Winchester   8-0

Maddie Lawrence –Sr–Player of the year

Becca Chamberlin –Sr.

Caitlyn Campbell–Fr.


Hagerstown    6-2

Kassidy Oliger—Sr.

Hallie Rogers–Jr.


Northeastern    6-2

Jenna McFarland—Jr.

Taylor Farris—Fr


Union City    5-3

Skylie Lutz –So.

Mariah Claywell—So.


Tri High    4-4

Maddie Burchett –Jr.


Union County    4-4

Madison Gray—Jr.


Knightstown    2-6

Katie Clark—Sr.


Centerville    1-7

Ashley Walter—Jr.


Lincoln      0-8

Delanie Russell –Jr.


2019-2020 Honorable Mention

Winchester:           Morgan Lawrence:  Fr.

Hagerstown:         Camryn Bradway:  Sr.

Northeastern:        Willow Runyon: Jr.

Union City:            Emily Livingston: So

Tri High:                 Bailey Parham: Fr

Union County:      Zoe Murphy:  Sr..

Knightstown:         Jasmine Happe:  So.

Centerville:            Emily Tedder: Jr.

Lincoln:                  Kaylee Gabbard: So