Albert

Henry    Geil        RB          Fr.          6-1         215        Green Bay, Wisconsin / Preble

Cody      Ince       OL          Fr.          6-5         260        Luck, Wisconsin / Unity

Jeff        Jenkins  OL          Fr.          6-4         270        Crystal Lake, Illinois / Prairie RIdge

D.J.        Johnson               DB          Fr.          6-0         170        Indianapolis, Indiana / North Central

Logan    Klemp    LB           Fr.          6-3         210        Jewell, Iowa / South Hamilton

Tyler      Linderbaum         DL          Fr.          6-2         270        Solon, Iowa / Solon

Calvin    Lockett WR         Fr.          6-2         170        Largo, Florida / Largo

Jayden   McDonald           LB           Fr.          6-1         220        Suwanee, Georgia / North Gwinnett

Kaevon  Merriweather     DB          Fr.          6-2         195        Belleville, Michigan / Belleville

Nathan  Nelson  DE          Fr.          6-3         230        Waukee, Iowa / Waukee

Turner   Pallissard             FB           Fr.          6-1         220        Frankfort, Illinois / Lincoln-Way East

Jack       Plumb    OL          Fr.          6-8         250        Green Bay, Wisconsin / Bay Port

Monte   Pottebaum          FB/LB    Fr.          6-0         210        Larchwood, Iowa / West Lyon

Mitch     Riggs     LB           Fr.          6-1         230        West Des Moines, Iowa / Dowling

Terry      Roberts DB          Fr.          5-10       171        Erie, Pennsylvania / Cathedral Prep

Connor  Ruth       FB           Fr.          5-11       193        Malcolm, Nebraska / Seward

Brian      Sadler    OL/DL    Fr.          6-1         285        Jesup, Iowa / Jesup

Noah     Shannon              DL          Fr.          6-1         300        Montgomery, Illinois / Oswego

Jaden     Snyder   DB          Fr.          6-1         205        Larchwood, Iowa / West Lyon

Kordell  Stillmunkes          RB          Fr.          5-9         180        Hazel Green, Wisconsin / Cuba City

Ben        Subbert TE           Fr.          6-3         235        Williamsburg, Iowa / Williamsburg

Mike      Timm     LB           Fr.          6-1         220        Delafield, Wisconsin / Kettle Moraine

Tyrone  Tracy, Jr.              WR         Fr.          6-0         187        Indianapolis, Indiana / Decatur Central

John       Waggoner           DL          Fr.          6-5         245        West Des Moines, Iowa / Dowling Catholic

Trey       Winters OL          Fr.          6-5         315        Ankeny, Iowa / Centennial