From a pure production standpoint, Mayfield has been in another class, and he has the necessary NFL tools despite questions about his height. He owns the two top PFF grades since 2014 and possesses the arm, accuracy and playmaking ability to be the best quarterback in the class. Mayfield has posted the lowest percentage of negatively graded throws in the nation for two straight years, and he led the draft class in big-time throw percentage last season, showing he was what it takes to create big plays down the field.

STRENGTHS Tough and competitive. Plays with fiery demeanor and massive chip on his shoulder. Teammates rally around him on and off field. In complete command of his offense and has improved with each season. Light on his feet with quick setup in pocket. Has good pre-snap plan. Eyeballs and eliminates safeties to isolate man coverage on his receiver. Quick processor from read to read. Responds suddenly to what is there. Pitch and catch accurate if you allow it. Underrated arm talent. Expedite from off-platform with tight release and zip. Drives with lower body for added velocity. Accurate on all three levels. Completed 53 percent of his throws of 21-plus yards over last two years. Drops touch throws over top of linebackers trailing in coverage. Has improv talent. Uses mobility to buy time to make plays. Effective when he breaks contain and will probe for explosive play. Completed 67 percent when on the move. Rises to the occasion. Posted elite production and efficiency as passer in the red-zone.

WEAKNESSES Falls short of size marks for traditional early-round quarterback. Short with drop-down release makes him more susceptible to batted passes. Benefited from spread scheme that created huge passing windows to throw to. Will see increased importance on post-snap reads. Needs to improve full-field scanning. Can be thrown off rhythm by delayed blitz packages and disguised coverages. Footwork is erratic. Creeps up in pocket towards pressure. Ball placement wanes when he tries to gun it. Deep balls hang on him. Can’t afford any delay in deep release to beat safety over the top. Needs to eliminate his back foot throws. Desire to make plays will lead to unnecessary sacks. Has to prove he can reign in and control on-field edge and cockiness.