We learned many things about Tom Brady Sunday. First, he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. That’s without dispute. We also learned six championships aren’t enough. He will be back next season. Finally, Brady can put his name among the greatest of all-time in any sport. He joins the likes of Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bill Russell.

We also learned many football fans didn’t want the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, not because they hate the Patriots, but because they hate Brady (hard to believe).

Why do they still hate him? I think It’s because the Patriots have a consistent brand with being successful EVERY season (with Brady) and he is now “the” face of the NFL and will be for years to come.

They also hate him because he wins, on and off the field. His ability to keep on winning is driving some people nuts. They can’t wait for him to call it quits…and soon.

Brady is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. It appears there hasn’t been a more “hated” figure in sports. Not Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, LeBron James, Tiger Woods or Derek Jeter (well maybe Dennis Rodman).

Whether you think Brady is a cheater (which I still hear about deflategate and spygate) or you just think he has been very lucky, you can’t deny all those rings. He can’t get enough of winning. He has great work ethic and expects the same from his teammates. Nobody in the NFL puts in more time and effort than Brady does and that preparation continues to pay dividends into his early 40’s.

Perhaps Brady remember where he came from. He wasn’t a great college quarterback at Michigan. He was a sixth-round selection in the NFL Draft. He was a back-up to Drew Bledsoe. Then his break came when Bledsoe went down with an injury. Brady never looked back. Why should he? Brady was given the opportunity and he took advantage of that opportunity.

Does Brady deserve all the hatred, insults and trash-talk? No. He deserves our respect. The man is over 40 and is playing the most demanding position in sports and is  excelling at a very high level.

It’s perhaps time to take a step back and appreciate what he has been able to accomplish in his 19 years. He is living a dream at the highest level possible. He has done something that hasn’t, and perhaps won’t, be equaled ever again.

Brady is planning on returning next season and I have a feeling the haters will be back as well. Don’t too surprised if the Patriots are back again looking for his 10th Super Bowl appearance.

Want to know why Brady is a winner? It’s simple…”Just do your best every day.”