STADIUM: Beaver Stadium (106,572)



September 1 Appalachian State

September 8 at Pittsburgh

September 15 Kent State

September 21 at Illinois

September 29 Ohio State

October 13 Michigan State

October 20 at Indiana

October 27 Iowa

November 3 at Michigan

November 10 Wisconsin

November 17 at Rutgers

November 24 Maryland



Akron 52 – 0

Pittsburgh 33 – 14

Georgia State 56 – 0

Iowa 21 – 19

Indiana 45 – 14

Northwestern 31 – 7

Michigan 42 – 13

Ohio State 38 – 39

Michigan State 24 – 27

Rutgers 35 – 6

Nebraska 56 – 44

Maryland 66 – 3

Washington 35 – 28




RUSHING: 170.2

PASSING: 290.2




Scoring: 16.5

RUSHING: 118.0

PASSING: 211.5

TOTAL: 329.5



2013: 7 – 5

2014: 7 – 6

2015: 7 – 6

2016: 11 – 3

2017: 11 – 2






PASSING: Trace McSorley, 284 – 427 –3,570 – 28TD – 10INT

RUSHING: Trace McSorley, 144 – 491 – 11TD

RECEIVING: Juwan Johnson, 54 – 701 – 1TD

TACKLES: Koa Farmer, 48

SACKS: Shareef Miller, 5.0

INTERCEPTIONS: Amani Oruwariyi, 4



Micah Parsons, ATH Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Justin Shorter, WR Monmouth Junction, New Jersey

Ricky Slade, RB Woodbridge, Virginia

Rasheed Walker, OT Waldorf, Maryland

Jayson Oweh, DT Howell, New Jersey

PJ Mustipher, DT Owings Mills, Maryland

Nana Asiedu , OT Stafford, Virginia

Zach Kuntz, TE Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Jahan Dotson, WR Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Pat Freiermuth TE Merrimac, Massachusetts



Penn State loss perhaps one of their best players on offense when Saquon Barkley left for the NFL. He wasn’t the only impact player the Nittany Lions had in 2017. Quarterback Trace McSorley led the conference in passing at 274.6 yards per game, and he is back for another season. His completion rate increased in 2017 to 66.5% as he threw for over 3,500 yards and 28 touchdowns.

McSorley will have a nice target in Juwan Johnson. Johnson is 6’4” and 229 pounds, and finished second on the team with 54 receptions for 701 yards as a sophomore. McSorley will miss Barkley but will have junior Miles Sanders in the backfield. Sanders averaged 6.7 yards per carry as a backup. Sanders will be joined by seniors Mark Allen and Johnathan Thomas. Redshirt freshman Journey Brown and true freshman Ricky Slade will also compete for carries. For starters return on the Line Including center Connor McGovern and left guard Stephen Gonzalez. Will Fries will start at left tackle with Ryan Bates at right tackle.



With only two starters returning the Lions have some rebuilding to do as they will have to find two new starters at defensive tackle and two inside linebacker positions. Juniors Kevin Givens and Robert Windsor filled backup roles in 2017 and now appear ready to take over a starting spot this season. Penn State may have to ask some of their freshman to step up and make an early impact. Five – star defensive end Micah Parsons has been moved to middle linebacker because of the lack of depth at that position. Since his arrival the Lions moved him to the Will outside position. Redshirt freshman Ellis Brooks appears ready to take over in the middle. Koa Farmer is the lone returning starter at outside linebacker.

Penn State led the Big Ten with an average of 3.2 sacks per game in 2017. They were led by Shareef Miller who had a team-best five sacks.

The secondary appears to be deep despite the loss of all four starters. Senior corner Amani Oruwariye led the team with four interceptions last season and will be joined by John Reid who was a starter in 2016 before missing last season with a knee injury. Garrett Taylor and Nick Scott will be the starting safeties.



