HEAD COACH: DJ Durkin (10 – 15)…MAYBE!!!




STADIUM: Maryland Stadium (51, 802)



September 1 Texas at Landover, Maryland

September 8 at Bowling Green

September 15 Temple

September 22 Minnesota

October 6 at Michigan

October 13 Rutgers

October 20 at Iowa

October 27 Illinois

November 3 Michigan State

November 10 at Indiana

November 17 Ohio State

November 24 at Penn State



Texas 51 – 41

Towson 63 – 17

Central Florida 10 – 38

Minnesota 31 – 24

Ohio State 14 – 62

Northwestern 21 – 37

Wisconsin 13 – 38

Indiana 42 – 39

Rutgers 24 – 31

Michigan 10 – 35

Michigan State 7 – 17

Penn State 3 – 66




RUSHING: 161.7

PASSING: 161.7





RUSHING: 190.8

PASSING: 228.6




2013: 7 – 6

2014: 7 – 6

2015: 3 – 9

2016: 6 – 7

2017: 4 – 8






PASSING: Max Bortenschlager, 121 – 233 –1,313-10TD – 5INT

RUSHING: Ty Johnson, 137 – 875 – 5TD

RECEIVING: Taivon Jacobs, 47 – 553 –5TD

TACKLES: Antoine Brooks, Jr. 77

SACKS: Keiron Howard, 2.0

INTERCEPTIONS: Darnell Savage, Jr. 3



Jaelyn Duncan, OT Baltimore, Maryland

Austin Fontaine, DT Hyattsville, Maryland

Darryl Jones, WR Virginia Beach, Virginia

Ken Montgomery, CB Tampa, Florida

Evan Gregory, OG Hyattsville, Maryland

TJ Bradley, OT Leesburg, Virginia

Byron Cowart, DE  Seffner, Florida

Tyler Baylor, DE Olney, Maryland

Chigoziem Okonkwo, TE Powder Springs, Georgia

Jalen Alexander, DT Chesapeake, Virginia



Maryland will be implementing a brand-new Pro – style offense in 2018. The good news is they will have healthy quarterbacks to run the offense. They got off to a great start in 2017 after beating Texas on the road and winning two out, of their next three games including their Big Ten opener at Minnesota. But, then they slipped to 4 – 8 and 2 – 7 in the Big Ten following the loss of two signal callers after week three.

Kasim Hill is a prototype pro passer and appears to have the inside track to be the starter against Texas on September 1. Hill tore his ACL in game three and missed the rest of the 2017 season  Tyrell Pigrome returns and is a better runner than passer.

The running game is strong with Ty Johnson and Lorenzo Harrison who accounted for 1,497 rushing yards in 2017. They will operate behind a veteran offensive line that returns all five starters, including all Big 10 tackle Derwin Gray. This could be Maryland’s deepest line in several seasons.

Losing receiver DJ Moore won’t be easy, but Taivon Jacobs is a playmaker who will help fill the void. Maryland has a lot of young receivers and running backs who will catch on quickly. Tight end Avery Edwards is back as is fullback Tayon Fleet – Davis, both are expected to have expanded roles in the new offense.



In order for Maryland to be a bowl team this season, they must play better on defense. They allowed a conference – worst 37.1 points per game in 2017. The unit remains relatively unproven going into this season and there is no possible way they can outscore all of their opponents.

LB Jesse Aniebonam returns after breaking a bone in his foot against Texas in the season opener. His return is as important as having healthy quarterbacks. Transfer Byron Cowart is on the other side, and there are several big bodies looking for playing time in between them. Adam McLean appears to have the inside track at nose tackle with Mbi Tanyi returning at defensive tackle.

All – Conference linebacker Jermaine Carter, Junior is gone. But Illinois grant transfer Tre Watson made coaches take notice in the spring with his outstanding play. Outside linebacker Isaiah Davis returns after starting nine games in 2017.

The secondary is headlined by Antoine Brooks and Darnell Savage. Maryland was last in the conference in points allowed and 13th in total defense. Brooks is a former linebacker who was named honorable mention as a nickel back last season. Florida State transfer Marcus Lewis and Tino Ellis will man the corners.



Mike Shinsky came out of the spring with the kicking job. Incoming freshman Joseph Petrino will challenge him this fall. Punter Wade Lees averaged 39.2 yards per punt and appears to have that position locked up heading into the season opener. Javon Leake and Anthony McFarland will both make the difference on returns for new special teams coach Matt Barnes.



