Fort Wayne North at Leo 7:30 pm
Hammond Science & Tech at Chicago International (Ill.) 6:00 pm
Indianapolis HomeSchool at NorthWood 7:45 pm
Indianapolis Riverside at Indianapolis Metropolitan 7:30 pm
North Vermillion at Parke Heritage 7:45 pm
Purdue Poly Englewood at Covenant Christian 7:30 pm
South Spencer at North Posey 8:00 pm
Tell City at Gibson Southern 8:00 pm
Traders Point Christian at Indianapolis International 6:30 pm
Vincennes Rivet at Northeast Dubois 7:30 pm
West Central at Caston 7:30 pm
Whiting at Wheeler 8:00 pm

Indianapolis City Tournament
Indianapolis Attucks vs. Indianapolis Cathedral 7:30 pm 1st

Porter County Conference Tournament
Morgan Twp. vs. Hebron 8:00 pm 1st



  1. FISHERS (15-0)
  2. LAWRENCE NORTH (15-0)
  3. NOBLESVILLE (13-2)
  4. WESTFIELD (12-1)
  6. BEN DAVIS (10-3)
  7. CATHEDRAL (12-1)
  9. LAKE CENTRAL (13-0)
  10. RICHMOND (17-1)



  1. DANVILLE (13-1)
  2. HERITAGE HILLS (13-2)
  4. DELTA (12-3)
  5. INDIAN CREEK (11-3)
  6. BREBEUF (9-4)
  7. SCOTTSBURG (12-4)
  8. BELLMONT (12-3)
  9. TWIN LAKES (10-3)
  10. HAMMOND NOLL (11-6)



  1. WAPAHANI (13-1)
  2. FW LUERS (12-1)
  3. TIPTON (14-1)
  4. PROVIDENCE (11-3)
  5. FW BLACKHAWK (12-4)
  7. ADAMS CENTRAL (11-2)
  8. PARK TUDOR (10-4)
  9. PARKE HERITAGE (12-4)
  10. PAOLI (10-2)



  2. BARR-REEVE (13-1)
  3. ORLEANS (11-2)
  5. CLAY CITY (12-3)
  7. LOOGOOTEE (10-5)
  8. TINDLEY (11-4)
  10. TRITON (8-3)



Bethany Christian at Fairfield 7:30 pm
Bowman Academy at Michigan City 8:00 pm
Castle at Evansville Bosse 8:00 pm
East Noble at Fort Wayne Wayne 7:30 pm
Jeffersonville at New Albany 7:00 pm
Lake Station at Hanover Central 8:00 pm
Lewis Cass at Rochester 7:00 pm
Lighthouse CPA at Calumet 7:00 pm
Maconaquah at Southwood 7:45 pm
Michigan City at LaPorte 7:00 pm
Morristown at Knightstown 7:30 pm
North Daviess at Washington Catholic 7:30 pm
North Miami at Taylor 6:00 pm
North White at Demotte Christian 7:30 pm
Northview at Indian Creek 8:00 pm
Pendleton Heights at North Central (Indianapolis) 7:30 pm
Pioneer at North Judson 8:00 pm
River Forest at Victory Christian 7:00 pm
Riverton Parke at North Central (Farmersburg) 7:30 pm
Rushville at Jennings County 7:30 pm
South Bend Career at South Bend Clay 6:00 pm
South Newton at Oregon-Davis 7:00 pm
Southwestern (Shelbyville) at Edinburgh 6:30 pm
West Central at Calumet Christian 7:30 pm
Whitko at Fort Wayne Luers 7:30 pm

Greater Indianapolis Tournament
Indiana Math & Science at Christel House 6:00 pm 5th

Hoosier Conference playoffs
Twin Lakes at Tipton 6:00 pm

Porter County Tournament
Tri-Township vs. South Central (Union Mills) 6:30 pm 1st



  2. COLUMBIS CITY (18-2)
  3. CENTER GROVE (21-1)
  5. FW SNIDER (18-2)
  6. LAWRENCE NORTH (16-4)
  8. HOMESTEAD (18-4)
  9. FRANKLIN (19-2)
  10. NORTHRIDGE (20-3)



  3. NORWELL (17-4)
  4. BENTON CENTRAL (21-3)
  5. SCOTTSBURG (19-2)
  7. WESTERN (15-4)
  8. GREENSBURG (16-4)
  10. WASHINGTON (18-4)



  1. NORTH KNOX (21-1)
  2. SOUTH KNOX (20-1)
  3. EASTBROOK (19-1)
  5. LAPEL (18-4)
  6. CARROLL FLORA (18-3)
  7. ALEXANDRIA (17-4)
  9. LEWIS CASS (18-2)
  10. EASTSIDE (20-3)/PARK HERITAGE (19-3)



  2. LANESVILLE (20-1)
  3. CASTON (18-1)
  4. TRI-TOWNSHIP (18-1)
  5. ORLEANS (18-3)
  6. BORDEN (17-3)
  8. SPRINGS VALLEY (19-3)
  9. JAC-CEN-DEL (17-4)
  10. TRI (20-2)





1             Tue         Munster [17-3] vs. Lake Central [18-4]

2             Wed       Hammond Central [16-5] vs. East Chicago Central [8-10]

3             Wed       Merrillville [14-8] vs. Hammond Morton [11-9]

4             Fri           Gary West [2-15] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Valparaiso [13-7] vs. Chesterton [15-6]

2             Wed       Kankakee Valley [13-8] vs. Hobart [6-15]

3             Wed       Crown Point [11-10] vs. Lowell [12-9]

4             Fri           Portage [12-10] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         LaPorte [2-17] vs. South Bend Adams [12-9]

2             Wed       Michigan City [3-14] vs. South Bend Washington [16-4]

3             Wed       Plymouth [10-9] vs. Mishawaka [9-11]

4             Fri           South Bend Riley [3-16] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Warsaw [12-7] vs. Northridge [20-3]

2             Tue         Concord [8-11] vs. Penn [14-6]

3             Fri           Elkhart [12-9] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Goshen [10-10] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         East Noble [12-7] vs. Carroll (Fort Wayne) [6-13]

2             Tue         Fort Wayne Northrop [14-5] vs. Fort Wayne Snider [18-2]

3             Fri           Fort Wayne North [2-18] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           DeKalb [13-7] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Fort Wayne Wayne [8-12] vs. Columbia City [18-2]

2             Tue         Homestead [18-4] vs. Fort Wayne South [5-13]

3             Fri           Huntington North [10-10] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           New Haven [2-18] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Harrison (West Lafayette) [11-10] vs. Marion [1-18]

2             Tue         Kokomo [12-9] vs. Logansport [3-17]

3             Fri           Lafayette Jeff [4-17] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           McCutcheon [18-3] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Westfield [12-9] vs. Hamilton Southeastern [18-3]

2             Tue         Carmel [9-11] vs. Fishers [15-5]

3             Fri           Zionsville [16-5] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Noblesville [13-8] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Anderson [8-13] vs. Mount Vernon (Fortville) [8-13]

2             Wed       Greenfield-Central [15-6] vs. New Palestine [11-9]

3             Wed       Pendleton Heights [14-7] vs. Muncie Central [1-18]

4             Fri           Richmond [11-10] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         North Central (Indianapolis) [6-15] vs. Warren Central [11-9]

2             Wed       Lawrence North [16-4] vs. Indianapolis Cathedral [11-10]

3             Wed       Indianapolis Attucks [9-9] vs. Lawrence Central [22-1]

4             Fri           Indianapolis Tech [7-13] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Perry Meridian [3-16] vs. Pike [9-12]

2             Wed       Franklin Central [11-8] vs. Southport [2-17]

3             Wed       Ben Davis [5-15] vs. Decatur Central [10-10]

4             Fri           Indianapolis Roncalli [12-8] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Brownsburg [11-11] vs. Avon [8-12]

2             Fri           Terre Haute North [7-16] vs. Terre Haute South [2-21]

3             Fri           Plainfield [14-7] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Martinsville [8-14] vs. Bloomington North [16-5]

2             Tue         Bloomington South [10-10] vs. Center Grove [21-1]

3             Fri           Mooresville [17-4] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Greenwood [5-15] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         East Central [7-14] vs. Whiteland [9-11]

2             Tue         Shelbyville [14-7] vs. Franklin [19-2]

3             Fri           Columbus East [5-15] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Columbus North [10-11] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Seymour [9-11] vs. Jennings County [19-3]

2             Wed       New Albany [3-18] vs. Bedford North Lawrence [16-4]

3             Wed       Floyd Central [13-9] vs. Silver Creek [16-4]

4             Fri           Jeffersonville [11-9] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Evansville Harrison [4-16] vs. Evansville North [13-8]

2             Tue         Evansville Central [18-4] vs. Jasper [16-7]

3             Fri           Evansville Reitz [13-4] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Castle [11-8] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4



1             Tue         Calumet [1-15] vs. Highland [12-6]

2             Wed       Hanover Central [14-5] vs. Hammond Noll [5-13]

3             Wed       Griffith [2-17] vs. Boone Grove [3-17]

4             Fri           River Forest [7-12] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         John Glenn [11-10] vs. Bremen [9-11]

2             Tue         Rochester [10-10] vs. Knox [7-15]

3             Fri           Culver Academy [12-7] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Tippecanoe Valley [16-3] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         South Bend Clay [3-16] vs. Mishawaka Marian [3-17]

2             Fri           New Prairie [18-4] vs. Jimtown [8-13]

3             Fri           South Bend St. Joseph [7-15] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Lakeland [4-16] vs. Wawasee [13-7]

2             Fri           NorthWood [17-5] vs. West Noble [2-18]

3             Fri           Fairfield [19-3] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Angola [12-8] vs. Leo [11-7]

2             Wed       Garrett [6-14] vs. Heritage [1-17]

3             Wed       Fort Wayne Dwenger [9-13] vs. Woodlan [14-8]

4             Fri           Fort Wayne Concordia [6-13] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         West Lafayette [12-9] vs. Frankfort [1-20]

2             Wed       Twin Lakes [11-9] vs. Western [15-4]

3             Wed       North Montgomery [8-14] vs. Benton Central [21-3]

4             Fri           Rensselaer Central [19-1] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Mississinewa [11-9] vs. Maconaquah [9-9]

2             Wed       Peru [2-19] vs. Northwestern [5-15]

3             Wed       Bellmont [14-6] vs. Oak Hill [10-10]

4             Fri           Norwell [17-4] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Yorktown [13-8] vs. Jay County [19-2]

2             Wed       Centerville [4-16] vs. Frankton [14-7]

3             Wed       New Castle [2-18] vs. Hamilton Heights [19-2]

4             Fri           Delta [10-10] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Cascade [10-10] vs. Monrovia [11-9]

2             Wed       Western Boone [9-11] vs. Lebanon [9-13]

3             Wed       Tri-West [11-9] vs. Crawfordsville [0-20]

4             Fri           Danville [18-3] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Edgewood [12-8] vs. West Vigo [3-18]

2             Wed       Indian Creek [16-4] vs. Brown County [10-10]

3             Wed       Northview [17-3] vs. South Vermillion [0-21]

4             Fri           Owen Valley [6-16] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Brebeuf Jesuit [15-6] vs. Indianapolis Chatard [14-7]

2             Tue         Heritage Christian [11-9] vs. Indianapolis Herron [15-6]

3             Fri           Indianapolis Shortridge [12-8] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Guerin Catholic [9-12] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Indianapolis Ritter [6-14] vs. Speedway [12-6]

2             Tue         Christel House [7-7] vs. Purdue Poly Englewood [7-10]

3             Fri           Indianapolis Washington [3-11] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Beech Grove [13-7] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         South Dearborn [3-18] vs. Batesville [13-9]

2             Wed       Greensburg [16-4] vs. Franklin County [13-7]

3             Wed       Rushville [7-15] vs. Lawrenceburg [13-9]

4             Fri           Connersville [12-9] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Corydon Central [13-9] vs. Charlestown [15-6]

2             Tue         Madison [8-12] vs. North Harrison [5-15]

3             Fri           Scottsburg [19-2] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Salem [6-16] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Southridge [12-9] vs. Washington [18-4]

2             Tue         Heritage Hills [16-4] vs. Vincennes Lincoln [8-13]

3             Fri           Princeton [17-4] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Pike Central [2-19] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Mount Vernon (Posey) [2-19] vs. Evansville Bosse [2-16]

2             Tue         Evansville Mater Dei [8-13] vs. Gibson Southern [18-4]

3             Fri           Boonville [3-18] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Evansville Memorial [18-3] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4



1             Tue         North Newton [5-16] vs. Lake Station [12-7]

2             Wed       Illiana Christian [10-8] vs. Whiting [7-11]

3             Wed       Bowman Academy [8-8] vs. Lighthouse CPA [0-7]

4             Fri           Andrean [10-13] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         North Judson [11-9] vs. South Central (Union Mills) [15-4]

2             Fri           LaVille [7-11] vs. Wheeler [9-11]

3             Fri           South Bend Career [1-12] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Churubusco [5-15] vs. Westview [4-17]

2             Tue         Central Noble [11-10] vs. Eastside [20-3]

3             Fri           Fremont [12-8] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Prairie Heights [7-13] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Wabash [10-11] vs. Winamac [11-8]

2             Fri           North Miami [8-11] vs. Lewis Cass [18-2]

3             Fri           Pioneer [5-13] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Manchester [14-6] vs. Bluffton [15-6]

2             Tue         Adams Central [6-14] vs. South Adams [6-14]

3             Fri           Fort Wayne Luers [13-6] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Whitko [15-3] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Seeger [14-7] vs. Lafayette Central Catholic [10-11]

2             Tue         Covington [10-12] vs. Clinton Prairie [5-16]

3             Fri           Carroll (Flora) [18-3] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Delphi [13-8] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Elwood [3-16] vs. Eastbrook [19-1]

2             Wed       Taylor [1-18] vs. Eastern (Greentown) [6-14]

3             Wed       Blackford [16-6] vs. Tipton [0-19]

4             Fri           Madison-Grant [7-14] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Winchester [9-12] vs. Muncie Burris [1-13]

2             Wed       Wapahani [16-5] vs. Monroe Central [14-6]

3             Wed       Lapel [18-4] vs. Alexandria [17-4]

4             Fri           Wes-Del [0-2] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Union County [9-12] vs. Hagerstown [0-19]

2             Fri           Shenandoah [10-10] vs. Knightstown [8-13]

3             Fri           Northeastern [15-6] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Indianapolis Scecina [6-14] vs. Indianapolis Riverside [3-11]

2             Fri           Triton Central [16-5] vs. Eastern Hancock [19-1]

3             Fri           Irvington Prep [2-11] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Fri           Park Tudor [8-8] vs. Sheridan [15-4]

2             Fri           Covenant Christian [6-15] vs. University [9-10]

3             Sat          Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2


1             Tue         Greencastle [9-12] vs. North Putnam [8-12]

2             Wed       Cloverdale [2-19] vs. Parke Heritage [19-3]

3             Wed       South Putnam [12-9] vs. Southmont [12-7]

4             Fri           Riverton Parke [6-14] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Hauser [6-16] vs. Switzerland County [11-10]

2             Fri           Milan [4-16] vs. North Decatur [14-6]

3             Fri           South Ripley [13-7] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Southwestern (Hanover) [13-10] vs. Brownstown Central [14-8]

2             Wed       Providence [14-7] vs. Austin [16-6]

3             Wed       Eastern (Pekin) [2-19] vs. Clarksville [3-17]

4             Fri           Henryville [12-8] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Mitchell [1-20] vs. Paoli [9-11]

2             Tue         Linton-Stockton [14-6] vs. North Daviess [4-15]

3             Wed       North Knox [21-1] vs. Sullivan [18-5]

4             Wed       Eastern Greene [12-9] vs. South Knox [20-1]

5             Fri           Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2

6             Fri           Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4

7             Sat          Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6


1             Tue         Forest Park [7-13] vs. South Spencer [10-10]

2             Tue         Crawford County [17-4] vs. North Posey [8-13]

3             Fri           Tell City [10-10] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Perry Central [5-14] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4



1             Tue         Morgan Twp. [13-6] vs. Tri-Township [18-1]

2             Fri           Demotte Christian [10-10] vs. Kouts [6-14]

3             Fri           Washington Twp. [11-10] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Marquette Catholic [18-2] vs. Culver [4-14]

2             Wed       Triton [8-12] vs. Trinity Greenlawn [5-12]

3             Wed       Westville [7-8] vs. Argos [8-11]

4             Fri           Oregon-Davis [5-13] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Lakewood Park [13-6] vs. Elkhart Christian [9-11]

2             Fri           Hamilton [3-11] vs. Bethany Christian [15-5]

3             Fri           Fort Wayne Blackhawk [15-7] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         Frontier [4-14] vs. Tri-County [14-6]

2             Tue         West Central [11-8] vs. Caston [18-1]

3             Fri           North White [2-17] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           South Newton [1-14] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Fri           Lakeland Christian [9-12] vs. Southern Wells [5-14]

2             Fri           Southwood [6-12] vs. Northfield [8-12]

3             Sat          Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2


1             Tue         Faith Christian [11-10] vs. Fountain Central [16-4]

2             Tue         North Vermillion [10-11] vs. Rossville [11-10]

3             Fri           Clinton Central [20-1] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Attica [7-11] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Fri           Cowan [3-16] vs. Daleville [5-13]

