As most of you know, I am a HUGE advocate of getting out of the North Central Conference. The main reason is the travel time for our student/athletes and the cost to the school and our taxpayers.

When the NCC expanded to include Lafayette Jeff (their return to the conference), Harrison and McCutcheon, we were all told there would less travel for schools like Richmond. It’s been six years and we are still waiting. Before we get into numbers, it’s important to understand the northern schools aren’t making the same number of trips to Richmond as Richmond makes up north.

I am going to show you how many times Richmond has been to the northern teams (minus Marion for now) and approximately how much it costs (according to information we have received) to take those trips.

First, let’s take a look at football. Remember, when the Red Devils play a home game against Lafayette on a Friday night, the JV makes a return trip to Lafayette the next morning (1 bus).


In the 2019 season Richmond’s varsity made one trip to McCutcheon, the JV went to Lafayette Jeff and Kokomo.

2018: Varsity went to Lafayette Jeff and Kokomo…The JV to McCutcheon.

2017: Varsity to Logansport…. the JV to Lafayette Jeff and Harrison.

2016: Varsity to Lafayette Jeff and Harrison…JV to Logansport

2015: Varsity to McCutcheon….JV to Lafayette Jeff and Kokomo

2014: Varsity to Lafayette Jeff and kokomo…JV to McCutcheon.

That’s a total of 20 trips to the North for football in just six seasons.


Now for Boys Basketball

This season…@ McCutcheon, @Logansport and @Lafayette Jeff

2018-19….@ Harrison and @Kokomo

2017-18….@McCutcheon, @Logansport and @Lafayette Jeff

2016-17…@ Harrison and @Kokomo

2015-16…@McCutcheon, @Harrison, @McCutcheon and @Kokomo

2014-15…@ Lafayette Jeff and @Harrison

That is 16 trips in six seasons.


Girls basketball

This season….@ McCutcheon, @Harrison, @ Lafayette Jeff


2017-18…@McCutcheon, @ Harrison and @Lafayette Jeff

2016-17…@Logansport and @ Kokomo

2015-16…@McCutcheon, @McCutcheon and @ Kokomo

2014-15…@Huntington North, @ Lafayette Jeff and @ Harrison

That is 15 trips


So, for the trips North, that’s 51 trips in six seasons for just three sports.


Now we include trips to Marion:


@ Marion 2018, 2016, 2015



2019-20 (2)

2018-19 (1)

2017-18 (1)

2016-17 (0)

2015-16 (1)

2014-15 (0)



2019-20 (0)

2018-19 (1)

2017-18 (0)

2016-17 (1)

2015-16 (1)

2014-15 (0)


Adding Marion, there are 11  more trips. A total of 62 trips!!


As for the cost? Well, as you would expect, that will vary. Remember, in varsity football they take two large buses and a small white bus. JV takes a large bus. Basketball generally takes one bus.

FOOTBALL with 2 buses: Average $925-950.00

JV FOOTBALL with 1 bus: Average $370-$425.00

BASKETBALL with 1 bus: Average $390-$470.00


We also estimated the cost of trips involving other sports including volleyball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, softball and baseball. These records are from the 2019 season:

Volleyball to Kokomo (this is a tourney)…$400.00

Soccer to Kokomo…$420.00

Soccer to Kokomo…$380.00

Swimming to Lafayette…$520.00

Gymnastics to Logansport…$500.00

Track to Lafayette Jeff…$500.00

Baseball to Harrison….$500.00


As you can see, these trips are expensive and we didn’t include every trip taken since the NCC expanded.

Another major issue we haven’t considered is the amount of time the student/athletes are taken out of school to get to contests on time. In some instances they are leaving on Friday at 1:30-2:00 just to make sure they beat traffic through Indianapolis. In a few cases, teams like wrestling, have missed an entire day (it was a Friday) to take part in the NCC meet.

If we truly believe the athletes are student/athletes we can’t afford to have them miss any time away from the classroom.

We requested a comment from officials at Richmond Community Schools but they didn’t respond.

Is it really worth it to remain in the NCC? If Richmond stays in the conference, something needs to be done NOW about the excessive travel.