Injuries crippled have  this team after their first four games. Now that there healthy and a top 30 recruiting class, Maryland appears poised to make a run at a winning record and a potential bowl game. This season will give Maryland fans an idea of just how much they have closed the gap between this program and the teams at the top of the conference. The new offense and an improved defense could have opponents paying attention to the Terrapins.


PROJECTED RECORD: 6 – 6, 4 – 5 Big Ten



THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Maryland head coach DJ Durkin.

DJ DURKIN: Good to be here this morning, good to see everyone. Marks the start of a new season. Great day. Appreciate you being here.

I’d like for us to talk about the upcoming season, just take a moment to share some thoughts on Jordan McNair and what he meant to our program, the type of teammate he was.

Obviously the loss of Jordan has been a tremendously difficult thing for your entire program to deal with this summer.

Jordan was a special member of our team. He had a unique way about him that was infectious to his teammates. He was loved by everyone. And we have a team that’s all working through the grieving process together.

That’s been our focus with our guys, is to come together, be there for one another, both as student-athletes as well as the staff and coaches and everyone involved. He had such tremendous impact on so many lives. So everyone is working through and dealing with that.

Jordan’s family are some of the finest people, starting with his mom and dad, Tanya and Marty. If our world had half the strength and character they have, it would be a much better place. And we spent some time with his family, that’s just the start, with all — you know, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, so many wonderful people that we’ve gotten to know and spent time with.

Our hearts continue to be with them. They will not be forgotten. They will always be part of our program, Jordan and his family will always be part of what we do.

We’ve assigned a player committee to head that up and make sure that there’s always a presence. We’re a team playing for Jordan this year. So there will be some things we’ll announce in the coming days as we get into the season of what exactly we’re going to do and how we’re going to handle that.

But, again, I think it’s important that it’s our players’ decision to do that, and we’re going to allow them to take that on.

I’m proud of our team and how they’ve responded. And like I said, it’s still a team going through a grieving process. You have 105 guys with different personalities and background and all dealing with it in a different way.

I’m proud how they’ve come together and worked. I think these past couple of weeks we’ve had some really good time together. I think it’s been helpful to be together. Our workouts have gone well, and so we’re excited about that.

I’m proud of our team and really excited about our team going this year. I think we have a really good football team. I really do.

We have a good mix of veteran leadership, guys with experience that we’re counting on that have played a lot for us and done some really good things, as well as I feel we’ve recruited very well. And we have some really good young talent. And it’s going to help us on the field and provide a lot of depth.

So I like the spot we’re in with that. And I think when you spend some time with the three young men we brought with us today — Derwin Gray and Darnell Savage and Taivon Jacobs — you’ll see more of what I’m talking about, three great leaders in our program, guys that we’re certainly counting on that play a lot of football for us and at a very high level.

We’re excited about that, and I think it will be a great year for us. Questions?

Q. Recruiting classes, the last couple, at least, via national publications favorably reviewed what you’ve been able to do in that process, and that’s kind of been a big concern for Maryland going back several years now. How do you address recruiting in your geographic region, your outreach programs, your radius from which you recruit players? If you could define that for us a little bit and how you go about that?
DJ DURKIN: How we go about our recruiting process? For us, I know I’ve said this before, and I truly mean it, the area we’re in, I think we’re in the center of one of the best football talent areas in the country. I really feel that way.

I’ve probably said it too much because it seems a lot more people are coming to try and recruit guys and take them out of there. But it really is that.

Not just from a talent standpoint, I think from a coaching standpoint, the level of coaching in our area at the high school level is, I think, about as good as anywhere you’ll find. These are men who are recruited in seventh and eighth grade to what high school they’re going to go to.

There’s a lot of time, emphasis, money, put into this. And so in the end there’s a lot of talented guys and guys that are really prepared when they get to your campus. There’s not a big transition in a lot of circumstances to be able to play. A lot of these guys we brought in have played early for us.

Our formula is pretty easy. We’re going to continue to recruit in the DMV and through our radius of our campus like crazy and do everything we can to keep as many guys here with us and representing their hometown as we possibly can. And we will certainly branch out in different certain areas. I think we’ve done pretty well down South and brought some guys up that have really helped us and will continue to do that as well. But that will be supplementing what our primary area is.

Q. It’s well documented, all the quarterback situation you guys went through last year. Are you excited to hopefully go through a season where you keep guys upright? And are they looking forward to being able to go the route this season? And what do you want out of that position this year?
DJ DURKIN: It’s not a trick question, right, we are excited to go through the year, obviously keep guys healthy. That will be definitely good for us and the goal.

It’s like déjà vu. We’re going into training camp again with a quarterback competition, which is good in many ways. I think competition is good for all of us. It keeps you sharp and focused.

