Richmond 4 Northeastern 1

Hagerstown 4 Seton Catholic 1

THURSDAY: Centerville vs. Richmond, Hagerstown vs. Lincoln 4:30


Rushville 3 Union County 2

Franklin County 5 Connersville 0


Tri 5 Knightstown 0



Anderson 2 Lapel 1

Logansport 12 Marion 8

Union County 8 Centerville 0…PATRIOTS: WP Mook Shepler 7K’s 1H, Nate Webb 3-3 3RBI, Zander Kottka 2RBI

Hagerstown 12 Tri 2…TIGERS:  Cody Swimm 3 – 4 3 RBI 2R, Grant Vinson 2 – 2 4 RBI 3R, Brady McMillan RBI, Mason Hicks 3 SB (The Tigers had 9 SB), WP Swimm 10K’s 1H

Wapahani 12 Knightstown 2

Delta 10 Cowan 0

Mount Vernon 18 Connersville 1



Richmond 14 Muncie Central 4

Logansport 15 Marion 2

Kokomo 4 Lewis Cass 0

Winchester 11 Hagerstown 7…..GOLDEN FALCONS:  Gena Moore 4-5 2RBI, Rhamey Fetters 2-4 2RBI

Lincoln 3 Northeastern 2 (10)…GOLDEN EAGLES: Kaleigh Lamb 2-5, Jaela Patton 2-4, Kylee Smith RBI, Savannah Dungan RBI, Emmie Pugh RBI…WP Lamb 14K’s…..KNIGHTS: Great pitching and great defense almost allowed the Lady Knights to upset Lincoln but unfortunately lost 3-2 in 10 innings. Lena Smith doubled to knock in the first run and also scored with an Ava Burns single. Bri Shepherd tripled with a deep drive to center which would have been a HR on any other field. Madison Kinder pitched the complete game allowing only 6 hits. It’s good to see the team playing some of their best ball at the end of the season. The Knights return to action in the sectionals at and against Hagerstown on Monday.

Union County 12 Milan 1…Kristen Klein HR

Knightstown 4 Indian Creek 1

Shenandoah 16 Randolph Southern 3

Wapahani 4 South Adams 3

Seton Catholic 20 Providence Christo Rey 0…Paige Klaine 3-4 4RBI, Taylor Haager 3-4 4RBI, Kaylen Ruble 4RBI, Lydia Reichley 3-5 3RBI, WP Haager 10K’s

Connersville 11 Rushville 1

East Central 12 Greensburg 1



Jay County will not be participating in the Haustetter Classic this weekend. As a result all the games will be played Saturday. Here is the updated schedule:

Saturday, May 18, 2019

10:00 AM   Richmond vs. New Haven

12:30 PM  New Haven vs. Seymour

3:00 PM   Richmond vs. Seymour



Richmond pulls out a close one 167-171 against Centerville.  Jake Miller: 37 Alex Brown: 49 Nathan Steele: 44 Andrew Click: 45 Jack Weber: 41 JV lost 221-219

Centerville was defeated Wednesday night by Richmond at the Elks by a score of 167-171.  Centerville was led by an excellent effort from the medalist Hunter Morgan who shot a 36 but it was not enough to overcome a strong effort by Richmond.  Others scoring for the Bulldogs were Sam Roberts 47, Aaron Glover 43, Evan Linde 45, and Andrew Wilmot 47.  The Bulldogs are now 8-2 on the season and play again tonight at Highland Lake against Randolph Southern.  They will also play in the conference tournament on Saturday at Royal Highland Golf Course in Knightstown.

The Centerville JV defeated Richmond’s JV by a score of 219-221.  Mike Davis led the Bulldog JV with a 45 followed by Jeremy Devers 56, and Ryley Fry and Austin Moore with 59’s.




Several Equipment Changes Highlight High School Basketball Rules Changes

Five of the seven rules changes in high school basketball concern player equipment, including new uniform provisions that will be required in the 2024-25 season.

All seven rules revisions recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Basketball Rules Committee at its April 23-25 meeting in Indianapolis were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. 

Effective with the 2024-25 season, the number on the jersey can no longer be the same color as the jersey itself. Currently, the number can be the same color as the jersey if it is bordered by a contrasting color. Despite the contrasting-color border, the committee said the number is still difficult to see in many cases. The other two options in Rule 3-4-3e regarding the color of the number remain in effect.

A five-year implementation date was approved to allow schools time to budget for purchasing new uniforms. 

Four other changes were approved in Rule 3 – Players, Substitutes and Equipment. A new rule, 3-5-8, provides recommendations for use of a mouthguard. Though not required, the committee noted that state associations may deem a tooth and mouth protector required equipment.

A note was added to Rule 3-5-5 to permit folding or rolling the shorts at the natural waistband seam. The new language does state that the shorts have to be in compliance with Rule 3-4-5, which restricts uniform pants/skirts to one visible manufacturer’s logo/trademark/reference.

Theresia Wynns, NFHS director of sports and officials and liaison to the Basketball Rules Committee, said this addition to Rule 3-5-5 modernizes the rule and allows players to adjust the shorts in a manner that serves no harm to the game or its integrity.

The other equipment changes deal with headbands and hair-control devices in Rule 3-5-4. The maximum width of the headband was expanded from 2 inches to 3 inches to be consistent with the rules for volleyball and accommodate athletes who play both sports. In addition, in 3-5-4d, hair-control devices are not required to meet color restrictions. Wynns noted that a hair-control device goes around the hair only, while a headband goes around the entire head.     

In another change, assistant coaches now will be able to go onto the court with the head coach in an effort to restore order when a fight breaks out among players.

“It can be difficult for officials to separate players involved in a fight on the court,” Wynns said. “This change will allow assistant coaches to enter the court with the head coach to assist officials in regaining control of the situation and restoring player safety.”

The final change approved by the Basketball Rules Committee is a change in the signal when a held ball occurs. Now, when a held ball occurs, the covering official(s) shall stop the clock using Signal #2 (straight arm, open palm extended) while simultaneously sounding the whistle.  

“This change should help to alleviate conflicting calls by officials when a held ball occurs,” Wynns said. “We currently raise one arm to stop the clock for everything except the jump/held ball.”

According to the 2018-19 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, basketball is the third-most popular sport for boys with 551,373 participants in 18,510 schools and the third-most popular sport for girls with 412,407 participants in 18,171 schools.