HEAD COACH: Jim Harbaugh (20 – 11)




STADIUM: Michigan Stadium (107,601)



September 1 at Notre Dame

September 8 Western Michigan

September 15 SMU

September 22 Nebraska

September 29 at Northwestern

October 6 the Maryland

October 13 Wisconsin

October 20 at Michigan State

November 3 Penn State

November 10 at Rutgers

November 17 Indiana

November 24 at Ohio State



Florida 33 – 17

Cincinnati 36 – 14

Air Force 29 – 13

Purdue 28 – 10

Michigan State 10 – 14

Indiana 27 – 20 OT

Penn State 13 – 42

Rutgers 35 – 14

Minnesota 33 – 10

Maryland 35 – 10

Wisconsin 10 – 24

Ohio State 20 – 31

South Carolina 19 – 26




RUSHING: 177.7

PASSING: 171.2

TOTAL: 348.9




RUSHING: 120.9

PASSING: 150.1

TOTAL: 271.0



2013: 7 – 6

2014: 5 – 7

2015: 10 – 3

2016: 10 – 3

2017: 8 – 5






PASSING: Brandon Peters, 57 – 108 – 672 – 4TD – 2INT

RUSHING: Karan Higdon, 164 – 994 – 11TD

RECEIVING: Sean McKeon, 31 – 301 – 3TD

TACKLES: Devon Bush, 100

SACKS: Khaleke Hudson, Chase Winovich 8.0

INTERCEPTIONS: four players tied with 2



Aiden Hutchinson DE, Dearborn, Michigan

Cameron McGrone LB Indianapolis, Indiana

Mustapha Muhammed, Missouri City, Texas,

Myles Sims, CB Atlanta, Georgia

Joe Milton, QB Orlando, Florida

Jalen Mayfield, OT Grand Rapids, Michigan

Brian Hayes, TE Traverse City, Michigan

Gemon Green, CB DeSoto, Texas

Christian Turner, RB Buford, Georgia

Taylor Upshaw, DE Bradenton, Florida



One of the biggest hurdles head coach Jim Harbaugh must overcome is finding a consistent quarterback. His success at Stanford and with the San Francisco 49ers with signal callers has not worked out as well in Ann Arbor. Harbaugh is now hoping former Mississippi quarterback Shea Patterson will be the answer. Patterson would be a huge upgrade over three quarterbacks from last season that completed a combined 53.5% of the passes with nine touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Harbaugh also has a new offensive coordinator in Pep Hamilton (kind of), but Harbaugh will take a more active role in the offense. One of the huge question marks for Michigan’s offense will be the line. Three starters return, but they will have to develop chemistry very quickly. Ben Bredeson will start at left guard with Michael Onwenu at right guard and Sean Bushnell-Beatty at right tackle.

The running game was one of the few bright spots for Michigan in 2017. Karan Higdon returns after rushing for 994 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2017. Chris Evans will add depth in the backfield. The Wolverines have a young but talented receiving corps led by Donovan Peoples-Jones, Grant Perry, Tarik Black, Kekoa Crawford, Nico Collins and Eddie McDoom.

There is plenty of talent but it will take time to develop as coach Harbaugh looks to solidify the foundation around  six returning starters.



While the offense struggled last season, the defense was solid. Michigan returns most of the key pieces from last year’s #3 -ranked defense in the country. The strength will be at defensive end where Rashan Gary and Chase Winovich combined for 14 sacks . They do lose All-American Maurice Hurst, but former five – star recruit Aubrey Solomon appears ready for a breakout season on the inside. Veteran Bryan Mone  and third – year NT Michael Dwumfour  are also poised to make a bigger contribution.

The Wolverines have All-American inside linebacker Devin Bush and an All-American candidate in Khaleke Hudson ready for a big season.

Michigan featured the top pass defense in the country last season, allowing just 150.1 yards per game and 5.9 yards per attempt. Every starter in the secondary returns including Lavert Hill and David Long.



Kicker Quinn Nordin wasn’t perfect in 2017, but his 19 – 24 performance on field goals for a first – year kicker was acceptable. Brad Robbins also struggled at times, but he showed flashes of why he was rated as the country’s top – rated punter coming out of high school in 2017. The return game will be left up to Peoples – Jones, one of the top rookie returners in America last season.