Three young men that we have competing as well as our freshman, Tyler DeSue, are all outstanding young men, really good football players. It will be really good competition. We’ll carry it into training camp, as we did last year, and at the appropriate time announce who the starter is, what the plan is moving forward.

I think the good thing is the guys we have we know we can win a lot of football games with. So it’s a good competition in that way. In the short amount of time that Pigrome and Kasim were able to play last year, they showed us, as well as anyone that watched or studied it, they’re tremendous football players and they’re tremendous leaders. Their teammates look at them that way.

So those two guys, as well as Max Bortenschlager, will continue to compete. Max played a lot of football for us last year. I know a lot fell on him, but that certainly wasn’t all on Max. And he’s another year older and great experience.

So we’re looking forward to that as a coaching staff. I think it’s — again, competition is a very good thing. Those guys feed off of each other very well. So they’ll work through training camp, and we’ll make a decision when the time is right.

Q. Coach, obviously your ties to the Michigan football program and the goals you have to kind of vault into that upper tier, if you will, of the East Division and what your plan and process is for that, but just your takeaways from learning under somebody like Jim Harbaugh, that whole experience and the structure it brings to what you do on a daily basis?
DJ DURKIN: Our program, real simple, our goal is to compete and win the Big Ten. Again, back to recruiting area and the people we’ve been able to bring into this program, we feel we’re doing it at the level we need to do to be able to accomplish that. And so that’s certainly every — every guy that puts on a helmet for us or wears a whistle or is part of our program has that goal in mind.

Probably not unique to our profession, but definitely true in our profession, as you go along and work with different coaches and really coach different guys, I think you learn some from both players and coaches year-round, each and every day. We all take different bits and pieces from people. It’s certainly part of what we do.

I’ve been very fortunate to be around a lot of, I feel, great, great men and great coaches. So a lot of what we do as a program is certainly things that we’ve learned and picked up along the way.




2             Lorenzo Harrison III        RB          5-8         195        Jr.           Hillcrest Heights, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

3             Tyrrell Pigrome  QB          5-11       196        RSo.       Pinson, Ala. (Clay-Chalkville HS)

4             Darnell Savage, Jr. DB     5-10       191        Sr.          Newark, Del. (Caravel Academy)

5             Anthony McFarland         RB          5-8         208        RFr.        Hyattsville, Md. (DeMaha Catholic HS)

6             Jesse Aniebonam              DL          6-3         259        Sr.          Silver Spring, Md. (Good Counsel HS)

6             Ty Johnson          RB          5-10       208        Sr.          Cumberland, Md. (Fort Hill HS)

9             Byron Cowart     DL          6-4         270        Jr.           Seffner, Fla. (Auburn) (Armwood)

9             Jahrvis Davenport            WR         5-9         194        Sr.          Tampa, Fla. (Robinson HS)

10           DJ Turner             WR         5-9         200        Jr.           Glenarden, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

11           Fofie Bazzie        DB          5-11       190        RFr.        Silver Spring, Md. (Quince Orchard HS)

11           Kasim Hill            QB          6-2         232        RFr.        Washington, D.C. (St. John’s College)

12           Vincent Flythe    DB          6-0         172        Fr.          Washington, D.C. (Howard D. Woodson)

12           Taivon Jacobs    WR         5-11       170        Sr.          Camp Springs, Md. (Suitland HS)

13           Tyler DeSue        QB          6-1         210        Fr.          Virginia Beach, Va. (Bishop Sullivan Catholic)

14           Tahj Capehart    WR         5-10       184        So.         Virginia Beach, Va. (Bishop Sullivan Catholic)

14           Deon Jones         DB          6-0         195        RFr.        Oxon Hill, Md. (Potomac HS)

15           Legend Brumbaugh          QB          6-3         215        So.         Auburn, Ala. (Trinity Christian Academy)

15           Melvin Keihn      DE          6-1         228        Sr.          Towson, Md. (Virginia Tech) (Gilman)

16           Ayinde Eley         LB           6-3         226        RFr.        Silver Spring, Md. (Good Counsel)

17           Tino Ellis              DB          6-1         193        Jr.           Reisterstown, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

17           Chigoziem Okonkwo       TE           6-2         225        Fr.          Powder Springs, Ga. (Hillgrove)

18           Max Bortenschlager        QB          6-3         211        Jr.           Fishers, Ind. (Cathedral HS)

18           Jordan Mosley   LB           6-1         217        Fr.          Havertown, Pa. (Haverford)

19           MJ Jarrell             WR         6-1         183        RFr.        Orlando, Fla. (Timber Creek HS)

19           Marcus Lewis     DB          6-1         190        RJr.        District Heights, Md. (Florida State) (Gonzaga)

