The Tri Eastern Conference held their Girls’ Conference Tournament at Liberty Country Club on Saturday.  Winchester left with the trophy as over-all conference champion and Champions of the day when they shot a 369 to outdistance the remainder of the field.  Other team scores were Hagerstown 382, Northeastern 429, Union County 447, Lincoln 453, Centerville 455, Knightstown 463, and Tri could not record a team score with only one golfer.  Becca Chamberlain shot a very fine round of 82 to easily gain medalist honors for the day.  The other nine golfers joining her on the all-conference team were team mates Maddie Lawrence, Maci Chamberlain, and Kate Riggin, along with Hagerstown’s Shay Doerstler, Stefani Burns, Morgan Rector, and Sierra Searcy, Centerville’s Erin Baker and Lincoln’s Allison Frost. The team scores and individual scores for each team were; Winchester 369  Becca Chamberlain 39/43-82; Maddie Lawrence 48/45-93; Maci Chamberlin 46/50-96; Kate Riggin 50/48-98; and Neveah Lanter 51/53-104.  Hagerstown 382  Shay Doerstler 47/46-93; Stefani Burns 48/46-94; Maddi Phelps 56/54-110; Morgan Rector 45/53-98; and Sierra Searcy 47/50-97.  Northeastern 429  McKenzie Chasteen 50/51-101; Baylee Wissler 56/56-112; Maddie Fields 55/51-106; Jasmine Schuler 58/55-113; and Becca Schneider 58/52-110.  Union County 447  Olivia Curry 54/55-109; Emma Kassens 53/51-104; Morgan Ball 60/53-113; and Kady Carmack 63/58-121.  Lincoln 453  Savanah Dungan 53/58-111; Allison Frost 45/49-94; Erin Rade 63/65-128; Shayna Morris 59/61-120; and Lindsey Schunk 69/69-138. Centerville 455  Erin Baker 44(personal best)/53-97; Emilee Engle 61/58 119; Morgan Hale 56(personal best)/64-120; Hailie Ridge 61/58-119; and Karis Koyles 66/64-130.  Knightstown 463  Kira Smith 48/51-99; Emmalee Wilderson 57/57-114; Makenzie Deweese 58/63-121; and Emma Hutson 63/66-129.  Tri No Team Score  Mercedes Raley 62/64-126.  Centerville will return to action on Monday at the Elks Country Club in Richmond when they play Richmond in a duel match.  They will end their regular season next Thursday with a trip to Knightstown to face off with Eastern Hancock.

Winchester 369  
Hagerstown 382  
Northeastern 429  
Union County 447  
Lincoln 453  
Centerville 455  
Knightstown 463