2             Fri           Tri-Central [8-11] vs. Anderson Prep [10-11]

3             Sat          Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2


1             Tue         Tri [20-2] vs. Randolph Southern [13-6]

2             Tue         Cambridge City Lincoln [3-15] vs. Blue River [11-9]

3             Fri           Union (Modoc) [7-10] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Union City [10-11] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         White River Valley [10-10] vs. North Central (Farmersburg) [12-10]

2             Wed       Dugger Union [2-17] vs. Bloomfield [2-20]

3             Wed       Lighthouse Christian [12-8] vs. Shakamak [15-6]

4             Fri           Clay City [9-12] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Fri           Indiana Deaf [13-7] vs. Bethesda Christian [15-4]

2             Fri           MTI Knowledge [0-3] vs. Indiana Math & Science [4-13]

3             Sat          Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2


1             Tue         Indianapolis Lutheran [12-7] vs. Eminence [15-6]

2             Fri           Greenwood Christian [4-14] vs. Providence Cristo Rey [0-9]

3             Fri           Indianapolis Tindley [8-13] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3


1             Tue         South Decatur [13-9] vs. Edinburgh [3-17]

2             Wed       Southwestern (Shelbyville) [1-18] vs. Oldenburg Academy [15-4]

3             Wed       Waldron [6-13] vs. Morristown [9-12]

4             Fri           Jac-Cen-Del [17-4] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5


1             Tue         Lanesville [20-1] vs. Christian Academy [8-11]

2             Tue         South Central (Elizabeth) [7-14] vs. West Washington [11-8]

3             Fri           Rock Creek Academy [11-11] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Borden [17-3] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Medora [7-13] vs. Trinity Lutheran [10-10]

2             Tue         Crothersville [4-16] vs. Shawe Memorial [8-10]

3             Fri           New Washington [8-13] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Fri           Rising Sun [7-12] vs. Winner Game 2

5             Sat          Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4


1             Tue         Washington Catholic [0-17] vs. Vincennes Rivet [11-11]

2             Wed       Loogootee [8-12] vs. Barr-Reeve [9-11]

3             Wed       Springs Valley [19-3] vs. Shoals [6-15]

4             Fri           Orleans [18-3] vs. Winner Game 1

5             Fri           Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3

6             Sat          Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 5                                                


1             Tue         Tecumseh [12-10] vs. Wood Memorial [11-10]

2             Fri           Evansville Christian [11-8] vs. Northeast Dubois [12-8]

3             Fri           Cannelton [1-17] vs. Winner Game 1

4             Sat          Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3





Championship Sunday

Sunday, Jan. 28

AFC Championship, 3 p.m. ET (CBS)

NFC Championship, 6:30 p.m. ET (Fox)

Super Bowl LVIII 

Sunday, Feb. 11

AFC vs. NFC in Las Vegas, 6:30 p.m. ET 











#18 OHIO STATE 100 #2 IOWA 92 OT






#3 COLORADO 63 #6 USC 59



























DETROIT (AP) — Jared Goff threw two touchdown passes and the Detroit Lions beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 in a divisional-round playoff game on Sunday, lifting the long-suffering franchise into the NFC championship for the first time in 32 years and just the second time in franchise history.

The Lions (14-5) won two playoff games in a season for the first time since 1957, the last year they won the NFL title. They will play at San Francisco, the NFC’s top seed, next Sunday for a spot in the Super Bowl — a game they have never played in.

Jahmyr Gibbs ran through a huge hole for a tiebreaking, 31-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter, and Goff made it a two-TD lead when he connected with Amon-Ra St. Brown for a 9-yard score with 6:22 left.

Baker Mayfield threw three TD passes for Tampa Bay (10-9), including a 16-yard toss to Mike Evans that got the Bucs within one score with 4:37 left. Detroit couldn’t run out the clock on offense, giving Tampa Bay one last chance, but Mayfield’s pass over the middle was intercepted by linebacker Derrick Barnes, the QB’s second pick of the day.

“Our defense stepped up there at the end. I thought our defense played a hell of a game all night and got the ball back there to finish it,” Goff said.

The Lions kneeled to run out the clock as their fans stood, screamed and twirled white towels.

“They’re the best. Look around right now. They’re not going to leave here for quite some time,” Goff said. “And this is our last one in front of them and they were special tonight as they were last week. But they deserve it. They deserve this. They deserve to enjoy this and hope to give them a lot more moving forward.”

Goff finished 30 of 43 for 287 yards and directed an efficient second-half offense for the Lions, who had long touchdown drives on three consecutive possessions. St. Brown had eight catches for 77 yards, and his TD catch capped a masterful 10-play, 89-yard drive.

Gibbs, an electric rookie Tampa Bay didn’t have to face when it lost to Detroit in the regular season, had 74 yards rushing on nine carries and four receptions for 40 yards.

Mayfield was 26 of 41 for 349 yards. His early pick went off Mike Evans’ hands, and his late one was an ill-advised throw. Evans had eight receptions for 147 yards and a touchdown.

Rachaad White had 55 yards rushing on nine carries, a total coach Todd Bowles may lament wasn’t higher, and four catches for 36 yards.

The Lions, and their desperate-for-a-winner fans, hope their second appearance in the NFC title game works out better than the first when Washington routed them 41-10 on Jan. 12, 1992.

Detroit and Tampa Bay traded field goals and touchdowns to enter the fourth quarter in a 17-all tie.

The Lions went ahead for a third time with 3:48 left in the third quarter, when coach Dan Campbell went for it on fourth-and-goal from the 1 and Craig Reynolds ran up the middle for a score that ended a 10-play, 64-yard drive.

Mayfield and the Bucs bounced back again with the crafty quarterback, who resurrected his career this season, avoiding sacks before connecting with White on a 12-yard pass to make it 17-all late in the third.

Gibbs started left and cut back to the right on his tiebreaking touchdown run.

The Lions were fortunate to score first.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson picked off Mayfield’s pass that went through Evans’ hands to end Tampa Bay’s first drive. Goff almost gave it back, underthrowing a pass into the end zone that defensive back Jamel Dean dropped, and two snaps later, Michael Badgley made a 23-yard field goal.

Mayfield answered, converting a third down with an 18-yard pass to Evans and throwing a 23-yard pass to Trey Palmer on consecutive plays to set up Chase McLaughlin’s 43-yard kick.

Goff converted a third down with a 9-yard touchdown pass to Josh Reynolds early in the second quarter.

Mayfield used his feet and arm to pull the Bucs into a tie just before halftime. He ran for 14 yards — the longest run by a Tampa Bay quarterback in a playoff game — on a third down and then connected with Evans for 27- and 29-yard passes to set up a 2-yard TD pass to Cade Cotton.


Bucs: S Kaevon Merriweather (ankle) was injured in the third quarter and was carted off the field. Dean limped off the field in the fourth.

Lions: G Jonah Jackson (knee) was injured in the first half and didn’t return. TE Brock Wright (forearm) was knocked out of the game in the second half.


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — No matter the setting — Arrowhead Stadium or Orchard Park — Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs keep finding ways to beat Josh Allen and Buffalo Bills in the playoffs.

Mahomes threw two touchdown passes to Travis Kelce and the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs advanced to their sixth straight AFC championship game with a 27-24 win over the Bills on Sunday night.

The Chiefs move on to Baltimore to face Lamar Jackson and the conference’s top-seeded Ravens, who beat Houston 34-10 on Saturday.

Kansas City is 0-1 in the playoffs against the Ravens, following a 30-7 loss in the 2010 wild-card round. Baltimore defeated Kansas City 36-35 in their most recent regular-season matchup in Week 2 of the 2021 season.

“There’s no weakness there,” Mahomes said of the Ravens. “It’s going to take our best effort. Defense, offense, special teams, they do it all. It’s always a great challenge and that stadium’s going to be rocking, so we’re excited for the challenge.”

Mahomes passed his first test by winning his first true road playoff game — not including Super Bowl neutral sites — and improving his postseason record to 13-3.

“First of all, this is a great environment, man,” Mahomes said of Buffalo. “It really is. We did hear it all week, man, about playing a road game, and we’re here to prove a point and show that we can play anywhere.”

The Chiefs are accustomed to ending the Bills’ season, having done it now in three of the past four playoffs, with the first two wins coming at home in the 2020 AFC championship game and the 2021 divisional round.

“All-time classic again. Any time we play Sean’s teams, it comes right down to the end,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, referring to Bills coach Sean McDermott.

The Chiefs scored on five of their first six possessions, not including a kneeldown at halftime, and went ahead for good on Isiah Pacheco’s 4-yard touchdown run 40 seconds into the fourth quarter.

Neither team led by more than seven points and they traded leads five times. The outcome was decided when Buffalo kicker Tyler Bass missed a potential game-tying field goal wide right from 44 yards, allowing the Chiefs to run out the remaining 1:47.

“Ultimately, completely on me,” said Bass, who had a field goal blocked and missed from 27 yards in a playoff-opening 31-17 win over Pittsburgh last week. “I feel terrible. I love this team, man. It hurts. This one hurts bad.”

Allen blamed himself for having Buffalo’s final drive stall at the Chiefs 26 following two incompletions — the last a throwaway after he was flushed out of the pocket.

“I wish he wouldn’t have been put in that situation. You win as a team you lose as a team. One play doesn’t define a game, doesn’t define a season,” Allen said. “Losing sucks. Losing to them, losing to anybody.”

The Bills keep finding different ways to lose to the Chiefs. After being blown out 38-24 at Kansas City in the 2020 season AFC championship game, Buffalo came up short in a 42-36 overtime loss in the divisional round a year later.

The game has since been dubbed “13 Seconds” because that’s how much time was left for Mahomes to march the Chiefs 44 yards on two plays to set up Harrison Butker’s 49-yard field goal. Mahomes then clinched the win with a 9-yard touchdown pass to — who else? — Kelce.

The tight end didn’t stick around to address reporters after this win, as he was perhaps busy rushing out to visit with girlfriend, pop music superstar Taylor Swift, and his brother Jason, who celebrated watching his two-TD outing from a suite.

Travis Kelce celebrated his first touchdown catch — a 22-yarder — by making a heart gesture with his hands and directed toward Swift’s suite at the opposite end of the field. And Jason Kelce celebrated the touchdown shirtless while holding a can of beer.

Mahomes was 17 of 23 for 215 yards, and the two TD passes to Kelce were the 15th and 16th times they’ve combined for scores in the playoffs. They have one more than Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski for the NFL record for most playoff TDs for a quarterback-receiver combination.

“It speaks to Travis and his work, to be able to go out there and make plays in big games,” Mahomes said. “Passing anything that has Brady and Gronk in it is special. Because those are two of the greatest players.”

Allen went 26 of 39 for 186 yards and a touchdown, and also ran for two scores. His team-leading 72 yards rushing increased his career playoff total to 563, the second most among NFL quarterbacks in league history and trailing only Steve Young (594).

It was another disappointing finish for a Bills team that won its fourth consecutive AFC East title, and was on a six-game roll since a 20-17 win at Kansas City on Dec. 10.

“Just lost in the playoffs to a team that’s kicked us out,” safety Jordan Poyer said. “It’s tough. You work so hard throughout the season to fight and claw back, our backs against the wall, everybody doubting us midway through the season and we get here and just that close.”


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Different season. Familiar heartbreaking finish.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills know the feeling all too well.

“Here, there, doesn’t matter,” the Bills quarterback said. “Losing sucks. I don’t know what else to say.”

Buffalo (12-7) showed plenty of resolve in 2023, winning its last five regular-season games to claim its fourth straight AFC East title. But the Bills fell short of their ultimate goal Sunday night with a 27-24 loss in the divisional round — again — and against the Kansas City Chiefs — again.

It was the third straight year the Bills’ season ended in this round of the playoffs. And they’ve been eliminated by the Chiefs in three of the past four years, with losses after the 2020 and 2021 seasons at Arrowhead Stadium.

Two years ago, it was “13 Seconds” — the amount of time it took Patrick Mahomes to drive the Chiefs for a tying field goal. This time, the Bills brought back two words familiar from their history of heartbreak: wide right.

Tyler Bass missed a 44-yard field goal attempt with 1:43 left, and the Chiefs ran out the clock from there. Wide right became infamous in Buffalo when Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal attempt in the closing seconds of a 20-19 loss to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl on Jan. 27, 1991.

“I feel terrible,” Bass said. “This one hurts bad.”

They all hurt in Buffalo, where a team led by one of the league’s most exciting quarterbacks found new ways to come up short, this time in a game where the teams traded the lead five times.

“I’m extremely disappointed. I mean, you put so much time into this, you put so much time into a season, let alone this game and the preparation for it. And to come out and to not perform the way I’d hoped we would have, it’s extremely disappointing and frustrating,” coach Sean McDermott said. “I’ve been to two Super Bowls and there’s only one team that’s happy. It’s that type of business and you keep working at it.”

There were plenty of personal subplots in this loss to the Chiefs.

McDermott lost to his mentor, Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who gave McDermott his NFL break by hiring him to his staff in Philadelphia in 1999.

Reid praised McDermott, saying: “All-time classic again. Any time we play Sean’s teams, it comes right down to the end.”

For Allen, it was losing to good friend and occasional offseason golf partner in Patrick Mahomes, who consoled Allen afterward.

“I said, ‘Heck of a year, man.’ I’ve been on the other side of that,” Mahomes said. “He played his tail off to give them a chance to win in the end. We were just able to come out with the win in the end.”

Allen didn’t have a turnover and finished 26 of 39 for 186 yards and a touchdown while rushing for a team-high 72 yards and two TDs. He deflected the criticism of Bass for missing the field goal, instead placing the onus on himself for not leading the Bills to the end zone on their last drive.

“I wish he wouldn’t have been put in that situation,” Allen said. “You win as a team. You lose as a team. One play doesn’t define a season, doesn’t define a game.”

Bass’ kick hardly would have guaranteed a win — or even overtime. The Chiefs would have gotten the ball back with nearly two minutes on the clock and two timeouts. In the “13 Seconds” game, Buffalo blew a late lead, allowing Mahomes to move his team 44 yards in two plays, and lost in overtime.

Asked if this loss was harder to accept, center Mitch Morse said: “No, it’s always hard.”


After relieving defensive coordinator Sean Desai of his play-calling duties last month, the Philadelphia Eagles fired him, per multiple reports Sunday.

Desai, 40, was demoted by head coach Nick Siriani after lopsided defeats to the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys in December, with Matt Patricia taking over. The switch to Patricia didn’t help as the defense continued to struggle, particularly in the Eagles’ 32-9 wild-card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Jan. 15.

Desai, who took over in February when Jonathan Gannon left to become the Arizona Cardinals’ head coach, oversaw a defensive unit that allowed 35 passing touchdowns (second in the NFL) and ranked 30th in red zone and third-down defense in 2023.

Desai came to Philadelphia after one season with the Seattle Seahawks as an associate head coach and defensive assistant.

Desai was on the Bears’ coaching staff from 2013-21, rising to the position of defensive coordinator in 2021. He was fired after that season when the Bears parted ways with head coach Matt Nagy.



Julian Sayin, considered the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the Class of 2024, is leaving behind Alabama for Ohio State.

Sayin entered the transfer portal following the retirement of legendary Alabama coach Nick Saban, and on Sunday he committed to the Buckeyes, multiple outlets reported.

A native of Carlsbad, Calif., Sayin was a consensus five-star prospect and the No. 5 overall recruit in the class, according to the 247Sports composite rankings.

He committed in November 2022, choosing Saban and the Crimson Tide over Ohio State as well as Georgia, LSU and Texas.

“I held this program in high regard throughout my entire recruiting process and am looking forward to learning from some of the most talented players and coaches in college football and contributing to our team’s success,” Sayin said of Ohio State.

The Buckeyes have restocked their quarterback room after 2023 starter Kyle McCord transferred to Syracuse. Former Kansas State starter Will Howard will spend his last year of eligibility in Columbus and is the presumptive 2024 starter. Devin Brown, Air Noland and Lincoln Kienholz are the other names on the roster.

Alabama freshman All-American safety Caleb Downs also chose Ohio State as his transfer portal destination.


Demond Williams, a four-star quarterback prospect in the Class of 2024, is following coach Jedd Fisch from Arizona to Washington.

Williams previously committed

Williams previously committed to the Wildcats but announced Sunday that he will play for the national runner-up Huskies next year.

Williams, a native of Chandler, Ariz., told On3 the “family feel that was brought over from Arizona” by Fisch to Washington was part of his decision to flip.

Listed anywhere between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11, Williams was the No. 16 quarterback in the 247Sports composite rankings for the 2024 recruiting cycle.

His move is the latest ripple effect of the retirement of Alabama legendary coach Nick Saban. Kalen DeBoer left Washington to take the Alabama job, prompting the Huskies to hire Fisch after he led Arizona to a stellar 10-3 season and an Alamo Bowl win over Oklahoma in 2023.


Larry Zimmer, the longtime Colorado Buffaloes radio announcer who also spent time broadcasting games for the Denver Broncos, Michigan Wolverines and Colorado State Rams, among others, died Saturday at the age of 88.

