Daniels finished this past season as PFF’s third-highest graded center and improved every year of his career. He rarely ‘wow’s,’ but he plays as under control as any center prospect in the draft.

STRENGTHS Elite movement talent for the position. Smooth, fluid and flexible. Good snap to step quickness. Initial contact is balanced and well-timed. Outpaces defenders laterally and reaches three-techniques all day long. Slides feet into position and swivels hips to secure the block. Easy second-level climber with agility for high connection rate. Takes smart angles. Can beat inside linebackers to the spot and get them sealed. Has reactive athleticism to open hips and redirect against slants on his backside. Snatches and mirrors for block centering and sustaining on work-up blocks. Finishes. Technically sound and works well with his guards. Pass sets with wide base and plus balance. Rarely caught lunging or over-extending against athletic rushers. Has foot quickness to stay mirrored and handle counters. Rolls hips under him for quality anchor.

WEAKNESSES Played lighter than he needs to be as a pro. Has to continue to add functional mass to his frame. Power at the point of attack is average. Bull-rushers make him work overtime to maintain his anchor. Will struggle to recover if nose guards get hands on him first. Target points can be too high in pass sets causing hands to slide up and off opponent. Gets in a hurry to climb on top of second level linebacker and will leave initial block unsecured for guard next to him. Scheme didn’t allow for much drive blocking.