As I was setting up for an Earlham Men’s Soccer match Wednesday, I was made aware of an article on a web site from a “so-called” sportswriter from Washington, DC concerning the Earlham football team. It is very, very rare that anyone from Washington, DC, let alone a so-called sportswriter, would care about Earlham football. Apparently David Hookstead of the Daily Caller was REALLY, REALLY bored. Here is the article he wrote about the Quakers and their now almost record setting losing streak….

Earlham College might be the most pitiful college football team to ever exist.

Saturday Tradition wrote the following about their disgraceful program:

Earlham College, a Division III program located in Richmond, Indiana, lost its 50th straight game on Saturday, falling 63-0 to Anderson. The Quakers are now 0-6 on the season.

The team’s last win came on Oct. 26, 2013 when it defeated Anderson 21-20. That year, the Quakers finished 2-8, also beating Kenyon College. Basically, it’s been five years since Earlham last won a football game.

The 50-game losing streak ties the NCAA Division III record, previously set by Macalaster College from 1974-1980.

50 games in a row? Is that a joke? How does anybody involved with this program hold their head high. You almost have to try in order to lose 50 games in a row. Honestly, that’s almost more impressive than actually going 50-0. I would pay an absurd amount of money to watch this team play Alabama. What do we think the score of that game would be? 150-0? Hell, Alabama might hit 200.

It’s also DIII football. These kids are getting lit up, and not a single one of them is on scholarship. Why are they even out there? I’d be running for the exit. If I’m not getting paid, then I damn sure am not putting my body on the line.

Do yourself a favor, men. Hang it up. You’re a national laughing stock, and you’re doing it for free.

David makes this claim: All about having a few cold beers at the @DailyCaller. Was once a top 10 finalist to be Wisconsin’s head basketball coach. #FringeClass.


Now, there are tons of ignorant “sportwriters” out there today, but it appears Mr. Hookstead has the top spot all wrapped up for himself.

First, why does David even care about a private, small college, Division III football program? He claims in the article the Quakers are a “NATIONAL” embarrassment. REALLY? I would venture to say most of America hasn’t even hear of Earlham College. And most don’t care about their football program, winning or losing streak aside.

Second, you call this program disgraceful? Why? This group, and all the players before them, are disgraceful because they aren’t quitting like you believe they should? Hardly disgraceful. Only “REAL” losers like yourself would “QUIT”. You admitted you would quit. Nice lesson David for the young people…quit when it gets really tough.

Third, How do the players hold their head high? That is an easy one David. They are playing for more than just a win. They are playing for a head coach (Nick Johnson) that is involved in a life and death struggle with his wife Melissa. Melissa has been sick for years and went back to the hospital last week in Cleveland for yet another surgery. This one lasted 12 hours. It’s a fight “MOST” of us would quit…but they won’t. Not Nick, Melissa or the Earlham football team. You see David, they fight for Nick and Melissa more than they do for themselves. They fight for something bigger than football games. They fight to give Nick and Melissa inspiration…to keep fighting themselves. The message they send is easy….NEVER quit…on or off the field. Quitting has never been in Nick’s or Melissa’s vocabulary from the start and the players don’t talk about quitting either and never will.

Finally, David the players aren’t playing for “FREE”. They sacrifice time, sweat, tears and ridicule to put that uniform on and represent something more than playing a game. They don’t need to be “PAID” to set an example for all of us.  You apparently didn’t pick up a whole lot in your stand-out athletic career. They all have something you lack….BRAVERY AND CHARACTER.

I think you owe them an apology. If you don’t, I will do it for you because I don’t want people to think all reporters/media members are completely ignorant.


SORRY EARLHAM FOOTBALL…not everyone is like David Hookstead.