If the COVID19 virus allows, the NFL Draft will be held in April. It will no longer be in Las Vegas but it is expected to be held in another location without a crowd (like the good old days). Today we rank the best QB prospects:



#30 Tommy Stevens, Mississippi State….97-161-1,155-11TD-5INT

#29 Jake Luton, Oregon State…222-358-2,714-28TD-3INT

#28 Quentin Harris, Duke….209-357-2,078-16TD-11INT

#27 J’Mar Smith, Louisiana Tech….236-367-2,977-18TD-5INT

#26 Nathan Rourke, Ohio….200-328-2,820-20TD-5INT

#25 Kevin Davidson, Princeton….209-313-2,569-20TD-6INT

#24 Tyler Huntley, Utah….220-301-3,092-19TD-4INT

#23 Ben DiNucci, James Madison…268-378-3,441-29TD-6INT

#22 Mason Fine, North Texas….257-414-3,088-29TD-9INT

#21 Josh Love, San Jose State….293-481-3,923-22TD-8TD

#20 Tom Flacco, Towson….215-356-2,831-22TD-6INT

#19 Kelly Bryant, Missouri…181-292-2,215-15TD-6INT

#18 Brian Lewerke, Michigan State….260-436-3,079-17TD-13INT

#17 Bryce Perkins, Virginia…319-495-3,530-22TD-12INT

#16 Nick Tiano, Chattanooga…174-329-2,242-14TD-10INT

#15 Blake Barnett, South Florida…40-77-434-4TD-2INT

#14 Riley Neal, Vanderbilt….149-258-1,585-9TD-5INT

#13 James Morgan, Florida International…..207-357-2,585-14TD-5INT

#12 Steve Montez, Colorado…..255-405-2,808-17TD-10INT

#11 Cole McDonald, Hawaii….326-511-4,135-33TD-14INT


#10 Shea Patterson, Michigan….214-381-3,061-23TD-8INT (6’1” 205, athletic and creative, needs better feel)

#9 Anthony Gordon, Washington State….493-689-5,579-48TD-16INT (6’2” 199, a one year starter at WState)

#8 Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma…..237-340-3,851-32TD-8INT (6’1” 220, still a work in progress as a passer)

#7 Nate Stanley, Iowa…..237-399-2,951-16TD-7INT (6’4” 235, ran pro style offense, lacks arm strength)

#6 Jacob Eason, Washington….260-405-3,132-23TD-8INT (6’6” 225, Great arm strength)

#5 Jake Fromm, Georgia….234-385-2,860-24TD-5INT (6’2” 215, Pocket QB, lacks great arm strength)

#4 Jordon Love, Utah State….293-473-3,402-20TD-17INT (6’4” 225, Played in Mountain West, still unpolished)

#3 Justin Herbert, Oregon….286-428-3,471-32TD-6INT (6’6” 226, He is pro ready)

#2 Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama…..180-252-2,840-33TD-3INT (6’1” 215, Injured late in 2019)

#1 Joe Burrow, LSU…..402-527-5,671-60TD-6INT (6’3” 215, Burrow started his career at Ohio State)





6’3” 215

Burrow wasn’t considered a prospect until his senior season. He was overwhelming in 2019. He is an accurate quarterback with movement within the pocket and reads the field extremely well on the move. The NFL traits are there. He’s intelligent and can diagnose defenses in the pre—snap phase. He ran an offense at LSU that is common with NFL spread offenses. He is also very tough, willing to stay in the pocket and take a beating. It’s hard to argue against his production in 2019, especially against defenses like Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson.



6’1” 215

He has the arm strength and accuracy to play at the next level. His mechanics and his quick feet make him very dangerous in and out of the pocket. When he’s out of the pocket his overall athleticism allows him to make throws with relative ease making him a threat. His accuracy is excellent and shows a very good feel for delivering the football out of danger. His health could be an issue after last year’s hip injury and an ankle injury in 2018. When defenses disguised their coverages Tua had a tendency to struggle. Scouts believe he will continue to develop his mental process in the first couple of years in the NFL. If he stays healthy and he masters the subtleties of the NFL he should be a quality starter.



