The night before the 2020 NFL regular season kicks off, NFL Network celebrates the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs with a pair of documentary features.

On Wednesday, September 9America’s Game: 2019 Chiefs premieres at 8:00 PM ET, followed by Time’s Yours: Andy Reid and the 2019 Chiefs at 9:00 PM ET.


America’s Game: 2019 Chiefs

At 8:00 PM ETAmerica’s Game: 2019 Chiefs premieres, featuring in-depth interviews with Patrick MahomesTyrann Mathieu and Travis Kelce telling the story of the Super Bowl LIV champion Kansas City Chiefs.

Narrated by actor and Chiefs fan, Paul RuddAmerica’s Game delves deep into the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl title in 50 years. In the hour-long show, Mahomes, Mathieu and Kelce recount the season in their own words.

Among the topics discussed in America’s Game: 2019 Chiefs:

  • Tyrann Mathieu joining the Kansas City Chiefs and becoming a leader for the defense
  • Overcoming a 24-0 deficit in the AFC Divisional Round game against the Houston Texans
  • Breakdown of critical Super Bowl LIV plays such as “Rose Bowl Right Parade” and “Jet Chip Wasp”
  • The importance of winning a Super Bowl for head coach Andy Reid

This year’s edition of America’s Game is the 54th episode of the long-running special which celebrates the Super Bowl champions.

Provided below are select quotes from America’s Game: 2019 Chiefs:

– “I was just so happy for Coach Reid. For me, it was about getting him that trophy and winning that championship first. It’s a cool story that I’ll be able to tell forever, but I’m still at the beginning of my career and I’m still trying to go out there and get more.” – Patrick Mahomes on winning the Super Bowl and being named Super Bowl LIV MVP

– “I felt like at that moment, the whole world knew that the Kansas City Chiefs actually do play defense.” – Tyrann Mathieu on Super Bowl LIV

– “This team, everybody’s linked together forever…It’s been amazing, to go from where we started to Super Bowl Champions, Coach Reid set that standard.” – Travis Kelce on being Super Bowl Champions

– “What a play. I don’t think any other quarterback, coach and wide receiver could have pulled that off. It was the perfect trio at the perfect time.” – Tyrann Mathieu on the play “Jet Chip Wasp”

– “At that point in the game, for him to pull something out of his hat like a magic trick, that’s something the NFL hadn’t seen of him yet, to be able to make a play on his feet like that in arguably the biggest game of his career at that point. It was pretty special.” – Travis Kelce on Patrick Mahomes’ run in the AFC Championship Game

– “We had it in every single game plan and practiced it every single week of the entire year and never ran it. So, I’m like we’re never going to run this play. Of course, we get in the perfect situation in the Super Bowl, and we shift and we run it.” – Patrick Mahomes on the play “Rose Bowl Right Parade”

– “Up until that point, I still hadn’t gotten comfortable in the system. I can remember Coach [Steve Spagnuolo] personally challenging me, challenging all of his leaders on defense to turn it up…I truly believe that Mexico City [Week 11 vs. Los Angeles Chargers] was the start of the push for us defensively.” – Tyrann Mathieu on the Chiefs’ defensive struggles

– “I looked down and my knee is in the side of my leg. I was on the ground just kind of sitting there, season flashing before my eyes like, ‘Man, I’m about to be out for the season.'” – Patrick Mahomes on his knee injury in Week 7


Time’s Yours: Andy Reid and the 2019 Chiefs

At 9:00 PM ETTime’s Yours: Andy Reid and the 2019 Chiefs premieres on NFL Network, providing a detailed and close-up look at the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl title in 50 years from the coaches’ perspective.

In the hour-long show narrated by actor and Chiefs fan, Eric Stonestreet, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo break down the team’s entire 2019 season on the way to Super Bowl LIV.

Among the topics discussed in Time’s Yours include:

  • Andy Reid’s 14 years as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles
  • The selection of quarterback Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft
  • Detailed look at the entire 2019 regular season for the Kansas City Chiefs, who finished as the No. 2 seed in the AFC
  • Overcoming double-digit deficits against the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans to advance to Super Bowl LIV
  • Breakdown of plays “Rose Bowl Right Parade” and “Jet Chip Wasp” in Super Bowl LIV​

Provided below are select quotes from Time’s Yours:

– “It was exciting. I know this is corny, but I enjoy every moment I have to coach in the NFL.” – Andy Reid on winning Super Bowl LIV

– “The goal is to win the Super Bowl. We had an opportunity the year before to accomplish that and we came up short; we didn’t find a way to finish.” – Eric Bieniemy on the team’s mindset at the start of the 2019 season

– “I’m certain if everybody was being honest with you, in the back of their mind when it happened we’re all saying, ‘OK, it’s time for us to strap it up.'” – Steve Spagnuolo on the defensive mindset following Patrick Mahomes’ injury in Week 7

– “I can tell you this, it wasn’t to be down 24 points. You never draw up a gameplan, ‘Hey, we’re going to spot them 24 points and just come back from there.'” – Eric Bieniemy on the gameplan for the AFC Divisional Round game vs. the Houston Texans

– “I never felt like our guys starting reeling. Defensively, we know we have an explosive offense. But we also know that the hill just got really steep.” – Steve Spagnuolo on the AFC Divisional Round game vs. the Houston Texans

– “We ended up creating a little Rose Bowl package and we worked that particular play for a long time. It was probably our most practiced play that we had all season long.” – Eric Bieniemy on the play “Rose Bowl Right Parade”

– “Brett Veach wore me out with this guy. He kept bringing us clips of him playing. I said, ‘You have to back off man, I can’t do that and try to get this team ready.'” – Andy Reid on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes

– “He turned it around by basically bringing his energy. They needed a different energy within that building just to pick them up because the talent is there.” – Eric Bieniemy on Andy Reid joining the Chiefs