Blake Gillikin is one of the best punters in the Big Ten. He averaged 43.0 yards per kick, which ranks second in school history. The kicking game may be a different story with redshirt freshman walk – on Carson Landis as the only kicker on campus this past spring. He will battle with scholarship freshman Jake Pinegar and walk-ons Rafael Checa and Vlad Hilling.



Penn State may have the most inexperienced of any Big Ten East contenders. McSorley will be the key to their offense in 2018. They should score points, but the lack of experience on defense could make things very interesting for Penn State this season. That could determine whether this team can earn its third straight New Year’s Six bowl berth.


PROJECTED RECORD: 9 – 3, 6 – 3 Big Ten



THE MODERATOR: We’re joined by Penn State head coach James Franklin.

JAMES FRANKLIN: First of all, I want to thank everybody for coming out and supporting the Big Ten and obviously, specifically, Penn State has a great crowd.

First thing I’d like to do take a moment probably don’t do this enough and thank our players. Our players have been fantastic. In our four years, this is going into our year five, we’ve been able to accomplish really special things in a short period of time and it really starts and ends with them.

So I want to thank our players. I want to thank our players’ parents, because we’ve really kind of done this as a family altogether. I’d like to thank our coaching staff. I feel we have the best coaching staff in the country. Been fantastic.

And then the same thing with our community, our Penn State community, I want to take a minute and thank everybody that’s been a part because I think a lot of times the coach probably gets too much credit because the things that we’ve been able to accomplish, we’ve done as a family.

So wanted to start with that. And then just talk briefly about our program and kind of where we’re at right now. Probably have more question marks going into this season than we’ve had the last two years. I think we’re at an exciting time in our program.

Obviously lost a lot of production, lost a lot of production. I think we had six players drafted, and I think we had 15 players sign with some NFL organization. So really proud of that. But it’s also put us in a situation where we got a lot of things that we’ve got to get answered this offseason from a camp perspective as well as early in the season with some challenging games as well.

So excited about that. Offensively for the first time we have an offensive line that we think has a chance to be a strength in our program. Obviously a lot of questions that have gotten today already and will probably get here as well is replacing Saquon Barkley, which I don’t know if you necessarily can replace a guy like that from a production standpoint. But I do think our offensive line for the first time since we’ve been there becoming a strength is going to help with that.

So excited about that group. The game of football always will and always has started up front. Feel really good about that group. Obviously when you’ve got a quarterback like Trace McSorley coming back from a production, from an experience standpoint, and just the way he’s carried himself over the last four years as a leader in our program, has been fantastic.

When you’ve got a guy like that leading your program, you’ve got a chance especially on the offensive side of the ball. And obviously we’ve got some question marks at running back. Miles Sanders has a lot of excitement and buzz about him right now and what he’s going to be able to do, as well as some other guys like Mark Allen and Johnathan Thomas and Ricky Slade that are going to factor in. Be an interesting battle come fall camp.

At wide receiver, Juwan Johnson, DeAndre Tompkins played a lot of football for us, and we’re going to need those guys to step up.

And obviously it’s the storylines. Who are the guys that are going to emerge that maybe aren’t household names right now in the offensive side of the ball, losing a guy like Mike Gesicki at tight end, we’ll have to find a way to replace some of his production, and obviously that’s going to be challenging for us. So excited about that on the offensive side of the ball.

Defensively we have more question marks probably the biggest question marks for me going into the season are at defensive tackle. We graduated three senior tackles there. And at linebacker, specifically in our Mike linebacker in Jason Cabinda. Probably three question marks on our team. Whether they’re young players that played complementary roles in the past or freshmen, they’ll have to come in and compete.

We have an exciting freshmen class that’s going to be joining us, but it’s challenging to depend on those guys like that and those positions. It will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out.

There’s a lot of talk about us losing our secondary that all had opportunities at the NFL. But we have played so many guys in the secondary that a guy like Amani Oruwariye who is here with us this weekend, obviously, last year finished Second Team All-Big Ten, had four interceptions, is stepping into a starting role for us.

