KNOX (8-3) AT JIMTOWN (9-2)



















































4:30 PM ET | PROVIDENCE (30-6) VS. BELLMONT (30-6)




Beech Grove47Edinburgh25 
Carroll (Flora)64Frankfort24 
East Central63South Dearborn23 
Greenwood Christian38Indianapolis Riverside4 
Hamilton Heights40Danville38 
Hanover Central64Hammond Morton28 
Hobart59Michigan City34 
Indianapolis Attucks42Indianapolis Tech40 
Morgan Twp.56Oregon-Davis29 
North Harrison63South Central (Elizabeth)26 
Portage64Bowman Academy13 
Richmond47Union City25 
Triton43John Glenn35 


      Laila Abdurraqib, 5-8, Lawrence Central, 2025

      Molly Baker, 5-10, Columbia City, 2024

      Lauren Barker, 5-5, Columbus North, 2023

      Carley Barrett, 5-9, Lafayette Central Catholic, 2025

      Asiah Baxter, 5-10, Warren Central, 2023

      Giavonnie Belton, 5-6, Pike, 2023

      Payton Benge, 6-1, Plainfield, 2024

      Anna Bishir, 5-7, Northwestern, 2025

      Addison Bowsman, 5-6, Twin Lakes, 2025

      Ashlynn Brooke, 5-6, Pioneer, 2023

      Chaney Brown, 5-9, Greefield-Central, 2025

      Olivia Brown, 5-6, Hamilton Southeastern, 2023

      Allie Caldwell, 5-10, Zionsville, 2024

      Cristen Carter, 6-2, Ben Davis, 2023

      Kirsten Clark, 5-9, Ben Davis, 2023

      Aubry Cole, 5-6, Seeger, 2023

      Ava Couch, 5-10, North Central, 2023

      Kelsey DuBois, 6-2, University, 2023

      Abby Fleetwood, 5-9, Indian Creek, 2023

      Riley Flinn, 5-11, Harrison (West Lafayette), 2023

      Lauren Foster, 5-7, Indian Creek, 2024

      Kenzie Fulks, 5-6, Bethesda Christian, 2024

      Sarah Gick, 6-0, Benton Central, 2024

      Isabella Gizzi, 5-7, New Palestine, 2023

      Avery Gordon, 6-5, Brownsburg, 2025

       Lizzie Graham, 5-8, Triton Central, 2023

      Taylor Guess, 6-0, Ben Davis, 2023

      Alli Harness, 5-8, Carroll (Flora), 2024

      Talie Harris, 5-7, Fishers, 2024

      Rachel Harshman, 6-0, Mooresville, 2024

      Ella Haupert, 5-6, Southwood, 2023

      Lilly Hicks, 5-6, Kokomo, 2024

      Laila Hull, 6-1, Zionsville, 2023

      Hannah Lach, 5-10, Carmel, 2023

      Jaylah Lampley, 6-2, Lawrence Central, 2025

      McKenna Layden, 6-2, Northwestern, 2023

      Reagan Martin, 6-0, Owen Valley, 2023

      Kyia McKinley, 5-11, Eastern (Pekin), 2023

      Ellery Minch, 6-2, Mt. Vernon (Fortville), 2024

      Olivia Nickerson, 5-6, Twin Lakes, 2024

      Bailey Parham, 6-0, Tri, 2023

      Abby Parsons, 5-8, Cascade, 2023

      Camryn Runner, 5-7, Hamilton Heights, 2024

      Payton Seay, 5-8, University, 2023

      Aniah Smith, 5-4, Avon, 2025

      Hailey Smith, 5-9, Fishers, 2023

      Olivia Smith, 5-9, Fishers, 2023

      Emma Sperry, 6-0, Frankton, 2024

      Saige Stahl, 6-1, Columbus East, 2023

      Kailyn Terrell, 5-5, Brownsburg, 2023

        Sanaa Thomas, 5-4, Warren Central, 2023

      Tori Thompson, 5-8, Lafayette Central Catholic, 2023

      Meredith Tippner, 5-9, Noblesville, 2025

      Adrianne Tolen, 5-8, West Lafayette, 2024

      Madison Wagner, 5-10, Carroll (Flora), 2024

      Sydney Warran, 6-0, Cascade, 2023

      Leah West, 6-1, Greensburg, 2025

      Monica Williams, 5-9, Lawrence North, 2023

      Reagan Wilson, 5-7, Noblesville, 2024

      Isabelle Wooten, 5-10, Danville, 2023

     Tori Allen, 5-9, Andrean, 2023

      Madisyn Bailey, 5-8, Bedford North Lawrence, 2024

      Laney Baker, 5-10, East Central, 2023

      Addison Baxter, 5-9, Columbia City, 2025

      Carley Begle, 5-9, Forest Park, 2023

      Aniyah Bishop, 5-9, Lake Central, 2024

      Trinity Britton, 5-6, South Spencer, 2023

      Amiyah Buchanan, 6-0, Evansville North, 2023

      Ally Capouch, 5-11, Kouts, 2023

      Alexis Castator, 6-0, Carroll (Fort Wayne), 2024

      Maci Chamberlin, 5-7, Blue River Valley, 2024

      Kennedy Coleman, 6-0, Charlestown, 2024

      Annika Davis, 5-7, Fort Wayne Luers, 2024

      Angelica Del Valle, 5-9, Portage, 2023

      Asia Donald, 5-9, Hobart, 2024

      Taylor Double, 5-10, Huntington North, 2023

      Julia Economou, 5-11, Penn, 2023

      Eva Fisher, 5-8, Northridge, 2023

      Taylor Fordyce, 5-10, Carroll (Fort Wayne), 2023

      Kennedy Fuelling, 5-7, Norwell, 2024

      Brea Garber, 6-1, Fairfield, 2023

      Kayla Gibbs, 5-10, Carroll (Fort Wayne), 2023

      Chloey Graham, 5-8, Gibson Southern, 2024

      Kendall Hale, 6-2, Cannelton, 2023

      Peyton Hartsough, 5-4, Lakeland, 2023

      Kyra Hill, 6-2, Goshen, 2024

      Sophie Johnson, 6-0, Evansville Memorial, 2024

      RaShunda Jones, 5-8, South Bend Washington, 2023

      Bailey Kelham, 5-9, Garrett, 2023

      Avery Kelley, 5-6, Evansville Memorial, 2024

      Brooke Lindesmith, 5-10, Crown Point, 2023

      Olivia Marks, 5-9, South Central (Union Mills), 2023

      Emily Mattingly, 5-10, Evansville Memorial, 2023

      Riley Milausnic, 5-6, Lake Central, 2024

      Monique Mitchell, 5-11, South Bend Washington, 2025

      Sophia Morrison, 5-6, Eastbrook, 2024

      Karsyn Norman, 5-7, Bedford North Lawrence, 2023

      Jordyn Poole, 5-5, Fort Wayne Snider, 2024

      MaKaya Porter, 5-11, Mishawaka Marian, 2023

      Amiyah Reynolds, 6-0, South Bend Washington, 2023

      Kira Reynolds, 6-4, South Bend Washington, 2025

      Isabel Scales, 5-5, Caston, 2024

      Addie Shank, 6-0, Fort Wayne Luers, 2024

      Kyndra Sheets, 5-6, Columbia City, 2024

      Gabby Spink, 5-9, Gibson Southern, 2025

      Chloe Spreen, 5-10, Bedford North Lawrence, 2024

      Samiyah Stout, 5-7, Elkhart, 2-24

      Bailey Tabeling, 5-10, Trinity Lutheran, 2023

      Lilly Toppen, 5-9, Kankakee Valley, 2023

      Josie Trabel, 6-0, East Central, 2023

      Amber Tretter, 6-1, Forest Park, 2023

      Josie Vaughn, 5-6, Corydon Central, 2025

      Madison Vice, 5-5, Central Noble, 2023

      Addyson Viers, 6-1, Triton, 2024

      Kylie Wells, 5-9, Merrillville, 2025

      Linzie Wernert, 5-9, Lanesville, 2023

      Zoe Willems, 5-7, Bethany Christian, 2024

      Ryiah Wilson, 5-7, South Bend Washington, 2025

      Faith Wiseman, 6-3, Indian Creek, 2024

      Juliann Woodard, 6-0, Jennings County, 2024

      Ava Ziolkowksi, 6-1, Crown Point, 2024


      Luke Almodovar, 6-3, Noblesville, 2023

      Marcus Ankney, 6-3, Center Grove, 2023

      Anthony Ball, 6-6, Beech Grove, 2023

      K.C. Berry, 6-1, Decatur Central, 2024

      Flory Bidunga, 6-10, Kokomo, 2024

      Jared Bonds, 6-5, Carmel, 2023

      Xavier Booker, 6-11, Cathedral, 2023 (MICHIGAN STATE)

      Kobi Bowles, 6-1, Lawrence North, 2024

      Dezmon Briscoe, 6-7, Indianapolis Attucks, 2025

      Lyna Brooks, 6-4, Franklin Central, 2024

      Sabien Cain, 6-4, University, 2024

      Ahmere Carson, 6-3, Anderson, 2023

      Camron Casky, 6-3, Pike, 2024

      Kanon Catchings, 6-6, Brownsburg, 2024

      Jermaine Coleman, 6-7, Park Tudor, 2023

      Myles Colvin, 6-5, Heritage Christian, 2023 (PURDUE)

