1 South Dearborn                                                         99.5

2 East Central                                                                89.0

3 Lawrenceburg                                                            81.0

4 Milan                                                                            64.0

5 Centerville                                                                   58.0

6 Shenandoah                                                               54.5

7 Lincoln                                                                         54.0

8 Northeastern                                                              46.0

9 Franklin County                                                         44.0

10 Connersville                                                             40.5

11 Richmond                                                                 38.0

12 Rushville                                                                    31.0

12 Union County                                                          31.0

14 New Castle                                                               30.0

15 Hagerstown                                                              20.0

16 Knightstown                                                             16.0

17 Tri                                                                                11.0

18 Greensburg                                                              6.0

19 Batesville                                                                   0.0

19 Blue River                                                                 0.0



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Jake Necessary of Richmond

2nd Place – Garret Condo of Milan

3rd Place – Isaiah Otto of South Dearborn

4th Place – Tanner Busch of East Central

1st Place Match

Jake Necessary (Richmond) 32-6, Fr. over Garret Condo (Milan) 34-2, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match

Isaiah Otto (South Dearborn) 26-10, Fr. over Tanner Busch (East Central) 33-8, So. (Dec 4-0)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Spencer Gordon of Lawrenceburg

2nd Place – Dylan Galusha of Rushville Consolidated

3rd Place – Evan Seal of Franklin County

4th Place – Jackson Ramsey of Northeastern

1st Place Match

Spencer Gordon (Lawrenceburg) 22-4, Sr. over Dylan Galusha (Rushville Consolidated) 20-14, So. (Fall 2:54)

3rd Place Match

Evan Seal (Franklin County) 30-14, So. over Jackson Ramsey (Northeastern) 28-14, Fr. (Fall 1:44)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Traye Owens of New Castle

2nd Place – Garrett Condo of Franklin County

3rd Place – Eli Otto of South Dearborn

4th Place – Charlie Euson of East Central

1st Place Match

Traye Owens (New Castle) 44-2, Sr. over Garrett Condo (Franklin County) 31-8, Sr. (Fall 3:31)

3rd Place Match

Eli Otto (South Dearborn) 16-5, So. over Charlie Euson (East Central) 32-11, Fr. (Dec 3-0)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Grant Stapleton of Lawrenceburg

2nd Place – Shane Lonneman of Milan

3rd Place – Devin Frazier of Centerville

4th Place – Alex Fuller of Union County.

1st Place Match

Grant Stapleton (Lawrenceburg) 34-0, Sr. over Shane Lonneman (Milan) 31-7, Jr. (TF-1.5 2:07 (17-1))

3rd Place Match

Devin Frazier (Centerville) 31-5, Fr. over Alex Fuller (Union County.) 22-18, Sr. (MD 16-6)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Hunter Brown of Cambridge City Lincoln

2nd Place – Austin Boggs of South Dearborn

3rd Place – Corbin Walston of Lawrenceburg

4th Place – Tyler Vredeveld of Centerville

1st Place Match

Hunter Brown (Cambridge City Lincoln) 26-3, Sr. over Austin Boggs (South Dearborn) 26-7, Sr. (Fall 2:36)

3rd Place Match

Corbin Walston (Lawrenceburg) 31-5, Fr. over Tyler Vredeveld (Centerville) 29-6, Jr. (Dec 9-4)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Gabe Phillips of Centerville

2nd Place – Nick Walsh of Knightstown

3rd Place – Adam Negangard of East Central

4th Place – Adam Crouch of Franklin County

1st Place Match

Gabe Phillips (Centerville) 35-0, So. over Nick Walsh (Knightstown) 32-5, Jr. (Fall 4:28)

3rd Place Match

Adam Negangard (East Central) 21-2, Sr. over Adam Crouch (Franklin County) 32-9, So. (Dec 3-0)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Bryer Hall of South Dearborn