20           Javon Leake        RB          6-0         200        So.         Greensboro, N.C. (Page HS)

20           Antwaine Richardson      DB          6-0         192        Jr.           Delray Beach, Fla. (Atlantic Community HS)

21           RaVon Davis       DB          5-10       177        Sr.          Fort Washington, Md. (Mississippi Gulf Coast CC) (Friendly HS)

22           Isaiah Davis         ILB         6-1         238        Jr.           Temple Hills, Md. (St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes)

22           Jeshaun Jones    WR         6-2         173        Fr.          Fort Myers, Fla. (South Fort Myers)

24           Qwuantrezz Knight          DB          6-0         197        Jr.           Quincy, Fla. (East Gadsden HS)

25           Antoine Brooks, Jr.          DB          5-11       210        Jr.           Lanham, Md. (DuVal HS )

26           Kenny Bennett   DB          6-2         201        RFr.        Philadelphia, Pa. (Academy at Palumbo)

27           Bryce Brand        DL          6-3         241        So.         Detroit, Mich. (Clayton Valley Charter)

30           Durell Nchami    LB           6-3         220        Fr.          Burtonsville, Md. (Paint Branch)

31           Nnamdi Egbuaba              LB           6-0         227        Sr.          Baltimore, Md. (St. Frances Academy)

32           Matt Barber        PK/P       6-0         200        Sr.          Mechanicsburg, Pa. (Mechanicsburg Area HS)

32           Bruce Miller        LB           6-0         244        Sr.          Chester, Pa. (Dean College) (Delcastle Tech HS)

33           Tayon Fleet-Davis            RB          5-11       231        So.         Oxon Hill, Md. (Potomac HS)

33           Tré Watson         LB           6-2         235        Sr.          Tampa, Fla. (Illinois) (Tampa Catholic)

34           Jake Funk             RB          5-11       202        Jr.           Gaithersburg, Md. (Damascus HS)

36           Matt Oliveira      LS           6-1         215        Sr.          Watchung, N.J. (Saint Peter’s Prep)

37           Chris Jones          WR         6-2         177        Sr.          Baltimore, Md. (Iowa Western CC) (DeMatha Catholic HS)

38           Paul Inzerillo       PK           5-8         175        So.         Staten Island, N.Y. (Monsignor Farrell HS)

39           Steve Baca          LB           6-2         220        Jr.           Mt. Airy, Md. (South Carroll HS)

40           Ikechukwu Ogwuegbu    RB          5-9         195        Jr.           Hyattsville, Md. (Northwestern HS)

41           Mike Shinsky      K             5-9         178        Jr.           Towson, Md. (McDonogh School)

42           Nick Underwood              LB           6-0         225        RJr.        Lake Oswego, Ore. (Air Force/Riverside CC) (Lake Oswego)

45           Zack Roski           TE           6-7         213        So.         Laurel, Md. (St. Vincent Palotti HS)

46           Robert Schwob  TE           6-6         211        So.         Annapolis, Md. (Broadneck HS)

49           Antonio DiCerbo              DL          6-1         234        So.         Pasadena, Md. (Gilman HS)

50           Mbi Tanyi            DL          6-1         296        Sr.          Houston, Texas (George Bush HS)

52           Oluwaseun Oluwatimi    DL          6-1         298        Jr.           Upper Marlboro, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

53           Brett Shepherd   LB           6-4         230        Jr.           Buford, Ga. (Collins Hill HS)

55           Derwin Gray       OL          6-5         330        Sr.          Washington, D.C. (Fork Union Military Academy) (Friendship Collegiate)

56           Cam Spence        DL          6-3         315        RFr.        Washington, D.C. (St. John’s College )

57           TJ Bradley            OL          6-7         285        So.         Leesburg, Va. (Lackawanna CC) (Tuscarora)

58           Damian Prince   OL          6-3         315        Sr.          Washington, D.C. (Bishop McNamara HS)

59           Keiron Howard  DL          6-3         293        Jr.           Fort Washington, Md. (Potomac HS)

63           Tyler Hamilton   OL          6-1         298        So.         Bowie, Md. (St. Vincent Palotti HS)

64           Brendan Moore OL          6-3         302        Sr.          Austin, Texas (Westwood HS)

67           Tyran Hunt          OL          6-7         300        RFr.        Boykins, Va. (Southampton HS)

68           Ellis McKennie    OL          6-3         305        Jr.           McSherrytown, Pa. (McDonogh School)

70           Sean Christie      OL          6-4         305        Sr.          Medford, N.Y. (Patchogue-Medford HS)

72           Marcus Minor    OL          6-4         294        So.         Lanham, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