PROJECTED RECORD: 10 – 2, 7 – 2 Big Ten



THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh.

JIM HARBAUGH: Good afternoon. Great to be here. Questions?

Q. I think you would agree that one of the great things about football is the continuous change, the continuous evolution each year, each game. With that said, this is a new year, a new Michigan football team. When you wake up in the morning and go to work, what gets you excited about the 2018 version of your Michigan Wolverines?
JIM HARBAUGH: First of all, what gets me the most excited is having a season to gear up for. And that’s pretty consistent with most of the people I talked to, whether it’s high school players, coaches, college players, coaches, pro players. Coaches.

It’s very exciting at this point and thankful to have a season to gear up for. I’ve also talked to some other players or coaches that don’t have a season to gear up for this year. And it’s sad. But also feel very good that I have a season to gear up for.

So chomping at the bit, ready to go.

Q. A lot of turnover I guess in the offensive coaching. You’ve had Jed in there, Ed Warinner this year, Doug Fry, run game coordinators, tight end coordinators. How close are you guys continuity-wise to really nailing down the offensive side, the defensive side? How close are you to just nailing down the offensive side coaching-wise?
JIM HARBAUGH: Great collaboration. I think that’s what we were striving for with our offensive coaching staff and great additions. Jim McElwain has been a great addition. Ed Warinner has been a great addition. Sherrone Moore has been a great addition.

Jay Harbaugh back is doing a very good job. Pep Hamilton doing a great job. We feel like we’ve got a lot of good football minds, guys that are passionate about ball, and also collaborating and working very well together.

Also added Ron Prince, who has been a real blessing having him on the staff. Brandon Blaney, Ben McDaniels, Roy Roundtree, Patrick Kugler, also graduate assistant Alphonso Smith. And Tanner Engstrand, who was the offensive coordinator at USD last year.

It’s been tremendous collaboration. It needs to be when you have that many good coaches. You need to draw from as many or as all as you can.

Q. (Question off microphone)?
JIM HARBAUGH: I feel good about adding him.

Q. I’ve been asking other Big Ten coaches about just their overall thoughts on the effectiveness of the playoff system. Now that we’ve had four years to sort of digest this, just what are your thoughts on just the effectiveness that you’ve seen?
JIM HARBAUGH: Thoughts on the playoff system, I guess the first thing that comes to mind is more would be more. More would be better in the playoffs. Four right now, go to eight and eventually get to 16.

Q. Michigan hasn’t beaten Ohio State in six seasons. How much do you hear about that, and how much pressure do you feel to change that this year?
JIM HARBAUGH: We feel like just improvement. We need to improve. And that will lead to success. It will lead to championships. It’s that simple.

Q. You came into Ann Arbor with perhaps the most hype of any coach in the history of the Big Ten. Maybe in all of college football. A few years later you’ve got a third place, a third place and fourth place finish. And you’re 1-5 against Michigan State and Ohio State. What do you have to do this year to demonstrate to the Michigan community that you are on the path to achieving what they hired you to achieve?
JIM HARBAUGH: The improvement will lead to success, will lead to championships.

Q. In past years, you’ve visited the soccer teams that have played in the big house when they’ve had these big games. You’ve done some promotional events with them. Do you plan to go to the game this week or do any kind of visiting with the teams, anything like that coming up?
JIM HARBAUGH: Yeah, really would love to see it. So plan on going to the game and each year made it a point to go over and talk to the players and coaches. I know they’re busy too.

But it’s always good. Inspiring. And always learn a couple things, which is good. We’re excited to have him.

Q. I was wondering, what has Ed Warinner specifically brought to the program from your vantage point? And another question I’d like to ask, from a quarterback situation, is that an open book right now for you? Is Shea Patterson a leader as some people seem to assume? Where do you stand in that situation?
JIM HARBAUGH: Well, Ed has done a tremendous job. He’s really brought a lot of enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge, tremendous experience with coaching in the Big Ten, and just a good dude. Really was good to work with. Has been fantastic. We enjoy watching tape with him. Enjoy talking football with him. Enjoy watching him coach, and I think that’s been a really good thing for us.