John Reid, who was a starter for us the year before, is coming back from an injury. We’re excited about what he’ll be able to do as well. Probably one of the strengths of our team specifically on defense is at defensive end. Excited about what those guys are going to be able to do.

Special teams, Blake Gillikin, a young man who has been fantastic since he stepped on campus, pre-med major, 4.0 GPA. Chance to be one of the better punters in the country. Vasey, our long snapper. But we have a major question mark at the kicker position.

We’re going to have a number of young men that are going to be competing for that job, whether that is guys that are already currently in our program or guys we recruited in this last class. Going to be some challenges there.

So exciting time. Exciting time at Penn State, love what we’ve been able to do the last couple of years as a foundation moving forward for us.

And as you know, I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time talking about our past, but I do think the things we’ve been able to accomplish the last couple of years have laid a foundation for confidence in our players in our locker room for where we’re moving forward.


Q. All eyes are on Trace McSorley at quarterback. If you compare and contrast him to the development of Christian Hackenberg and you try to go into a mode of rebuilding rather than — reloading rather than rebuilding around him, how much power, how much control do you give him over the offense? How much do you trust and invest in him? What’s the next step for him as quarterback?
JAMES FRANKLIN: Yeah, I think, first of all, Trace is really the first quarterback that we’ve been kind of with from the beginning. All the way back to the recruiting process.

I think that was a big decision with hiring Ricky Rahne, not only is he extremely intelligent and not only does he have unbelievable work ethic, but he’s recruited every single player in our quarterback room.

So when you look at Trace, Trace is a guy that you look all the way back to little league, all he’s done is won. Been highly, highly productive. Universally respected throughout our entire program, has done things the right way.

The thing about Trace that we love so much is that you know what you’re getting from Trace every single day, not just on game days, but practice, offseason, community service, academically, he’s steady Eddie. And he hasn’t really changed much since he was a freshman year coming from that perspective. Came in mature and understanding of what he needed to do to be successful. And he’s kind of grown.

Trace will obviously have a lot of latitude, really kind of in how we do things. I think that’s going to show up more during the week than it will on game day. The way we do things, those things are kind of already built in.

But I do think a lot of feedback in what he’s seeing on film in terms of how we build a plan, how we’re going to attack the opponent, how we’re going to attack the defense, I want those guys involved as much as we possibly can, and him and Ricky Rahne have a tremendous relationship.

And I know Trace is looking forward to that as well. So he’s going to have a lot of opportunities to be able to make plays. I think where Trace is valuable is how the game has evolved. The prototype quarterback doesn’t really exist anymore, whether it’s NFL, college, high school, you need to have a guy at that position that can beat you in multiple ways and Trace can do that with his mind, from a decision-making perspective, from an arm, doesn’t get enough credit for how well he throws the ball.

He can make all the throws on the field, and obviously he can beat you with his feet. When you’ve got a guy back there doing those types of things, it becomes very challenging to defend.

Q. Connor McGovern is a guy who has been getting some hype as next level. What do you think, what traits do you think he already possesses to be an NFL player and what traits and abilities do you think he still needs to work on to get there?
JAMES FRANKLIN: We’re worried about beating App State, not too focused on the NFL. The Florida season has really started, to be honest with you. I love that our guys are part of these preseason recognitions and awards and things like that, but obviously Connor started for us since he was a true freshman on the offensive line, which is somewhat unusual in college football, and specifically with our circumstances that we walked into at Penn State, very fortunate for him.

So he’s big, he’s strong, he’s smart. He’s been very productive. We’re expecting him to take the next step as an offensive lineman in our program. He’s got the flexibility and the size that we think he can play really kind of all the positions, center guard and tackle as well.

So we’ll see. We want to give ourselves the best chance to put the best five guys on the field, whether that is Connor at center, whether that’s him at guard. I do think there’s some flexibility, and I think that’s probably why he’s attractive to people is because you’re talking about a 6’5″, 300-pound young man who is playing center and has flexibility.