      DaJohn Craig, 6-0, Lawrence Central, 2023

       Jake Davis, 6-6, Cathedral, 2023

      Micah Davis, 6-1, Franklin Community, 2024

      Caleb Dewey, 6-3, Edinburgh, 2023

      Elhadj Diallo, 6-3, Brownsburg, 2023

      Zane Doughty, 6-9, Ben Davis, 2023 (VALPO)

      Garwey Dual, 6-6, Carmel, 2023

      Aaron Fine, 6-3, Noblesville, 2024

      Dhani Flannigan, 5-10, Franklin Central, 2024

      Sincere Germany, 6-4, Cathedral, 2023

      Josiah Gustin, 6-7, Pendleton Heights, 2024

      Kaleb Glenn, 6-6, LaLumiere, 2023 (LOUISVILLE)

      Jalen Haralson, 6-7, Fishers, 2025

      Joey Hart, 6-5, Linton-Stockton, 2023

      Bryce Hoover, 6-0, Franklin Central, 2023

      Logan Imes, 6-4, Zionsville, 2023 (PENN STATE)

      Kamari Jones, 6-4, Lawrence Central, 2023

      Luke Kegerreis, 6-4, Roncalli, 2023

      Damien King, 6-3, Anderson, 2025

      Mason Larkin, 6-9, Fountain Central, 

      Nickens Lemba, 6-7, Southport, 2023

      Mason Lewis, 5-9, North Central, 2024

      Jordan Lomax, 6-3, Avon, 2024

      Luke McBride, 6-2, Norwell, 2023

      Taden Metzger, 6-3, Fishers, 2024

      Keyon Miller, 6-1, Southport, 2023

      Dylan Moles, 6-3, Greenfield-Central, 2023

      Braylon Mullins, 6-3, Greenfield-Central, 2025

      Sam Orme, 6-9, Carmel, 2023

      Jaxon Pardon, 6-3, Carroll (Fort Wayne), 2024

      Jayden Pinkston, 6-4, Indianapolis Tindley, 2023

      Nick Richart, 6-9, Zionsville, 2023

      Preston Roberts, 6-5, Noblesville, 2023

      Azavier Robinson, 6-1, Lawrence North, 2025

      Ronald Rutland III, 6-1, Indianapolis Attucks, 2024

      Sheridan Sharpe, 6-3, Ben Davis, 2023

      Ian Stephens, 6-5, New Palestine, 2023

      Rephaim, Stevenson, 6-7, Hamilton Southeastern, 2023

      Myles Stringer, 6-2, Fishers, 2023

      Jaymen Townsend, 6-5, Marion, 2025

      Braden Walters, 6-5, Linton-Stockton, 2024

      Gavin Welch, 6-6, New Castle, 2023

      Spencer White, 6-5, Carmel, 2023

      Austin Willoughby, 6-4, Whiteland, 2023

      K.J. Windham, 6-3, Ben Davis, 2024

      Devon Woods, 5-10, Pike, 2023

      Weston Aigner, 6-3, Castle, 2023

      Isaac Andrews, 6-2, Wapahani, 2024

      Chase Barnes, 6-1, Fort Wayne Wayne, 2025

      Tyler Bailey, 6-3, LaLumiere, 2024

      Jack Benter, 6-5, Brownstown Central, 2024

      Landon Biegel, 6-5, Oak Hill, 2023

      Peyton Bledsoe, 6-4, Loogootee, 2023 

      Cade Brenner, 6-3, NorthWood, 2023

      Darrion Brooks, 6-4, New Haven, 2023

      Markus Burton, 6-0, Penn, 2023 (NOTRE DAME)

      Josten Carter Jr., 6-4, New Albany, 2023

      Jacob Cherry, 6-10, Eastern (Pekin), 2023

      Fletcher Cole, 6-0, Paoli, 2025

      Thomas Collins, 6-1, Culver Academy, 2023

      Drew Cook, 6-0, Northview, 2023

      Camden Craig, 6-4, Switzerland County, 2025

      Austin Cripe, 6-3, West Noble, 2023

      Hayden Dase, 6-6, Kankakee Valley, 2023

      Tucker Day, 6-7, Homestead, 2024

      H.J. Dillard III, 6-5, Fort Wayne Wayne, 2025

      Marial Diper, 7-0, Rock Creek Academy, 2023

      Josiah Dunham, 6-0, Evansville Christian, 2024

      Cooper Farrall, 6-6, Culver Academy, 2023

      Aidan Franks, 6-2, Wapahani, 2023

      Joshua Furst, 6-6, Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian, 2023

      Jaxson Gould, 6-3, Warsaw, 2023

      Brycen Hannah, 6-4, John Glenn, 2023

      Andrew Hedrick, 6-0, Columbia City, 2023

     Christian Humphrey-Rembert, 6-7, LaLumiere, 2024

      Isaac Higgs, 6-3, Evansville Reitz, 2023

      Cooper Horn, 6-3, Columbus North, 2023

      Cannen Houser, 6-4, Carroll (Fort Wayne), 2024

      Taray Howell, 5-8, Evansville Bosse, 2024

      Mason Jones, 6-7, Valparaiso, 2023

      Kyron Kaopuiki, 6-3, Homestead, 2023

      Chase Konieczny, 6-4, South Bend St. Joseph, 2025

      Jevon Lewis Jr., 5-9, Fort Wayne Wayne, 2024

      Zaide Lowery, 6-4, LaLumiere, 2023 (MARQUETTE)

      A.J. Lux, 6-5, Crown Point, 2023

      Willie Miller, 6-3, Lake Station Edison, 2023

      D.J. Moss, Gary 21st Century, 2023

      Jaylen Mullen, 6-0, North Daviess, 2023

      Dominique Murphy, 6-4, East Chicago Central, 2025

      Tyler Myers, 5-11, Evansville Day, 2023

      Marcus Northern, 6-2, South Bend Washington, 2023

      Ian Raasch, 6-5, NorthWood, 2023

      JaQualon Roberts, 6-7, Bloomington North, 2023 (VANDERBILT)

      Matthew Roettger, 6-2, Peru, 2024

      Gage Sefton, 6-5, Fort Wayne Blackhawk Christian, 2023

      Justin Sims, 6-6, Chesterton, 2024

      Shane Sims, 6-3, Evansville Harrison, 2025

      Trent Sisley, 6-7, Heritage Hills, 2025

      Jack Smiley, 6-1, Valparaiso, 2025

      Joe Smith, 5-11, Penn, 2023

      Deaglan Sullivan, 6-2, Mishawaka Marian, 2023

      Ezekial Tanoos, 6-3, West Vigo, 2024

      Brandon Trilli, 6-5, Munster, 2023

      Ajani Washington, 6-2, Fort Wayne Concordia, 2024

      Caleb Washington, 6-6, Floyd Central, 2023

      Dylan Watson, 6-9, Castle, 2023

      Camden Webster, 6-3, Kankakee Valley, 2024

      Ashton Williamson, 6-4, Gary 21st Century, 2023

      Gavin Wisley, 6-8, Bloomington South, 2023

      Jackson Wors, 6-4, Delta, 2024

      Isaac Zay, 6-1, Fort Wayne Luers, 2024










































CAL AT USC | 10:30 P.M. | ESPN






















































PHILADELPHIA (AP) Hammered the night before, Cristian Javier and the Houston Astros desperately needed to figure how to keep Bryce Harper and the Phillies in the ballpark.

How about a no-hitter, would that do?

Javier and Houston’s bullpen combined on just the second no-hitter in World Series history, silencing a booming lineup and boisterous fans as the Astros blanked the Phillies 5-0 Wednesday night to even the matchup at two games each.

“You get slapped in the face yesterday and you want to come back today and make a statement,” closer Ryan Pressly said.

The only previous no-hitter in the World Series was a perfect game by Don Larsen of the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956.

Javier and three relievers weren’t perfect in Game 4, but they were close.

Plus, they’d done this before: Javier, the starter in a combined no-hitter against the New York Yankees in June, was pulled with a no-hitter in progress after six innings and 97 pitches this time.

Bryan Abreu, Rafael Montero and Pressly each followed with a hitless inning for the first combined no-hitter in postseason play. They totaled 14 strikeouts in ensuring this year’s championship will be decided this weekend back at Minute Maid Park.

Soon after J.T. Realmuto weakly grounded out to end it, the quartet of pitchers posed with catcher Christian Vazquez near the visiting dugout, each putting a hand on the game ball for a photo. It’s a picture no one could’ve envisioned 24 hours earlier, when Philadelphia clubbed a Series record-tying five home runs in a 7-0 romp in Game 3.

“That’s crazy, man,” Vazquez said. “It was special.”

The four pitchers and Vazquez also signed a ball headed to the Hall of Fame.

Javier said his parents predicted Tuesday night he was going to throw a no-hitter. The 25-year-old righty from the Dominican Republic said his father, Cecilio Javier, arrived in the United States on Tuesday, and this was the first time his dad saw him pitch.

“I just came out holding onto God, trying to be positive, trying to attack the strike zone,” he said via translator. “Thanks to God I was able to accomplish that.”

In 2010, Roy Halladay pitched a no-hitter for the Phillies in the NL Division Series, also here at Citizens Bank Park. Halladay’s gem came against a Cincinnati team managed by Dusty Baker, Houston’s current skipper.

“Oh, yeah, I was on the other end in this ballpark. I mean, that’s what’s strange about life,” Baker said.