6’6” 225

Physically he has all the traits. He is athletic with a strong arm that can also run the football. He is accurate and can place the football in short and intermediate levels. He is also shown that he can put the football in tight spots. He is comfortable in throwing the football on the run. Some feel his mechanics can be a little bit shaky when the pocket breaks down. He must be more efficient when working through his reads, especially against NFL defenses. Herbert is definitely a first round quarterback.



6’4” 225

Love has natural athleticism and is considered a gunslinger. He has the ability to stand in the pocket and scan the opposing defense. He can throw with velocity and accuracy in just about any formation. Some comparisons in his playing ability draw comparisons to Patrick Mahomes. He has good size that allows him to stand in the pocket and has a quick release. His rushing statistics don’t show it but he has the ability to run the football as well. His inconsistent play last season is a concern for pro scouts. He is still considered somewhat unpolished, but it shouldn’t take very long to unlock his full potential. Reading pre—snap defenses will go a long way in his ability to make plays at the next level.



6’2” 215

Fromm is a NFL, in the pocket style quarterback. The Georgia coaching staff gave him a lot of pre—snap responsibility and that should benefit him at the next level. His progressions help him in his consistency to throw to open receivers and he does a great job using his eyes and shoulders to manipulate defensive backs. His arm strength is a question at the next level. His ball placement is very good at short and intermediate passes. If he can improve his arm talent Fromm should excel at the next level.



6’6” 225

Eason may have the best arm in the draft. The ball simply explodes out of his hand. He has great size at 6’6” and 225 pounds. He has excellent touch in the short game and he progresses with good quickness and gives the underneath targets a chance to run after making the catch. Scouts feel he is tough enough to hang in the pocket. He has the athleticism to run the football and the arm strength that can burn defenses deep. There are times that he will break down in the pocket when the pressure is on and looks to escape. Scouts also believe he is better throwing the football moving to his right. With coaching at the next level Eason could become a quality starter.



6’4” 235

Stanley worked out of a prostyle offense and that will help him at the next level. He has good size and arm strength that will help him in the play action game. He has the ability to quickly diagnose the opposing defense. He’s good on the move and can run the football. He is athletic and is willing to absorb contact.

His biggest issue may be accuracy with downfield throws and the ability to place the ball on intermediate routes. His experience in play action makes him a fit for several offenses in the NFL. In the right system he could end up being a quality starter.



6’1” 220

Hurts started his career at Alabama and is always shown he has a big arm and good touch throwing over the top. He has big – play elements and was able to complement Oklahoma’s offense which is still considered run – heavy. He has progressed as a passer under Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley. He has the arm to throw in tight – window opportunities. He is a work in progress throwing from the pocket because it affects his accuracy and ball placement in the short and intermediate routes. Many of his shortcomings were exposed in the loss to LSU in the college football playoff loss. He is accuracy may drop him into the third or fourth rounds.



6’2” 199

In his only season as a starter Gordon “arrived” under head coach Mike Leach. He has excellent rhythm and his timing fit Leach’s offense extremely well. He’s an excellent athlete with the ability to extend plays with an accurate arm. He is able to throw in tight windows in both the short and intermediate routes. He did let the pressure bother him last season which affected his vision downfield. His ability to stay in the pocket when the pressure was coming wasn’t good enough overall. Many scouts believe Gordon is a developmental prospect but has traits worth coaching at the next level.



6’1” 205 pounds

Patterson is athletic and can make big plays in and out of a structured offense. His arm strength is better than most expected with the ability to throw into a tight window and connect over the top of opposing defenses. He has a quick release does a good job staying ready to throw within the pocket. Patterson is also enough of a running threat that he is able to escape the pocket. Scouts believe he must become more disciplined in the pocket and be able to absorb more pressure. His ability to make something out of nothing has been intriguing for scouts who feel the tools are there.