HEAD COACH: Scott Frost, 1st season



2017 RECORD: 4 – 8, 3 – 6 Big Ten



STADIUM: Memorial Stadium (85,458)



September 1 Akron

September 8 Colorado

September 15 Troy

September 22 at Michigan

September 29 Purdue

October 6 at Wisconsin

October 13 at Northwestern

October 20 Minnesota

November 3 at Ohio State

November 10 Illinois

November 17 Michigan State

November 23 at Iowa



Arkansas State 43 – 36

Oregon 35 – 42

Northern Illinois 17 – 21

Rutgers 27 – 17

Illinois 28 – 6

Wisconsin 17 – 38

Ohio State 14 – 56

Purdue 25 – 24

Northwestern 24 – 31 OT

Minnesota 21 – 54

Penn State 44 – 56

Iowa 14 – 56




RUSHING: 107.5

PASSING: 277.5

TOTAL: 385.0




RUSHING: 214.8

PASSING: 221.4

TOTAL: 436.2



2013: 9 – 4

2014: 9 – 4

2015: 6 – 7

2016: 9 – 4

2017: 4 – 8







RUSHING: Devine Ozigbo, 129 – 493 – 3TD

RECEIVING: Stanley Morgan, 61 – 986 – 10TD

TACKLES: Dedrick Young, 80

SACKS: Ben Stille, 3.5

INTERCEPTIONS: Aaron Williams, 2



Adrian Martinez, QB Fresno, California

Cameron Jurgens, TE Beatrice, Nebraska

Maurice Washington, RB Stockton, California

Cam’ron Jones, S Mansfield, Texas

Tate Wildeman, DE Parker, Colorado

Caleb Tannor, LB Stone Mountain, Georgia

CJ Smith, S West Palm Beach, Florida

Dominick Watt, WR Hollywood, Florida

Jaron Woodyard, WR Gaithersburg, Maryland

Greg Bell, RB Chula Vista, California



New Head Coach Scott Frost is hoping to bring the “old” Huskers back to Lincoln. Frost was able to make Central Florida into a national power in a short amount of time and Nebraska fans are looking forward to a short turnaround time as well.

Coach Frost will have a young, inexperienced quarterback in Tristan Gebbia to run the “spread” offense. True freshman Adrian Martinez will challenge Gebbia in the fall.

The Cornhuskers do have three offensive linemen returning including RG Tanner Farmer, LG Jerald Foster and LT Brenden Jaimes.

Finding a running back could be an issue for Coach Frost. Nebraska had only 10 rushes for 20 yards or more last season. Devine Ozigbo returns after rushing for 493 yards in 2017. Junior Tre Bryant and Junior Greg Bell are expected to get plenty of opportunities this fall. Nebraska ranked 13th in the Big 10 in rushing last season.

Stanley Morgan Jr. is one of the top receivers in the Big 10. Morgan caught 61 passes for a school record 986 yards and 10 touchdowns. Sophomore JD Spielman will start opposite Morgan.



Another defensive coordinator and another system to learn for the Cornhuskers. DC Erik Chinander will be more aggressive in this “3-4” scheme. Nebraska ranked dead last or near dead last in just about every defensive category last season.

Nebraska will look to force more turnovers and attack the opposing offense instead of the bend-don’t-break approach.

NT Mick Stoltenberg is a two-year starter and the leader on defense. He fought against double-team situations all season and is a great fit in the new system. DE Ben Stille hit the weight room and has added 20 pounds of muscle. Stille moved to OLB and recorded 3.5 sacks. ILB Dedrick Young is a three-year starter and will be joined by JC transfer Will Honas on the inside. Nebraska is hoping OLB Luke Gifford can stay healthy.

The secondary will take a new approach this season as well. No longer will they play soft. Corners Lamar Jackson and Aaron Williams return and will be joined by safeties Antonio Reed and Dicaprio Bootle.