Surrounded by family after a 10-day stay at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Lakewood, Colo., Zimmer passed away peacefully, per the University of Colorado.

The school honored the man dubbed the “Voice of the Buffaloes” who broadcast 486 football contests and another 525 basketball games for them with a moment of silence prior to Sunday’s women’s basketball game between Colorado and Southern California.

“His voice was synonymous with our athletic program and he was most beloved by our coaches, players and fans,” Colorado athletic director Rick George said. “Whether it was calling games on KOA or serving as a master of ceremonies for many of our functions, Larry Zimmer was CU. He is truly a part of our overall athletic history. We will miss Zim and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

Zimmer handled either play-by-play or color commentary duties for Colorado for 42 seasons and handled 26 seasons of commentary for the Broncos. He was on the microphone for four Super Bowls. He also called 51 Michigan football games and 34 Colorado State football contests.

“The Broncos are deeply saddened by the passing of legendary radio broadcaster and longtime Ring of Fame committee member Larry Zimmer,” the organization said in a released statement. “During his 52-year association with the Broncos, Larry called some of the franchise’s most iconic moments and helped honor some of our greatest legends. Our thoughts go out to Larry’s wife, Brigitte, and his entire family.”

Born in 1935 in New Orleans, La., Zimmer started his education at LSU before transferring to Missouri, where he graduated in 1957. Zimmer got his start doing baseball games for the Tigers before taking on broadcasting duties for Michigan in 1966.

He joined KOA five years later, kick-starting his long associations with CU and the Broncos.



Sion James scored 22 points, Collin Holloway’s layup gave Tulane the lead for good and the Green Wave defeated No. 10 Memphis 81-79 on Sunday afternoon in New Orleans.

Kevin Cross scored 21 points and Holloway finished with 13 for Tulane (12-6, 3-3 American Athletic Conference).

David Jones had 32 points and 11 rebounds, Marcus Dandridge scored 13 points and Jaykwon Walton and Jahvon Quinerly added 11 points apiece for the Tigers (15-4, 4-2), who lost their second straight after a 10-game winning streak.

Holloway made a layup to give the Green Wave a 79-77 lead with 1:43 left, and he added two free throws for a four-point advantage. Nae’Qwan Tomlin made two free throws to get Memphis within two, and a shot-clock violation with 13 seconds left gave the Tigers a chance to tie or win.

Jones missed two 3-pointers in the final seconds as the Green Wave beat Memphis in New Orleans for the third consecutive season.

No. 14 Illinois 86, Rutgers 63

Justin Harmon’s 18 points and eight rebounds off the bench led five players who scored in double figures as the Fighting Illini earned a Big Ten victory over the Scarlet Knights in Champaign, Ill.

Quincy Guerrier (15 points, 11 rebounds) recorded his fifth double-double in the past seven games for Illinois (14-4, 5-2 Big Ten). Terrence Shannon Jr. added 16 points in his first game after missing six due to a suspension on Dec. 28 following a rape charge in Kansas. An Illinois judge granted a preliminary injunction on Friday that allowed Shannon to return to the team.

Clifford Omoruyi posted 22 points and nine rebounds to pace Rutgers (10-8, 2-5), which cut a 15-point second-half deficit to four with 10 minutes to play before the Illini pulled away.

No. 23 Florida Atlantic 112, UTSA 103

Alijah Martin scored six points during a crucial 36-second span of overtime as the Owls edged past the pesky Roadrunners in San Antonio.

Martin finished with 26 points, five rebounds, five assists and two steals. Johnell Davis — who forced overtime with three free throws after being fouled with 16 seconds left — had 34 points and seven rebounds for Florida Atlantic (15-4, 5-1 AAC).

UTSA’s Jordan Ivy-Curry netted a career-high 38 points and grabbed seven rebounds, while Christian Tucker produced a double-double with 19 points and 12 assists. The Roadrunners (7-12, 1-5) have lost four straight.


Cotie McMahon scored a career-high 33 points as No. 18 Ohio State upset No. 2 Iowa 100-92 in overtime Sunday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio.

McMahon also collected a team-high 12 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in the massive victory in front of a sold-out crowd for the Buckeyes (15-3, 6-1 Big Ten). Ohio State was also aided by Jacy Sheldon’s 24 points, 11 points from Taylor Thierry and 10 points apiece from Celeste Taylor and Rebeka Mikulasikova.

As usual, Caitlin Clark powered Iowa (18-2, 7-1) with a season-high 45 points and seven assists. Molly Davis added 14 points and eight assists for the Hawkeyes, who saw their 15-game winning streak — the longest ever under coach Lisa Bluder — come to an end.

Iowa led by 12 points in the early moments of the fourth quarter after baskets by Clark and Davis, but the Buckeyes outscored Iowa 25-13 for the remainder of the final frame. In overtime, McMahon scored eight of Ohio State’s 17 points.

No. 4 North Carolina State 72, Duke 57

Aziaha James scored a career-best 33 points as the Wolfpack bested the Blue Devils in Raleigh, N.C.

James shot 12-of-20 from the floor and also had eight rebounds. NC State (16-2, 4-2 Atlantic Coast Conference) was also boosted by Mimi Collins’ double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds, and a stat-stuffing effort of nine points, seven steals, six rebounds and five assists by Saniya Rivers. After a three-game absence due to a foot injury, River Baldwin started for NC State and tallied six points and three rebounds.

Kennedy Brown paced Duke (12-6, 4-3) with 14 points while Reigan Richardson added 11 and Oluchi Okananwa scored 10.

No. 14 Virginia Tech 74, Clemson 62

Elizabeth Kitley scored 31 points to power the Hokies to a win over the Tigers in Blacksburg, Va.

Kitley also had eight rebounds and four steals, while Matilda Ekh added 16 points for Virginia Tech (14-4, 5-2 ACC) in a bounce-back victory. Dayshanette Harris led Clemson (8-11, 1-6) with a season-high-tying 25 points, eight assists and six steals, while Amari Robinson chipped in 19 points.

Clemson led by five points with under three minutes to play in the first half, but Virginia Tech closed the second quarter on a 7-0 run to secure the lead at the break. The Hokies never trailed from there as they shot 54.7 percent from the floor for the game.

The Hokies played without starting point guard Georgia Amoore, who exited Thursday’s loss at Duke with a head injury. Virginia Tech coach Kenny Brooks said she is “progressing well.”

No. 21 Creighton 63, Villanova 49

Morgan Maly had 24 points and 13 rebounds as the Bluejays topped the host Wildcats.

Emma Ronsiek added 19 points, five rebounds, five assists and four steals as Creighton (14-3, 5-2 Big East) won its fourth straight game. Lauren Jensen chipped in 12 points for the Bluejays. Lucy Olsen guided Villanova (12-6, 5-2) with 29 points and seven rebounds.

Creighton never trailed and won the rebounding margin by 12. The Bluejays shot 6-of-19 from 3-point land while Villanova — for the first time this season — failed to connect on a shot from behind the arc.



Kawhi Leonard hit the go-ahead jumper with 2:50 remaining in the fourth quarter and scored 14 of his 21 points during a game-ending 22-0 run for the Los Angeles Clippers, who stormed back for a 125-114 win over the visiting Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.

The Nets held a 114-103 lead on a basket by Mikal Bridges with 5:33 remaining, but after a timeout, the Clippers began their run. Paul George started it with a 3-pointer, and Los Angeles took its first lead when Leonard’s 9-foot fadeaway made it 115-114 with 2:50 left.

After making two free throws, Leonard hit a 3-pointer with 64 seconds left and another triple with 29.9 seconds to go to clinch the Clippers’ 24th win in their past 31 games.

Leonard shot 6-for-15 overall on a day where the Clippers struggled to find their rhythm until the fourth. James Harden led Los Angeles with 24 points, eight of which came in the fourth, while handing out 10 assists.

Bridges scored 20 of his 26 points in the first half for the Nets. Cam Thomas added 20 while Spencer Dinwiddie and Nic Claxton contributed 16 apiece, but Brooklyn missed its final eight shots and lost for the 10th time in 12 games.

Nuggets 113, Wizards 104

Nikola Jokic scored 42 points on 15-of-20 shooting and pulled down 12 rebounds as visiting Denver beat Washington.

Jokic, who had eight assists, is shooting 74.6 percent from the floor in the past 12 games, leading Denver to eight wins in that span.

Tyus Jones had 15 points and 13 assists, Kyle Kuzma scored 17 points and Daniel Gafford also scored 15 points for the Wizards.

Suns 117, Pacers 110

Kevin Durant scored 13 of his 40 points in the fourth quarter and Phoenix recovered after squandering a double-digit lead to hold off visiting Indiana.

The Suns built a 14-point lead just past the midpoint of the first quarter and kept the Pacers at arm’s length much of the night until an 11-0 Indiana run in the fourth. Buddy Hield bookended the run with two of his five 3-pointers on the night. Hield led six Pacers scorers in double figures with 18 points.

Phoenix answered Indiana’s surge with a game-closing 14-5 run, ignited when Durant made the last of his four treys. The Suns’ Devin Booker added 26 points despite shooting 1-for-7 from 3-point range. He also dished out a game-high eight assists.

Magic 105, Heat 87

Paolo Banchero collected 20 points and 10 rebounds to fuel host Orlando past Miami.

Banchero made 7 of 14 shots from the floor and 3 of 5 from 3-point range to help Orlando defeat its Sunshine State rival for the first time in three meetings this season.

Miami’s Bam Adebayo finished with 22 points, 11 rebounds and seven assists and Jimmy Butler added 15 points. Tyler Herro drained four 3-pointers to account for his 12 points for the Heat, who mustered a season low in points en route to losing their third straight game.

Celtics 116, Rockets 107

Kristaps Porzingis scored a game-high 32 points while Jaylen Brown added a triple-double as visiting Boston outlasted short-handed Houston.

Porzingis finished 6-for-11 from behind the arc as the Celtics went 17-for-47 from deep as a team. Brown had 13 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists and Derrick White finished with 21 points and 11 boards for Boston, which was without Jrue Holiday (elbow) and Al Horford (rest).

The Rockets were without starters Fred VanVleet (back) and Jabari Smith Jr. (ankle). Rookie Amen Thompson had career highs of 15 points and 14 rebounds, Alperen Sengun notched a triple-double with 24 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists and Dillon Brooks scored 25 points.



Bo Horvat scored on a breakaway 41 seconds into overtime on Sunday night for the New York Islanders, who won Patrick Roy’s debut as head coach by edging the Dallas Stars 3-2 in Elmont, N.Y.

Mathew Barzal created a turnover by checking Matt Duchene deep in the Islanders’ zone before dishing to Horvat, who descended upon Scott Wedgewood and went to the backhand to snap the Islanders’ four-game losing streak.

Lane Lambert was fired as the Islanders’ coach on Saturday and was replaced by Roy, the Hall of Fame goaltender who hadn’t coached in the NHL since his three-season stint with the Colorado Avalanche ended in 2016. Alexander Romanov and Hudson Fasching also scored for the Islanders, while goalie Ilya Sorokin made 40 saves.

Jason Robertson and Nils Lundkvist scored in the second period for the Stars, who lost for the third time in eight games (5-2-1). Wedgewood recorded 24 saves.

Wild 5, Hurricanes 2

Kirill Kaprizov scored three times to record his third career hat trick as Minnesota topped Carolina in Raleigh, N.C.

Joel Eriksson Ek and Jake Middleton also scored and Filip Gustavsson made 40 saves for the Wild, who have won three of their past four. Eriksson Ek also had a pair of assists, as did Brock Faber. Kaprizov has five goals in the past two games.

Martin Necas and Michael Bunting scored for the Hurricanes, who went 3-2-1 on a six-game homestand. Goalie Antti Raanta stopped 14 shots in a game that Carolina seemed to dominate at times. The Hurricanes, who went 0-for-4 on power plays, lost for just the third time in their past 11 games.

Maple Leafs 3, Kraken 1

Auston Matthews scored his NHL-leading 38th goal of the season as Toronto wrapped up a four-game Western trip with a victory at Seattle.

Nicholas Robertson and Jake McCabe also tallied for Toronto, which won for just the second time in its past seven games (2-4-1). Much-maligned goaltender Ilya Samsonov made 16 saves to earn his first victory in six appearances since Dec. 9.

Jordan Eberle scored for Seattle, which suffered its fourth straight loss following franchise-record streaks of nine consecutive wins and points in 13 games in a row (11-0-2). Joey Daccord stopped 23 of 25 shots.

Red Wings 2, Lightning 1

Alex Lyon made 27 saves to lead Detroit to a win over visiting Tampa Bay.

Lucas Raymond and Daniel Sprong each scored a goal for the Red Wings, who are 7-1-1 in their past nine games. Victor Hedman scored the lone goal for Tampa Bay, which saw a five-game winning streak come to an end.

Detroit took a 2-1 lead with 11:02 left in the second period on a goal by Sprong, who picked up a loose puck at center ice, skated in all alone on the Lightning goal and beat Andrei Vasilevskiy (33 saves) to the glove side. The Lightning had a six-on-four situation with 12 seconds remaining but couldn’t get the equalizer before time ran out.

Rangers 5, Ducks 2

Artemi Panarin scored the go-ahead goal with 5:37 remaining to highlight a four-goal third period for New York, which rallied to beat host Anaheim.

Chris Kreider had a goal and two assists and Vincent Trocheck, Will Cuylle and Jimmy Vesey also scored for New York, which snapped a five-game road losing streak. Igor Shesterkin made 16 saves as the Rangers moved four points ahead of the second-place Philadelphia Flyers in the Metropolitan Division.

Adam Henrique scored two goals and Troy Terry and Leo Carlsson each had a pair of assists for Anaheim, which lost its sixth straight home game. Lukas Dostal finished with 28 saves.

Senators 5, Flyers 3

Tim Stutzle scored two goals as Ottawa rallied past host Philadelphia.

Zack MacEwen, Claude Giroux and Vladimir Tarasenko each added one goal and Mads Sogaard made 22 saves as the Senators halted a five-game road losing streak. Ottawa scored three times in the third period to take over.

Egor Zamula had two goals and one assist while Joel Farabee added one goal and two assists for the Flyers. Samuel Ersson stopped 29 shots.



Ukrainian No. 19 seed Elina Svitolina trailed 3-0 in the opening set and bowed out of the Australian Open with a back injury, pushing Czech teen Linda Noskova into the quarterfinals in upset-mad Melbourne.

“Today was not the way I’ve planned to win. I feel sorry for Elina and I hope she feels well very soon,” said the 19-year-old Noskova, who embraced Svitolina at the net after a lengthy medical timeout signaled the end of their fourth-round meeting.

Noskova reached the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam for the first time in six tries.

She’ll oppose Urkainian 23-year-old qualifier Dayana Yastremska in an all-underdog quarterfinal. Yastremska beat two-time champion Victoria Azarenka 7-6(6), 6-4 only 30 minutes after Noskova’s match went final.

“My heart is going to jump out of my body,” Yastremska said post-match, her seventh consecutive victory since qualifying began.

Azarenka went ahead 3-0 in the second set. Yastremska admitted she was feeling fatigued, but found another gear.

“My coaches were telling me ‘play in 2 shots,’ ” Yastremska said.

“I’m like ‘how can I play in two shots?’ Vika’s running good. Then I just started: boom, boom, boom. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Noskova entered the field ranked 50th and already eliminated No. 1 Iga Swiatek, who called the big-serving Noskova “fearless.”

She’s the first teenager to beat a world No. 1 at the Australian Open since Amelie Mauresmo in 1999.

Svitolina cruised into the matchup by blowing past Viktorija Golubic, 6-2, 6-3, in the round of 16.

Trailing 2-0 in the opening set, Svitolina unfurled a towel and laid face-down hoping her back would respond during a medical timeout. Her injury was evident during attempts to serve, writhing and grimacing without the usual pop from the racket.



ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — It took only four rounds for Lydia Ko to put a dismal 2023 LPGA Tour season completely behind her.

Ko rediscovered her winning touch Sunday in the season-opening Hilton Grand Vacations Tournament of Champions, closing with a 2-under 70 for a two-shot victory over Alexa Pano at Lake Nona.

Ko, who finished at 14-under 274, won for the 20th time on the LPGA Tour. The 26-year-old from New Zealand became the seventh woman to win 20 LPGA titles before turning 27.

“The win is obviously great,” Ko said. “I wasn’t sure if I was going to be back in the winner’s circle, and to be back to the first tournament of the season, it’s pretty cool and so much faster than I could have ever anticipated.”

Ko was winless in 20 LPGA starts a year ago, and she now can resume her quest for entry into the exclusive LPGA Hall of Fame. Ko needs 27 points to get there, and the triumph Sunday put her just one point away. Each regular LPGA win is worth one point.

She could get there as early as this coming week, at the LPGA Drive On Championship, played just two hours from her home, in Bradenton.

Sunday’s final margin was two shots, but Ko remained in control throughout the final round, played amid unseasonably cool temperatures that dipped into the 40s. Ko, bogey-free in her second and third rounds, birdied four of her first 15 holes Sunday against a single bogey to leave her pursuers battling for second most of the day.