2nd Place – Ben Wolf of East Central

3rd Place – Zack Wilburn of Milan

4th Place – Josh Miles of Cambridge City Lincoln

1st Place Match

Bryer Hall (South Dearborn) 33-0, So. over Ben Wolf (East Central) 32-9, So. (Fall 0:22)

3rd Place Match

Zack Wilburn (Milan) 34-5, Sr. over Josh Miles (Cambridge City Lincoln) 17-9, So. (MD 15-2)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Zach Otto of South Dearborn

2nd Place – Andrew Roberts of Lawrenceburg

3rd Place – Grant Suding of Franklin County

4th Place – Tytus Ragle of New Castle

1st Place Match

Zach Otto (South Dearborn) 26-4, Sr. over Andrew Roberts (Lawrenceburg) 27-3, Sr. (Dec 7-4)

3rd Place Match

Grant Suding (Franklin County) 33-10, Sr. over Tytus Ragle (New Castle) 42-4, Jr. (Dec 3-1)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Hayden Lohrey of Shenandoah

2nd Place – Jacob Rohrig of Milan

3rd Place – Andrew Roth of Lawrenceburg

4th Place – Blake Bushey of Connersville

1st Place Match

Hayden Lohrey (Shenandoah) 28-1, Sr. over Jacob Rohrig (Milan) 34-4, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:33 (22-6))

3rd Place Match

Andrew Roth (Lawrenceburg) 24-4, Jr. over Blake Bushey (Connersville) 32-10, Sr. (Fall 4:22)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Tucker Coffman of Union County.

2nd Place – Alfredo Calderon of Centerville

3rd Place – Bennett Noble of East Central

4th Place – Colton Massey of Connersville

1st Place Match

Tucker Coffman (Union County.) 34-2, Sr. over Alfredo Calderon (Centerville) 32-4, Sr. (MD 10-2)

3rd Place Match

Bennett Noble (East Central) 26-8, So. over Colton Massey (Connersville) 31-6, Sr. (Dec 8-7)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Jake Combs of Hagerstown

2nd Place – Kole Viel of East Central

3rd Place – Marcus Vaughn of Rushville Consolidated

4th Place – Aaron Black of Greensburg

1st Place Match

Jake Combs (Hagerstown) 35-4, Sr. over Kole Viel (East Central) 34-7, So. (Dec 4-3)

3rd Place Match

Marcus Vaughn (Rushville Consolidated) 28-11, Jr. over Aaron Black (Greensburg) 19-17, Sr. (Fall 0:50)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Silas Allred of Shenandoah

2nd Place – Blaine Pierce of Richmond

3rd Place – Evan Shafer of Connersville

4th Place – Kyle Krummen of East Central

1st Place Match

Silas Allred (Shenandoah) 27-0, Jr. over Blaine Pierce (Richmond) 34-4, Jr. (Fall 1:11)

3rd Place Match

Evan Shafer (Connersville) 22-10, So. over Kyle Krummen (East Central) 25-8, Jr. (Fall 0:32)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Cullen Browning of Northeastern

2nd Place – Zach Dick of South Dearborn

3rd Place – Robby Pandoli of Tri

4th Place – Corbin Badger of Shenandoah

1st Place Match

Cullen Browning (Northeastern) 36-2, Jr. over Zach Dick (South Dearborn) 26-7, Sr. (Fall 4:20)

3rd Place Match

Robby Pandoli (Tri) 22-5, Jr. over Corbin Badger (Shenandoah) 23-9, So. (Dec 6-5)



Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Ben Ahrens of Cambridge City Lincoln

2nd Place – Josh Berger of Northeastern

3rd Place – Zack McQueen of Connersville

4th Place – Logan Adams of East Central

1st Place Match

Ben Ahrens (Cambridge City Lincoln) 30-4, Sr. over Josh Berger (Northeastern) 34-9, Jr. (Fall 1:37)

3rd Place Match

Zack McQueen (Connersville) 34-3, Sr. over Logan Adams (East Central) 17-10, So. (Fall 2:02)