Quarterbacks position, don’t have any announcements to make today about that.

Q. Any concerns with if you went to eight- or 16-team playoff, it would water down the regular season? And is there a limit to how many games college football players should play in one season?
JIM HARBAUGH: Well, I mean, the I-AA teams have been very successful at that model. I think, if my math is right, right now, if you play all the way through to a championship game, that would be 15 games.

And through a 16-team playoff, that would be 16 games, right, under the current model. Probably take away the championship, the league championship game. It would eliminate that one, and then so it could be 16 games. But only the two teams playing in the national championship would play that many games.

That’s kind of my thought about the amount of games you would play. Most teams would still play 13.

Q. Can you talk about Chase Winovich and how you’ve seen him evolve as a player and maybe specifically how he’s gotten better going into this season?
JIM HARBAUGH: The first thing that comes to mind with Chase is the incredible work ethic that he has, the great effort that he always plays with. A lot of people talk about the motor he has, and that’s a great analogy. He’s always playing all out. And the talent has really, really gone up and up each year. Really finding his position, which is defensive end, has been great for his career and for our football team.

He was a linebacker. Then we could see the speed that he had. And we were playing him at tight end some, and then he went to defensive end, was playing some defensive end on the scout team, and really was tough to block.

And from that point on, they just developed a love and passion for playing the defensive end position. And he’s great at it. I think he would be a tremendous stand-up outside backer, maybe be a true prototype 3-4 outside backer and a nickel defensive end rush passer.

Will bring a lot of value at the next level, the pro level as well as the college level. And really excited for his season. Praying for all good things to come his way this season, and pulling hard for him.

He’s a Go Blue guy all the way. Enthusiasm and energy is infectious in a real positive, productive way for our football team.

Q. I was talking to Brady Quinn a little bit ago. He thinks the quarterback Shea Patterson could become one of the pure passers in college football. I know there’s a meritocracy, there’s a competition that needs to unfold in August, you got Dylan McCaffrey, Joe Milton, some other guys. Just curious what that quarterback room’s like and what you’re thinking of it as we sit here in July.
JIM HARBAUGH: Sure. So it’s very valuable. Shea Patterson went through all of spring practice with our team and got great work in there. Played really well. Brandon Peters was also improved this spring. Dylan McCaffrey probably made the most improvement of any quarterback. And on our roster Joe Milton came in and was a mid-year, so participated in spring practices as well and did very well. I think he’s got a very bright future.

And Michael Sessa has done a fantastic job. Buck West moved over from safety and receiver now he’s going to play both quarterback and receiver.

And that’s been our quarterback room. And I would say overall it’s better as a group than we were last year. And I feel like our starting quarterback will also be better, play better.

And so that’s how I’d evaluate the room.

Q. Your thoughts on with Karan being on the Doak Walker Watch List? There’s Miles Sanders from Penn State, J.K. Dobbins from Ohio State, Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin. What are your thoughts not only on Karan’s improvement but the overall complexion of running backs in the Big Ten?
JIM HARBAUGH: Always been a great tradition of great running backs in the Big Ten. Always has, is, and probably always will be. Karan Higdon is an outstanding football player. I always think of Karan and Chris Evans. They’re both great. They’re both really good players and that bodes really well for our football team. Both have really come into leadership roles on our team is the way it’s developed over the last nine months.

And that’s also a really good team thing because they’ve embraced those roles. It’s important to them and it’s important to each of them how they play but it’s also you see them working with the younger backs. And we’ve got some talented younger backs. And it’s nice to see that those guys Chris Evans in particular grabs guys goes over pass protections with them, always see Karan putting his arm around a younger back or player and talking to them, motivating them, teaching them.

So can’t say enough good things about Karan Higdon or Chris Evans, both.