She stretched her lead to five shots early on the final nine. The only anxious moment arrived at the reachable par-5 15th, where Ko tugged her second shot left, toward a hazard. The ball finished in some gnarly rough short of the water and Ko, who displayed a top-notch short game all week, promptly pitched her third shot to 3 feet to set up the fourth birdie of her round.

Ko won the unofficial mixed-team Grant Thornton Invitational alongside Australian Jason Day late in 2023, which boosted her confidence. She said winning individually at Lake Nona provides a relief after enduring such a rough year in 2023.

What did she learn in a difficult season? “I cry a lot,” Ko said.

On Sunday, there were no tears. Winning against a limited field of champions from the last two seasons seemed as if it was expected. Business as usual.

“I’m playing against the best female golfers week-in and week-out,” she said, “and you know that your ‘B’ game is not going to cut it. People think golf is easy. It’s not.”

With a cold, steady breeze blowing and the ball not flying as far it had been earlier in the week, scoring in the final round was difficult. Only three players among the 34 LPGA finishers (Jody Ewart-Shadoff withdrew Sunday) managed rounds below 70. The low round was 68, and Ko was fine making pars.

She would bogey the final hole (where she hit a rare poor chip), but still won with ease.

Pano, who began the day two shots behind, summoned a late charge to make things interesting, with birdies at three of the final five holes as she matched Ko’s round of 70. Pano is only 19 years old, and her finish marked her second career top 10, adding to a victory in Northern Ireland late last year.

Canada’s Brooke Henderson, the tournament’s defending champion, made a strong Sunday run (68) with new irons in the bag to finish solo third. Cheyenne Knight (69), Ally Ewing (72) and Japan’s Ayaka Furue (71) tied for fourth at 8 under.

Ko’s 20 victories put her one behind Inbee Park (maternity leave) among active players. She joins Laura Davies and Cristie Kerr on the career list.

Ko, who is a Lake Nona resident, didn’t play well, didn’t score well, and left the golf course in tears on more than one occasion a year ago. Juli Inkster at one point pulled Ko aside and told her just to focus on trying to finish off under-par rounds. Sunday marked the first time all week Ko was not in the 60s, and she bettered par in all four rounds.

DIVOTS: New York Mets infielder Jeff McNeal won the tournament’s Celebrity Division, which utilized a Modified Stableford points format. He finished with 138 points, two better than Annika Sorenstam, the LPGA Hall of Famer who came up shy once more on her home course. McNeal, who grew up playing high school golf, not baseball, carries the nickname of “Flying Squirrel,” and he won on National Squirrel Appreciation Day. … Hilton Grand Vacations has extended its sponsorship of the Tournament of Champions for five more years.




Playing the final stop of a six-game road trip without All-Star guard Tyrese Haliburton, the Pacers tried to get it done by committee on Sunday night in Phoenix. Indiana played 11 players for double-digit minutes and got solid contributions from most of them, with six scoring in double figures.

But in the end, the Suns (24-18) simply had too much star power. Phoenix’s “big three” of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal combined for 91 points to lead the hosts to a 117-110 victory over Indiana (24-19).

Durant scored 40 points while going 18-for-25 from the field and 4-for-7 from the 3-point line to go along with nine rebounds and three blocks. Booker added 26 points, six rebounds, and eight assists, while Beal scored 25 points on 11-of-15 shooting, including three key baskets down the stretch to secure the victory.

Buddy Hield led Indiana with 18 points in the loss, going 5-for-8 from 3-point range. Pascal Siakam, playing his second game as a Pacer after being acquired from Toronto in a blockbuster trade on Wednesday, added 15 points on 6-of-14 shooting, four rebounds, and seven assists in 30 minutes of action.

Haliburton, who returned on Friday night in Portland after missing five games with a left hamstring strain, was held out of Sunday’s contest to manage his recovery as he works his way back from injury.

The Pacers trailed by 10 early in the fourth quarter, but rallied with an 11-0 run that culminated with Hield’s 3-pointer that put Indiana in front 105-103 with 3:20 remaining.

That forced a timeout from Suns head coach Frank Vogel. After the break, Durant’s three ended a 4:30 scoring drought and put the Suns back in front. After an Indiana turnover and a scramble for a loose ball, Durant dished to Booker under the basket, where he was fouled by Aaron Nesmith.

Booker made the first free throw, but missed the second. On the other end, Andrew Nembhard drove and was fouled by Beal. The second-year Pacers guard hit both free throws to tie the game with 2:25 to play.

Beal atoned for his mistake, beating Hield off the dribble at the other end and converting a go-ahead floater at 2:11, then drawing an offensive foul on Siakam on the other end.

Beal once again attacked Hield, driving right and converting a right-handed runner to make it a two-possession game with 1:37 to play.

Hield missed a three on the other end, but Booker was whistled for a foul on Nesmith on the rebound. Indiana was in the bonus, so Nesmith headed to the line, but could only convert one of two free throws.

Grayson Allen and Nembhard traded baskets on the next two possessions. Beal then got to the rim once again, driving from the left wing this time and converting to put Phoenix up 115-110 with 45.6 seconds remaining. An Indiana turnover on the next possession sealed the outcome.

“We had chances down the stretch,” Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle said. “Defensively it’s just awfully hard to stop their death lineup that they have (Durant) at the five and two other All-Stars (in Booker and Beal) and two other guys that can shoot the ball and make plays. I was disappointed with the result but not the effort and I thought the effort was very good.”

Jalen Smith finished with 15 points off the bench for Indiana, going a perfect 5-for-5 from the floor and 3-for-3 from 3-point range. Obi Toppin added 13 points and six rebounds off the bench, Myles Turner tallied 12 points and two blocks, and rookie forward Jarace Walker had 10 points on 4-of-6 shooting and nine rebounds.

Coming off a 52-point performance on Friday, Booker scored 12 of Phoenix’s first 22 points on Sunday, including nine during a 17-2 run that gave the hosts a 22-8 lead midway through the first quarter.

After a timeout at the 5:31 mark, the Pacers responded with an 11-2 run of their own over the next 2:18, with Smith hitting two 3-pointers over that span.

The Pacers couldn’t get closer than five for the remainder of the frame and a three by Grayson Allen in the final minute pushed the Suns’ lead to 33-25 after one.

Indiana quickly surged ahead at the start of the second quarter, scoring nine unanswered points over the first 1:47, taking the lead on Smith’s third three of the night.

The lead was short-lived, as the Suns moved back in front on Beal’s three-point play on the other end. The Pacers managed to tie the game twice minutes later on two massive Toppin slams. But Phoenix eventually surged ahead thanks to Durant, who scored nine straight Suns points over a two-minute span.

The Suns led by 11 following two Beal free throws with 2:28 remaining in the first half. But the Pacers closed the half strong, with Siakam, Nesmith, and Hield each making a three in the final two minutes to trim the deficit to 65-61 at the break.

Phoenix maintained its lead for the entirety of the third quarter. Durant scored seven points and Booker added six in the frame as the Suns took a 91-83 lead into the fourth quarter.

Toppin and Walker helped spark a Pacers rally at the start of the fourth quarter. After a Durant jumper pushed the Suns’ lead to 10 at the start of the quarter, Walker dished to Toppin for a layup on the other end. Walker — the eighth overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft — then knocked down threes on Indiana’s next two possessions before Toppin converted a spinning layup with 9:45 remaining to cut the deficit to 97-93.

Walker then stole the ball from Eric Gordon on the other end, triggering a fast break where Bennedict Mathurin drew a foul. Mathurin hit one of two free throws to make it a three-point game.

But once again, Durant took over, hitting jumpers on Phoenix’s next three possessions to stretch the margin back to nine.

The Pacers came right back, with Hield knocking down his fourth three of the night and then Toppin converting another layup after a Phoenix turnover to cut the deficit to 103-99 with 6:46 to play.

The Blue & Gold kept coming. Nembhard made one of two free throws with 6:29 remaining and then Siakam hit both foul shots at the 6:13 mark to make it a one-point game.

Neither team scored for nearly three minutes, going scoreless for a combined nine consecutive possessions. On the last possession of that stretch, Beal drove but was met at the rim by Siakam, who swatted his shot away. Nesmith corralled the rebound and quickly dished to Nembhard, who found a streaking Hield on the left wing. Hield’s fifth three of the night gave the Pacers the lead with 3:20 remaining.

But Beal and the Suns closed strong down the stretch, outscoring Indiana 14-5 the rest of the way.

“Against a team like that, you got to keep fighting,” Nesmith said. “Keep fighting, keep clawing, keep scratching away, play a full 48 minutes. We did that today, gave ourselves a chance to win. Just came up short.”

Allen was the only other Sun to finish in double figures, tallying 13 points while going 5-for-7 from the field and 3-for-4 from 3-point range. Jusuf Nurkic added four points, 13 rebounds, and four assists, but fouled out in just 19 minutes of action.

The Pacers went 2-4 on their road trip, winning in Atlanta and Sacramento, but falling in Denver, Utah, and Portland in addition to Phoenix.

Indiana will now return home for a four-game homestand that includes rematches with the Nuggets on Tuesday and the Suns on Friday as well as games against Philadelphia on Thursday and Memphis on Sunday.

Inside the Numbers

Hield led the Pacers in scoring for the fourth time this season. He has gone 11-for-19 from 3-point range over his past two games and his five threes on Sunday moved him past Kobe Bryant and Wesley Matthews (both at 1,827 career 3-pointers) and into 23rd place on the NBA’s all-time list. Just midway through his eighth NBA season, Hield now has 1,829 career threes, just one behind 22nd-place Chauncey Billups.

The Pacers outscored Phoenix by 18 points from 3-point range, going 14-for-31 (45.2 percent) while the Suns were just 8-for-25 (32 percent).

After scoring a season-low 14 bench points in Friday’s loss in Portland, the Pacers’ reserves bounced back on Sunday, outscoring Phoenix’s bench, 55-9. Indiana entered the night leading the league in bench points, averaging 49.1 points off the bench per game.

The Suns outscored Indiana 64-48 in points in the paint.

Durant reached 40 points for the third time this season. The NBA’s 10th all-time leading scorer, Durant has 69 40-point games in his career, the 11th-highest total in league history.

You Can Quote Me On That

“He’s a very resourceful, adaptable player. I can just see that we’ll be able to put him on a lot of different guys, a lot of different positions. He started on Booker in this game. Ended up moving to Durant and other guys. Offensively, we’ve got to get him more acquainted with some of the stuff we’re doing and we’re going to have to add some new stuff that makes sense for his special abilities. Studying that stuff now but there’s everything to like about him.” -Carlisle on what he’s learned from the first two games with Siakam

“Just understanding that on defense there are more concepts. Getting better on those. On offense, just trying to find my spots and just talking to our coaches…It is going to take a little bit but, I just have to keep learning. Again, I have to see the tendencies of the guys and they are going to see mine. I think we will get better.” -Siakam on fitting in with a new team

“Rebounding is something that we’ve asked him to concentrate on and focus on. Tonight, he got nine rebounds from the three position. He didn’t play any four at all tonight. What I’m seeing is that he’s a guy capable of playing at three, he has good size at three. He’s moving his feet and staying in front of people at three. He’s playing with more presence and those things are great to see.” -Carlisle on Walker’s contributions

“He is going to make tough shots. That is just what he does. I think Aaron (Nesmith) did a good job on him. A solid job. He made some tough shots and sometimes it goes like that for those types of players. We just have to continue to try and make it tough on him. I think with everything he did in the game; we had an opportunity to win so, that says a lot about our team.” -Siakam on Durant’s big night

“Pretty much every shot he made. There was only a couple of times where they drove the rim and beat me to the rack. Every time he took a jumper, it was like, I am here, and I did my job. I had a hand in the face. He made it. I tipped my cap and just ran down to the other end.” -Nesmith on Durant’s shot-making

Stat of the Night

The Suns shot 57.3 percent from the field on Sunday — the third-highest field goal percentage by a Pacers opponent this season — while the Pacers converted just 43.6 percent of their shots.


The Pacers have dropped five straight games against the Suns, with their last win in the series coming in Phoenix on March 13, 2021.

Nembhard returned to action on Sunday after missing the previous two games due to a thoracic spine sprain.

Third-year Pacers center Isaiah Jackson missed his second straight game with a concussion.

The Pacers have yet to win a game this season in which they scored 110 points or fewer. They are 0-10 in those games.



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. ––– In an intense and tightly contested dual, No. 29 Indiana found a way late in the match to secure a 21-15 win over No. 21 Maryland on Sunday afternoon in Wilkinson Hall.

Despite trailing 12-4 after four matches, Indiana won five of the last six bouts to take the win.

Indiana opened the dual with Michael Spangler (125) scoring on four takedowns in a 15-3 major decision win over Maryland’s Tommy Capul to put IU up 4-0. After that, Maryland won three consecutive bouts to take a 12-4 lead.

No. 20 Brayton Lee got the Hoosiers back in striking distance with a 15-4 win by major decision over No. 30 Michael North to cut into the deficit, 12-8. Then, No. 22 Tyler Lillard and No. 20 DJ Washington each took decision victories to put Indiana back in front, 14-12.

Redshirt sophomore Roman Rogotzke (184) added on to the lead with his 13-3 major decision win over Chase Mielnik. Maryland picked up a very close win at 197 lbs. with No. 5 Jaxon Smith (197) winning in Sudden Victory, 4-1, over Gabe Sollars. The Maryland victory at 197 lbs. put the Terrapins in position, trailing only 18-15.

Indiana graduate student and heavyweight Nick Willham faced off with No. 23 Seth Nevills in the dual’s final bout to determine the winner.

Two periods in, and the match was tied at 1-1. Willham worked to his offense with consistent forward movement in the final period, eventually shooting, and scoring, on a takedown with about 50 seconds left in the bout.

Willham would hold on for a 4-2 win by decision and gave IU the 21-15 team victory.

With the win, Indiana’s record moves to 4-2 overall and 1-2 in the Big Ten.


• Lee and Willham each picked up wins over ranked opponents.

• Lee’s match was his first in Wilkinson Hall competing as a Hoosier.

• Spangler and Rogotzke picked up their first career Big Ten dual victories.

• Indiana won six of the ten bouts.

• Indiana is undefeated in home duals this year at 3-0.

• Indiana is 8-0 in program history against Maryland.


• Indiana will stay in Bloomington to host rival Purdue next weekend for a Saturday at 7 p.m. in Wilkinson Hall.



WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – No. 16 Indiana got 20 points from senior guards Chloe Moore-McNeil and Sara Scalia as it kept the Barn Burner trophy for the eighth-straight season in a 74-68 win over Purdue at Mackey Arena on Sunday.


Hot shooting started off the first quarter for both teams, combining to go 6-for-6 in the first 3:53 of action. Holmes’ and-1 helped the Hoosiers stay on top with 5:33 remaining but Purdue shot a blistering 63.2 percent from the floor to take a 29-22 edge.

A 3-pointer from Garzon and and-1 from Holmes brought the game back to a one-possession game with 8:17 in the second quarter. Senior guard Chloe Moore-McNeil attacked the rim with just under six minutes to go to make it a 35-33 deficit as Scalia’s fourth 3-pointer made it a 36-36 advantage for Indiana.

A wide-open Moore-McNeil drained the 3-pointer with 57 seconds left which proved to be the difference maker in the first half as IU took a 39-37 lead in the locker room. Indiana was able to make ground in the third quarter, as Moore-McNeil added an and-1 and Garzon drained a 3-pointer to make it a five-point edge, 49-44. It was all part of a 10-0 run that gave Indiana its largest lead at 51-44 with 3:09 to play.

Purdue responded late in the frame to match Indiana’s run, putting a stamp on the quarter with a buzzer beating triple to take a 54-41 lead into the fourth. In the final 10 minutes, IU outscored Purdue, 23-14, while shooting 80 percent from the floor as Scalia and Holmes drained back-to-back 3-pointers to take control with 7:38 remaining. The Boilers came within one score with just under five remaining but a long arching triple for Moore-McNeil pushed the IU lead to seven.

Scalia put the finishing touches on as she drove straight to the rim and tallied her fifth triple of the night with 55 seconds remaining.


Indiana finished the afternoon shooting 65.2 percent from the 3-point line and connected on 15 triples. Their 65.2 percent clip is the fifth-best in a single game in school history while 15 treys is second-most in a single game.

The Barn Burner trophy returns back to Bloomington for the eighth-straight season, dating back to the 2016-17 season as the Hoosiers continue on its longest win streak in the rivalry trophy series. Indiana has also won 10 in a row against the Boilermakers and 13 of the last 14.

Moore-McNeil set a new career-high 20 points as she went 7-for-14 from the floor and hit three 3-pointers. The Greenfield, Tenn. native also added a team-high four assists.

Scalia recorded her fifth game with 20-points or more scoring as she tied Moore-McNeil with a team-high 20 points. Garzon (17) and Holmes (15) each added double figures in the win.

Holmes added six rebounds and two blocks in the victory.

Indiana finished the night shooting 53.1 percent from the floor, its 10th time this season shooting 50 percent or better.