With Larsen and the Houston combo, those are the only three no-hitters in the postseason.

The closest the Phillies came to a hit was in the third inning, when Kyle Schwarber grounded a hard foul past first base. On fair balls, nothing.

“It’s cool,” Schwarber said, sarcastically. “We’ll be in the history books I guess.”

Game 5 is on Thursday night in Philly. Astros ace Justin Verlander will again chase that elusive first World Series win when he faces Noah Syndergaard.

They can only hope to pitch as well as Javier.

By the time the 25-year-old righty exited, the only hit maker on the Philadelphia side who showed up on the scoreboard was rocker Bruce Springsteen, pictured surrounded by Phillies fans.

And a few innings later, as fans started leaving the stadium, there actually were boos for postseason star Harper and the Phillies. First lady Jill Biden, a noted Phillies fan, was among those in the crowd of 45,693 who had little to shout about.

“For me? I mean, a loss is a loss,” Phillies manager Rob Thomson said. “That’s the way I kind of look at it.”

Alex Bregman delivered the hit Houston desperately needed, a two-run double in a five-run fifth inning, and that was plenty for the Astros.

Completely in charge, Javier struck out nine, walked two and hardly allowed any loud contact. He tamed a club that had been 6-0 at home this postseason while hitting 17 home runs.

“New day, new opportunity,” Abreu said. “What happened yesterday stays in the past. Today is a new opportunity.”

Opponents hit only .170 against Javier during the regular season, the lowest mark in baseball among pitchers with at least 130 innings.

“When I first met him he told me he had a disappearing fastball and I’m like, `There is no such thing.’ But I guess so,” Baker said.

Javier threw 70 fastballs and the Phillies barely touched him.

“I think it’s the best fastball I’ve ever seen,” Vazquez said.

Very still on the mound, Javier carved his own quiet spot in the middle of the Phillies’ storm. Backing off onto the grass, straightening his hat, rubbing the ball, taking deep breaths, he proceeded at his own pace.

Next year, Javier won’t be able to work quite this way. Major League Baseball is instituting a pitch clock – 15 seconds to throw with the bases empty, 20 with someone on – and Javier often surpassed those limits on this evening, drawing boos from a crowd eager for action.

This performance by Javier came a year after Atlanta’s Ian Anderson was taken out after pitching five hitless innings against Houston.

Philadelphia was no-hit by five New York Mets pitchers in April, one of several crushing losses that led to manager Joe Girardi’s firing two months later.

“We came back the next day and won,” said Thomson, then the bench coach. “So these guys, they got a short memory.”

This was the fourth no-hitter of the season – two combos by the Astros, the team effort by the Mets and the only individual effort, by Angels rookie Reid Detmers.

Maybe it was the team’s switch to orange tops, or the lucky lunch Baker had at a Philly hoagie spot, but the Astros sure looked different than the previous night, when they got shut out on a feeble five singles.

Blanked for 16 innings, Bregman and the Astros chased Aaron Nola in their big fifth.

Houston’s hits resonated far away, too.

Chants of “Let’s go, Astros!” erupted when highlights and the score were shown at the Toyota Center as the Houston Rockets hosted the Los Angeles Clippers in an NBA game.

And there figure to be Astros cheers at NRG Stadium in Houston on Thursday night when the Texans take on the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL’s only unbeaten team, in a matchup that’ll be played at the same time as Game 5.

It was quiet in Philly, though, as fans who came wanting to see a win were reduced to merely hoping for a hit.


Wawa encouraged Phillies fans hungry for a Game 4 win to dig in for a bite of their sandwiches during the game. One problem, the popular Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain tweeted of the Phillies an hour before first pitch, “Each time they get a hit, take a bite of your hoagie!”

Wawa might have bit off more than it could chew with that tweet.

Twitter fans had a field day at Wawa’s expense.

Famished fans tweeted photos of skeletons next to untouched sandwiches. One snapped a photo of an unwrapped hoagie resting on a pants leg. Others cracked they died of starvation. Some asked what they should do with their stale hoagies.


Astros: Verlander is 0-6 with a 6.07 ERA in eight World Series starts after failing to hold a five-run lead in the opener.

Phillies: RHP Syndergaard had been set to start Game 3 before it was washed out Monday night. He’ll now open a bullpen game.


MILWAUKEE (AP) Giannis Antetokounmpo had 32 points and 12 rebounds and the Milwaukee Bucks matched a franchise record with their seventh straight win to open the season, beating the Detroit Pistons 116-91 on Wednesday night.

Milwaukee’s 7-0 season-opening run matches the starts of the 2018-19 and 1971-72 teams.

“I’m happy that the team is winning, but that’s like second,” Antetokounmpo said. “I’m happy that the team is building good habits. I’m happy that we can be good even if we don’t make shots, that it doesn’t affect us. We still play hard, we still move the ball. Guys are not talking by themselves, we talk to one another. We are in a very good place.”

Jrue Holiday, who was uncertain to play because of a non-COVID-19 illness, added 26 points for the NBA’s only undefeated team. Jordan Nwora scored 12 off the bench.

“I think some of it’s mental,” Holiday said. “Knowing that, through a winning streak, you don’t always look pretty. I think that sometimes you make mistakes, you still come out with the outcome that you want. I feel like that builds confidence, knowing that you can go into any game and really feel like you can win any game any type of way.”

Four Pistons scored in double-figures, led by Saddiq Bey’s 22 points. Isaiah Stewart finished with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Bojan Bogdanovic added 14 points and Cade Cunningham 10.

Antetokounmpo has scored 30 or more points in six consecutive games.


CLEVELAND (AP) Darius Garland missed everything while sitting on the bench, but mostly the joy of playing and winning.

He’s back, and it looked like he never left.

Garland scored 29 points in his return after missing five games with an ugly eye injury, Donovan Mitchell added 25 and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics 114-113 in overtime on Wednesday night for their sixth straight victory.

Garland added 12 assists, including an alley-oop to Mitchell in OT that put the Cavs up 112-109 and they held on for their second win over the Celtics in less than a week.

Afterward, Garland lamented not having his sunglasses as he squinted from the lights in the arena’s TV studio. The 22-year-old’s left eye remains discolored and puffy from an injury sustained in the opener.

His time away from the Cavs was harder than he could have imagined.

“We were winning and I was happy about that, but I wanted to be on the floor with them and feel that energy,” he said. “I’m happy to be back now.”

Jayson Tatum’s basket with 1:04 left pulled Boston within a point, and thanks to some poor possessions by Cleveland, the Celtics had a chance to win it at the buzzer before Jaylen Brown’s 18-footer went off the back of the rim.

“It was pretty much get me the ball to make the play and I came up short,” Brown said. “Two seconds is enough time to get a good shot. I got a good look. It’s a makeable shot.”

Brown scored 30 and Tatum had 26 points and 12 rebounds for the Celtics, who were looking to avenge an OT loss at home last week to the Cavs. But Cleveland overcame a 15-point deficit and now has two wins over the defending Eastern Conference champions.

“They’re hungry and they want to make some noise,” Brown said. “When you play against them, you’ve got to come ready to play, I’ll tell you that.”


CHICAGO (AP) On an off night for two of Chicago’s biggest stars, Javonte Green and the rest of the Bulls picked up the slack.

Green scored 17 points on 7-for-7 shooting, leading a strong performance by Chicago’s reserves and helping the Bulls beat the Charlotte Hornets 106-88 on Wednesday.

Patrick Williams had 16 points and Nikola Vucevic added 14 points and 13 rebounds as Chicago cruised to its second straight win despite a sluggish performance by DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine.

“I think that having everybody involved is going to help our team grow,” coach Billy Donovan said, “and it also takes the pressure off those guys, where if they don’t have a great shooting night, you’re still giving yourself an opportunity to win.”

Led by Green and Goran Dragic, who had 16 points, Chicago’s reserves outscored Charlotte’s bench 49-28.

“Just giving the starters that extra energy that we’re supposed to give them,” Green said. “They played a lot of minutes last night, so try to give them a break.”

Kelly Oubre Jr. led Charlotte with five 3-pointers and 24 points. Mason Plumlee had 11 points and 13 boards.

“When you slow down their star players and then the other players kind of affect the game, those are the type of games that we don’t want to have,” Oubre said.

Playing for the second straight night for the first time this season, LaVine scored 10 points for Chicago on 4-for-16 shooting. The All-Star guard had left knee surgery in May, and the team is closely monitoring his workload.

DeRozan finished with a season-low nine points, but it didn’t matter all that much.


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) Desmond Bane scored 29 points, including 20 in the fourth quarter, and the Memphis Grizzlies withstood a late rally by the Portland Trail Blazers for a 111-106 victory on Wednesday night.

Ja Morant had 20 points, nine rebounds and seven assists for the Grizzlies, who led by as many as 17 early in the fourth quarter before the Blazers mounted a comeback. The victory snapped a two-game losing streak.

“We didn’t get rattled,” Bane said. “We stayed with it and was able to get the win.”

Anfernee Simons scored 31 points for the Trail Blazers, who played without injured star Damian Lillard. Jusuf Nurkic added 23 points and 13 rebounds.

Jerami Grant hit a 3-pointer that got the Blazers within 96-90 with 4:46 left before Simons made back-to-back 3s to tie it at 96.

Steven Adams’ tip shot kept the Blazers from taking the lead, but Portland tied it again at 100 with a pair of free throws from Simons before Bane’s floater.

