DISCLAIMER: The high school softball season is down to the final week of the regular season. The IHSAA tournament begins next Monday around the state. It’s time for RADIOTROY to honor the players who have had the biggest impact this season by naming them to the ALL-AREA team. We took into consideration the following…level of competition, winning, conference standings, individual statistics (hitting, pitching and fielding combined) and what we have seen in person this season. We take these selections seriously and any attempt to argue these selections must be taken up with our attorney HUGO HOTFLASH from this point on. No trophies or plaques will be given to keep from violating high school or potential NCAA rules and regulations!!! Congratulations to the following players:

Claire Laughlin-Foster                                   RICHMOND

Abby Brewer                                                   RICHMOND

Shylah Gibson                                                 RICHMOND

Laurelai DePew                                               RICHMOND

Sophia Knock                                                  UNION COUNTY

Tara Williams                                                  UNION COUNTY

Kristin Klein                                                     UNION COUNTY

Emmie Pugh                                                    LINCOLN

Shelby Koch                                                     CENTERVILLE

Grace Delay                                                     CENTERVILLE

Brianna Shepherd                                           NORTHEASTERN

Kenzie Lanman                                               CENTERVILLE

Lena Smith                                                       NORTHEASTERN

Kalyee Gabbard                                              LINCOLN

Kaleigh Lamb                                                   LINCOLN

Tori Russell                                                      UNION COUNTY

Fayth Hill                                                          UNION COUNTY

Riley Shipman                                                  CENTERVILLE

Kelsee Troutwine                                           CENTERVILLE

Jaela Patton                                                     LINCOLN

Jessica Burns                                                   NORTHEASTERN

Carli Morris                                                      HAGERSTOWN

Haylee Parker                                                  CENTERVILLE

Tori Kelley                                                        HAGERSTOWN

Madison Kinder                                              NORTHEASTERN

Charlee Wood                                                 CENTERVILLE

Lydia Reichley                                                 SETON

Taylor Haager                                                 SETON

Cassidy Frame                                                 SETON