Nebraska must replace kicker Drew Brown, a four-year starter. Punter Caleb Lightbourn returns after averaging 42.1 yards per kick. JD Speilman is back to return kicks. Coach Frost needs to find a reliable punt returner after the Cornhuskers ranked 86th in the country.



Nebraska fans want a quick turnaround but they better be more patient. It’s been several years since the Cornhuskers have been a player on the national scene. The last time they won a conference championship was in 1999. Taking Central Florida from 0-12 to 13-0 was nothing short of a miracle. Taking Nebraska to the promised land may take another miracle. With a new system, expect a lot of growing pains.


PROJECTED RECORD: 6-6, 3-6 Big 10



THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Nebraska head coach Scott Frost.

SCOTT FROST: I’m excited to be back in Nebraska. Being a head football coach is rewarding. Being a football coach is rewarding because of the time you get to spend with young men and the things you get to try to pour into them.

It’s even more special to do it around people you care about and the place you’re from and at your alma mater.

Nebraska, historically, belongs in the upper echelon of college football. Hasn’t really been accomplishing things to that degree for a while. Certainly not to the degree that the people in Nebraska and the people of the university want it to. I’m just excited to start the process of getting Nebraska back where it belongs, making it competitive and trying to compete for championships. Thrilled to be doing it at home around an unbelievable group of people.

Can’t wait to get the season kicked off.


Q. When you were weighing whether to take the job, what factors did you consider?
SCOTT FROST: We’ve got an unbelievable coaching staff that I brought with me from UCF. The decision wasn’t just mine. The decision that I was going to make was going to affect a lot of people. It was going to affect all the coaches, all their families, all their kids, my family.

So it was a decision we all came to consensus on. Nebraska’s a place with unbelievable tradition with great people, with all the resources we need to be a winner and a place where they’re going to allow us to do the right way and try to build a program for the long haul. And we’re going to have the time to do it that way.

All those things made Nebraska really attractive. As tough as a decision it was to leave our kids down in Florida, I think we made the right decision.

Q. When it comes to recruiting, particularly at the quarterback position, do you look at a guy like Marcus Mariota or MacKenzie Milton as a touchstone for the kind of quarterbacks you want to recruit, or is it just something that varies based on the guys you talk to?
SCOTT FROST: I think we’ve done a great job identifying quarterbacks in our offense and developing quarterbacks in our offense. I’m kind of proud of that track record. Had Marcus Mariota at Oregon, and he led the country in pass efficiency. The next year Vernon Adams led the country in pass efficiency, and last year McKenzie only second to Baker Mayfield.

I think the things our offense can do to highlight a quarterback and develop a quarterback make our offense as attractive an offense as there is in the country for a quarterback.

That being said, Marcus had three offers coming out of high school and Vernon had none and McKenzie had three. They weren’t five-star kids. But they had the right stuff. I think our quarterback coach and our staff do a great job of identifying that and putting them in situations where they can win.

The number one trait that a quarterback in our offense has to have is he has to be a fast blinker, he has to be able to process information really quickly and be a step ahead of the game. All the guys that we’ve had that have excelled have had that trait.

Q. How are you recruiting Nebraska nationally to a generation that doesn’t necessarily remember some of those glory days from the ’90s?
SCOTT FROST: Yeah, it’s been interesting. First of all, the reception that our coaches have gotten on the road has been even better than I expected. The kids are really drawn to us, and I’ve been really pleased with how kids are responding to us as a program and as a coaching staff.

But when I sit in my office with recruits, in this first recruiting cycle, the parents all remember Nebraska as Nebraska. A lot of the kids don’t remember that. It’s our job to change that. It’s our job to make sure that the new generation remembers Nebraska for what it is and what it should be, and we’re in the process of making sure that the kids that we’re going to recruit going forward see Nebraska as one of the top programs in the country.

Q. What’s the number one thing, what’s the top thing you have to get accomplished this year?
SCOTT FROST: I wish I could identify one thing. There’s just a lot of things we had to change to make sure things are done the way we want them done. Every coach has a different way, a different MO, a different process for getting things done.

