Nov 1 (Mon)    7 PM      Away      Ohio State                      Columbus, OH | Value City Arena                          

Nov 4 (Thu)    7 PM      Away      Purdue                          West Lafayette, IN | Mackey Arena                        

Nov 5 (Fri)    7 PM      Away      Butler                          Indianapolis, IN | Hinkle Fieldhouse                     

Nov 12 (Fri)   7 PM      Home      Lake Erie                       Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Nov 14 (Sun)   3 PM      Home      Grand Valley State              Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Nov 18 (Thu)   7:30 PM   Home      Cedarville                      Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Nov 23 (Tue)   5 PM      Home      Ohio Valley                     Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Nov 24 (Wed)   2:30 PM   Home      Northwood                       Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Nov 29 (Mon)   8:30 PM   Away      Southern Indiana                Evansville, IN                                           

Dec 2 (Thu)    8:30 PM   Away      Lewis                           Romeoville, IL                                           

Dec 4 (Sat)    3 PM      Home      Illinois Springfield            Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Dec 12 (Sun)   4 PM      Home      St. Mary of the Woods College   Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Dec 19 (Sun)   1 PM      Away      Northern Michigan               Marquette, MI                                            

Dec 31 (Fri)   1 PM      Home      East West University            Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 4 (Tue)    7:30 PM   Home      McKendree                       Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 6 (Thu)    8:30 PM   Away      Missouri S&T                    Rolla, MO                                                

Jan 8 (Sat)    3 PM      Home      Lindenwood                      Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 13 (Thu)   8:30 PM   Away      McKendree                       Lebanon, IL                                              

Jan 15 (Sat)   3 PM      Home      Southern Indiana                Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 17 (Mon)   7:30 PM   Home      Missouri – St. Louis            Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 20 (Thu)   7:30 PM   Home      Lewis                           Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 27 (Thu)   8:30 PM   Away      Quincy                          Quincy, IL                                               

Jan 29 (Sat)   4 PM      Away      Illinois Springfield            Springfield, IL                                          

Feb 3 (Thu)    7:30 PM   Home      William Jewell                  Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Feb 5 (Sat)    3 PM      Home      Truman                          Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Feb 10 (Thu)   8:30 PM   Away      Southwest Baptist               Bolivar, MO                                              

Feb 12 (Sat)   4 PM      Away      Rockhurst                       Kansas City, MO                                          

Feb 17 (Thu)   7:30 PM   Home      Missouri S&T                    Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Feb 19 (Sat)   3 PM      Home      Drury                           Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                          

Feb 24 (Thu)   8:30 PM   Away      Lindenwood                      St. Charles, MO                                          

Feb 26 (Sat)   4 PM      Away      Maryville                       St. Louis, MO                                            

Mar 3 (Thu)    TBD       Neutral   GLVC Championship Tournament    Edwardsville, IL                                         

Mar 11 (Fri)   TBD       Neutral   NCAA DII Midwest Regional       Campus Site                                              

Mar 23 (Wed)   TBD       Neutral   NCAA DII Elite Eight            Evansville, IN | The Ford Center


Nov 5 (Fri)    7 PM       Away      Indiana                        Bloomington, IN                                           

Nov 12 (Fri)   4 PM       Away      Malone                         Canton, OH                                                 

Nov 13 (Sat)   5 PM       Away      Ashland                        Ashland, OH                                               

Nov 18 (Thu)   5:30 PM    Home      Northwood                      Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Nov 20 (Sat)   1 PM       Away      Cedarville                     Cedarville, OH                                            

Nov 24 (Wed)   5 PM       Home      Lake Erie                      Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Nov 29 (Mon)   6:30 PM    Away      Southern Indiana               Evansville, IN                                            

Dec 2 (Thu)    6:30 PM    Away      Lewis                          Romeoville, IL                                             

Dec 4 (Sat)    1 PM       Home      Illinois Springfield           Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Dec 18 (Sat)   TBA        Away      Purdue Northwest               Hammond, Ind.                                              

Dec 20 (Mon)   1PM        Home      Indiana – Kokomo               Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Dec 31 (Fri)   3:30 PM    Home      Ferris State                   Indianapolis, IN. (Nicoson Hall)                          

Jan 4 (Tue)    5:30 PM    Home      McKendree                      Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Jan 6 (Thu)    6:30 PM    Away      Missouri S&T                   Rolla, MO                                                 

Jan 8 (Sat)    1 PM       Home      Lindenwood                     Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Jan 13 (Thu)   6:30 PM    Away      McKendree                      Lebanon, IL                                               

Jan 15 (Sat)   1 PM       Home      Southern Indiana               Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Jan 17 (Mon)   5:30 PM    Home      Missouri – St. Louis           Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Jan 20 (Thu)   5:30 PM    Home      Lewis                          Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Jan 27 (Thu)   6:30 PM    Away      Quincy                         Quincy, IL                                                

Jan 29 (Sat)   2 PM       Away      Illinois Springfield           Springfield, IL                                           

Feb 3 (Thu)    5:30 PM    Home      William Jewell                 Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Feb 5 (Sat)    1 PM       Home      Truman                         Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Feb 10 (Thu)   6:30 PM    Away      Southwest Baptist              Bolivar, MO                                               

Feb 12 (Sat)   2:00 PM    Away      Rockhurst                      Kansas City, MO                                           

Feb 17 (Thu)   5:30 PM    Home      Missouri S&T                   Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Feb 19 (Sat)   1 PM       Home      Drury                          Indianapolis, IN (Nicoson Hall)                           

Feb 24 (Thu)   6:30 PM    Away      Lindenwood                     St. Charles, MO                                           

Feb 26 (Sat)   2 PM       Away      Maryville                      St. Louis, MO                                             

Mar 3 (Thu)    TBD        Neutral   GLVC Championship Tournament   Edwardsville, IL                                          

Mar 11 (Fri)   TBD        Neutral   NCAA DII Midwest Regional      Campus Site                                               

Mar 22 (Tue)   TBD        Neutral   NCAA DII Elite Eight           Birmingham, AL | Birmingham Crossplex