So we’re excited about him. But anything further than that, I’ll sit down with Connor and his family when the time is appropriate. The fact that his father is a superintendent, I know how important education is in their family as well.

Q. How do you separate yourself from a football perspective from the last game, the Fiesta Bowl until if we say today starts the season, how do you separate your program and your team from a football perspective in that timeframe?
JAMES FRANKLIN: I’m not sure I know what you mean, “separate.”

Q. From other competition, what do you stress what’s the most important thing, whether it’s the weight, the recruiting, what do you stress from a football coach perspective during that timeframe?
JAMES FRANKLIN: What I would say to you is we spend a lot of time talking about what is the next step for us. And to be honest with you, I think it’s more about refining the things that we’re already doing.

The reality is for you to have a program that is a consistent top 10 or top 5 program, you can’t do it by just being good in one area. You can’t just do it being good in a scheme. You can’t just do it good from a development standpoint. You can’t just do it from a recruiting perspective.

For you to have a top 5, top 10 program, you’re going to have to be strong in all of those areas. I think if you have weaknesses, that’s what you need to be spending your offseason doing, is attacking those weaknesses.

For us I think we’ve done a pretty good job. The area I’m most proud of is how we’ve developed players. I think that’s what we do best. You look at what we were able to do the last couple of years and where we’re going in terms of every other aspect of our program from a facilities standpoint, from a recruiting perspective, from a scheme perspective, from fundamentals and techniques, I think we’re doing some pretty good things in each area and that’s what it’s going to take.

We’ve just got to keep refining those things. We’ve got great chemistry in our locker room right now. We’ve got a players-led program. The three young men that are with us today I think are fantastic representatives of our university and our program and what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

So that’s really — it’s not one specific thing. I’m not a favorite guy. I’m also not someone that kind of looks and says our success is going to be determined by one specific area. It’s being as well rounded as we possibly can be and continue to evolve and continue to grow and make sure that we have a good understanding of what’s going on in our conference as well as across the country in college football.

Q. You’ve had a chance now two years being in the hunt for a playoff spot. Now that we’re four years into this thing, how would you evaluate the overall effectiveness of the current system?
JAMES FRANKLIN: I like the current system. I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t have a whole lot of problem with the system before it. I think one of the things that I think is probably the biggest challenge with the system that we’re in is it’s subjective. And I think whenever you have a subjective system like we do, you want to control as many of the variables as you possibly can.

And right now, when you’ve got a group of people trying to decide who is going to make the playoffs and they can’t compare apples to apples, makes it really challenging.

When we get to a point where everybody’s playing under the same scenario, I think that would be the best situation. So the amount of conference games across the entire country, every conference is doing it the same way, we’re all playing the same number of conference games. We’re all playing FCS opponents or we’re not. We’re all playing the same number of Power Five out-of-conference opponents, things like that.

If we can control some of the variables, that’s going to give people who have a challenging job already, that’s going to help them. When you’re comparing one program to another or one conference to another, some of those things don’t have to be factored in.

That would be probably the one thing that I would like to see changed to allow those people to do the best job they possibly can. People talk about expanding the playoffs and things like that. I don’t necessarily — I’m not on the same page with that. This game we started out playing 10 games then we went to 11 games and then 12 games, and now with the playoffs you’re talking about 15 games. That’s a lot of games.

We haven’t expanded the rosters. I do think that what we’ve done this year with the redshirt rule really helps with that because coaches and players get into some challenging situations where late in the season you have an injury and you’re trying to decide whether you’re going to burn a kid’s redshirt season for one game or two games at the end of the season. I think that was a really, really positive rule for our student-athletes and for the game as a whole.

But those are the things I’d like to see probably done to help the people that are making the decision about what teams get in and what teams don’t, I think that would make a whole lot of sense for our game.