I believe in ours, our formula has worked. It’s certainly helped us turn our program around the last couple of years. It’s not one thing.

We’ve got to get Xs and Os installed. We’ve got to change the way guys think. We’ve got to make sure they care about each other and making decisions based on what’s best for the team first; that we’re getting to work in the weight room and changing that; that we’re in better shape; that we get faster kids; that we recruit better.

All those things have to go together. You can’t change any one of those things overnight. All of them are a process. Sometimes it’s a challenge for a head coach to understand that it can’t happen overnight and you have to have a little bit of patience to see it through because it’s constant gardening.

But we’ve taken some good first steps and all those things have gotten better, and we’ll keep making them better.

Q. You go back to a time, connected to Tom Osborne, your strong relationship with him. You sent him out a national champion on your watch as a player. What do you draw from him as a coach both on and off the field, and how much communication do you still have with him and how you’re going to approach this job?
SCOTT FROST: Yeah, Coach Osborne is my hero in this sport, in this business. When people ask me about him, I always tell people that he was a Hall of Fame coach, but aside from that, he’s probably the best man that I know. Because of who he was and how he ran our program, every single one of us would have run through a wall for him.

And we keep in touch with him to this day. Coach is in the office probably about once a week, or else I’m out turkey hunting or fishing with him. Having that resource to be able to draw wisdom from is really invaluable to me. And I look forward to bouncing ideas off of him and getting advice from him wherever I can.

But, listen, Coach Osborne had the formula that Nebraska figured out. Some of the things he did to make the program arguably the best in the country can still work today. Nebraska has just gone away from them. We’re going to adopt a lot of things again and do it in a modern way and do it in a way that recruits and kids are going to want to be a part of.

Q. Coach, you’ve had a chance to see the playoff from a few different perspectives at Oregon, at UCF. What’s your overall impressions of it now that we’re four years in?
SCOTT FROST: I’ve been pretty outspoken about the playoff. I’ve been on all sorts of sides of it. I think it’s evolved and the evolution has been great. Growing up, it was strictly bowl games and teams couldn’t play each other. And even my senior year of college at Nebraska, every team was in a bowl alliance except the Big Ten and Pac-10 that were still locked into the Rose Bowl. We were undefeated and Michigan was undefeated. We couldn’t play each other.

Obviously that changed and the BCS happened and the best two teams in the country got to play. I think that was an improvement. Getting it to four teams was an improvement.

But it’s hard to look at last year’s college football season and not feel like an eight-team playoff isn’t where we should go. I think that’s my opinion. I think it should be five conference champions and three at-large teams. That would give a surprise conference champion that plays well at the end of the season a shot. It might give a team like we had at UCF last year a shot.

I think you could start the playoff earlier in December, not have to make the semifinal like a bowl experience. That would allow the season to end about the same time that it does with the national championship game. I don’t think it takes away from the regular season and the importance of those games. And as great as the evolution of that playoff has been, I’m always going to be an advocate for eight teams.

Q. You’ve mentioned a couple times here today that Nebraska somewhere along the way stopped being quite what it was when you played there. Have you dissected why? Is it simply a matter of recruiting? What goes beyond that or deeper than that? Can you be specific?
SCOTT FROST: Yeah, I said this a bunch locally in Nebraska. I think a different formula works at every school. The formula we used at Oregon might not work at Texas A&M, and the formula that Alabama uses probably wouldn’t work at Vanderbilt. You’ve got to figure out that formula.

Coach Osborne had the formula figured out. Nebraska stood for a lot of things when it was great. It was an organization of integrity and character, unity, unity across the whole state. We used to build it from within by developing players better than anybody else.

We went out and recruited good players that were hungry and had upside and got to work in the best strength and conditioning program in the country, with the best nutrition program in the country, best academic support in the country, best life skills development in the country.