After Memphis padded the lead with free throws, Grant’s 3-pointer pulled Portland within 107-103 with 23 seconds left. Grant’s free throw got the Blazers even closer but Memphis hung on for the win.

“We just stayed the course. No need to overreact,” Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins said. “They were getting hot but we were executing our coverages pretty good. We made a couple of adjustments late and our guys were able to execute at the end.”

Lillard missed his second game with a strained right calf. A six-time All-Star, Lillard was injured last week in a loss to the Miami Heat. The team said at the time he would be re-evaluated in one to two weeks.

“Obviously not great to lose, but it was a good fight,” Nurkic said.

Bane, who was averaging 24.2 points, was back after missing a game with a sore right ankle. Jake LaRavia also returned after a two-game absence with a non-COVID absence.


SAN ANTONIO (AP) Pascal Siakam had 22 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds in just 28 minutes, and the Toronto Raptors beat depleted San Antonio 143-100 on Wednesday night, the Spurs’ worst home loss in franchise history.

“I think we just played really hard,” Toronto forward O.G. Anunoby said. “No matter what we see, we just try to go out there and play hard.”

San Antonio was without starters Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell, and reserves Isaiah Roby and Blake Wesley. The Spurs also sat rookie forward Jeremy Sochan early in the second quarter due to restricted minutes after a one-game absence with flulike symptoms.

Gary Trent Jr. scored 24 points for the Raptors, who were without All-Star guard Fred VanVleet but had plenty left for their largest margin of victory, a season high in points and a season-high 23 turnovers forced.

“They are really good at that (defensive pressure),” Spurs forward Keita Bates-Diop said. “They switch 1 through 5 and get in the passing lanes. We’ve got to get better at moving off the ball. That’s a really good veteran team. That was a good test for us. That is probably the best team we have played all season.”

Bates-Diop had 17 points. He was the only Spurs starter in double figures.

The Raptors’ length and athleticism disrupted the Spurs from tipoff. Toronto opened the game with a pair of breakaway, one-handed dunks by Anunoby and Scottie Barnes off a steal and a defensive rebound.

The Spurs had four turnovers in the opening three minutes and the Raptors had five dunks in the first seven minutes.

After trailing by 11 points, the Spurs rallied to cut the Raptors’ lead to 32-31 at the close of the first quarter. San Antonio took its first lead 27 seconds into the second on Jakob Poeltl’s layup.

Toronto would quickly reestablish control, expanding its lead to 48 points in the second half.

Siakam was 10 for 19 from the field while sitting out the final quarter.

“Pascal has a great command of what he’s seeing and what he’s doing,” Toronto coach Nick Nurse said. “He’s into plays and he’s creating a lot of easy opportunities for himself. He’s making the move to get really clear of shots.”

The Raptors had 76 points in the paint and 39 fast-break points.


Week 9 of the 2022 NFL season gets underway on Thursday, November 3 (8:15 PM ET, Prime Video) as the Philadelphia Eagles (7-0) visit the Houston Texans (1-5-1). Philadelphia has won all five previous meetings between the two clubs. The Eagles look to begin a season 8-0 for the first time in franchise history and have a league-low two giveaways this year, becoming the second team in the Super Bowl era with two-or-fewer giveaways through their first seven games of a season, joining the 2017 Kansas City Chiefs (one giveaway).

Philadelphia quarterback JALEN HURTS has won 10 consecutive starts, including his final three starts of the 2021 season, the longest such streak by a quarterback in Eagles franchise history. Last week, he set career highs in touchdown passes (four) and passer rating (140.6) in the team’s 35-13 win over Pittsburgh. Entering Week 9, Hurts leads all NFC quarterbacks in combined passing and rushing yards per game (300.3) and is one of three NFC quarterbacks (JIMMY GAROPPOLO and GENO SMITH) with a passer rating of 100-or-higher (105.1). The Eagles lead the NFL with 14 rushing touchdowns this season, including six from Hurts and five from running back MILES SANDERS. They are the only pair of teammates each with at least five rushing touchdowns this season. Sanders has four rushing touchdowns in his past four and aims for his third in a row overall with a rushing touchdown.

Wide receiver A.J. BROWN registered six receptions for 156 yards and three touchdowns last week. Each of his three touchdown receptions came in the first half and at 39, 27 and 29 yards, he became the first player since DREW BENNETT (December 5, 2004) with three touchdown receptions of 25-or-more yards in the first half of a game. Since 2019, Brown has six games with at least 150 receiving yards, tied with JUSTIN JEFFERSON for the second-most in the NFL. Brown (39 receptions for 659 yards this season), wide receiver DEVONTA SMITH (38 receptions for 420 yards) and tight end DALLAS GOEDERT (32 receptions for 421 yards) are the only trio of teammates in 2022 each with at least 30 receptions and 400 receiving yards.

Philadelphia enters Week 9 ranked second in the NFC in scoring defense (16.9 points per game allowed) and total defense (298.1 yards per game allowed). Linebacker HAASON REDDICK has recorded 5.5 sacks in his past five and had 1.5 sacks in his last game against the Texans (September 23, 2021, with Carolina on Thursday Night Football). Safety C.J. GARDNER-JOHNSON recorded his career-high fourth interception of the season last week as the Eagles rank tied for second in the league with 10 interceptions as a team this season. Cornerback JAMES BRADBERRY has recorded at least one pass defensed in each of the team’s first seven games this season and is the only player in the NFL with at least 10 passes defensed in each of the past seven seasons. Bradberry and cornerback DARIUS SLAY are tied for first in passed defensed since 2016 (92 each). 

Houston quarterback DAVIS MILLS is slated to make his 10th career home start. In his first nine home starts, he has recorded 17 touchdown passes against four interceptions for a 104.7 rating. Since 2021, he is one of three AFC quarterbacks (JOE BURROW and TUA TAGOVAILOA) with a home passer rating of 100-or-higher (minimum five starts). Rookie running back DAMEON PIERCE registered his first career touchdown reception last week and has a touchdown in four of his past five games. He leads all rookies with four games with 100-or-more scrimmage yards and aims for his seventh in a row with at least 50 scrimmage yards. Wide receiver BRANDIN COOKS has at least four receptions in six of his first seven games this season. He aims for his third in a row against Philadelphia with at least 50 receiving yards and third in a row on Thursday with at least 85 receiving yards. 

Defensive lineman JERRY HUGHES leads the Texans with five sacks this season, his sixth-career season with at least five sacks. Linebacker CHRISTIAN KIRKSEY has at least five tackles in each of his first seven games in 2022 and aims for his third in a row on Thursday Night Football with at least 10 tackles. Rookie defensive back JALEN PITRE has at least five tackles in six of his first seven career games and aims for his third in a row at home with a tackle for loss. Defensive back JONATHAN OWENS leads all defensive backs with four games with at least 10 tackles this season. 

Prime Video will stream 15 Thursday Night Football games this season (Weeks 2-17, excluding Thanksgiving). The game will feature Al Michaels, Kirk Herbstreit and Kaylee Hartung on the call. 



LEADER Eagles lead all-time series, 5-0

STREAKS Eagles have won past 5

LAST GAME 12/23/18: Texans 30 at Eagles 32

LAST GAME AT SITE 11/2/14: Eagles 31, Texans 21


LAST WEEK: W 35-13 vs. Pittsburgh

COACH VS. OPP. Nick Sirianni: 0-0

PTS. FOR 28.0


PASSING Jalen Hurts: 142-212-1,799-10-2-105.0

RUSHING Miles Sanders: 114-563-4.9-5

RECEIVING A.J. Brown: 39-659-16.9-5



SACKS Haason Reddick: 5.5

INTs C.J. Gardner-Johnson: 4

TAKE/GIVE +12 (14/2)

PUNTING (NET) Aaryn Siposs: 45.9 (40.8)

KICKING Jake Elliott: 38 (20/21 PAT; 6/7 FG)

PHILADELPHIA can advance to 8-0 for 1st time in franchise history. • QB JALEN HURTS passed for 285 yards & career-high 4 TDs vs. 0 INTs for career high 140.6 rating in Week 8. Has won 10 consecutive starts, longest streak by Eagles QB in team history. Has 993 combined pass & rush yards (331 per game) & 6 TDs (3 pass, 3 rush) vs. 0 INTs in 3 road starts in 2022. • RB MILES SANDERS rushed for 78 yards & TD last week. Has 4 rush TDs in his past 4 & aims for his 3rd in row on with rush TD. • WR A.J. BROWN had 6 catches for 156 yards & career-high 3 rec. TDs last week. Has 6 games with 150+ rec. yards since 2019, tied-2nd most in NFL. Aims for his 3rd in row with TD catch. Has 563 rec. yards (93.8 per game) & 6 rec. TDs in 6 career games vs. Hou. Aims for his 4th in row at Hou. with TD catch. • WR DEVONTA SMITH has 5+ catches in 5 of his past 6. Aims for his 3rd in row on road with 8+ catches & 85+ rec. yards & 4th in row overall with 5+ catches. • TE DALLAS GOEDERT has 5+ catches & 60+ rec. yards in 3 of his past 4. • LB HAASON REDDICK has 5.5 sacks in his past 5 & aims for his 3rd in row on road with sack. Had 1.5 sacks in his last game vs. Hou. (9/23/21 w/ Car. on TNF). • D JAVON HARGRAVE had 5th-career 2-sack game last week. • S C.J. GARDNER-JOHNSON had 4th-career sack & career-high 4th INT of season last week & aims for his 4th in row with INT. • CB JAMES BRADBERRY aims for his 8th in row with PD & is only player with 10+ PD in each of past 7 seasons. Aims for his 3rd in row on TNF with INT. Since 2016, Bradberry & CB DARIUS SLAY lead NFL with 92 PD each.