Q. I wanted to get your opinion on the talk of the day about the potential for an injury report or availability report and then also with the gambling aspect that’s been allowed, how do you view that and how do you teach that to your players in your program?
JIM HARBAUGH: As far as gambling, don’t associate with gamblers, avoid it like the plague. Don’t walk away from that, run. Very dear friend, Jim Bees (phonetic), who passed away, but great businessman. He owned muffler shops. He would talk about — Jim, what do you think about this investment here? He goes, I wouldn’t walk away from that investment, I’d run.

That’s always stuck with me. That’s the same advice I would give players as it relates to gambling and any form or fashion.

Q. For the injury report. You’ve obviously dealt with that at the pro level, which not a lot of college coaches have dealt with.
JIM HARBAUGH: Yeah, I would be fine with that. Want to do an injury report, we can do an injury report.



1             Ambry Thomas  DB          6-0         179        So.         Detroit, Mich. / Martin Luther King

2             Carlo Kemp         DL          6-3         264        Jr.           Boulder, Colo. / Fairview

2             Oliver Martin      WR         6-1         198        So.         Coralville, Iowa / West Senior

2             Shea Patterson  QB          6-2         203        Jr.           Shreveport, La. / IMG Academy

3             Rashan Gary       DL          6-5         281        Jr.           Plainfield, N.J. / Paramus Catholic

3             Quinn Nordin     K             6-1         195        Jr.           Rockford, Mich. / Rockford

3             Brad Robbins      P             6-2         181        So.         Westerville, Ohio / Westerville South

4             Nico Collins         WR         6-4         206        So.         Birmingham, Ala. / Clay-Chalkville

4             Reuben Jones     DL          6-4         245        Sr.          Lakeland, Fla. / Lake Gibson

5             Joe Milton           QB          6-5         220        Fr.          Pahokee, Fla. / Olympia

5             Aubrey Solomon              DL          6-3         297        So.         Leesburg, Ga. / Lee County

5             Kurt Taylor          RB          5-8         194        So.         Covington, Ga. / Grayson

5             Jared Wangler    FB           6-2         240        5th         Royal Oak, Mich. / De La Salle

6             Michael Sessa    QB          6-8         210        Jr.           Hinsdale, Ill. / Hinsdale Central

6             Myles Sims          DB          6-3         173        Fr.          Atlanta, Ga. / Westlake

6             Josh Uche           LB           6-3         226        Jr.           Miami, Fla. / Columbus

7             Tarik Black          WR         6-3         206        So.         Hamden, Conn. / Cheshire Academy

7             Khaleke Hudson                LB           6-0         205        Jr.           McKeesport, Pa. / McKeesport

8             Drew Singleton  LB           6-2         219        So.         Union City, N.J. / Paramus Catholic

9             Donovan Peoples-Jones WR         6-2         199        So.         Detroit, Mich. / Cass Technical

10           Devin Bush          LB           5-11       222        Jr.           Pembroke Pines, Fla. / Flanagan

10           Dylan McCaffrey              QB          6-5         199        So.         Castle Rock, Colo. / Valor Christian

12           Chris Evans         RB          5-11       206        Jr.           Indianapolis, Ind. / Ben Davis

12           Josh Ross            LB           6-2         229        So.         Southfield, Mich. / St. Mary’s

13           Eddie McDoom  WR         6-0         181        Jr.           Winter Garden, Fla. / West Orange

14           Josh Metellus     DB          6-0         199        Jr.           Pembroke Pines, Fla. / Flanagan

15           Jacob West         QB          6-1         205        Sr.          Pinckney, Mich. / Pinckney

15           Chase Winovich DL          6-3         253        5th         Jefferson Hills, Pa. / Thomas Jefferson

16           Jaylen Kelly-Powell          DB          6-0         173        So.         Detroit, Mich. / Cass Technical

17           Will Hart              P             6-3         196        Jr.           Hunting Valley, Ohio / University School