Went out and got a bunch of walk-ons from Nebraska and from the Midwest that were hungry that were put into the same type of program and developed them, too, and by the time they were sophomores, juniors and seniors they were contributing.

The program used to reflect the people of the state. Nebraska’s best asset is its people. Has unbelievable people that are hardworking, blue-collar people that are going to care about each other.

That’s what we’re trying to get back to in our program, and that’s the way that we’re going to build it to try to make it have sustained success.

Q. You mentioned that gardening and just that changing that culture. For you in this first season, what would you view as a success on the football field?
SCOTT FROST: Success is getting better. Success is being better than we were yesterday. If you measure success just on wins and losses, you’re going to have some great moments in your life and you’re going to have some epic football.

Day by day we’re going to get better. Whatever challenge is in front of us on a daily basis, we’re going to do our best to beat it, to conquer it, overcome it and put our head on the pillow and get up and do the same thing the next day.

Results take care of themselves. If you’re better every single time you go out to practice, if you’re better every single time you go out to play a game, that’s success to me.

Q. You’ve spoken a little bit about Coach Osborne’s formula, part of that formula certainly included a legendary rivalry with Oklahoma. Since Nebraska has joined the Big Ten, it doesn’t seem as though, with all due respect to the Iowa series, that Nebraska has really keyed in on a team across the conference that that game every year it is circled and everybody in the state of Nebraska is unified for that game. Do you see a rivalry that could form, that could create and help you build that unity?
SCOTT FROST: We’re in a great league. This is arguably the best conference in the country. I think that proved out last season with the way the Big Ten competed against other people competed in bowl games. Nebraska has had historic rivalries, but part of the reason they might not have been as strong recently is Nebraska hasn’t been what it should be.

If you look at — you mentioned Oklahoma. If you look at some of the great programs in college football, to me, they have their glory days and their golden era, and almost every single one of them has gone through a rough patch afterwards. And then they get the right people back in place and get moving in the right direction and they become what they should be again.

Oklahoma is an example of that. When I was at Nebraska, they weren’t very good. With the Switzer years, they were. I grew up with that. Then they got Stoops and the guys back, and Oklahoma became Oklahoma again.

Rivalries are going to come when we’re playing the way we should. And I think the people are back at Nebraska who are going to make it what it should be in the pantheon of college football again.



91           Freedom Akinmoladun    DL          6-4         280        Sr.          Grandview, Mo. (Grandview)

30           Quayshon Alexander       LB           6-3         245        So.         Prospect Park, N.J. (De Paul Catholic)

42           Chad Alioth Jr.   WR         6-2         170        RFr.        Omaha, Neb. (North)

11           Austin Allen        TE           6-8         210        RFr.        Aurora, Neb. (Aurora)

David Alston       LB           6-5         225        Fr.          Saint Paul, Minn. (Woodbury)

4             Avery Anderson DB          6-0         180        Jr.           Surprise, Ariz. (Pine Creek (Colorado Springs))

75           Fyn Anderson     DL          6-3         275        Jr.           Lincoln, Neb. (Southeast)

Jake Archer         LB           6-0         195        Fr.          Omaha, Neb. (Skutt Catholic)

98           Isaac Armstrong                P             5-11       200        Jr.           Lincoln, Neb. (Kearney) (Southwest)

Anthony Banderas           LB           6-0         200        Fr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southwest)

73           Broc Bando         OL          6-5         295        RFr.        Lincoln, Neb. (IMG Academy)

36           Christian Banker               WR         6-1         185        RFr.        Omaha, Neb. (Omaha Skutt Catholic High School)

74           Jalin Barnett       OL          6-4         315        Jr.           Lawton, Okla. (Lawton)

7             Mohamed Barry               LB           6-1         230        Jr.           Grayson, Ga. (Grayson)

25           Greg Bell             RB          6-0         200        Jr.           Chula Vista, Calif. (Arizona Western CC) (Bonita Vista)