LAST WEEK L 17-10 vs. Tennessee

COACH VS. OPP. Lovie Smith: 5-2

PTS. FOR 16.6


PASSING Davis Mills: 149-236-1,502-8-6-81.9

RUSHING Dameon Pierce (R): 121-539-4.5-3

RECEIVING Brandin Cooks: 32-354-11.1-1



SACKS Jerry Hughes: 5

INTs Jalen Pitre (R): 2

TAKE/GIVE +2 (8/6)

PUNTING (NET) Cameron Johnston: 48.7 (43.1)

KICKING Ka’imi Fairbairn: 50 (11/11 PAT; 13/15 FG)

QB DAVIS MILLS passed for 152 yards & TD vs. INT last week. In 9 career home starts, has 2,314 pass yards (257.1 per game) & 17 TDs vs. 4 INTs for 104.7 rating. Has 2+ TD passes in 4 of his past 5 at home. Had TD pass vs. 0 INTs for 95.5 rating in his only career start on TNF (9/23/21 vs. Car.). • RB DAMEON PIERCE (rookie) had 51 scrimmage yards (35 rush, 16 rec.) & 1st career TD catch last week. Has TD in 4 of his past 5. Aims for his 3rd in row at home & 7th in row overall with 50+ scrimmage yards. Leads all rookies with 4 games with 100+ scrimmage yards. • WR BRANDIN COOKS had 4 catches for team-high 73 rec. yards last week. Has 4+ receptions in 6 of 7 games this season. Aims for his 4th in row at home with 50+ rec. yards. Aims for his 3rd in row vs. Phi. with 5+ catches & 50+ rec. yards. Aims for his 3rd in row on TNF with 5+ catches & 85+ rec. yards. • DL JERRY HUGHES had 5th sack of season & 2 TFL last week, his 6th career season with 5+ sacks. Has 3 sacks in 3 home games in 2022. • LB CHRISTIAN KIRKSEY has 5+ tackles in each of his 1st 7 games this season & aims for his 10th in row with 5+ tackles. Aims for his 3rd in row on TNF with 10+ tackles. • LB CHRISTIAN HARRIS (rookie) led team with 7 tackles last week. • DB JALEN PITRE (rookie) had 2 PD last week. Has 5+ tackles in 6 of his 1st 7 career games. Aims for his 3rd in row at home with TFL & 4th in row at home with 6+ tackles. • DB STEVEN NELSON had 1st INT of season last week. Had 5 PD in 2022 & has 5+ PD in 6 of his past 7 seasons. Had 50 tackles & 7 PD with Phi. in 2021. • DB JONATHAN OWENS leads all DBs with 4 games with 10+ tackles in 2022.


BEREA, Ohio (AP) Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will return from his 11-game NFL suspension for sexual misconduct allegations and start in Houston against his former team on Dec. 4, general manager Andrew Berry reiterated Wednesday.

During his bye week news conference, Berry said Watson has “done everything and more” since returning to the team’s facility last month and will play immediately when he’s eligible next month.

Watson played four seasons with the Texans, who traded him to the Browns in March. The 25-year-old was suspended by the league on Aug. 18 after being accused of sexual misconduct by more than two dozen women in massage therapy sessions.

Two grand juries in Texas declined to indict Watson on criminal complaints.

The three-time Pro Bowler agreed to a settlement with the league for violating its personal conduct policy. He accepted the suspension, a $5 million fine and to undergo professional counseling and treatment.

Watson can begin practicing on Nov. 14, and as long as he meets provisions in his deal with the league, he’ll return to face the Texans, who drafted him in 2017 before trading him to the Browns for three first-round draft picks.

Watson initially turned down Cleveland’s offer – Carolina and Atlanta also courted him – before owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam enticed him with a five-year, $230 million contract that’s fully guaranteed.

Berry said the Browns anticipate Watson being ready to play in what will be his first regular-season appearance in 700 days. Watson, who returned to the Browns’ facility last month, sat out the 2021 season while his legal issues festered.

Jacoby Brissett has filled in for Cleveland and played well during Watson’s absence.

The Browns (3-5) prevented falling way back in the AFC playoff chase with an impressive 32-13 win over Cincinnati on Monday night. Brissett will make three more starts – at Miami, at Buffalo and home against Tampa Bay – before turning things over to Watson.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) How Ryan Tannehill can tolerate the pain in his sprained right ankle will determine if the Tennessee quarterback misses a second straight game or is back in the lineup Sunday night when the Titans visit Kansas City.

“The pain is going to be there,” Tannehill said Wednesday. “That is just kind of where we’re at with it. Unfortunately, with the nature of the injury it kind of is there. It is just a matter of if I can do my job or if I can’t.”

Tannehill said part of trying to get himself ready is working back slowly after having a weekend off.

The quarterback is continuing to get treatment and the Titans are monitoring his progress daily to see how he can move around. He has to be able to protect himself by moving around in the pocket.

Missing last week’s 17-10 win in Houston wasn’t easy for the 11-year veteran who snapped a 49-game start streak for Tennessee. Tannehill said it was surreal and weird watching his teammates play on TV without him.

“It didn’t feel right at all,” Tannehill said. “My kids were asking, `Why are you yelling at the TV? You don’t usually yell when you watch football.’ I was like, `Yeah well, this one means a little bit more.’ It was not a good feeling and not something I want to make a habit of, that is for sure.”

Tannehill talked to reporters with his ankle heavily taped after a walk-through, and the Titans (5-2) listed the quarterback as limited even though he was not on the field during the portion open to reporters.

“We will see how it goes as he continues to work through preparation and see how he feels,” Titans coach Mike Vrabel said before practice.

Tannehill wasn’t the only one on an injury report featuring 10 Titans. Two-time NFL rushing champ Derrick Henry, whose 32 carries in the win over Houston was the most by a running back in a game this season, was limited by a foot injury. A broken right foot hurt Oct. 31 cost Henry nine games last season.


ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes insisted he still would have traded T.J. Hockenson even if his one-win team had a 6-1 record.

The Lions traded a 25-year-old standout tight end in the division to NFC North-leading Minnesota a few hours before the NFL trade deadline on Tuesday.

While it seemed to be a sign Detroit is conceding this season is lost, Holmes said that’s not the case.

“This move was not reflective of our record,” Holmes told reporters Wednesday while the team practiced. “If our record was reversed, and it made sense for us, then we would have still done it.”

The Lions upgraded their draft positioning with two picks in exchange for perhaps its best player. Detroit acquired a 2023 second-round pick and a 2024 third-rounder and sent a 2023 fourth-round selection and a conditional 2024 fourth-rounder to the Vikings.

The Lions (1-6) host the Green Bay Packers (3-5) on Sunday.

Minnesota was motivated to make the deal with Detroit two days after tight end Irv Smith Jr. had an ankle injury.

The Lions clearly look as if they’re making long-term decisions in their second season with Holmes as a first-time NFL general manager and second-year coach Dan Campbell, who was given a second chance to lead a team after being Miami’s interim coach in 2015.

“It made sense for them. It made sense for us,” Holmes said. “Everybody’s got a different case. People are in different windows.”

Hockenson, though, seemed like the type of player capable of helping Detroit now and in the future.

The Lions previously picked up Hockenson’s fifth-year contract option for next season. Holmes said paying him what he would want to stay beyond 2023 was only one factor in his decision to trade him.


(AP) — After repeatedly saying he would never consider giving up the football team he rooted for as a child and has owned for more than two decades, Dan Snyder and wife Tanya have taken the first step toward selling the Washington Commanders.

The team announced the surprising decision Wednesday that the Snyders hired Bank of America Securities to “consider potential transactions.” Asked if the Snyders were considering selling part or all of the team, a spokesperson said, “We are exploring all options.”

Retaining the investment bank’s services could mean a full sale amid mounting pressure and multiple ongoing investigations or bringing on new investors more than 18 months after the Snyders bought out the previous minority owners. It’s the first indication Snyder has given that he’d even consider selling the team.

BofA Securities has handled other sales of professional sports teams, including Steve Ballmer buying the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers in 2014. A message sent to the firm seeking additional comment was not immediately returned.

The Commanders are worth an estimated $5.6 billion, according to Forbes – a sevenfold increase over the then-record $800 million Snyder paid for the team in 1999. That ranks sixth among the league’s 32 teams and would be more than the $4.65 billion Walmart heir Rob Walton paid for the Denver Broncos earlier this year.

It was not immediately clear how soon a possible sale could happen. Sports business experts suggested a year as a reasonable timeframe, although pre-approved bidders who lost out on the Broncos provide a starting point of potential owners if they are also interested in the Commanders.

“It could move fairly fast,” said Lisa Delpy Neirotti, director of the master’s program in sports management at George Washington University.

League spokesperson Brian McCarthy said, “Any potential transaction would have to be presented to the NFL Finance Committee for review and require an affirmative vote by three-quarters of the full membership.” That means 24 of 32 owners.


LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) Kansas suspended Hall of Fame coach Bill Self and top assistant Kurtis Townsend for the first four games of the season Wednesday, along with imposing several recruiting restrictions, as part of the fallout from a lengthy FBI investigation into college basketball corruption.

Norm Roberts will be the acting coach for the defending national champions beginning with their opener Monday night against Omaha. Self and Townsend also will miss games against North Dakota State and Southern Utah along with a high-profile showdown between the No. 5 Jayhawks and No. 7 Duke in the Champions Classic.

Self and Townsend will rejoin the team to face North Carolina State at the Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas on Nov. 23.

The school already had barred the two coaches from off-campus recruiting this past summer. It will also reduce the number of official visits during the 2023-24 academic year, reduce the total number of scholarships by three over a three-year span and reduce the number of permissible recruiting days during the upcoming year by 13 days.

There were no official visitors this year for Late Night at the Phog, the annual celebration to kick off the season.

“Coach Townsend and I accept and support KU’s decision,” Self said in a statement. “We are in good hands with Coach Roberts, and I am confident that he will do a great job on the bench leading our team. I am proud of the way our guys have handled this situation and I look forward to returning to the bench for our game against N.C. State.”

The infractions case against Kansas stems from a federal investigation in 2017 that led to the conviction of shoe company executives, a middleman who worked with them and several assistant coaches.

Kansas was among the schools named in the case, along with Arizona, LSU, Louisville and N.C. State.

The Kansas case hinged on whether representatives of apparel company Adidas were considered boosters – the school contends they were not – when two of them arranged payments to prospective recruits. The school never disputed that the payments were made, only that it had any knowledge that the inducements were happening.

Auburn received four years of probation through a traditional NCAA infractions process for a similar case, but Kansas joined other schools in appealing its case to an Independent Accountability Review Panel, which was among the proposals made by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2018 to reform the sport.

The panel works outside the purview of the NCAA and was designed to handle particularly complex cases. But its work has been painfully slow – NCAA president Mark Emmert acknowledged the process takes “way too long” – and Kansas decided to self-impose restrictions while continuing to wait for the IARP to announce its decision.

“We are hopeful these difficult self-imposed sanctions will assist in bringing the case to a conclusion,” Kansas athletic director Travis Goff said in a statement, and declining any additional comment. “Until then, we will continue to focus on supporting our outstanding men’s basketball student-athletes and coaches.”

Kansas had already doubled down on Self by signing him to a new contract in April 2021.

Under the terms of the five-year deal, Self gets one additional year after the conclusion of each season – in effect, making it a lifetime contract. It guaranteed him $5.41 million per year with a base salary of $225,000, a professional services contract of $2.75 million and an annual $2.435 million retention bonus.

The contract includes a clause that states the school cannot fire Self for cause “due to any current infractions matter that involves conduct that occurred on or prior to” the signing of the deal. And while he would have to forfeit half of his base salary and professional services pay while serving any Big 12 or NCAA suspension, it’s unclear whether that includes any self-imposed suspensions such as the one handed down Wednesday.

“Throughout this process, we have had ongoing conversations with all the involved parties,” Kansas chancellor Douglas A. Girod said in a statement. “We believe the actions we are announcing today move us closer to resolving this matter.”

Making the Kansas case more complex, though, is the rapidly shifting landscape of college sports. Some of the alleged infractions from the 2017 investigation would no longer be against the rules following name, image and likeness legislation, which has allowed athletes in all sports to begin making money from endorsements and other off-the-field business arrangements.

Meanwhile, the days of postseason bans and crippling scholarship reductions as punishments appear to be ending.

Memphis was placed on three years of probation in August and slapped with a public reprimand and fine for violations in the recruitment of James Wiseman, now with the Golden State Warriors. But the Tigers escaped any scholarship penalties or postseason bans because the IARP said it did not want to punish current athletes.

Even as the IARP continues to work on several cases, the NCAA’s Division I Transformation Committee earlier this year put forth a recommendation to end the process. The proposal was swiftly adopted by the Division I Board of Directors.

“We look forward to commenting further when this process is fully resolved,” Girod said of the IARP process. “Until then, I want to reiterate our unwavering support of Coach Self and our men’s basketball program.”


Friday, Nov. 11: Michigan State vs. Gonzaga (San Diego, CA)

Michigan State and Gonzaga — two of the three programs to reach each of the previous

23 NCAA Tournaments — bring back hoops on an aircraft carrier in downtown San Diego.

Friday, Nov. 11: Stanford vs. Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI)

At-large hopefuls Stanford and Wisconsin spar in the “Brew City Battle” at American Family Field, home of Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers.

Saturday, Nov. 12: Saint Peter’s at Seton Hall

Fresh off of leading Saint Peter’s to an improbable Elite Eight run, new Seton Hall head

coach Shaheen Holloway takes on the Peacocks for the first time.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Duke vs. Kansas (Indianapolis, IN)

The Champions Classic is the unofficial tipoff of each new college basketball season. It

doesn’t get much better than first-year Duke head coach Jon Scheyer taking on the defending champs.

Tuesday, Nov. 15: Kentucky vs. Michigan State (Indianapolis, IN)

Superstar big man Oscar Tshiebwe and Kentucky aim to record the Wildcats’ first win in

the Champions Classic since knocking off Sparty in a 1-versus-2 matchup in 2019.

Wednesday, Nov. 16: Gonzaga at Texas

In the first showcase event at the brand-new Moody Center in Austin, the Longhorns look

to avenge last year’s defeat in Spokane and record an early signature win.

Friday, Nov. 18: Villanova at Michigan State

As part of this year’s Gavitt Games, Kyle Neptune’s Villanova squad heads to East Lansing

in search of an early, resumé-boosting win against Michigan State.

Friday, Nov. 18: Illinois vs. UCLA (Las Vegas, NV)

The Continental Tire Main Event doesn’t lack starpower this year. Illinois and UCLA, despite significant offseason departures, are still primed to make conference title runs.

Friday, Nov. 18: Baylor vs. Virginia (Las Vegas, NV)

The other Continental Tire Main Event matchup features another pair of Final Four hopefuls, led by two of the country’s best coaches. It’s an early spotlight for Bears freshman

Keyonte George.

Friday, Nov. 18: Florida at Florida State

After seven consecutive losses, the Gators took down the 20th-ranked Seminoles last November. Now, first-year coach Todd Golden goes for his first Sunshine Showdown victory.

Sunday, Nov. 20: Kentucky vs. Gonzaga (Spokane, WA)

Two of the winningest coaches in the modern era agreed to a home-and-home series,

starting at Spokane Arena. All eyes will be on the matchup of Oscar Tshiebwe vs. Drew


Monday, Nov. 21: Creighton vs. Texas Tech (Maui, HI)

This year’s Maui Invitational bracket is loaded. Creighton is a trendy Final Four pick this

season, while Texas Tech is riding the momentum from Mark Adams’ successful Year 1.

Monday, Nov. 21: San Diego State vs. Ohio State (Maui, HI)

Several teams are capable of cutting down the Maui Invitational nets this year, and these

two squads are no exceptions. Empty your schedule for Feast Week — it’s going to be a

busy one.

Tuesday, Nov. 29: Virginia at Michigan

Not a bad way to tip off this year’s Big Ten/ACC Challenge. After the ACC captured the

first 10 challenges, the Big Ten has answered in a big way in recent years, winning three


Wednesday, Nov. 30: North Carolina at Indiana

The premier matchup of this year’s Big Ten/ACC Challenge, second-year coaches Hubert

Davis and Mike Woodson have two of the country’s best rosters and are primed for big


Wednesday, Nov. 30: Providence at TCU

Picked seventh in the preseason, Providence shocked many by capturing the Big East title

last year. The Friars take on a potential breakout TCU squad in this Big 12-Big East Battle


Thursday, Dec. 1: Creighton at Texas

Creighton and Texas are poised for big seasons with strong returning groups and high-level transfer additions. Their Big 12-Big East Battle matchup is the headliner of this year’s


Friday, Dec. 2: Gonzaga vs. Baylor (Sioux Falls, SD)

Gonzaga seeks revenge from its 16-point loss to Baylor in the 2021 national title game.

Timme and fellow All-America hopeful Adam Flagler headline the matchup.

Saturday, Dec. 3: Saint Mary’s vs. Houston (Fort Worth, TX)

The Cougars and Gaels won a combined 58 games last year as two of college hoops’

most underrated programs. This Battleground 2K22 matchup in Fort Worth will be worth

the watch.

Sunday, Dec. 4: Kentucky vs. Michigan (London, England)

Originally scheduled for Dec. 2020, Kentucky and Michigan make their long-awaited trip

across the pond to London for a marquee matchup at the state-of-the-art O2 Arena.

Sunday, Dec. 4: Oregon at UCLA

Oregon’s two-week stretch that includes Houston, the PK Invitational and a road trip to

UCLA will test the Ducks’ legitimacy. Keep an eye on elite freshmen bigs Kel’el Ware and

Adem Bona.

Tuesday, Dec. 6: Illinois vs. Texas (New York, NY)

Illinois and Texas return to the Jimmy V Classic at the Madison Square Garden. Both

squads are poised to recover from second-round tournament losses thanks to high-potential rosters.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: UConn at Florida

The Huskies head to Gainesville in hopes of a quality road win. UConn big man Adama

Sanogo will tangle with Florida’s Colin Castleton in one of the best individual paint duels

of the year.