17           Tyrone Wheatley              TE           6-6         265        Sr.          Buffalo, N.Y. / Canisius

18           Brandon Peters  QB          6-5         220        Jr.           Avon, Ind. / Avon

18           Luiji Vilain           DL          6-4         242        So.         Ottawa, Ontario / Episcopal (Va.)

19           Kwity Paye          DL          6-4         241        So.         Providence, R.I. / Bishop Hendricken

20           Brad Hawkins     DB          6-2         204        So.         Pennsauken, N.J. / Suffield Academy (Conn.)

20           Matt Mitchell     DB          5-10       185        5th         Dexter, Mich. / Dexter

22           Karan Higdon     RB          5-10       190        Sr.          Sarasota, Fla. / Riverview

22           David Long          DB          5-11       187        Jr.           Los Angeles, Calif. / Loyola

23           Jared Davis         DB          6-1         180        So.         Frankenmuth, Mich. / Frankenmuth

23           Tyree Kinnel        DB          5-11       201        Sr.          Huber Heights, Ohio / Wayne

23           O’Maury Samuels             RB          5-10       192        So.         Los Lunas, N.M. / Los Lunas

24           Lavert Hill            DB          5-11       177        Jr.           Detroit, Mich. / Martin Luther King

24           Jake Martin         WR         5-11       191        Jr.           Grand Rapids, Mich. / Forest Hills Northern

24           Tru Wilson          RB          5-10       200        Jr.           Warren, Mich. / De La Salle

25           Benjamin St-Juste            DB          6-3         193        So.         Rosemere, Quebec / Cegep du Vieux Montreal

26           J’Marick Woods DB          6-3         203        So.         Florence, Ala. / Florence

27           Joe Hewlett        RB          6-0         196        5th         Novi, Mich. / Northville

27           Hunter Reynolds              DB          6-0         188        So.         South Orange, N.J. / Choate Rosemary Hall

28           Brandon Watson              DB          5-11       200        5th         Wilmington, Del. / Eastern Christian Academy

29           Jordan Glasgow LB           6-1         210        Sr.          Aurora, Ill. / Marmion Academy

29           Brendan White  WR         6-1         194        Sr.          Scottsdale, Ariz. / Notre Dame Prep

30           Tyler Cochran     DB          6-1         194        Jr.           Royal Oak, Mich. / Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

31           Phillip Paea         DL          6-4         275        So.         Berrien Springs, Mich. / Berrien Springs

32           Louis Grodman  DB          5-11       188        Sr.          Commerce, Mich. / Walled Lake Northern

33           Camaron Cheeseman      LS           6-4         239        Jr.           New Albany, Ohio / Gahanna Lincoln

34           Jordan Anthony LB           6-0         236        So.         Silver Spring, Md. / IMG Academy

34           Kenneth Ferris   TE           6-5         244        Sr.          Fowlerville, Mich. / Fowlerville

36           Devin Gil              LB           6-2         220        Jr.           Pembroke Pines, Fla. / Flanagan

37           Dane Drobocky  DL          6-3         234        Jr.           Bowling Green, Ky. / Bowling Green

37           Bradford Jones  TE           6-3         237        5th         Bloomfield Hills, Mich. / Brother Rice

38           Joseph Files        TE           6-4         247        Sr.          Lake Orion, Mich. / Cranbrook Kingwood

39           Spencer Dickow FB           6-0         225        Sr.          Bloomfield Hills, Mich. / Brother Rice

41           Kekoa Crawford WR         6-2         187        Jr.           Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. / Santa Margarita Catholic

41           Adam Fakih         LB           6-2         210        So.         Beverly Hills, Mich. / Detroit Country Day

42           Ben Mason         FB           6-3         251        So.         Newtown, Conn. / Newtown

43           Jake McCurry      WR         6-0         180        So.         Solon, Ohio / Solon

44           Matt Baldeck      LS           6-0         210        So.         Lewistown, Idaho / Lewistown

44           Jared Char           RB          5-10       192        Jr.           Farmington Hills, Mich. / Harrison

44           Deron Irving-Bey              DL          6-5         274        So.         Flint, Mich. / Southwestern Academy

45           Peter Bush          FB           6-2         225        Jr.           Newport Beach, Calif. / Corona Del Mar