8             Mark Allen          RB          GS/SR    5-6/187 Hyattsville, Md./DeMatha Catholic

41           Joe Arcangelo    TE/H      SR/JR     6-4/253 Clarks Summit, Pa./Abington Heights

90           Damion Barber  DT          SO/FR    6-3/278 Harrisburg/Harrisburg, Pa.

52           Ryan Bates          OL          SR/JR     6-4/305 Warrington, Pa./Archbishop Wood

83           Nick Bowers       TE/H      SR/JR     6-4/265 Kittanning, Pa./Kittanning Senior

13           Ellis Brooks         LB           SO/FR    6-1/234 Mechanicsville, Va./Benedictine College Prep

6             Cam Brown         LB           JR/JR     6-5/222 Burtonsville, Md./Bullis School

24           DJ Brown             CB          SO/FR    5-10/181             College Park, Ga./Creekside

32           Journey Brown  RB          SO/FR    5-11/197             Meadville, Pa./Meadville

19           Torrence Brown               DE          SR/SR    6-3/257 Tuscaloosa, Ala./Tuscaloosa Academy

97           Ryan Buchholz   DE          SR/JR     6-6/264 Malvern, Pa./Great Valley

20           Jabari Butler       CB          SR/JR     5-11/182             Potomac, Md./Bishop Gorman (Nev.)

94           Joe Calcagno      SN          SO/FR    6-0/239 Elmhurst, Ill./Fenwick

5             Tariq Castro-Fields           CB          SO/SO   6-0/186 Upper Marlboro, Md./Riverdale Baptist School

50           Max Chizmar      LB           SO/FR    6-2/207 Mars, Pa./Mars Area

14           Sean Clifford      QB          SO/FR    6-2/211 Cincinnati, Ohio/Saint Xavier

33           Jake Cooper        LB           SR/SR    6-1/235 Doylestown, Pa./Archbishop Wood

88           Judge Culpepper DT        FR/FR    6-4/275 Tampa, Fla./H.B. Plant

80           Danny Dalton     TE/H      JR/SO    6-4/245 Marshfield, Mass./Marshfield

41           Dae’Lun Darien  LB           JR/SO    6-4/212 Baltimore, Md./Dunbar

39           Frank Di Leo       LB           SR/JR     5-9/223 Elmhurst, Ill./Saint Ignatius College Prep

95           Donnell Dix         DE          SR/SR    5-10/225             Salisbury, Md./Wicomico

45           Joe DuMond       DE          JR/SO    5-11/243             Philadelphia, Pa./St. Joseph’s Prep

40           Nick Eury             RB          JR/SO    5-9/211 Shavertown, Pa./Lake-Lehman

25           Brelin Faison-Walden LB               SO/FR    6-1/212 Greensboro, N.C./Grimsley

7             Koa Farmer         LB           GS/SR    6-1/236 Lake View Terrace, Calif./Notre Dame

44           Brailyn Franklin  DE          SO/FR    6-2/204 Arlington, Texas/Battlefield (Va.)

87           Pat Freiermuth   TE/H      FR/FR    6-5/250 Merrimac, Mass./Brooks School

71           Will Fries             OL          JR/SO    6-6/305 Cranford, N.J./Cranford

51           Alex Gellerstedt OL          JR/SO    6-6/301 Dublin, Ohio/Dublin Coffman