38           Brody Belt           RB          5-9         170        Fr.          Omaha, Neb. (Millard West)

23           Dicaprio Bootle DB          5-10       185        So.         Miami, Fla. (Southridge)

33           Jaylin Bradley     RB          6-0         180        So.         Bellevue, Neb. (Bellevue West)

61           Bryan Brokop     OL          6-5         295        So.         New Lenox, Ill. (Lincoln-Way West)

Moses Bryant     ATH        5-11       195        Fr.          Elkhorn, Neb. (South)

18           Tre Bryant           IB           5-11       200        Jr.           St. Louis, Mo. (Christian Brothers College)

17           Andrew Bunch   QB          6-1         200        So.         Thompson Stations, Tenn. (Scottsdale CC) (Independence)

39           Bradley Bunner  DB          6-1         180        RFr.        Clarkson, Neb. (Clarkson Public School)

2             Tony Butler         DB          6-2         210        So.         Lakewood, Ohio (St. Edward)

Willie Canty        OL          6-6         290        Fr.          Belle Grade, Fla. (Glades Central)

Chris Cassidy      LB           6-1         210        Fr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Pius X)

45           Ty Chaffin            WR         6-5         200        So.         Burwell, Neb. (Burwell)

Braxton Clark     DB          6-3         180        Fr.          Orlando, Fla. (Dr. Phillips)

62           Cole Conrad        OL          6-5         300        Sr.          Fremont, Neb. (Archbishop Bergan)

16           Ethan Cox           DB          5-11       175        RFr.        Blair, Neb. (Blair)

93           Damion Daniels DT          6-2         310        RFr.        Dallas, Texas (Bishop Dunne)

22           Alex Davis           LB           6-5         255        Jr.           Riviera Beach, Fla. (Dwyer)

96           Carlos Davis        DL          6-2         295        Jr.           Blue Springs, Mo. (Blue Springs)

94           Khalil Davis         DL          6-2         290        Jr.           Blue Springs, Mo. (Blue Springs)

79           Michael Decker OL          6-4         305        Jr.           Omaha, Neb. (North)

19           Marquel Dismuke             DB          6-2         195        So.         Calabasas, Calif. (Calabasas)

34           Breon Dixon       DB          5-11       206        So.         Loganville, Ga. (Ole Miss) (Grayson)

13           JoJo Domann      DB          6-1         205        So.         Colorado Springs, Colo. (Pine Creek)

84           David Engelhaupt             TE           6-3         240        So.         Norfolk, Neb. (Norfolk Catholic)

63           Tanner Farmer   OL          6-4         305        Sr.          Highland, Ill. (Highland)

71           Matt Farniok      OL          6-6         315        So.         Sioux Falls, S.D. (Washington)

68           Will Farniok        OL          6-3         260        Fr.          Sioux Falls, S.D. (Washington)

Colton Feist        DE          6-2         225        Fr.          Yutan, Neb. (Yutan)

43           Tyrin Ferguson   LB           6-2         225        Jr.           New Orleans, La. (Edna Karr)

Bennett Folkers WR         6-3         180        Fr.          Gothenburg, Neb. (Gothenburg)

AJ Forbes             OL          6-4         230        Fr.          Bellevue, Neb. (West)

67           Jerald Foster       OL          6-3         310        Sr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southeast)

39           Cole Frahm         PK           6-5         200        RFr.        Omaha, Neb. (Burke)

Corbin Frederick               DB          5-11       195        Fr.          Mansfield, Texas (Mansfield)

65           Christian Gaylord             OL          6-6         300        Jr.           Baldwin City, Kan. (Baldwin City)

14           Tristan Gebbia   QB          6-3         185        RFr.        Calabasas, Calif. (Calabasas)

12           Luke Gifford       LB           6-3         235        Sr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southeast)