45           William Holton  TE           6-4         214        Jr.           Haslett, Mich. / Haslett

45           Adam Shibley     LB           6-1         225        So.         Cleveland, Ohio / St. Ignatius

46           Matt Brown        FB           6-0         220        So.         Solon, Ohio / Solon

46           Kareem Walker  RB          6-1         211        Jr.           Irvington, N.J. / DePaul Catholic

49           Tyler Plocki         FB           6-1         219        So.         Saline, Mich. / Saline

49           Andrew Robinson            LS           6-0         221        5th         Troy, Mich. / Troy Athens

50           Michael Dwumfour          DL          6-2         290        Jr.           Wayne, N.J. / DePaul Catholic

50           Michael Onwenu              OL          6-3         350        Jr.           Detroit, Mich. / Cass Technical

51           Cesar Ruiz           OL          6-4         316        So.         Pennsauken, N.J. / IMG Academy

54           Carl Myers           DL          6-3         276        Jr.           Grand Rapids, Mich. / West Catholic

55           James Hudson    OL          6-5         302        So.         Toledo, Ohio / Central Catholic

56           Jameson Offerdahl          LB           6-2         218        Sr.          Fort Lauderdale, Fla. / Cardinal Gibbons

59           Noah Furbush     LB           6-5         240        5th         Kenton, Ohio / Kenton

59           Joel Honigford   OL          6-6         275        So.         Sugarcreek, Ohio / Garaway

61           Dan Jokisch         OL          6-4         251        Jr.           Clarkston, Mich. / Orchard Lake St. Mary’s

66           Chuck Filiaga      OL          6-6         345        So.         Aledo, Texas / Aledo

67           Jess Speight        OL          6-4         289        So.         Richmond, Va. / The Collegiate School

68           Andrew Vastardis             OL          6-3         311        Jr.           Ashburn, Va. / Stone Bridge

70           Nolan Ulizio        OL          6-5         295        Sr.          West Chester, Ohio / Lakota West

71           Andrew Stueber               OL          6-7         314        So.         Darien, Conn. / Darien

72           Stephen Spanellis             OL          6-5         307        Jr.           Baltimore, Md. / Gilman School

74           Ben Bredeson     OL          6-5         308        Jr.           Hartland, Wis. / Arrowhead

75           Jon Runyan         OL          6-4         298        Sr.          Moorestown, N.J. / St. Joseph’s Prep

76           Juwann Bushell-Beatty   OL          6-6         315        5th         Paramus, N.J. / Paramus Catholic

77           Grant Newsome               OL          6-7         314        Sr.          McLean, Va. / The Lawrenceville School, N.J.

79           Greg Robinson   OL          6-6         288        Jr.           Hudson, Ohio / Hudson

81           Nate Schoenle    WR         6-2         192        Jr.           Plymouth, Mich. / Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard

81           Jack Young          WR         6-2         190        So.         Pittsburgh, Pa. / Mt. Lebanon

82           Nick Eubanks      TE           6-5         240        Jr.           Plantation, Fla. / American Heritage

82           Carter Selzer       TE           6-8         222        So.         Kansas City, Mo. / Rockhurst

83           Zach Gentry        TE           6-7         248        Sr.          Albuquerque, N.M. / Eldorado

84           Sean McKeon     TE           6-5         248        Jr.           Dudley, Mass. / Shepherd Hill Regional

86           Conner Edmonds              TE           6-5         252        Jr.           Richfield, Wis. / Germantown

88           Jack Dunaway    LB           6-2         241        Sr.          Bloomfield Hills, Mich. / Brother Rice

88           Grant Perry         WR         6-0         191        Sr.          Bloomfield Hills, Mich. / Brother Rice

90           Bryan Mone        DL          6-4         325        5th         Salt Lake City, Utah / Highland

91           Taylor Upshaw   DL          6-4         240        Fr.          Bradenton, Fla. / Braden River

93           Lawrence Marshall          DL          6-4         285        5th         Southfield, Mich. / Southfield

94           Ryan Veingrad    TE           6-4         248        So.         Boca Raton, Fla. / Spanish River

95           Donovan Jeter   DL          6-3         288        So.         Beaver Falls, Pa. / Beaver Falls

97           Ron Johnson       DL          6-4         264        Jr.           Camden, N.J. / Camden

99           John Luby            DL          6-6         241        Sr.          Lake Orion, Mich. / Lake Orion