Thursday, Dec. 8: Iowa at Iowa State

It’s been five years since this in-state rivalry has produced a close game, with the previous

four meetings decided by a 19.5-point margin. Let’s hope it’s a tighter contest this time


Saturday, Dec. 10: Alabama at Houston

Last year’s Alabama/Houston game was marred with controversy on a goaltending nocall that would have won the game for the Cougars. The sequel figures to be another top15 thriller.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Memphis vs. Auburn (Atlanta, GA)

Memphis and Auburn are set to take part in the Holiday Hoopsgiving quadrupleheader

event in Atlanta. It’s the first of three consecutive matchups against SEC opponents for


Saturday, Dec. 10: Indiana vs. Arizona (Las Vegas, NV)

Indiana squares off against Arizona in the Las Vegas Clash at the MGM Grand Sports

Arena in a primetime Saturday night feature and an exciting matchup of Xavier Johnson

vs. Kerr Kriisa.

Saturday, Dec. 10: Xavier at Cincinnati

Sean Miller returns to his old Xavier stomping grounds in search of the Musketeers’ eighth

win in 10 tries in the Crosstown Shootout, one of the sport’s fiercest rivalries.

Sunday, Dec. 11: Seton Hall at Rutgers

Shaheen Holloway makes his first trip to Jersey Mike’s Arena, where the Scarlet Knights

sport a 42-8 overall record and 9-3 mark against ranked opponents at home since 2019.

Monday, Dec. 12: Liberty vs. Oral Roberts (Tulsa, OK)

Two of the sport’s best bucket-getters, Liberty’s Darius McGhee and ORU’s Max Abmas,

have their sights set on one last NCAA Tournament run. But first, a showdown in Tulsa.

Saturday, Dec. 17: Indiana at Kansas

Indiana’s ambitious nonconference slate features a trip to Lawrence in one of the sport’s

toughest environments. A win (or close finish) would cement Indiana’s legitimacy this season.

Saturday, Dec. 17: Dayton vs. Wyoming (Chicago, IL)

With major at-large implications on the line, Dayton’s sophomore studs take on Wyoming’s

Graham Ike and Hunter Maldonado in a mid-major showdown at the United Center.

Saturday, Dec. 17: UCLA vs. Kentucky (New York, NY)

In their last four meetings, UCLA beat Kentucky twice when UK was the No. 1 team and

another time when the Cats were ranked No. 7. Meanwhile, Kentucky beat UCLA in the

2017 Sweet 16.

Saturday, Dec. 17: Tennessee at Arizona

Seven days removed from taking on Indiana in Vegas, Arizona hosts another preseason

Top 25 team in Tennessee, an experienced bunch. It’s an early Christmas present for

hoops fans.

Saturday, Dec. 17: Gonzaga vs. Alabama (Birmingham, AL)

Alabama will again look to slow down Drew Timme & Co. The Crimson Tide took out the

‘Zags in Seattle last season in convincing fashion. Can Gonzaga return the favor in Birmingham?


Sunday, Dec. 18: Iona at New Mexico

Rick Pitino vs. Richard Pitino. Father vs. son. Both programs are capable of doing some

damage in their respective conferences, making this more than just a family affair.

Sunday, Dec. 18: Auburn at USC

Auburn makes a road swing to the West Coast before the holidays, taking on Pac-12 foes

USC and Washington. Boogie Ellis and Wendell Green make for a high-level point guard


Thursday, Dec. 22: Illinois vs. Missouri (St. Louis, MO)

Braggin’ Rights is back for the 53rd meeting. Illinois is fresh off a shared Big Ten title while

first-year head coach Dennis Gates looks to make an early statement in his Tigers tenure.

Sunday, Dec. 25: DePaul at Creighton

Christmas Day hoops in Omaha! The Bluejays, led by big man Ryan Kalkbrenner and impact transfer Baylor Scheierman, host DePaul in an afternoon matinee for college hoops


Wednesday, Dec. 28: Villanova at UConn

Villanova and first-year head coach Kyle Neptune head to Hartford for the first time. Expect a raucous environment — there’s no love lost between these Big East powers.

Tuesday, Jan. 3: Kansas at Texas Tech

Kevin McCullar’s offseason departure from Lubbock to Lawrence means the former Red

Raider will receive an unsavory welcome when Kansas plays at Texas Tech.

Saturday, Jan. 7: Kentucky at Alabama

Can Alabama contain Oscar Tshiebwe and the Wildcats? This is an early statement opportunity for two programs vying for a conference title in yet another competitive SEC


Saturday, Jan. 7: San Diego State at Wyoming

San Diego State makes an early trip to Laramie in a potential preview of the Mountain

West title game. Matt Bradley dropped 30 on the Cowboys in a win in last year’s matchup.

Thursday, Jan. 12: Gonzaga at BYU

BYU is responsible for five of Gonzaga’s 14 conference losses since joining the WCC.

With the Cougars joining the Big 12 next year, BYU tries for one more home upset against

the ‘Zags.

Friday, Jan. 13: VCU at Dayton

The Atlantic 10 should be a gauntlet this season and the Rams and Flyers could very well

duke it out for the top spot. This is a marquee matchup early on in the grueling conference


Tuesday, Jan. 17: Texas at Iowa State

How will Iowa State fans welcome in Tyrese Hunter? After guiding the Cyclones to a

Sweet 16, Hunter left in the spring for Texas and expects to be a featured part of the

Longhorns’ offense.

Friday, Jan. 20: North Carolina at Virginia

UNC swept Virginia last season after the Cavaliers won the previous seven meetings.

Both programs have their sights set on the ACC title behind proven upperclassmen.

Saturday, Jan. 28: Kansas at Kentucky

When these two met last January, Kentucky led by as many as 24 in a blowout road victory. Now in Lawrence, the Wildcats will try to spoil the Jayhawks’ fun during their title

defense run.

Saturday, Jan. 28: Texas at Tennessee

If things break right, this matchup could be a battle of top-10 teams come late January.

Tennessee’s Santiago Vescovi and Texas’ Marcus Carr pack plenty of scoring punch.

Saturday, Jan. 28: Arkansas at Baylor

Another quality SEC/Big 12 Challenge contest pins Eric Musselman against Scott Drew.

Points could be hard to come by with both programs sporting elite defenses the last two


Saturday, Jan. 28: Florida at Kansas State

K-State’s Keyontae Johnson sees his former team for the first time in this SEC/Big 12

Challenge matchup. This could be a sneaky good matchup depending on how nonconference play unfolds.

Wednesday, Feb. 1: Chattanooga at Furman

David Jean-Baptiste was the hero the last time these two met in the thrilling SoCon title

game. Between UTC’s Jake Stephens and Furman’s Mike Bothwell, this game has no talent shortage.

Saturday, Feb. 4: North Carolina at Duke

For the first time since 1961, a UNC/Duke matchup will not feature Mike Krzyzewski, Roy

Williams or Dean Smith patrolling the sidelines. It’s a new era, and it should be good as


Thursday, Feb. 9: New Mexico State at Grand Canyon

This rivalry is no joke. New Mexico State makes its final trip to raucous GCU Arena as a

WAC member in what may be a pivotal matchup in the conference title race.

Monday, Feb. 13: Texas at Texas Tech

Chris Beard’s return trip to Lubbock last February made for one of the wildest scenes in

recent college hoops memory. Don’t expect things to be any different this time around.

Friday, Feb. 24: Michigan at Wisconsin

The last time these two met, Juwan Howard and Greg Gard made headlines with a postgame kerfuffle, with suspensions and fines on both sides. Will there be more drama this

time around?

Saturday, Feb. 25: UAB at Western Kentucky

Since 2015, Conference USA is 5-2 in first-round March Madness games as a 12-seed or

lower; everyone else is 15-98. UAB or WKU could be the next C-USA squad with March


Saturday, Feb. 25: Florida State at Miami

Looking for an under-the-radar matchup that could potentially be appointment television?

FSU at Miami in late February may do the trick. Both teams could finish near the top of

the ACC.

Saturday, Feb. 25: Indiana at Purdue

The Indiana-Purdue rivalry is rekindled with the Hoosiers snapping a nine-game losing

streak last year under first-year coach Mike Woodson. Can Indiana silence the Mackey

Arena crowd?

Saturday, Feb. 25: Vermont at Bryant

Bryant’s move to the America East gives Vermont a true contender for its league crown.

These mid-major heavyweights won a combined 50 games last year en route to March

Madness bids.

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Arkansas at Tennessee

There figures to be plenty of NBA scouts in Knoxville for this one. Arkansas’ star freshman

Nick Smith will be tested against a dominating, experienced Volunteers defense.

Thursday, March 2: Memphis at SMU

Kendric Davis returns to SMU after three all-league nods with the Mustangs. Now the

Memphis point guard, Davis eyes his first NCAA Tournament appearance with a new supporting cast.

Friday, March 3: Dayton at Saint Louis

The A10 contenders have high hopes this year. Dayton returns its breakout starting five

while SLU sports one of the country’s best offensive trios. The stakes will be plenty high

for this one.

Saturday, March 4: Kentucky at Arkansas

Oscar Tshiebwe’s 30-point effort wasn’t enough for Kentucky when these two teams met

in Fayetteville last season. Expect another hostile environment at Bud Walton Arena this


Saturday, March 4: Arizona at UCLA

A rematch of last year’s Pac-12 championship, there could be plenty up for grabs when

the Wildcats and Bruins meet in Los Angeles at Pauley Pavilion for a late-season tussle.