33           Willie Hampton LB           6-1         225        RFr.        Plantation, Fla. (American Heritage)

49           Austin Hemphill FB           5-10       225        Jr.           Gretna, Neb. (Gretna)

75           Trent Hixson       OL          6-4         260        RFr.        Omaha, Neb. (Skutt Catholic)

47           Branden Hohenstein       TE           6-4         220        So.         Jackson, Neb. (Bishop Heelan)

41           Justin Holm         WR         6-4         175        Fr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southwest)

43           Todd Honas        WR         5-11       195        So.         Aurora, Neb. (Aurora)

3             Will Honas          LB           6-2         225        Jr.           Wichita, Kan. (Butler CC) (Bishop Carroll)

Andre Hunt         WR         6-0         175        Fr.          Palm Dale, Calif. (Paraclete)

38           Damian Jackson DL          6-1         245        RFr.        Las Vegas, Nev. (Shadow Ridge)

21           Lamar Jackson   DB          6-3         210        Jr.           Elk Grove, Calif. (Franklin)

76           Brenden Jaimes OL          6-5         280        So.         Austin, Texas (Lake Travis)

47           Matt Jarzynka    DL          6-4         260        Sr.          Loup City, Neb. (Loup City)

32           Pernell Jefferson              LB           6-2         235        So.         New Orleans, La. (Warren Easton)

Joseph Johnson LB           6-3         220        Fr.          Gretna, Neb. (Gretna)

Cam’ron Jones   DB          6-1         200        Fr.          Mansfield, Texas (Mansfield)

Miles Jones         ATH        5-9         170        Fr.          Miramar, Fla. (American Heritage)

40           Grant Jordan      LB           6-2         205        So.         Omaha, Neb. (Westside)

36           Spencer Jordan  LB           6-2         210        So.         Omaha, Neb. (Westside)

Cameron Jurgens             TE           6-4         245        Fr.          Beatrice, Neb. (Beatrice)

36           Reid Karel            DB          6-3         205        Jr.           Seward, Neb. (Seward)

17           Sedrick King        LB           6-4         245        Sr.          Plant City, Fla. (Plant City)

30           Bo Kitrell              TE           6-1         235        Sr.          Ashland, Neb. (Ashland-Greenwood)

Bryson Krull        TE           6-5         220        Fr.          North Platte, Neb. (North Platte)

6             Eric Lee Jr.          DB          6-0         195        Jr.           Milton, Mass. (Valor Christian (Colorado))

Katerian Legrone             ATH        6-3         230        Fr.          Atlanta, Ga. (The B.E.S.T. Academy)

Wyatt Liewer     WR         6-3         165        Fr.          O’Neill, Neb. (O’Neill)

35           Caleb Lightbourn              P             6-3         235        Jr.           Washougal, Wash. (Camas)

1             Tyjon Lindsey     WR         5-9         160        So.         Corona, Calif. (Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.))

90           Ben Lingenfelter               DL          6-5         265        RFr.        Cherokee, Iowa (Washington)

2             Adrian Martinez               QB          6-2         205        Fr.          Fresno, Calif. (Clovis West)

Matt Masker      QB          6-1         205        Fr.          Kearney, Neb. (Kearney Catholic)

37           Wyatt Mazour    IB           5-9         190        Jr.           Albion, Neb. (Boone Central)

48           Lane McCallum  S             6-2         205        RFr.        Norfolk, Neb. (Air Force) (Norfolk)

13           Justin McGriff    ATH        6-6         220        Fr.          Tampa, Fla. (Jefferson)

4             Jaevon McQuitty              WR         6-0         195        RFr.        Columbia, Mo. (Battle)

31           Collin Miller        LB           6-3         235        So.         Fishers, Ind. (Hamilton Southeastern)

66           Hunter Miller     OL          6-5         275        RFr.        Stromsburg, Neb. (Cross County)

8             Stanley Morgan Jr.          WR         6-1         195        Sr.          New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine)

Cade Mueller      LS           6-1         225        Fr.          Gretna, Neb. (Gretna)

