Streaky play defined the Knights’ 1st tournament match at Richmond Elks Country Club today. Still, the Knights played some against some tough competition from around the state, with Jake Shue competing against one of the top players in the state from Park Tudor, Nels Surtoni, who shot a 69 for the day. Shue held his own and shot a 79.
“Putting together a complete round is our goal, and to be sure, we threw ourselves in the fire against some good competition today. We’ve got to have Jake shoot the way he does, and all our other players shoot in the mid to low 80’s to have a shot to achieve our goals for the season. We can do this, but we’ve got to come out mentally tougher, play smarter golf, trust our mechanics, take some smart chances, and just plain execute when we have to. If we do these things we’ll be okay, ” stated Coach Haynes.
“I just got a little angry and played streaky. I needed to step closer when hitting my irons, shorten my backswing on some plays, start my driver swing outside to play my fade today, and just stop hitting OB. That just means a simple alignment fix. If I do that, I shoot 10 shots better, at least,” stated Freshman Alex “Chico” Beatty.
“For me, I’ve got to be more consistent hole to hole hitting my irons and drives, the basic things that set me up for success and scoring when I play. I’m playing balls from a bad position to start, which makes it hard to get the score I want. I should probably never try to lay up on a par three ever again either because that just doesn’t make sense, like ever. I have to hit the uncomfortable shots or clubs now, or I’ll never really get good and have confidence and success hitting shots,” stated Junior Kyle Woolums.
“I’m really proud of myself because of my score today. I struggled, but I came back and didn’t let it ruin the whole day, and as a consequence, I’m playing 10-15 shots better than last year in tournaments. My issues can easily be fixed with alignment and swing plane angles that I can work on in practice, so that’s what we have to do, and we’ll get it,” stated Junior Bailey Moistner.
“I need to reformat my swing in that I stand with my feet way to far apart and put all my weight on my butt, and I’m leaning too far over the ball, which causes me to constantly duff the ball and not get any rotation or weight behind the ball. I just need to listen to Coach Haynes when he says to put 60% of my weight on my front left leg, shorten my backswing, and place my feet shoulder width apart on my swing. On my drive, I don’t start my swing outside to in, which causes my hands to not turn over, which also causes me to hit right a lot because I have a weak grip on my club sometimes. I know what I have to do, I just have to execute. Back to work,” exclaimed Junior Nick Laird.
“I know I put myself in situations where I was scrambling a lot. I need to stop hitting into trouble, aka trees, especially early, establish some momentum early, and hit all my putts within 8 feet. I’m doing okay, but I know I feel like I could be in the low 70s, which is a great feeling, so I’m going to continue to work like I do and lead by example,” stated Junior Jake Shue.
“We have the capability of beating the top teams in the TEC and competing in the sectional. If we play the way I know we can and become the team we can be, we’ll be right there in the end. The boys just have to do the right things and play like the winners I know they are,” stated Coach Haynes.
The Knights go back to work Monday at Royal Hylands against Knightstown Monday, April 15th at 4:30pm.

1. Jake Shue 79
2. Alex Beatty 94
3. Bailey Moistner 92
4. Kyle Woolums 91
5. Nick Laird 102