Indiana head coach Teri Moren

“Well what a fabulous game. I thought it was entertaining, back-and-forth and I thought Purdue played great today. But I thought our kids really had to dig down deep and they obviously shot it very well from the 3-point line today, but they also executed. In an environment like this, which again is good for women’s basketball when you have crowds like this. Its loud, tough environment but we’ve played in tough environments before so that doesn’t bother this group, which I appreciate. Without Syd(ney Parrish) being in there, she is our energy and we had to have other people step up. Chloe was huge today, Sara does was Sara does, puts pressure on the defense and so does this one over here (Moore-McNeil.) I thought having four guys in double digits today; were not very happy with the rebounding difference and we know we have to be better there and taking care of the ball. 18 turnover is too much for our basketball team. But in spite of all that, I am just really proud of our group. We got down, we got up, we got down, we got up and found a way to win and I’m just really proud of my guys.”


The Hoosiers will break in action for the week and return to the court on Sunday, January 28 against Northwestern at 2 p.m. ET.



BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana women’s tennis defeated Western Michigan, 5-2, in their first match of the morning at the IU Tennis Center.

The Hoosiers No. 1 doubles duo Lara Schneider and Lene Mari Hovda got the Hoosiers the first doubles point with a 6-3 win. No. 3 doubles Nicole Teodosescu and Sarah L’allier clinched the doubles point for the Hoosiers with a 6-4 win.

Schneider was victorious in the No. 1 singles match winning in straight sets 6-3, 6-1. Hovda and Li Hsin Lin both clinched the match with wins in the No. 4 and 6 singles matches.

The Hoosiers are now 3-0 on the season.



1. Schneider (IU) def. Zieglar (WMU), 6-3, 6-1

2. Hamilton (WMU) def. Nihalani (IU), 3-6, 7-6, (10-6)

3. Teodosescu (IU) def. Monko (WMU), 6-3, 3-6, (6-4)

4. Hovda (IU) def. Khotko (WMU), 7-5, 6-3

5. Smitek (WMU) def. L’allier (IU), 5-7, 4-6

6. Lin (IU) def. Souligny (WMU), 4-6, 6-3, (6-1)


1. Schneider/Hovda (IU) def. Zieglar/Monko (WMU), (6-3)

2. Nihalani/Lin (IU) vs. Hamilton/Smitek (WMU), unf., 5-4

3. Teodosescu/L’allier (IU) def. Khotko/Souligny (WMU), (6-4)


Singles: 1, 5, 4, 6, 3, 2

Doubles: 1, 3, unfinished


The Hoosiers will take on Chicago State in their final match in this weekend’s doubleheader, starting at 5 p.m. ET.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana women’s tennis dominated Chicago State, 6-1, as they improved to 4-0 on the season.

Lara Schneider and Lene Mari Hovda overpowered the Cougars winning 6-1 in the No. 1 doubles slot. Elisabeth Dunac and Sarah L’Allier earned the doubles point for the Hoosiers with a 6-2 win in No. 3 doubles.

No. 2 singles Swierczynska was up 6-2 when her opponent retired, giving her the first win.

Dunac got the Hoosiers a 3-0 lead with a win of 6-2, 6-0, in No. 3 singles. Li Hsin Lin earned in the team another victory with a, 6-4, 6-1, win over No. 4 single.


• Schneider and Hovda are on a four-game win streak in No. 1 doubles.



1. Nihalani (IU) def. Dukic (CSU), 6-3, 6-3

2. Swierczynska (IU) def. Sedovich (CSU), 6-2, (retired)

3. Dunac (IU) def. Eloundou (CSU), 6-2, 6-0

4. Lin (IU) def. Li (CSU), 6-4, 6-1

5. L’allier (IU) vs. Taibi (CSU), 7-5, 7-6 (7-2)

6. Cooper (CSU) def. Boyer (IU), 6-4, 3-6, (11-9)


1. Schneider/Hovda (IU) def. Dukic/Eloundou (CSU), 6-1

2. Nihalani/Lin (IU) vs. Sedovich/Li (CSU), 1-4 (unfinished)

3. Dunac/L’Allier (IU) def. Cooper/Hughes (CSU), 6-2


Singles: 2 (retired), 3, 4, 1, 6, 5

Doubles: 1, 3, 2 (unfinished)


The Hoosiers will take on the Yale Bulldogs on Saturday, Jan. 28, at the IU Tennis Center.



MEMPHIS, Tenn. –––– Indiana Men’s Tennis suffered their first loss of the season on Sunday to Memphis, 6-1, in Memphis, Tenn.

Memphis secured the doubles point early, securing wins on No. 1 and No. 3 doubles to take the advantage heading into singles play.

Senior Michael Andre captured a win on No.3 singles and earned a win against a ranked opponent in No. 80 Pau Fanlo. Andre is undefeated through three matches in singles play.

After today’s loss, Indiana is 2-1 on the season. The Hoosiers will be back in action this this Friday in an away match against Dartmouth at 6 p.m.



Singles competition

1. Pablo Alemany (MEM) def. Sam Landau (IU), 6-4, 6-3.

2. Conor Gannon (MEM) def. Facundo Yunis (IU), 6-1, 7-6 (7-4).

3. Michael Andre (IU) def. #80 Pau Fanlo (MEM), 6-4, 7-6 (7-3).

4. Harry Rock (MEM) def. Jagger Saylor (IU),  6-4, 6-4.

5. Juan Zabala (MEM) def. Luc Boulier (IU), 6-0, 6-3.

6. Moritz Kudernatsch (MEM) def. Deacon Thomas (IU), 6-1, 6-4.

Doubles competition

1. Sam Landau/Michael Andre (IU) vs. Pablo Alemany/Charlie Berry (MEM), 4-4, unfinished.

2. Harry Rock/Conor Gannon (MEM) def. Luc Boulier/Jagger Saylor (IU), 6-2.

3. Sam Reeve/Pau Fanlo (MEM) def. Facundo Yunis/Carson Haskins (IU), 6-3.

Order of finish

Singles: 6, 5, 1, 4, 2, 3

Doubles: 2, 3, unfinished



LINCOLN, Neb. – Matt Ramos, Joey Blaze and Brody Baumann all earned big wins, but Purdue Wrestling ultimately lost its match with No. 6 Nebraska 27-14 on Sunday afternoon in the Devaney Center.

The true freshman Blaze’s third period pin of No. 3 Peyton Robb highlighted the day for the Boilermakers (5-6, 0-3 B1G) who also saw Ramos add his seventh career tech and Baumann pick up the first ranked win of his career.

To start the dual the No. 2 ranked Ramos followed up his win over Iowa’s No. 1 Drake Ayala on Friday with a clinical 19-4 tech fall (7:00) victory over Nebraska’s Alan Koehler on Sunday. Four takedowns and a four-point nearfall gave him his first tech since the opening weekend of the season and further solidify his bid for the unanimous No. 1 spot at 125.

No. 16 Joey Blaze picked up the second top-5 win of his debut campaign in the old gold and black by pinning (6:22) two-time All-American No. 3 Peyton Robb. Trailing 2-1 late in the third with Robb on top, Blaze backed out of a one-swipe hold against him and put the Cornhusker on his back for the fall.

It was his third pin and ninth bonus point win of the year for Blaze, who trails only Ramos in both of those categories. He is the first true freshman during head coach Tony Ersland’s tenure to earn two top-5 wins in his first year.

Redshirt-freshman Brody Baumann fought for a 7-2 decision over No. 29 Bubba Wilson, bagging the first points of the match with a takedown in the first 10 seconds. He followed it up with another takedown in the third to secure his first win over a ranked opponent.


A rivalry matchup awaits for the Boilermakers next weekend when they travel to Bloomington on Saturday to take on Indiana. The match will start at 7:00 p.m. ET and will be streamed on B1G+.

Purdue 14 – #6 Nebraska 27

125: #2 Matt Ramos (PUR) over Alan Koehler (NEB) – TF 19-4 (7:00)

133: #19 Jacob Van Dee (NEB) over Dustin Norris (PUR) – Dec 6-2

141: Blake Cushing (NEB) over #32 Greyson Clark (PUR) – Dec 7-5

149: #1 Ridge Lovett (NEB) over Marcos Polanco (PUR) – Fall 6:12

157: #16 Joey Blaze (PUR) over #3 Peyton Robb (NEB) – Fall 6:22

165: #18 Antrell Taylor (NEB) over Stoney Buell (PUR) – MD 14-6

174: Brody Baumann (PUR) over #29 Bubba Wilson (NEB) – Dec 7-2

184: #3 Lenny Pinto (NEB) over James Rowley (PUR) – Dec 7-1

197: #15 Silas Allred (NEB) over Ben Vanadia (PUR) – TF 19-4 (3:28)

285: Nash Hutmacher (NEB) over Tristan Ruhlman (PUR) – Dec 5-0



WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Purdue women’s tennis team earned its third victory of the season by sweeping the Xavier Musketeers 7-0.

The doubles team of Csilla Fodor/Kennedy Gibbs started the Boilermakers on the right foot. At. No. 1, Fodor and Gibbs defeated Xavier’s Imani Graham/Anna Roggenburk 6-0. Ashlie Wilson/Juana Larranaga clinched the doubles point for Purdue after beating Blessing Nwaozuzu/Abigail Siminski at No. 3. Purdue’s Tara Katarina Milic/Carmen Gallardo Guevara were fighting neck and neck against Emily Flowers/Sofia Mazzucato from Xavier when the match was declared unfinished. The pair at No. 2 ended with a score of 5-5.

The first singles victory came from Gibbs at No. 3. With a commanding lead after winning the first set 6-0, the sophomore defeated Xavier’s Siminski in two sets. Following closely behind with another win was Purdue’s only ranked player, No. 113 Carmen Gallardo Guevara. She remains undefeated in singles since first being ranked on Nov. 15, 2023.

At No. 5, Milic bested Emily Flowers in two sets, going 6-4, 6-3. Adding another point for the Boilermakers is Ashlie Wilson at No. 6, winning her battle against the Musketeers’ Ellie Brotherton.

The two final matches both ended in super tiebreaks. Senior Csilla Fodor went 6-0 in the first set at No. 1. After going 17-15 in the final set, Fodor beat Imani Graham, the BIG EAST’s Player of the Year in 2023. Completing the sweep was junior Juana Larranaga at No. 4. Larranaga came back after falling in the first set and solidified her win with a 1-0(4) super tiebreak victory.

Up Next

The Boilermakers will travel to Ann Arbor, Mich. for the ITA Kickoff Weekend on Friday, Jan 26. Purdue will take on the University of Arkansas.

Purdue (3-0)- 7, Xavier (1-1)- 0


1. Csilla Fodor (PUR) def. Imani Graham (XAV)- 6-0, 4-6, 1-0(15)

2. No. 113 Carmen Gallardo Guevara (PUR) def. Anna Roggenburk (XAV)- 6-3, 6-4

3. Kennedy Gibbs (PUR) def. Abigail Siminski (XAV)- 6-0, 6-4

4. Juana Larranaga (PUR) def. Sofia Mazzucato (XAV)- 5-7, 6-2, 1-0(4)

5. Tara Katarina Milic (PUR) def. Emily Flowers (XAV)- 6-4, 6-3

6. Ashlie Wilson (PUR) def. Ellie Brotherton (XAV)- 6-4, 6-3


1. Csilla Fodor/Kennedy Gibbs (PUR) def. Imani Graham/Anna Roggenburk (XAV)- 6-0

2. Tara Katarina Milic/Carmen Gallardo Guevara (PUR) vs. Emily Flowers/Sofia Mazzucato (XAV)- 5-5 (Unfinished)

3. Ashlie Wilson/Juana Larranaga (PUR) def. Blessing Nwaozuzu/Abigail Siminski (XAV)- 6-4


Singles- 3, 2, 5, 6, 1, 4

Doubles- 1, 3, 2 (Unfinished)



WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Purdue women’s basketball team saw its upset bid against No. 16 Indiana come up just short in front of an electric Mackey Arena on Sunday afternoon, falling 74-68.

The two clubs treated the 11,796 hand to a back-and-forth bout that featured 12 lead changed and seven ties.

For the second time this season, the Boilermakers (9-9, 2-5) put five players in double figures. Caitlyn Harper led the way with 18 points and six rebounds. The sixth-year senior connected on her 100th career triples in the first quarter.

After combining for 36 points the other night at Penn State, freshman tandem Mary Ashley Stevenson and Rashunda Jones both tallied 13 points. Madison Layden made a pair of 3-pointers to finish with 10 points, and Abbey Ellis notched her 16th game in double figures this season.

The Boilermakers worked the ball inside to score 30 points in the paint for the 10th time this season. Led by Jeanae Terry’s game-high eight rebounds, Purdue won the rebounding battle 32-26. Terry grabbed half of the Boilermakers’ 14 offensive rebounds that turned into 13 points.

While Purdue took 12 more shots and forced five more turnovers, Indiana (16-2, 7-1) managed to outlast the Boilermakers’ effort behind 15 3-pointers at a 65.2% clip (15-23) and a pair of 20-point outings by from Sara Scalia and Chloe Moore-McNeil.

Purdue started hot with nine makes on their first 10 attempts in the first to build up a four-point lead. Jones scored the final five points of the period, as Purdue went 12-of-19 from the field and 3-of-4 from behind the arc to hold a 29-22 lead.

Stevenson extended the lead with a jumper on Purdue’s opening possession of the second, before the Hoosiers chipped away to the gap, eventually taking a 39-37 lead into the break. Despite Purdue shooting 50% on the floor in the first half, Indiana connected on nine triples.

Purdue outscored the Hoosiers 17-12 in the third. Ellis capped a 7-0 run to start the period with a long-range 3-pointer from a Terry offensive rebound and assist. After Indiana went on a 10-point run to retake the lead at 51-44 with 3:09 to play, Purdue punched back with a 10-0 swing in the final 2:47 of the period. Following a defensive stand with less than 10 seconds remaining, Jones unleashed a midcourt heave that sank to give Purdue a 54-51 lead at the buzzer.

Indiana used a 10-2 run early in the fourth and five 3-pointers in the final period to pull away.


• Purdue leads the all-time series with Indiana 55-41. Indiana retained the Barn Burner Trophy for the

• The two clubs played in front of a crowd of 11,796. It was the 13th largest crowd at Mackey Arena in program history. It also marked the first time since 2008 Mackey had two crowds over 11,000.

• Stevenson has reached double figures in nine games this season, while Jones hit double digits for the seventh time.

• Purdue’s 29 points in the first quarter were the second most in an opening frame this season, following a 35-point effort against Southern Indiana.

• Terry recorded at least five rebounds and assists for the 10th time this year, tied for fourth in the nation.

• Ellis has made a game in each of the last seven games.

• Layden moved into a tie with Stephanie White for eighth on Purdue’s all-time 3-point chart with 183 career triples.

• Terry became the eighth player in Purdue history to amass 470 assists in West Lafayette, reaching 475.


The Boilermakers will hit the road for Michigan State on Wednesday night, starting at 6:30 p.m. on B1G+.



The Notre Dame men’s tennis team hit the road for the first time this season and came away with a 5-2 win at Wisconsin on Sunday. The Irish would take the doubles point and four singles victories to claim the victory and move to 3-0 on the young season.

In doubles, the #3 team of Nil Giraldez and Yu Zhang sprinted out of the gate and secured their match without dropping a game by a 6-0 score. Sebastian Dominko and Jean-Marc Malkowski suffered their first loss of the year as a team at #1 doubles, 6-3, turning all eyes to Chase Thompson and Evan Lee at #2 doubles to decide the doubles point. The Irish duo found themselves down 2-5 and a double break before mounting a comeback. The freshman/sophomore combo rattled off 4 straight games to edge in front at 6-5. After a hold by the Badgers to force a tiebreak, Notre Dame took the early lead and never looked back claiming the 7-2 tiebreak win and the doubles point for the Irish.

In singles, Dominko rebounded from his loss in doubles and put a quick point win the board with a 6-1, 6-4 win at the top singles spot. It was close on a number of courts early and three singles matches would go to tiebreakers in the first set, all of which Notre Dame would win. After Wisconsin would take the match at #2 singles, Malkowski would be next off the court. He played a rollercoaster of a first set winning the first five games before falling behind 6-5. But digging in, there Irish senior broke and then won the first set tiebreak before a 6-2 second set win and putting his team within a point of the victory. The Badgers would tally another point with a victory at #5 singles but the remaining two matches would go to the visiting team.

It was deja vu in singles for Thompson who would get down 2-5, double break just as they had in doubles. And just like in doubles, he would fight back and win the set in a tiebreak at #3 singles. He followed up with a 6-3 second set to win his court and clinch the Irish road victory. Zhang only a minute later would add the final point on the board with a very similar scoreline, winning 7-6, 6-2 at #6 to wrap up the afternoon in Madison.

Up Next:

The men’s team will head to Lexington, Kentucky to participate in ITA Kickoff Weekend. The Irish will take on host team and #10 ranked Kentucky in the first round on Friday at 1pm. Then on Saturday, they will match up against either Alabama or Nebraska for the second match. The team that wins both matches will advance to ITA National Indoors in February.



Notre Dame Women’s Tennis marched to a 2-0 record on Sunday with a 5-2 home victory over Columbia, capping off an undefeated opening weekend.

Once again, the Irish put the doubles point on the board with wins at the top two positions. Carrie Beckman and Page Freeman notched a 6-4 victory at the top spot, while Julia Andreach and Yashna Yellayi battled for a hard fought 7-5 win on court No. 2 to give the Irish a 1-0 lead heading into singles.