93           Blake Gillikin       P/K         JR/JR     6-2/192 Smyrna, Ga./The Westminster Schools

30           Kevin Givens       DT          SR/JR     6-1/275 Altoona, Pa./Altoona Area

74           Steven GonzalezOL          SR/JR     6-4/336 Union City, N.J./Union City

19           Trent Gordon     CB          FR/FR    5-11/181             Spring, Texas/Manvel

99           Yetur Gross-Matos          DE          SO/SO   6-5/257 Spotsylvania, Va./Chancellor

1             KJ Hamler            WR         SO/FR    5-9/172 Pontiac, Mich./IMG Academy (Fla.)

53           Fred Hansard      DT          SO/FR    6-3/315 Burlington, N.J./The Hun School

37           Drew Hartlaub   S             SO/FR    5-11/177             Hanover, Pa./South Western

12           Mac Hippenhammer WR              SO/FR    5-11/170             Fort Wayne, Ind./R. Nelson Snider

83           Alex Hoenstine   WR         SO/FR    6-1/181 East Freedom, Pa./Central

18           Jonathan Holland             TE/H      SR/JR     6-4/247 Brandywine, Md./The Bullis School

75           Des Holmes        OL          SO/FR    6-5/306 Norristown, Pa./Cardinal O’Hara

2             Isaiah Humphries S          FR/FR    6-0/191 Rowlett, Texas/Sachse

76           Sterling Jenkins  OL          SR/JR     6-8/343 Pittsburgh, Pa./Baldwin

3             Donovan Johnson CB      SO/FR    5-9/185 Detroit, Mich./Cass Tech

36           Jan Johnson        LB           SR/JR     6-2/236 Mohnton, Pa./Governor Mifflin

84           Juwan Johnson  WR         SR/JR     6-4/229 Glassboro, N.J./Glassboro

42           Ellison Jordan     DT          JR/SO    6-0/295 Upper Marlboro, Md./Gilman School

49           Daniel Joseph     DE          JR/SO    6-3/248 Brampton, Ontario, Canada/Lake Forest Academy (Ill.)

68           Hunter Kelly       OL/DL    JR/SO    6-2/299 Langhorne, Pa./Neshaminy

82           Zack Kuntz           TE/H      FR/FR    6-7/232 Camp Hill, Pa./Camp Hill

97           Carson Landis     K/P         SO/FR    6-2/196 Macungie, Pa./Emmaus

17           Will Levis             QB          FR/FR    6-3/220 Madison, Conn./Xavier

40           Jesse Luketa       LB           FR/FR    6-3/239 Ottawa, Ontario/Mercyhurst Prep (Pa.)

85           Isaac Lutz            WR         JR/SO    5-11/185             Reading, Pa./Berks Catholic

89           Colton Maxwell WR         JR/SO    6-0/189 Northampton, Pa./Northampton

66           Connor McGovern OL     JR/JR     6-5/320 Larksville, Pa./Lake-Lehman

14           Zech McPhearson CB      JR/SO    5-11/182             Columbia, Md./Riverdale Baptist School

9             Trace McSorley  QB          SR/SR    6-0/198 Ashburn, Va./Briar Woods

62           Michal Menet    OL          JR/SO    6-4/301 Birdsboro, Pa./Exeter Township Senior

9             Jarvis Miller        LB           SR/JR     6-2/215 Suffield, Conn./Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby

48           Shareef Miller    DE          SR/JR     6-5/256 Philadelphia, Pa./George Washington

73           Mike Miranda    OL          SO/FR    6-3/302 Stow, Ohio/Stow-Munroe

23           Ayron Monroe   S             SR/JR     5-11/202             Largo, Md./Saint Johns College H.S.

93           PJ Mustipher       DT          FR/FR    6-4/300 Owings Mills, Md./McDonogh School

35           Justin Neff          S             SO/FR    6-1/194 Mill Hall, Pa./Central Mountain

21           Amani Oruwariye CB      GS/SR    6-1/204 Tampa, Fla./Gaither

11           Micah Parsons   LB           FR/FR    6-3/241 Harrisburg, Pa./Harrisburg

16           John Petrishen   S             SR/JR     6-0/204 Lower Burrell, Pa./Pittsburgh Central Catholic

10           Brandon Polk     WR         SR/JR     5-9/171 Ashburn, Va./Briar Woods

58           Evan Presta         DT          SO/FR    6-3/272 Erie, Pa./Cathedral Prep

29           John Reid            CB          SR/JR     5-10/189             Mount Laurel, N.J./St. Joseph’s Prep

24           Miles Sanders     RB          JR/JR     5-11/211             Pittsburgh, Pa./Woodland Hills

4             Nick Scott            S             SR/SR    5-11/202             Fairfax, Va./Fairfax

55           Antonio Shelton DT         JR/SO    6-2/295 Westerville, Ohio/Westerville-North

82           Tyler Shoop        WR         SR/JR     5-11/181             Nashville, Tenn./Father Ryan

79           Charlie Shuman  OL          SR/SR    6-8/319 Pittsford, N.Y./Pittsford Sutherland

15           Michael Shuster QB        JR/SO    6-2/208 Camp Hill, Pa./Camp Hill

34           Shane Simmons DE          JR/SO    6-3/246 Laurel, Md./DeMatha

64           Zach Simpson     OL          SR/JR     6-3/294 Hollidaysburg, Pa./Hollidaysburg Area

2             Tommy Stevens QB          SR/JR     6-5/232 Indianapolis, Ind./Decatur Central

91           Chris Stoll            SN          SO/FR    6-2/244 Westerville, Ohio/St. Francis DeSales

81           Cam Sullivan-Brown WR SO/FR    6-0/185 Bowie, Md./Saint Vincent Pallotti

26           Jonathan Sutherland S    SO/FR    5-11/198             Ottawa, Ontario, Canada/Episcopal (Va.)

46           Nick Tarburton   DE          FR/FR    6-3/243 Green Lane, Pa./Pennridge

17           Garrett Taylor    S             SR/JR     6-0/200 Richmond, Va./Saint Christopher’s

20           Johnathan Thomas RB    GS/SR    5-11/215             Peabody, Mass./St. John’s Prep

3             DeAndre Thompkins WR               GS/SR    5-11/191             Hubert, N.C./Swansboro

69           C.J. Thorpe          OL          SO/FR    6-3/322 Glenshaw, Pa./Central Catholic

18           Shaka Toney       DE          JR/SO    6-3/224 Philadelphia, Pa./Imhotep Charter

98           Dan Vasey           DL/LS     SO/FR    6-4/237 Lackawaxen, Pa./Wallenpaupack

96           Kyle Vasey           SN          SR/SR    6-2/230 Lackawaxen, Pa./Wallenpaupack

51           Jason Vranic       LB           SR/SR    6-0/226 Wheatfield, N.Y./Niagara-Wheatfield

38           Lamont Wade    S             SO/SO   5-9/196 Clairton, Pa./Clairton

31           Christopher Welde RB    SR/JR     5-7/171 Newtown, Pa./Council Rock North

80           Justin Weller      WR         SO/FR    6-0/190 Sinking Spring, Pa./Wilson

54           Robert Windsor DT          SR/JR     6-4/281 Fond Du Lac, Wis./Fond Du Lac

77           Chasz Wright      OL          SR/SR    6-7/346 Woodbridge, Va./Milford Academy

7             Jake Zembiec      QB          JR/SO    6-3/215 Rochester, N.Y./Aquinas Institute



James Franklin – Head Coach

Brent Pry – Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

Ricky Rahne – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks

Phil Galiano – Special Teams Coordinator/Assistant Defensive Line

Tim Banks – Co-Defensive Coordinator/Safeties

Tyler Bowen – Off. Rec. Coord./Tight Ends

David Corley – Wide Receivers

Matt Limegrover – Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line

Ja’Juan Seider – Running Backs

Terry M. Smith – Assistant Head Coach/Def. Recruiting Coordinator/Cornerbacks

Sean Spencer – Associate Head Coach/Run Game Coord./Defensive Line

Jemal Griffin – Chief of Staff

Kevin Threlkel – Director of Football Administration

Andy Frank – Director of Player Personnel

Michael Hazel – Director of Football Operations

Will Flaherty – Director of Player Development & Community Relations

Dwight Galt – Assistant Athletics Director for Performance Enhancement

Sean Cascarano – Graduate Assistant

Mark Dupuis – Graduate Assistant

Matt Fleischacker – Graduate Assistant

Kevin Smith – Graduate Assistant