As I was ready to pack it in Friday night, I get a text from a friend wanting to know if I saw the article in the Pal-Item regarding McBride Stadium. I was informed there was a video taken as well…showing McBride and some of the things that need to be taken care of and of course….putting blame on everyone and everything except the current Parks Director Denise Retz, who apparently refuses to take any blame whatsoever.

In fact, Retz and or the Pal-Item writer Jason Truitt, went to far as to throw former RHS baseball Coach John Cate under the bus, basically blaming him for the condition of the old ballpark. Here is what the graphic said on the video…”Years of neglect under a previous administration have taken a toll”. Really? Years of neglect? If it wasn’t for Jon Cate, that stadium would have been declared a disaster area.

Retz has been the Parks Director since 2016. She can blame anyone she wants including “all of us mis-informed” people, but the bottom line is….she has failed miserably at McBride Stadium!!!

She can pass the buck, she can sound “passive aggressive” all she wants, but the bottom line is, she has had plenty of time to fix the problem and all she does is pass the buck.

She claims there are “good” things happening and some people just don’t see those things and want to concentrate on the negative feedback”. Well Denise, you have refused to respond to anything when it came to McBride Stadium until we hold your feet to the fire, then you pay attention, barely. Apparently you thought if we in the baseball community would just shut up and go away you could continue to neglect the ballpark. You were wrong.

You claim in the story your door is always open and you would give tours and you want baseball people offering input? That’s funny…John Cate was giving you input and all you did was chase him away. Where was that offer when the high school baseball teams played there this past season? The place was a mess again and nothing was done until photos were posted showing the public what you “didn’t” do.

You can snow job some of the people with this article by using lines like “People love to play there” and “we want to continue that pride with them”. But, apparently you haven’t been listening to the people who visited the ballpark this summer for high school baseball, including former coaches and players. Pride isn’t the word I would use…..more like “shame”.

Your claims of the “big picture” and what you have “accomplished” is nothing but a bunch of BS. All you have done is turn people away from a once great ballpark and the city leaders have drank your cool aide for the most part and the parks board apparently didn’t pay attention either. As for that marvelous press box? It is very apparent Retz wouldn’t know a press box from a litter box.

By the way, ask John Cate for his input. I bet he would love to tell you what he thinks now!!!