Andreach secured the second point for Notre Dame, winning 6-2, 6-2 at the No. 2 position. Not long after and just moments apart, Bojana Pozder and Freeman each closed out victories and secured the Irish triumph on courts No. 4 and No. 1, respectively. A fifth point followed for the home team when Nibi Ghosh capped off a straight sets victory at No. 6.

Next Up

The Irish head to Columbus for a matchup against No. 14 Ohio State in the ITA Kick-Off for a chance to qualify for the ITA National Indoor Championships. The match will begin at 10:00 AM.

Box Score


No. 1 – Page Freeman (ND) def. Julia Haynes (COL), 6-2, 6-3

No. 2 – Julia Andreach (ND) def. Gayathri Krishnan (COL), 6-2, 6-2

No. 3 – Anna Zhang (COL) def. Carrie Beckman (ND), 6-2, 6-2

No. 4 – Bojana Pozder (ND) def. Fatima Keita (COL), 6-4, 6-2

No. 5 – Sophia Wang (COL) def. Akari Matsuno (ND), 7-5, 1-6, 1-0 (10-7)

No. 6 – Nibi Ghosh (ND) def. Salma Farhat (COL), 6-2, 6-4


No. 1 – Page Freeman/Carrie Beckman (ND) def. Sophia Wang/Anna Zhang (COL), 6-4

No. 2 – Julia Andreach/Yashna Yellayi (ND) def. Rachele Rimondini/Winta Tewolde (COL), 7-5

No. 3 – Gayathri Krishnan/Sophia Strugnell (COL) def. Nibi Ghosh/Bojana Pozder (ND) 6-2

Order of finish

Doubles (3, 1, 2); Singles (3, 2, 4, 1, 6, 5)



WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — In a conference riddled with upsets this season, particularly on the road, No. 19 Notre Dame (14-3, 5-2) survived a two-game road trip unscathed. On Sunday, the Irish used excellent 3-point shooting and contributions across the board to top Wake Forest (4-15, 0-7), 75-56. Notre Dame made 10 of 18 shots from behind the arc, the most it has made against a major conference team this season.

“I’m very happy with this road trip, going 2-0,” Karen and Kevin Keyes Family Head Coach Niele Ivey said after the victory. “There was a lot of balance tonight, a lot of great things that happened.”

Sonia Citron continued her jaw-dropping week, scoring 18 in Winston-Salem and going 4-8 from deep. She added 4 rebounds, 4 assists and a 2-2 showing from the charity stripe. That wrapped up a perfect 14-14 week from the free throw line for the All-ACC guard.

As far as game flow goes, Notre Dame came out firing from deep. Hannah Hidalgo hit a trey to start the scoring, and the Irish ended the first frame with five made 3s by four players: Citron, Anna DeWolfe, Maddy Westbeld and Hidalgo (2). Notre Dame entered the game averaging 5.4 treys per game.

The Irish relied solely on the outside shot through 10 minutes, as they didn’t score a single point in the paint until Kylee Watson opened up the second quarter with a made layup. Notre Dame continued to be selective about shots, and the misses were few. The Irish went 10-16 from the floor in the second quarter (62.5 percent).

Notre Dame took a 12-point lead into the locker room, 45-33. They went 7-13 from deep, and Citron ended the frame 3-6 from behind the arc. Aggressive work in the paint and defensive lapses down low kept the Demon Deacons in the game; it was 16-16 in the lane after the first two quarters. Wake Forest went 14-27 from the floor as whole (51.9 percent).

The third quarter started very similarly to how it did in Charlottesville on Thursday night. Wake Forest’s leading scorer Elise Williams exited early in the frame with 3 fouls, and Hidalgo and Citron hit back-to-back deep balls. It looked like Notre Dame was pulling away.

That was until the Irish turned the ball over 6 times in a 3:31 span. Notre Dame went 4-8 in the third quarter, but the shots were hard to come by because of those turnovers. Luckily for the Irish, Wake Forest shot just 23.5 percent in the quarter. They tried to lessen the lead by shooting the 3 but went 0-6 in Q3.

In the end, Notre Dame did end up running away with it, winning by 19 points. That was tied for its largest lead of the afternoon. Kylee Watson went 2-2 in the final quarter and DeWolfe hit a corner 3 helping to solidify the win.

Outside of Citron and Hidalgo, it was an extremely balanced performance for the other Irish. Westbeld led the way with 9 boards, and five other players had 4 rebounds. Westbeld’s cunning defensive nature led to a team-leading 4 steals. That mark ties her career-high.

“Maddy’s been so solid this entire season but definitely on the road,” Ivey said. “She’s so physical in the paint and doing a great job from shooting inside and out. She does such a great job leading our team.”

Notre Dame heads back to South Bend this week for a Thursday date with Syracuse (16-2, 6-1). The Orange topped them 86-81 on Dec. 31 in Syracuse.



INDIANAPOLIS – The Bulldogs outscored Providence 19-9 in the third quarter and cut the deficit down to just six points with six minutes remaining in the fourth, but the comeback effort came up just short against Providence allowing the Friars to notch their ninth win of the season with a 63-53 victory. 1,456 fans filled the seats at Hinkle Fieldhouse for Butler’s FS1 game on Sunday afternoon. With the setback, BU moves to 8-10 on the year.

Rachel Kent supplied Butler with two 3-pointers from the top of the key over the first four minutes of the game, but the Bulldogs would be limited to just eight first quarter points allowing the Friars to build a six-point lead.

Brynn Farrell was responsible for seven of Providence’s 14 points. She didn’t score in the second quarter, but a 17-2 scoring run would increase the visitors lead to 35-16 at the half. BU shot 17 percent from the field in the first half and were just 3-for-12 from behind the arc.

The Bulldogs came alive in the third quarter to outscore the Friars 19-9. They used a 13-4 scoring run to cut the lead to 10 and would trail PC 44-35 heading into the final quarter. Strande had eight of Butler’s 13 points during the run. She led all players with 14 points after three quarters.

Strande stayed hot in the fourth and her 3-pointer with 6:12 to play would get BU within six points at 50-44. PC scored the next four points and would hold on to their 10-point advantage the rest of the way.

Inside the Box Score

– Caroline Strande tied her career-high point total with 22 vs. PC

– Strande went 5-for-6 from 3-point range and added eight rebounds

– Rachel Kent and Strade shared the team lead in rebounds with 8 each

– Kent was the only other Bulldog in double figures with 13 points

– Ari Wiggins had eight points, three boards and three steals Sunday

– Cristen Carter impacted the game with seven rebounds and a team-high three blocked shots

– BU only scored 12 points in the paint

– The Bulldogs shot 50 percent from the field in the third quarter but just 28 percent in the game

– Olivia Olsen led PC to victory with 16 points and 13 rebounds

– Grace Efosa added 12 points and seven boards

Up Next

Butler will play Xavier at the Cintas Center on Wednesday night. The 7 PM tip will stream on



The Butler men’s tennis team competed on Sunday in a double header, where the Bulldogs took on Toledo and Marian (Ind.). Both matches took place at the Butler Bubble.

The Bulldogs started off the day by falling to Toledo 4-3. In singles play, Rahulniket Konakanchi defeated Cole Cozens, in two sets (6-1, 6-1). While fellow sophomore, Nicolas Arts beat Charlie Snow in three sets (6-2, 6-7-7, 6-3).

In doubles play, Konakanchi and Patrick Joss claimed their second doubles win of the weekend. Konakanchi and Joss beat Hanamichi Carvajal and Charlie Snow, 7-5. In addition, Borja Miralles and Arnesh Singh also worked their way to their second doubles victory of the weekend. Miralles and Singh defeated Cole Cozens and Matias Olivero in a close 6-4 match.

The Bulldogs finished out the day with a 6-1 win over Marian (Ind.). In singles play, freshman, Nicholas Shirley won his first spring match with the Bulldogs. Shirley beat Iyan Cresens, 8-1. Graduate student, Michael Karr defeated Jake Giles, also with an 8-1 finish.

In doubles play, the Bulldogs took the doubles points. Konakanchi and Joss rounded out the weekend with their third win in doubles play. The pair defeated James Ashworth and Iyan Cresens, 7-6 in a 7-3 tiebreaker. Shirley and Nicolas Balthazor beat Jones McNamar and Jake Giles in a 6-0 finish. Alvaro Huete Vadillo and Nicolas Arts defeated Andrew Ilett and Marc Soriano in a tight 6-4 win.

The Butler men’s tennis program will travel to Youngstown, Ohio to compete against Youngstown State on Friday, January 26th.

Results vs. Toledo


Pawit Sornlaksup (TOL) def. Alvaro Huete Vadillo (BU), 6-2, 6-2

Marko Galic (TOL) def. Borja Miralles (BU), 6-0, 6-3

Rahulniket Konakanchi (BU) def. Cole Cozens (TOL), 6-1, 6-1

Nicolas Arts (BU) def. Charlie Snow (TOL), 6-2, 6-7-7, 6-3

Hanamichi Carvajal (TOL) def. Arnesh Singh (BU), 6-1, 6-0

Matias Olivero (TOL) def. Patrick Joss (BU), 6-4, 6-2


Marko Galic/Pawit Sornlaksup (TOL) vs. Alvaro Huete Vadillo/Nicolas Arts (BU), 6-6

Rahulniket Konakanchi/Patrick Joss (BU) def. Hanamichi Carvajal/Charlie Snow (TOL), 7-5

Borja Miralles/Arnesh Singh (BU) def. Cole Cozens/Matias Olivero (TOL), 6-4

Results vs. Marian (Ind).


Rahulniket Konakanchi (BU) def. James Ashworth (MU), 6-3, 6-3

Nicolas Arts (BU) def. Andrew Ilett (MU), 6-1, 6-1

Luis Sobanski (MU) def. Patrick Joss (BU), 4-6, 6-4, 10-6

Aidan William (BU) def. Jan Bartolome (MU), 6-4, 6-2

Michael Karr (BU) def. Jake Giles (MU), 8-1

Nicholas Shirley (BU) def. Iyan Cresens (MU), 8-1


Rahulniket Konakanchi/Patrick Joss (BU) def. James Ashworth/Iyan Cresens (MU) 7-6, 7-3

Alvaro Huete Vadillo/Nicolas Arts (BU) def. Andrew Ilett/Marc Soriano (MU), 6-4

Nicholas Shirley/Nicholas Balthazor (BU) def. Jones McNamar/Jake Giles (MU), 6-0



INDIANAPOLIS – The IUPUI men’s tennis team fell to Toledo on Sunday night, 5-0. The partnership of Noah Viste and Will Thurin recorded a doubles win in the loss.

The Jags opened up the match with doubles play. The Rockets took two out of the three matches to earn the doubles point. Viste and Thurin kept the Jags in contention for the doubles point with a win at number two doubles, 6-4. Blessing Benibo and Kamil Kozerski fell at number one doubles, 6-2 and Steven Paz and Luka Rodic fell in the number three spot, 6-4.

After falling in doubles play, the Jags lost in four out of the six singles matches. Paz fell at number two singles, 6-0, 6-4 while Viste lost at number three singles, 6-3, 6-2. Rodic lost in the number four spot, 6-3, 6-0 and Benibo fell in the number five singles match, 6-4. 6-2.

Kozerski’s was down a set when his number one singles match went unfinished, 6-3, 3-4. Eli Mercer rounded out the lineup in the number six spot where he was down one set when the match went unfinished, 6-4, 2-2.

The Jags are now 1-3 on the season and next travel to Eastern Illinois on Sunday, January 28.



INDIANAPOLIS – The IUPUI women’s tennis team dropped a close match against Western Illinois on Sunday afternoon, 4-3. The Jags and Leathernecks had three match points at number one singles before Western Illinois sealed the win.

Grace Lampman and Chloe Bailey earned a doubles win to start off the match in the number two spot, 6-0 but the Jags dropped the number one and three matches to fall in doubles play. Emma Dell and Elle Kotre fell at number one singles, 6-4, while Gabbie Orlando and Sofia Castillo fell at number three singles.

After falling behind 0-1, the Jags moved to singles play. Kotre earned the win in the number three singles spot in two sets, 6-1, 6-2. Lampman took the number four singles win, 6-3, 6-0 while Orlando won at number five singles, 6-3, 6-3. Dell fell at the number two spot, 6-3, 6-3 and Castillo lost at number six singles, 6-3, 7-6.

With IUPUI’s three wins and the Leathernecks two points the match was tied at 3-3 and it all came down to the number one singles match. After falling in the first set, 6-4, Bailey took set two, 6-2. The third set was back and forth with three match points but Bailey fell, 7-6.

The Jags will next travel to Eastern Illinois to face the Panthers on Sunday, January 28.



» THIS WEEK IN BALL STATE GYMNASTICS: Ball State gymnastics will look to build on its record-setting performance at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic when it hosts Bowling Green at 7 p.m. Monday in its Mid-American Conference regular season opener … It will be Squishmallows Night in Worthen Arena and the Cardinals encourage fans to bring their favorite fluff-filled friends … BSU’s student-athletes will also throw out Squishmallows to fans throughout the night, including for each routine hitting 9.750-or-higher … There will also be a raffle for a giant Squishmallow which will be drawn at the conclusion of the meet.

» GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: Starting this season, Ball State will be charging admission for home meets with season tickets starting at $32 for adults and $16 for youth (18-and-under) … Season tickets include all three regular season duals and the 2024 MAC Championships set to be held in Worthen Arena on March 23 … That’s a 20% savings over individual meet tickets which are $10 for adults and $5 for youth (18-and-under) … Fans can purchase their tickets in advance at


– For the second consecutive season, the Ball State gymnastics program shattered records at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19), highlighted by a team record score of 198.025 … The Cardinals were the first program in the nation to break the 198 mark this season, with the score also being a Mid-American Conference record.

– The effort included program event records on vault (49.375), bars (49.775) and floor (49.625), as well as the fourth best beam score in program history (49.250) … The program’s beam record of 49.350 was set at last season’s Tennessee Collegiate Classic.

– Ball State’s gymnasts registered a program meet record 12 scores of 9.900-or-higher, including perfect 10s by Suki Pfister (vault), Zoe Middleton (bars) and Megan Teter (bars) … Prior to last Friday, the Cardinals only had one perfect 10 in program history.

– Ball State’s student-athletes earned 21 career best scores over the course of the meet, with each athlete who competed tallying at least one.


–  On floor, Suki Pfister tied the program record for a second time in her career with a 9.950 … Three Cardinals, Carissa Martinez, Zoe Middleton and Megan Teter, all earned 9.925s, while Hannah Ruthberg added a 9.900 … It marked the first time in program history all five countable scores on an event were 9.900-or-higher.

– Ball State produced five of the top 10 individual bars scores in program history, led by the first two perfect 10s on bars in the BSU record book from Zoe Middleton and Megan Teter … The Cardinals also received 9.925s on bars from Ashley Szymanski, Victoria Henry and Hannah Ruthberg.

– Suki Pfister posted just the second perfect 10 in program history on vault, while Zoe Middleton added a 9.950.

– Zoe Middleton crushed the program’s all-around record with a 39.750, including a 10.00 on bars, a 9.950 on vault, a 9.925 on floor and a 9.875 on beam … The previous record was 39.400 set twice last season … All five of Middleton’s scores were career-best efforts.

– Megan Teter and Victoria Henry also passed the previous all-around mark with scores of 39.575 and 39.450, respectively … Teter’s effort of 39.575 included a 10.00 on bars, a 9.925 on floor, a 9.850 on beam and a 9.800 on vault … Henry’s effort of 39.450 counted a 9.925 on bars, a 9.850 on beam, a 9.850 on floor and a 9.825 on vault.

» A RECORD OPENER AS WELL: Ball State picked up right where it left off last season, beginning the year with the best opening meet score in program history with a 194.925 at the UNC Quad (Jan. 5) … The previous record was 194.475 set at Kentucky to open the 2018 season.

» GOING 9.975-OR-HIGHER: Senior Victoria Henry turned in the best vault of her career to win the event at the Ohio State Tri-meet (Jan. 14) with a mark of 9.975 … Along with the three perfect 10s registered at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic by Suki Pfister, Zoe Middleton and Megan Teter, Henry is one of only six gymnasts in program history to register a score of 9.975-or-higher … The other two are Sarah Mikrut with a 10.000 at Kent State (Feb. 21, 1997) and Denasiha Christian with a 9.975 on vault at Northern Illinois (Feb. 19, 2016).

» HENRY HITTING THE 9.900 MARK: Senior Victoria Henry has registered 14 scores of 9.900-or-better over her career, including four so far this season … The total includes six floor routines, six vaults and two bars performance.

» SHINING ON FLOOR: Ball State’s best event so far this season has been floor, with the Cardinals averaging a 49.275 in the event to rank 21st nationally  … Last time out, the Cardinals  set a program record with a 39.625 at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19) … So far this season, BSU has registered eight floor scores of 9.900-or-higher, led by Suki Pfister’s program-record tying effort this past Friday.

» SWINGING ITS WAY UP ON BARS: Ball State’s 49.775 on bars at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic is the best team bars score in the nation so far this season … The effort, which included  two perfect 10s and three routines of 9.925, helped the Cardinals climb to 15th in the nation with an average score of 49.233.