9             DaiShon Neal     DL          6-7         275        Jr.           Houston, Texas (Omaha Central)

99           Peyton Newell   DL          6-3         295        Sr.          Hiawatha, Kan. (Hiawatha)

54           Jordan Ober        LS           6-1         225        Sr.          Las Vegas, Nev. (Bishop Gorman)

Simon Otte         ATH        6-2         180        Fr.          York, Neb. (York)

22           Devine Ozigbo   IB           6-0         230        Sr.          Sachse, Texas (Sachse)

55           Jordan Paup        DL          6-4         230        RFr.        Central City, Neb. (Central City)

32           Barret Pickering PK           6-0         180        Fr.          Birmingham, Ala. (Hoover)

Cameron Pieper                LS           6-3         220        Fr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southwest)

82           Kurt Rafdal         TE           6-7         230        RFr.        Carmel, Ind. (Carmel)

50           John Raridon      OL          6-4         290        So.         West Des Moines, Iowa (Valley)

25           Antonio Reed     DB          6-2         210        Sr.          Memphis, Tenn. (Southaven (Miss.))

83           Bryan Reimers    WR         6-5         210        Sr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Lincoln East)

33           Dylan Reynolds  WR         6-0         170        RFr.        Broken Bow, Neb. (Broken Bow)

40           Brandon Robbins              WR         5-10       190        RFr.        Bellevue, Neb. (Bellevue East)

14           Avery Roberts    LB           6-1         230        So.         Wilmington, Del. (Concord)

Casey Rogers      DL          6-5         250        Fr.          Syracuse, N.Y. (Westhill/Old Farms Prep (Avon, Conn.))

23           Austin Rose        FB           6-1         225        Sr.          Lincoln, Neb. (North Star)

Ryan Schommer               DL          6-5         230        Fr.          Norfolk, Neb. (Norfolk)

Collin Shefke      OL          6-5         275        Fr.          Lincoln, Neb. (Southwest)

70           Matt Sichterman              OL          6-5         270        RFr.        Cincinnati, Ohio (Kings)

CJ Smith               DB          6-3         190        Fr.          West Palm Beach, Fla. (Oxbridge Academy)

85           Matt Snyder        TE           6-5         240        Jr.           San Ramon, Calif. (California)

10           JD Spielman        WR         5-9         180        So.         Eden Prairie, Minn. (Eden Prairie)

Isaiah Stalbird     DB          6-1         200        Fr.          Kearney, Neb. (Kearney)

95           Ben Stille             LB           6-5         255        So.         Ashland, Neb. (Ashland-Greenwood)

86           Jack Stoll             TE           6-4         245        So.         Lone Tree, Colo. (Regis Jesuit)

44           Mick Stoltenberg              DL          6-5         305        Sr.          Gretna, Neb. (Gretna)

42           Jeramiah Stovall               DB          5-11       185        Jr.           Omaha, Neb. (Creighton Prep)

28           Eli Sullivan           DB          6-2         200        So.         Longmont, Colo. (Longmont)

Caleb Tannor      OLB        6-3         225        Fr.          Stone Mountain, Ga. (Miller Grove)

Cam Taylor         DB          6-0         190        Fr.          Montgomery, Ala. (Park Crossing)

97           Deontre Thomas              DL          6-3         280        So.         Mustang, Okla. (Mustang)

18           Guy Thomas       LB           6-3         200        RFr.        Miami, Fla. (Booker T. Washington)

39           Andrew Thurman             WR         6-4         195        RFr.        Stillwell, Kan. (Blue Valley West)

92           Chase Urbach     LS           6-3         200        Jr.           Grosse Pointe, Mich. (Grosse Pointe South)

16           Noah Vedral       QB          6-2         190        So.         Wahoo, Neb. (Central Florida) (Bishop Neumann)

55           Chris Walker       DL          6-8         275        RFr.        Lincoln, Neb. (East)

90           Jackson Walker  P             6-4         250        Jr.           Overland Park, Kan. (Coffeyville CC/Johnson County ) (Blue Valley Northwest)

