We’re going to figure it out!

Late last week, RadioTroy.com received notice that the NCC (North Central Conference) is instituting broadcast rights fees to web streaming broadcast organizations only (not radio) to broadcast conference and non-conference games.  They stated that these fees indicate their product has value. It was reported by the NCC that the vote was unanimous, but we have been informed that RHS abstained.

We don’t quite understand the rationale as it was presented. We would be interested in data that indicates live broadcasts detract substantially from the gate revenue on a Friday or Saturday night.  We would be interested to know how they went from no fees directly to a $250-fee per conference game. We would be interested in the rationale that grandfathers in radio with zero fees. We have heard a few anecdotes of fans staying home in inclement weather because there was a broadcast available, but there’s no way to determine whether that fan would have stayed home anyway or whether they watch or listen. Attendance is down at athletic events all over the state.  That trend started long before we came along.

As part of our business plan and mission, RadioTroy.com has always tried to provide added value to the schools we cover, not detract from their mission and certainly not subtract from their bottom line. We have always attempted to bring an inside look at the games and the student athletes and coaches in order to help grow the fan base.  We try to keep the schools connected to their fans and alumni who cannot attend games.

DerCo Internet Broadcasting (RadioTroy.com) has spent the last few days deciding what we can afford to do to keep bringing you the coverage of local sports you have come to expect from us.

While we are a business and our goal is to realize a profit, we run a pretty lean organization. It is more important to us that comprehensive coverage is available to student athletes and their families. It’s more important to us that area small businesses can afford to participate as sponsors.

We’re going to figure it out. We’re going to continue to broadcast games and interview players and coaches. We’re going to figure out how to keep paid student interns so we can be at more events.

We appreciate all your support over the past several years and the last few days. As we work over the next month to secure the remaining sponsorships, we need to move forward, we’d welcome any suggestions you might have for sponsors.

We love doing this and we love hearing from you.

Everyone at RadioTroy.com