» PFISTER HITTING HIGH MARKS ON VAULT: Following her first career 10.00 on vault at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19), Suki Pfister has had 12 of her 35 collegiate vault performances score of 9.900-or-higher … The total includes one 10.00, three 9.950s, two 9.925s and six 9.900s.

» SZYMANSKI SHINING ON BARS: Ashley Szymanski has led the Cardinals on bars in two of the team’s three meets this season, including winning the event at the Ohio State Tri-meet with a 9.900 … The effort earned her MAC Specialist of the Week honors … She would go on to score a career-best 9.925 on bars at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19), while scoring a 9.800 in her BSU debut on beam.

» ONE TO WATCH: Zoe Middleton, one of two Ball State student-athletes named to the 2024 MAC Gymnasts to Watch list, has provided plenty of highlights for the Cardinals so far this season including her perfect 10 on bars and program record all-around score of 39.750 at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic … So far this season, all 12 of her routines have counted in the final team score … During her freshman campaign, 37 of Middleton’s 39 routines counted towards Ball State’s team total.

» MORE FROM THE ALL AROUND: Hannah Ruthberg also turned in a solid all-around effort at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19), turning in the second-best performance of her career with a score of 39.375 … The effort included career-best scores of 9.925 on bars and 9.900 on floor, as well as a 9.875 on beam and a 9.675 on vault.


– Ball State has registered 40 scores of 9.800-or-higher so far this season, with eight coming at the UNC Quad (Jan. 5), 10 at the Ohio State Tri-meet (Jan. 14) and 22 at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19) … Of the 40 routines, 12 have come on floor, 12 on bars, 10 on vault and six on beam … The total includes 18 scores of 9.900-or-better.


– In the program’s first 11 seasons under head coach Joanna Saleem, Ball State has tallied the 27 best team scores in program history … In fact, of Ball State’s 31 scores of 195.450-or-higher, 29 have been set by Saleem’s squads.

– Saleem’s squads own the event records on all four apparatus: vault (49.375), bars (49.775), beam (49.350), and floor (49.625).

– All 37 entries in the vault record book are held by Saleem’s teams, as are 21 of 27 scores on floor, 21 of 28 scores on bars and 20 of 25 scores on beam.

» MORE FROM THE FRESHMAN CLASS: Freshman Lindsay Fuller currently ranks fourth on the squad on beam with an average score of 9.638 … The effort includes a 9.725 in her collegiate debut at the UNC Quad (Jan. 5) … Freshman Ava Molina also made her collegiate competition debut at UNC, scoring a 9.725 on floor.


– Junior Carissa Martinez turned in a pair of career-best performances at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic (Jan. 19) with a 9.925 on floor and a 9.800 on vault.

– Junior Grace Sumner also hit a career-best mark at the Tennessee Collegiate Classic, with her 9.875 on bars.



MUNCIE, Ind. – It was an electric atmosphere to say the least in Worthen Arena Sunday night, as the top two teams in the Mid-American Conference battled it out on the CBS Sports Network for the top spot in the league standings.

It was Ball State that would ultimately win the battle as the Cardinals took sole possession of the MAC after defeating the Toledo Rockets, 65-51.

With the win, the Cardinals improved to 16-2 on the season, 6-0 in #MACtion while extending their win streak to 10. The 6-0 conference start is the best since the 2000-2001 season. The Rockets dropped to 12-4 overall and 5-1 in league play.

It was a record-breaking night as both Ally Becki and Nyla Hampton reached their 1,000th career point. Becki’s came off a free throw at the 9:04 mark while Hampton’s was a layup just two minutes later. Both occurred in the second quarter of play.

The two helped Ball State rebound after trailing Toledo the majority of first 10 minutes of action. The Cardinals redeemed themselves outscoring the Rockets 23-8 in the second period to take a 35-25 advantage over Toledo at intermission. Madelyn Bischoff ended the first half for BSU in exciting fashion with a long range 3-pointer at the buzzer.

Defensively, Ball State continued to take Toledo out of its game causing them to force shots as the shot clock would expire along with forcing the Rockets to turn over the ball. By the 5:44 mark of the third frame the Cardinals were up 56-44 while shooting 55.2 (7-16) from the floor. Although, emotions continued to be high for both squads, the Cardinals were able to take their double-digit lead (50-39) into the final quarter of play.

Ball State still had a comfortable 15-point cushion with 6:10 left in the contest over Toledo. Back-to-back layups from Hana Mühl and Alex Richard solidified that the Cardinals were going to end the night with a victory as it pushed Ball State’s advantage to 20 (65-45) with two minutes remaining. The Cardinals went on to win the ball game by 14.

For the game, Bischoff led all players with 19 points while both Becki and Richard ended the night with 16 apiece. Hampton would end the double digit scoring with 10.

As a team, the Cardinals had the lead over the Rockets for 27:57 while their defense forced Toledo to commit 23 turnovers.

The Ball State women’s basketball team continues Mid-American Conference action at home Wednesday when it hosts longtime rival Miami at 6:30 pm ET in Worthen Arena.



SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Chelsea Cain led a balanced scoring effort with 16 points Sunday afternoon, but a strong-shooting second half propelled Missouri State past the Sycamores 89-71 inside Great Southern Bank Arena.

Indiana State finished with five players in double-figures, as Bella Finnegan tallied 14, Kiley Bess and Ella Sawyer had 12 each and Mya Glanton finished with 10. Glanton finished one rebound shy of a double-double, while Cain and Sawyer also dished out four assists apiece.

The Sycamores used a strong-shooting opening half to lead for a majority of the first 20 minutes, led by eight first-quarter points from Sawyer and eight in the second quarter from Glanton. Indiana State’s advantage lasted through the midway point of the third quarter, but a cold spell to end the quarter saw the Trees trail by nine with 10 minutes to go. A 15-2 Missouri State run to start the fourth quarter put the game out of reach for the Sycamores.

First Half

Bess opened the game with a 3-pointer, and Sawyer added a pair of layups as the Sycamores maintained pace with Missouri State’s strong start. 3-pointers from Finnegan and Sawyer evened the score at 15, and a pair of baskets from Finnegan later gave Indiana State a 19-17 lead. Indiana State’s strong start to the game saw the Blue and White take a 21-20 lead after the opening quarter.

Baskets from Cain and Glanton early in the second gave the Sycamores a 25-22 lead, and the Trees’ lead reached six following consecutive baskets from Glanton midway through the quarter. Bess and Deja Jones each converted layups to put the Sycamores ahead 35-30 with 3:27 remaining in the half. A layup from Glanton was all Indiana State scored for the remainder of the half, though, as Missouri State took a 39-37 lead at the break.

Second Half

Indiana State came out of the intermission strong, as three-balls from Cain and Finnegan gave the Trees a 43-41 lead. The Sycamores extended their advantage to 51-47 following baskets from Cain and Finnegan, but Missouri State continued to shoot lights-out. The Lady Bears closed the quarter on a 19-5 run, with Cain and Sawyer contributing Indiana State’s points during that span, as the Sycamores entered the fourth down 65-56.

Missouri State’s momentum carried into the fourth quarter, as the Lady Bears began the period on a 15-2 run to extend their lead to 80-58. Bess connected on a pair of 3-pointers and Glanton added a basket down low, but the home side’s hot hand saw Indiana State get no closer than 18 during that span. Indiana State outscored Missouri State by two over the final three minutes, but it was too little, too late as the Lady Bears defeated the Sycamores 89-71.

News and Notes

Sunday’s game marked the first time this season that Indiana State had five players score in double-figures.

The Sycamores’ 3-point shooting has continued to improve during conference play, as Indiana State shot 58.3 percent (7-for-12) from behind the arc.

Indiana State finished with a season-high 37 bench points.

Lily Niebuhr made her first career start, while Savannah White drew a starting nod for the second time this season.

Both teams shot the ball at a high level, with Indiana State shooting 49.1 percent (28-for-57) and Missouri State hitting on 60.7 percent (34-for-56) of its attempts.

Up Next

Indiana State returns to Hulman Center to face Valparaiso Friday evening at 6 p.m.



MURRAY, Ky. – Indiana State men’s basketball moved to 16-3, 7-1 MVC as Coach Josh Schertz’s 50th coaching win at ISU in the victory against Murray State, 72-63.

Robbie Avila led the offense with 20 points on 7-for-12 shooting from the floor, knocking down 2-of-3 from behind the arc and going perfect at the free throw line, 4-for-4. Avila added seven rebounds and a game-high five assists. Ryan Conwell followed closely with 17 points, finishing 6-for-11 from the floor and 5-for-7 (71.43%) from deep. The sophomore added seven rebounds, playing all 40 minutes of the game. Julian Larry knocked down three triples en route to finishing with 13 points, a pair of rebounds, and four assists. Larry shot 5-for-7 from the field and 3-for-4 from three. Xavier Bledson tallied six points, seven rebounds, and four assists, while Jayson Kent grabbed a team-high eight rebounds.

Indiana State jumped out to a 7-1 lead, but Murray State quickly caught up and forced the game to go bucket-for-bucket until MSU took a five-point lead at the 4:37 mark. The Racers took its first lead, 8-7, at 15:42 in the first half. In the following 7 1/2 minutes, the game saw nine different lead changes and one tie, until the Racers used a short 6-0 run to take a 28-25 lead into half. Despite Indiana State committing 11 turnovers in the first 20 minutes, the Sycamore defense held the Racer offense to only two points off turnovers in that time.

The offense returned to its normal ways for the Sycamores in the second half, as the three-pointer kept the team within striking distance. ISU shot 9-for-15 (60%) from beyond the arc in the second half, compared to 4-for-14 (28.6%) in the first. Avila recorded 18 of his 20 points all in the second half; Conwell and Larry followed suit, recording nine and eight of their points in the half, respectively. Conwell (3-for-3) was perfect from three in the final 20 minutes.

Indiana State’s first 4-of-5 made baskets in the second half were all three-pointers – two from Larry and one each from Conwell and Isaiah Swope. Swope’s three-pointer was the spark for a 17-2 attack that broke the game open for the Sycamores, leading 53-43 with 9:21 left to play. Swope and Avila combined for 13 of the 17 points in the stretch, with Swope knocking down a pair of threes and Avila converting on back-to-back layups. Just inside five minutes to play the Racers switched to a press, but the Sycamores slowed the game down and committed just one miscue in the stretch.

Avila sealed the victory in the final three minutes of the game for ISU. The sophomore big man knocked down a three with 2:56 remaining, then scored six points in the last 1:07, converting on all four free-throw attempts to lead Indiana State to the 72-63 victory.

News & Notes

Indiana State moved 16-3 and 7-1 in MVC action, tied for the league-best. This win marked Coach Schertz’s best start in the MVC with a 7-1 record, beating least season’s start of 6-1. The Sycamores’ overall 16-3 record is the best start in the Coach Schertz era.

The win at Murray State is Coach Schertz’s 50th win as the head coach of the Sycamores. Following the game, his record at Indiana State stands at 50-36.

Ryan Conwell tied his career-high in threes, knocking down five, and played all 40 minutes for the first time as a Sycamore.

The starting five of Avila, Larry, Swope, Conwell, and Kent tallied 64 of the team’s 72 points (88.89%).

Indiana State pulled down 39 rebounds, the fourth-highest total of the season and the most since January 3 versus Evansville (40).

Four Sycamores grabbed at least seven rebounds to record 29 of the team’s 39 rebounds: Kent with eight and Avila, Conwell, and Bledson each with seven.

Before bouncing back with a 47-point second half, ISU recorded the lowest-scoring half of the season of 25 points.

Up Next

The Sycamores travel to the University of Illinois Chicago to continue Missouri Valley play. The game is set to tip at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, January 24 on ESPN+ and 105.5 The Legend.



CARBONDALE, Ill. – The University of Evansville women’s basketball team struggled to contain Southern Illinois offense in a 99-60 loss on Sunday.

Freshman forward Neveah Thomas came two points shy of her career-high against the Salukis Sunday afternoon. Thomas and guard Kynidi Mason Striverson were the only two Purple Aces in double digits on offense while forward Maggie Hartwig pulled down 10 rebounds. UE had its second-best Missouri Valley Conference game blocking shots with five put-downs.

The Aces got off to an early start as forward Nevaeh Thomas had the first points of the game 40 seconds in. But it would take three more minutes for UE to add a point at the line going down by double-digits with 2:10 left in the first quarter. A corner three from guard Alana Striverson put Evansville into double-digits before the end of the first quarter.

It was a much slower start on offense in the second quarter as Mason Striverson had the Aces first basket over two and a half minutes into the quarter. The bucket spurred a shot-for-shot stretch between the two teams. But three straight threes in a row for the Salukis stopped UE’s offense in its tracks. Evansville’s guards got the team back on track as Thomas ended the half with two made free throws to make it a 49-24 game.

The Aces opened scoring in the second half as well with Hartwig making a second-chance layup. But SIU rattled off six points before Hartwig could make another layup. The teams traded shots until under five minutes to go. UE then had its best scoring run starting with another Striverson three culminating in six points. Two fast runs from the Salukis had Evansville facing a 35-point deficit heading into the final quarter.

Back-to-back layups began the fourth quarter for the Aces, but it soon returned to a shot-for-shot game. Southern Illinois was able to put together three short runs in the quarter to keep UE from getting anywhere close. Evansville ended its scoring on a Mason Striverson three and didn’t make a basket for the final two and a half minutes for the 99-60 loss.

The Aces return home to Meeks Family Fieldhouse next week for a pair of games. UE will welcome UIC to town first on Friday, Jan. 26 for the team’s annual Pride game. Tip-off from Meeks is set for 6 p.m. on Friday.



Valparaiso (6-13, 2-6 MVC)

at Southern Illinois (12-7, 4-4 MVC)

Game No. 20 – Wednesday, Jan. 24, 7 p.m. CT

Banterra Center (8,339) – Carbondale, Ill.

Next Up in Valpo Basketball: The Valparaiso University men’s basketball team will look to make it three wins in four games and back-to-back victories on Wednesday evening as the Beacons make their way to Carbondale, Ill. to close out the regular-season series with Southern Illinois. This will mark the first time the Beacons have visited the Salukis since Jan. 30, 2022 as Valpo did not make the trip to Carbondale last season. According to KenPom, this is a matchup of the Missouri Valley Conference’s most-experienced team (Southern Illinois, 67th nationally) and least-experienced team (Valpo, 356/362 nationally).

Last Time Out: UIC led for 36 minutes, 5 seconds, but Valpo led when it counted in an 84-77 victory on Saturday afternoon at the Athletics-Recreation Center that came despite the hosts leading for less than two minutes. Valpo rallied from 12 down thanks in part to a 19-point, nine-rebound performance from Cooper Schwieger. Ola Ajiboye poured in 16 points and seven rebounds, while Isaiah Stafford and Darius DeAveiro had 10 points apiece. Valpo outscored UIC 50-38 after halftime including a 9-0 run in crunch time that flipped the game’s outcome.

Following the Beacons: Streaming – ESPN+ – Mike Trude (play-by-play) and Kelly Burke (analyst)

Radio – 95.1 FM, WVUR,, TuneIn Radio App – Todd Ickow (play-by-play) and Brandon Vickrey (analyst)

Twitter updates – @ValpoBasketball

Links for video, audio and live stats will be available at

Head Coach Roger Powell Jr.: Roger Powell Jr. (6-13) is in his first season as the head coach of the Valpo men’s basketball program. After helping guide Gonzaga to a 121-13 record during his four seasons as an assistant coach, Powell returned to Valpo, where he was part of head coach Bryce Drew’s staff from 2011-2016 and led the team to 124 wins in five seasons, including a program-record 30 victories and a National Invitation Tournament (NIT) title game appearance in 2015-16. He was part of head coach Mark Few’s Gonzaga staff as the Bulldogs reached the 2021 national championship game after winning their first 31 games of the season. During Powell’s first season on staff in 2019-20, Gonzaga was 31-2 at the time the NCAA college basketball season was halted due to COVID-19. The Bulldogs reached the Sweet Sixteen in each of his final three seasons on staff, including two Elite Eight appearances and the aforementioned trip to the 2021 national title game. Prior to his arrival at Gonzaga, Powell served as the associate head coach at Vanderbilt University under Bryce Drew from 2016-2019. During his stint as an assistant at Valpo, he was part of four Horizon League regular-season championships in a five-year period while also leading the 2012-13 and 2014-15 squads to Horizon League tournament titles and NCAA Tournament appearances. A product of Joliet West High School and a native of Joliet, Ill., Powell capped a prolific collegiate playing career at Illinois with a national title game appearance in 2005 before going on to a successful professional playing career.

Jan. 10 – Southern Illinois 77, Valpo 68: Isaiah Stafford (19) and Darius DeAveiro (18) led Valpo in scoring as the Beacons outscored Southern Illinois 44-33 after halftime, but the Salukis prevailed 77-68 thanks to a 20-point halftime lead at the Athletics-Recreation Center. Valpo shot a robust 63 percent after the break on a night where the nation’s second leading scorer – SIU’s Xavier Johnson – had 22 points and seven assists.