52           Andrew Ward    LB           6-1         200        RFr.        Muskegon, Mich. (Muskegon)

31           Kade Warner      WR         6-1         200        RFr.        Scottsdale, Ariz. (Desert Mountain)

Maurice Washington       RB          6-1         190        Fr.          Stockton, Calif. (Trinity Christian Academy (Texas))

Dominick Watt  WR         6-1         200        Fr.          Hollywood, Fla. (Miramar)

57           Jacob Weinmaster           LB           6-0         215        Jr.           Loveland, Colo. (Loveland)

21           Mikale Wilbon   IB           5-9         200        Sr.          Chicago, Ill. (De La Salle Institute)

Tate Wildeman  DL          6-6         250        Fr.          Parker, Colo. (Legend)

24           Aaron Williams  DB          5-11       190        Sr.          Atlanta, Ga. (Carver)

41           Deontai Williams              DB          6-1         200        So.         Jacksonville, Fla. (Jones County JC) (Trinity Christian Academy)

19           Mike Williams    WR         5-10       175        Jr.           Lake City, Fla. (East Miss. CC/Georgia Southern) (Columbia)

56           Boe Wilson         OL          6-3         295        So.         Lee’s Summit, Mo. (Lee’s Summit West)

Jaron Woodyard               WR         5-11       180        Jr.           Gaithersburg, Md. (Arizona Western CC) (The Avalon School)

87           Conor Young      WR         6-2         180        Jr.           Cozad, Neb. (Cozad)

5             Dedrick Young II               LB           6-1         235        Sr.          Peoria, Ariz. (Centennial)


Scott Frost  – Head Coach

Erik Chinander  – Defensive Coordinator

Troy Walters  – Offensive Coordinator – Wide Receivers

Greg Austin  – Assistant Coach – Offensive Line

Sean Beckton  – Assistant Coach – Tight Ends

Mike Dawson  – Assistant Coach – Defensive Line

Jovan Dewitt  – Assistant Coach – Outside LBs/Special Teams

Travis Fisher  – Assistant Coach – Defensive Backs

Ryan Held  – Assistant Coach – Running Backs

Barrett Ruud  – Assistant Coach – Inside Linebackers

Mario Verduzco  – Assistant Coach – Quarterbacks

Zach Duval  – Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach

Nick Smith  – Graduate Assistant Coach – Special Teams

Gerrod Lambrecht  – Chief of Staff

Matt Davison  – Associate AD – Football

Sean Dillon  – Director of Player Personnel

Ryan Callaghan  – Assistant Director of Player Personnel

Mike Cassano  – National High School Relations

Kenny Wilhite  – Director of High School Relations

Adam Clark  – Director of Football Operations

Trent Mossbrucker  – Director of Football & Recruiting Admin

Tate Guillotte  – Director of Video Technology

Ryan Voecks  – Video Coordinator

Frank Verducci  – Senior Offensive Analyst

Jack Cooper  – Defensive Quality Control

Steve Cooper  – Offensive Quality Control

Zach Crespo  – Special Teams Quality Control

Dustin Haines  – Offensive Analyst

Cole Ashby  – Graduate Manager – Wide Receivers

Steve DeMeo  – Graduate Manager – Offensive Line

Jasen Carlson  – Assistant Football Strength Coach

Dan Millington  – Assistant Football Strength Coach

Andrew Strop  – Assistant Football Strength Coach

Joni Duff  – Football Secretary – Head Coach/Defense/Special Teams

Teri Riggins  – Football Staff Secretary – Offense/Recruiting

Chuka Ndulue  – Football Staff Assistant

Kevin Ashmos  – Recruiting Intern

Sean Beckton Jr.  – Performance Intern

Demeitre Brim  – Football Intern

Colby Ellis  – Football Intern

Addison Morris  – Recruiting/Operations Intern