73           Johnny Jordan    OL          6-1         307        So.         Leesburg, Va. (Gonzaga HS)

74           Brian Plummer   OL          6-6         310        So.         New Windsor, Md. (South Carroll HS)

75           Terrance Davis   OL          6-3         308        Jr.           Temple Hills, Md. (DeMatha Catholic HS)

76           Jack Wagman     OL          6-5         285        So.         Potomac, Md. (Winston Churchill HS)

79           Jordan McNair   OL          6-4         325        RFr.        Randallstown, Md. (McDonogh School)

80           Noah Barnes       TE           6-4         225        So.         Auburn, Ala. (Auburn HS)

81           Rayshad Lewis   WR         5-10       165        RSo.       Orlando, Fla. (Utah State) (Bishop Moore)

82           Avery Edwards   TE           6-4         240        Sr.          Raleigh, N.C. (Ravenscroft HS)

83           Carlos Carriere   WR         6-4         180        RFr.        Alpharetta, Ga. (Alpharetta HS)

85           Sean Nelson       WR         6-0         181        RFr.        Fairburn, Ga. (Langston Hughes HS)

86           Jayden Comma  WR         6-2         208        RFr.        Roswell, Ga. (Roswell HS)

87           Michael Cornwell             WR         6-3         225        Sr.          Columbia, Md. (McDonogh School)

88           Jalen Alexander DL          6-4         295        Fr.          Chesapeake, Va. (Western Branch)

88           Wade Lees          P             6-2         208        Jr.           Melbourne, Australia (Box Hill Senior Secondary College)

89           Andrew Park      TE           6-4         260        RFr.        Fairfax Station, Va. (Lake Braddock HS)

90           B’Ahmad Miller  DL          6-2         276        RFr.        Newark, Del. (Dean College) (St. Frances Academy )

91           Adam McLean    DL          6-2         305        Jr.           Gaithersburg, Md. (Quince Orchard HS)

93           Oseh Saine          DL          6-2         295        Jr.           Worcester, Mass. (Lincoln HS/Worcester Academy)

95           Lawtez Rogers   DL          6-4         274        RFr.        Landover, Md. (Eleanor Roosevelt HS)

96           Brett Kulka          DL          6-4         260        Sr.          Edinboro, Pa. (General McLane HS)

97           Celso Rivera        DL          6-1         350        Sr.          Woodbridge, VA (Lackawanna CC) (Gar-Field)

98           Brandon Gaddy  DL          6-2         311        RFr.        Virginia Beach, Va. (Bishop Sullivan Catholic)

99           Breyon Gaddy    DL          6-2         360        RFr.        Virginia Beach, Va. (Bishop Sullivan Catholic)


DJ Durkin  – Head Coach 3 years

Andy Buh  – Defensive Coordinator 3 years

Matt Canada  – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 1st Year

Chris Beatty  – Associate Head Coach/Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers Coach 3 years

Jimmy Brumbaugh  – Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach 2 years

Chuck Heater  – Defensive Backs – Safeties 1st Year

Matt Barnes  – Linebackers – Special Teams Coordinator 3 years

Aazaar Abdul-Rahim  – Defensive Backs – Cornerbacks 3 years

Dave Bucar  – Tight Ends Coach 1st Year

Bryan Stinespring  – Offensive Line Coach 1st Year

Jafar Williams  – Running Backs Coach 1st Year

Alex Garwig  – Graduate Assistant 3 years

Desmond Morgan  – Graduate Assistant 2 years

Kevin Glover  – Director of Player Development 2 years

Drew Hampton  – Head Equipment Manager 3 years

Paula Karamihas  – Coordinator of Football Nutrition 1st Year

Dave Mencarini  – Director of Player Personnel 2 years

Armani Reeves  – Coordinator of Player Development 2 years

Rick Court  – Assistant AD – Football Sports Performance 3 years

Marcus Berry  – Director of Recruiting 3 years

Jason Baisden  – Assistant Athletic Director – Football Operations and Equipment 6 years

Luke Noé  – Assistant Director of Recruiting/Special Assistant to Head Coach 3 years

Dan Pallante  – Senior Offensive Analyst 3 years

Brawley Evans  – Senior Defensive Analyst 3 years

David Wilczewski  – Director of Recruiting Operations 5 years

Charity Grady  – Director of On-Campus Recruiting 2 years

Wes Robinson  – Head Trainer 12 years

Annie Peppard  – Executive Assistant 7 years

Tyler Hancock  – Quality Control (Special Teams) 3 years