Series Notes: Southern Illinois owns a 16-14 lead in an all-time series that dates back to 1928. The Salukis also have a 7-5 edge in the 12 games that have occurred since Valpo joined The Valley. SIU has won five straight head-to-head meetings in a series that has seen four of the last six decided by four points or fewer. This is the second time these two teams face off in a five-game span. 

Scouting the Salukis

Have dropped all three games they’ve played since the last Valpo/SIU matchup, falling vs. Drake (76-58), vs. Bradley (70-69) and most recently at UNI (61-57) on Saturday.

Had won six straight before the current three-game skid.

Larry Bird MVC Player of the Year candidate Xavier Johnson is the league’s leading scorer at 23.2 points per game (third nationally) and leads the league at 6.1 assists per game (17th nationally).

Picked ninth of 12 in the MVC preseason poll despite going 23-10 and 14-6 in MVC play a year ago.



INDIANAPOLIS – The Marian men’s tennis restarted their 2023-24 schedule over the weekend, playing both IUPUI and Butler at their respective indoor home venues. Marian lost on Saturday against IUPUI by a 5-2 score, and on Sunday lost to Butler by a 6-1 final score. Marian is 8-5 overall on the season.

Saturday | Marian 2-5 IUPUI

The Jaguars took the doubles point from Marian, winning at No. 2 and No. 3 doubles to take the 1-0 lead in the match. James Ashworth and Marc Soriano were defeated 6-4 at No. 2 doubles, and Luis Sobanski and Jona Henze were defeated 6-3 at No. 3 doubles. Andrew Ilett and Jones McNamar played to an unfinished 3-3 match at No. 1 doubles.

In singles IUPUI won the first pair of completed matches, taking victory at No. 5 and No. 6. Max Sternberg suffered the 6-2, 6-1 defeat at No. 5 singles, while McNamar was defeated 6-3, 6-2 at No. 6. Luis Sobanski earned Marian’s first win of the match with a 7-5, 7-6 (3) win at No. 3 singles, and Marc Soriano won a grueling 6-2, 6-7 (5), 6-2 match at No. 4 singles to give Marian their second point of the match.

The Knights were unable to finish off a comeback effort, as IUPUI won at No. 1 and No. 2 singles to win the match 5-2. James Ashworth was defeated in three sets, falling 7-6 (6), 6-7 (5), 0-1 (3), as his loss at No. 1 cliched IUPUI’s win. Jona Henze lost 6-4, 0-6, 7-5 at No. 2 singles to end the match.


No. 1 Doubles | E. Jawkowski/K.Rozerski 3-3 (uf) Jones McNamar/Andrew Ilett

No. 2 Doubles | N. Veste/ B. Benibo 6-4 James Ashworth/Marc Soriano

No. 3 Doubles | S. Paz/L. Rudic 6-3 Luis Sobanski/Jona Henze

No. 5 Singles | L. Rudic 6-2, 6-2 Max Sternberg

No. 6 Singles | E. Mercer 6-3, 6-2 Jones McNamar

No. 3 Singles | Luis Sobanski 7-5, 7-6 (3) N. Viste

No. 4 Singles | Marc Soriano 6-2, 6-7 (5), 6-2 N. Day

No. 1 Singles | K. Kozerski 6-7 (6), 7-6 (5), 1-0 (3) James Ashworth

No. 2 Singles | S. Paz 4-6, 6-0, 7-5 Jona Henze

Sunday | Marian 1-6 Butler

The Knights saw a similar fate against Indianapolis’ other NCAA DI program, as the Knights fell against Butler 6-1 in the Butler Tennis Bubble. Butler won all three of the doubles matches, taking a 6-0 win at No. 3 doubles as Jones McNamar and Jake Giles were defeated. Andrew Ilett and Marc Soriano were defeated at No. 1 doubles 6-4, and at No. 2 doubles James Ashworth and Iyan Cresens lost 7-6 (7-2).

In singles the Knights claimed one victory, with Luis Sobanski earning the team’s victory at No. 3 singles in a three-set match. Andrew Ilett and James Ashworth suffered losses and gave the Bulldogs their second and third team point of the match, and Jan Bartolome’s loss at No. 4 singles would clinch the match for Butler. Jake Giles and Iyan Cresens played at No. 5 and No. 6 singles, with the two players both dropping one-set matches by identical 8-1 scores.


No. 3 Doubles | N. Shirley/N. Balthazor 6-0 Jones McNamar, Jake Giles

No. 1 Doubles | A. Huerte/N. Arts 6-4 Andrew Ilett/Marc Soriano

No. 2 Doubles | R. Konakanchi/ P. Joss 7-6 (2) James Ashworth/Iyan Cresens

No. 2 Singles | N. Arts 6-1, 6-1 A. Ilett

No. 1 Singles | R. Konakanchi 6-4, 6-4 J. Ashworth

No. 4 Singles | A. William 6-4, 6-2 Jan Bartolome

No. 3 Singles | Luis Sobanski 4-6, 6-4, 1-0 (5) P. Joss

No. 5 Singles | M. Kerr 8-1 Jake Giles

No. 6 Singles | A. Singh 8-1 Iyan Cresens

Marian will not play again until February, returning to action on Sunday the 18th at the Indy Healthplex against Oakland City.
























HOLY CROSS ATHLETICS:                                                                                                                                                                            








Football History Headlines

January 22, 1953 – During the 1953 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers chose End Harry Babcock from University of Georgia. According to the Pro Football Hall of Fame players that entered the League through this draft were Cleveland’s pick of Doug Atkins the defensive end at number 11, Arizona States Fullback John Henry Johnson to Pittsburgh with the 18th overall pick and the 49ers striking gold with Bob St. Clair in the second round. The Bears had a late steal in the fifth round when they grabbed Guard Stan Jones as well as the Packers 7th round choice of Center Jim Ringo. Rounding out the future HOFs from the 1953 Draft were Joe Schmidt the linebacker of the Lions and the Giants pick of Tackle Rosey Brown. Another player in this draft made the Hall of Fame as a coach and that would be Chuck Noll who the Browns drafted in the 20th round.

January 22, 1967 – Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum – At the 17th annual NFL Pro Bowl, once again we refer to the American Football Database who shares that the coach of the Eastern Conference, Blanton Collier of the Cleveland Browns, used the domination of the west that year as a rallying cry for the eastern team as they prepared to take the field against the West coached by Vince Lombardi of the Green Bay Packers. You see it seemed like the winning of football in the country at all levels of football was tilted to the west coast. Western teams had won the NFL championship, the Playoff Bowl, college football’s East-West game and the Rose Bowl the article goes on to say. Whatever coach said it must have motivated the stars of the East as the Eastern squad doubled up the West, 20-10. The Offensive MVP was a familiar face in the great Gale Sayers of the Chicago Bears and on the defensive side the Eagles Floyd Peters, won the honor from his defensive tackle position.

January 22, 1981 – O. Andrew “Bum” Phillips becomes head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Coach Phillips had 6 pretty successful years with the Houston Oilers but could never win that big game when his squad had to contend with division rival the powerful Pittsburgh Steelers dynasty of the 1970’s.  At Houston Bum had a record of 55-35 according to the Pro-Football-Reference. In his 5 seasons in the Saints franchise his teams went 27-42.

January 22, 1983 – RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C. – The Washington Redskins defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 31-17 in the NFC Championship game to move on to play in Super Bowl XVII against the Dolphins per the Pro-Football-Reference website.

January 22, 1984 – Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida – The Los Angeles Raiders and the Washington Redskins tangled in Super Bowl XVIII. A website article gives us the scoop on the game. The Raiders that season had some star players like Lyle Alzado, Marcus Allen, and quarterback Jim Plunkett. Allen had one of the greatest Super Bowl runs ever when he took a Plunkett hand off on a rushing play designed to go off tackle to the left side, but when Washington plugged all of the rushing lanes , Marcus cut back on a dime and reversed field till he found a hole in the middle of the field that he dashed through to scamper 74 yards for a touchdown. The article linked above had a great video of the play. The LA Raiders beat Washington that day, 38-9 and the game’s MVP was deservedly Marcus Allen the running back of Los Angeles.

January 22, 1989 – Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami – Super Bowl XXIII per the had Bill Walsh’s San Francisco 49ers playing against Cincinnati Bengals and their Head Coach Sam Wyche. Joe Montana huddled the 49ers near their own 8-yard line with a tad over 3 minutes left in the game and down by 3. The Niners did the improbable after barely moving the ball all game they traveled that 92 yards and with just 34 seconds remaining Montana found Mike Cofer in the endzone to the go ahead score. The Defense did the rest as the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 20-16. The game’s  MVP was Jerry Rice who caught 11 balls for 215 yards and a score. After winning his third Super Bowl as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Bill Walsh retired.

January 22, 2006 – Mile High Stadium, Denver – The 2005 AFC Championship game featured the Denver Broncos hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers per the Ben Roethlisberger threw for 275 yards and two TDs as the Steelers doubled up the Denver Broncos, 34-17 to advance to Super Bowl XL.

January 22, 2006 – At the 2005 NFC Championship played at Qwest Stadium in Seattle, Shawn Alexander pounded out 132 yards against the Carolina Panthers defense and scored twice to help the Seahawks crush Carolina’s Super Bowl XL aspirations, 34-14 per the

January 22, 2012 – Gillette Stadium, Foxborough- The 2011 AFC Championship was a classic as the Baltimore Ravens visited the Patriots and Tom Brady for the right to go to Super Bowl XLVI. Brady’s one yard QB Sneak in the fourth gave New England the lead and the defenses on both sides stonewalled any further scoring as the New England Patriots beat Baltimore Ravens, 23-20 to advance.

January 22, 2012 – Candlestick Park, San Francisco – The 2011 NFC Championship was even better as it went to an extra session to determine a winner between the Giants and the 49ers. San Fran’s David Akers kicked a 25 yard game tying field goal with over five minutes left to send the game into overtime. In Sudden Death the Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes showed off his leg when he kicked a 31 yard game winner. The final score was the New York Giants 20, the San Francisco 49ers 17 per the Pro-Football-Reference.

January 22, 2017 – Georgia Dome, Atlanta – The 2016 NFC Championship wasn’t really close as the Atlanta Falcons beat Green Bay Packers, 44-21 to send them on to the Super Bowl.

January 22, 2017 – Gillette Stadium, Foxborough – The 2016 AFC Championship wasn’t close at the end either as the New England Patriots breezed past the Pittsburgh Steelers, 36-17.

Hall Of Fame Birthdays for January 22

January 22, 1927 – Hopelawn, New Jersey – Lou Creekmur the great William and Mary offensive lineman was born. Creekmur was drafted by the Detroit Lions in 1950 and he spent ten great seasons with the team. In 1996 the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrined Lou Creekmur in Canton.

January 22, 1927 – Stevens, Arkansas – Joe “ The Jet” Perry of Compton Junior College and the San Francisco 49ers arrived into this world.

January 22, 1948 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – The stud linebacker from the University of Minnesota, Bob Stein was born. The National Football Foundation selected Bob Stein to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2020.

January 22, 1958 – Charles White the QB from USC was born. Charles led the nation in all-purpose yards in both 1978 and 1979 as he averaged a whopping 6.2 yards per play per the NFF. Charles was so good that he won the 1979 Heisman Trophy for being the best College player that season. The National Football Foundation selected Charles White to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1996.


88 – 13 – 39 – 6 – 40 – 80 – 24 – 32 – 35 – 8 – 0 – 33

Sports History of the Day

January 22, 1953 – 1953 NFL Draft: Harry Babcock, Number 88 from University of Georgia first pick by San Francisco 49ers. He wore those same digits on his shirt with the Niners too.

January 22, 1960 – 10th NBA All-Star Game, Convention Hall, Philadelphia, Pa: East beats West, 125-115; MVPselected was Philadelphia Warriors, Center, Number 13,  Wilt Chamberlain

January 22, 1967 – Gale Sayers the star running back of the Chicago Bears who wore Number 40,was selected as the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the NFL Pro Bowl game. On the defensive side Floyd Peter the Defensive Tackle of the Philadelphia Eagles took home the MVP honor as the East double up the West 20-10 in the 17th annual Pro Bowl event this time played at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

January 22, 1969 – Brooklyn Dodgers catcher, Number 39, Roy Campanella and St Louis Cardinals ourfiled legend, Number 6, Stan Musial were elected to enter into the Baseball Hall of Fame

January 22, 1981 – State University of New York Womens Basketball star Annette Kennedy sets a record in Ladies Hoops by scoring 70 points in one game. The SUNY-Purchase team used Kennedy’s 34 field goals, 2 free throws and 8 assists to embarass their opponent Pratt 116-21. The previous record was for 63 point set in 1978 by Francis Marion’s Pearl Moore. We do not have Ms. Kenneddy’s jersey number available, but if you have information on it please share it with us via email at

January 22, 1989 – Number 80, Jerry Rice the standout Wide Receiver of the San Francisco 49ers earned the Most Valuable Player honor in Super Bowl XXIII as he and Niners defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16 at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida. San Francisco Head Coach Bill Walsh retired from his post soon after the game.

January 22, 1998 – Rickey Henderson, Number 24 that season, rejoined the Oakland A’s for the fourth time in his career. Hos 57 RBIs and 66 Stolen bases showed that the 39 year old still had his wheels and could bring value to a club. In fact after 1998 he played with 5 additional clubs retiring in 2003 at the age of 44.

January 22, 1984 – Super Bowl XVIII, Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL: LA Raiders beat Washington Redskins, 38-9; MVP selectee was Los Angeles Raiders, RB, Number 32, Marcus Allen

January 22, 1994 – 45th NHL All-Star Game, Madison Square Garden, NYC: East beats West, 9-8; MVP selected was New York Rangers, Goal tender, Number 35, Mike Richter

January 22, 2006 – Los Angeles Lakers scoring machine, Number 8, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in a 122-104 Lakers victory over the Toronto Raptors; second-highest game total in NBA history, behind only Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game (1962)

January 22, 2018 – New Orleans Pelicans’ Number 0, DeMarcus Cousins has 44 points, 24 rebounds & 10 assists in 132-128 double-OT win over Chicago Bulls; 1st player since Number 33, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1972) with 40+ points, 20+ rebounds & 10+ assists


San Antonio at Philadelphia7:00pmNBATV
Bally Sports
Cleveland at Orlando7:00pmBally Sports
Milwaukee at Detroit7:00pmBally Sports
Memphis at Toronto7:30pmSportsnet
Bally Sports
Charlotte at Minnesota8:00pmMNMT
Bally Sports
Boston at Dallas8:30pmNBCS-BOS
Bally Sports
Chicago at Phoenix9:00pmAFSN
Atlanta at Sacramento10:00pmNBATV
Bally Sports
Winnipeg at Boston7:00pmNESN
Vegas at New Jersey7:00pmNHLN
Florida at Nashville8:00pmBally Sports
Pittsburgh at Arizona9:00pmBally Sports
Chicago at Vancouver10:00pmNBCS-CHI
San Jose at Los Angeles10:30pmNBCS-CA
Bally Sports
Wake Forest at North Carolina7:00pmESPN
McNeese at A&M-Corpus Christi7:00pmESPNU
Lehigh at Colgate7:00pmCBSSN
Northwestern State at Southeastern Louisiana7:00pmESPN+
Nicholls at UIW7:30pmESPN+
Queens (NY) at Maryland Eastern Shore8:00pmESPN+
New Orleans at Houston Christian8:00pmESPN+
A&M-Commerce at Lamar8:00pmESPN+
Bethune-Cookman at UAPB8:30pmYouTube
Florida A&M at Mississippi Valley State8:30pmYouTube
Cincinnati at Kansas9:00pmESPN
Texas Southern at Jackson State9:00pmESPNU
Hofstra at Stony Brook9:00pmCBSSN
Idaho State at Montana State9:00pmESPN+
Weber State at Montana9:00pmESPN+
AFC Asian Cup: Qatar vs China10:00amParamount+
AFC Asian Cup: Tajikistan vs Lebanon10:00amParamount+
Supercoppa Italiana: Supercoppa Italiana: Final2:00pmParamount+
EPL: Brighton & Hove Albion vs Wolverhampton Wanderers2:45pmPeacock
La Liga: Granada vs Atlético Madrid3:00pmESPN+
Australian Open3:00amESPN2

What to Watch: Monday, 1/22/23

Wake Forest at North Carolina7:00pmESPN

The North Carolina Tar Heels leads all time series 110-52 versus Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Last time both teams met was in 2023 which Wake Forest won 92-85 at home versus North Carolina. Since 2016 the Tar Heels are 7-3 overall and 5-0 at home versus the Demon Deacons.

Boston at Dallas8:30pmNBCS-BOS
Bally Sports

The Boston Celtics leads all time series 44-40 versus Dallas Mavericks. Last season the Celtics lead regular season series 2-0 versus the Mavericks. Dallas is 24-18 all time at home versus Boston. This is the first matchup between both teams of the 2023-24 regular season.

Winnipeg at Boston7:00pmNESN

The Boston Bruins leads all time series 42-26-2 versus Winnipeg Jets. Last season the Bruins lead regular season series 2-0 versus the Jets. Boston is 24-8-2 all time at home versus Winnipeg. The Jets are 1-0 versus the Bruins in the 2023-24 regular season.