The following teams have been formulated with the help of individual statistics, winning and overall team production. The players are from the primary teams we covered throughout the girls basketball season including Richmond, Seton, Centerville, Northeastern, Lincoln, Hagerstown and Union County.

We have them broken down into the top three squads and honorable mention players.


Madison Gray, Union County                      17ppg, 6rpg

Jenna McFarland, Northeastern                 14ppg, 7rpg, 3spg

Emmie Pugh, Lincoln                                     14ppg, 7rpg, 2spg

Carlie Doolin, Centerville                              15ppg, 7rpg, 2spg

Hallie Rogers, Hagerstown                          11ppg, 5rpg, 2apg, 3spg

Taylor Pinkerton, Union County                 12ppg, 4rpg


Allie Owens, Lincoln                                      13ppg, 6rpg, 3apg, 2spg

Kassidy Oliger, Hagerstown                         7ppg, 11rpg

Willow Runyan, Northeastern                    10ppg, 4rpg

Kierra Wright, Richmond                              12ppg, 3rpg, 2bpg

Laynie Russell, Lincoln                                  9ppg, 2spg

Emma Wright, Northeastern                       7ppg, 7rpg


Zoe Woolridge, Richmond                           9ppg, 5rpg

Camryn Bradway, Hagerstown                   8ppg, 3apg

Paige Klaine, Seton Catholic                        8ppg, 7rpg

Tara Williams, Union County                      5ppg, 3rpg, 3apg

McKenzie Chasteen, Northeastern            6ppg, 3rpg

Alayha Allen, Richmond                                5ppg, 5rpg


Jakaia Lotz, Richmond

Ella Chew, Centerville

Kelli Drake, Northeastern

Kailee Tedder, Centerville

Morgan Guenther, Centerville

Rainey Shepler, Union County

Ajah Orr, Richmond

Rachel Merida, Lincoln

Ashley Walter, Centerville

Makayla Matanich, Hagerstown

Maddie Ward, Hagerstown

Grace Klein, Hagerstown

Lydia Reichley, Seton Catholic

Cassidy Frame, Seton Catholic

Mar Coch Alcina, Centerville