Saturday, March 4: Butler at Xavier

Thad Matta is nearly two decades removed from coaching his last game with Xavier. After

a five-year coaching hiatus, Matta is back on the sidelines to rejuvenate the Butler program.

Sunday, March 5: Michigan at Indiana

Will this be the matchup that decides the Big Ten title race? Regardless, there will inevitably be a lot on the line for both teams on the final day of the regular season.

Sunday, March 5: Houston at Memphis

Memphis used a pair of wins over the Cougars in the regular season to roar into last year’s

Big Dance. Now, the Tigers look to play spoiler again for Houston, who could be hunting

a 1-seed.


PROTECTING THE ROCK: The PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (7-0) are the last remaining undefeated team in the league and with a win at Houston on Thursday Night Football (8:15 PM ET, Prime Video), they would be off to their best start to a season in franchise history.

Quarterback JALEN HURTS has been the starter for each of the Eagles wins this season and won each of his final three starts of the 2021 season. With a win on Thursday, Hurts – who turned 24 years old in August – can tie Pro Football Hall of Famer PEYTON MANNING (11 consecutive wins in 1999) and DAK PRESCOTT (11 in 2016) for the third-longest winning streak by a starting quarterback under the age of 25 since 1990. Only BEN ROETHLISBERGER (15 consecutive wins from 2004-05) and LAMAR JACKSON (13 consecutive wins from 2019-20) have longer streaks.

The starting quarterbacks under the age of 25 with the longest winning streaks since 1990:

Ben RoethlisbergerPittsburgh2004-0515
Lamar JacksonBaltimore2019-2013
Peyton ManningHOFIndianapolis199911
Dak PrescottDallas201611
Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia2021-2210*
*Active streak

Philadelphia leads the league with a +14 turnover differential this season and has a league-low two giveaways through its first seven games. With no turnovers on Thursday, the Eagles will become the first team in the Super Bowl era with fewer than three giveaways through their first eight games of a season.

— NFL —

TOP BILLING: The BUFFALO BILLS (6-1) enter Week 9 on a four-game winning streak and own the league’s top offense (430.6 yards per game). They also rank third in total defense (298.1 yards allowed per game).

Buffalo visits the New York Jets on Sunday (1:00 PM ET, CBS) and has a chance to become the third team ever to average at least 425 yards of offense per game and allow fewer than 300 yards per game on defense through its first eight games of a season, joining the 2010 San Diego Chargers and 2007 New England Patriots.

The teams to average at least 425 yards of offense per game and allow fewer than 300 yards per game through their first eight games of a season in NFL history:

San Diego Chargers2010426.9260.0
New England Patriots2007439.5268.5
Buffalo Bills2022430.6*298.1*
*Through seven games

The Bills also enter the week with the league’s top-scoring defense (14.0 points allowed per game) and second-highest scoring offense (29.0 points per game). They can become the fourth team since 1970 to average at least 30 points per game and allow fewer than 14 points per game through their first eight games of a season, joining New England in 2019, Green Bay in 1996 and Washington in 1991.

— NFL —

WINDY CITY RUSHING: Led by running back KHALIL HERBERT (563 rushing yards) and quarterback JUSTIN FIELDS (424), the CHICAGO BEARS (3-5) enter the week with the league’s top rushing attack, averaging 188.4 yards per game on the ground.

As a team, Chicago has totaled over 225 rushing yards in each of its past three games. With at least 225 rushing yards against Miami on Sunday (1:00 PM ET, CBS), the Bears will become the fifth team ever and first since 1976 to record at least 225 rushing yards in four consecutive games.

The teams with at least 225 rushing yards in the most consecutive games in NFL history:

Pittsburgh Steelers19764
San Francisco 49ers19514
Philadelphia Eagles19494
Detroit Lions19344
Chicago Bears20223*
*Active streak

— NFL —

CHAMPIONS VS. CHAMPIONS: The two most recent Super Bowl Champions will go head-to-head on Sunday (4:25 PM ET, CBS) when the LOS ANGELES RAMS (3-4) visit the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (3-4).

Los Angeles won Super Bowl LVI last year over Cincinnati as wide receiver COOPER KUPP recorded the game-winning touchdown catch with 1:25 remaining in the fourth quarter and defensive lineman AARON DONALD registered two of the Rams’ Super Bowl record nine sacks. Head coach SEAN MCVAY, with the win, became the youngest head coach to win the Super Bowl.

Two seasons ago, Tampa Bay defeated Kansas City to win Super Bowl LV. Quarterback TOM BRADY threw three touchdown passes in the win, earning his seventh Super Bowl title and fifth Pete Rozelle Trophy as Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, both the most by any player all-time.

The Rams (SoFi Stadium) and Buccaneers (Raymond James Stadium) are the only two teams to win a Super Bowl in their home stadiums.

This will be the 27th occurrence in the Super Bowl era and the eighth time in the past 20 seasons that the two most recent Super Bowl winners will meet in the regular season. The team who won the Super Bowl more recently has won six of the previous seven such matchups.

The matchups between the two most recent Super Bowl winners since 2003:

Week 9, 2022L.A. Rams (LVI)Tampa Bay (LVI)???
Week 4, 2020New England (LIII)Kansas City (LIV)KC 26, NE 10
Week 11, 2019Philadelphia (LII)New England (LIII)NE 17, PHI 10
Week 10, 2017New England (LI)Denver (50)NE 41, DEN 16
Week 15, 2016New England (XLIX)Denver (50)NE 16, DEN 3
Week 12, 2012Green Bay (XLV)N.Y. Giants (XLVI)NYG 38, GB 10
Week 1, 2011New Orleans (XLIV)Green Bay (XLV)GB 42, NO 34
Week 8, 2010Pittsburgh (XLIII)New Orleans (XLIV)NO 20, PIT 10
Bold denotes more recent Super Bowl winner

Brady enters Week 9 with 99,836 career passing yards, including the postseason, and needs 164 passing yards to become the first player in NFL history with 100,000 career passing yards. Brady has the most regular season passing yards (86,787) and postseason passing yards (13,049) all-time and has led the NFL in passing yards four times (2005, 2007, 2017 and 2021) during his 23-year career.

— NFL —

MORE MAHOMES HISTORY: Kansas City quarterback PATRICK MAHOMES leads the NFL with 20 touchdown passes this season and ranks fourth with 2,159 passing yards. In 70 career games (all starts), Mahomes has totaled 21,150 passing yards and 171 touchdown passes.

With 105 passing yards against Tennessee on Sunday Night Football (8:20 PM ET, NBC), Mahomes will surpass MATTHEW STAFFORD (21,254 passing yards) for the most passing yards ever by a quarterback in his first 75 career starts. With three touchdown passes, Mahomes will surpass Pro Football Hall of Famer DAN MARINO (173 touchdown passes) for the most-ever by a quarterback in his first 75 career starts.   

The quarterbacks with the most passing yards in their first 75 career starts in NFL history:

Matthew StaffordDetroit21,254
Patrick MahomesKansas City21,150*
Andrew LuckIndianapolis20,569
*In 70 career starts

The quarterbacks with the most touchdown passes in their first 75 career starts in NFL history:

Dan MarinoHOFMiami173
Patrick MahomesKansas City171*
Aaron RodgersGreen Bay160
*In 70 career starts

— NFL —

SUNSHINE STATE STARS: Miami wide receiver TYREEK HILL leads the league with 69 receptions and 961 receiving yards this season, the third-most receiving yards by a player in his team’s first eight games of a season in the Super Bowl era.

With 113 receiving yards at Chicago on Sunday (1:00 PM ET, CBS), a mark he has reached in four of eight games this season, Hill will surpass Pro Football Hall of Famer ISAAC BRUCE (1,073 receiving yards in 1995) for the most receiving yards by a player in his team’s first nine games of a season in the Super Bowl era.

Hill totaled 188 receiving yards last week and joined ROY GREEN (1984) as the only players ever with at least 150 receiving yards in four of their team’s first eight games of a season in NFL history. In 99 career games, Hill has surpassed 150 receiving yards 11 times.

With 150 receiving yards on Sunday, Hill will tie Pro Football Hall of Famer RANDY MOSS (12 games) for the fourth-most games with at least 150 receiving yards by a player through his first 100 career games in NFL history. Only Pro Football Hall of Famers LANCE ALWORTH (17 games) and JERRY RICE (14), as well as JULIO JONES (13) have more.

The players with the most games with at least 150 receiving yards in their first 100 career games:

Lance AlworthHOFSan Diego Chargers17
Jerry RiceHOFSan Francisco14
Julio JonesAtlanta13
Randy MossHOFMinnesota12
Isaac BruceHOFSt. Louis Rams11
Tyreek HillKansas City, Miami11*
Calvin JohnsonHOFDetroit11
*In 99 games

Hill’s teammate JAYLEN WADDLE ranks fourth in the league with 727 receiving yards in 2022. The two have combined for 1,688 receiving yards this season and have an opportunity to rank among the teammates with the most combined receiving yards through their team’s first nine games of a season in NFL history.

The teammates with the most combined receiving yards through their team’s first nine games of a season all-time:

Bill Groman & Charlie HenniganHouston Oilers19611,950
Isaac BruceHOF & Torry HoltSt. Louis Rams20001,878
Emmanuel Sanders & Demaryius ThomasDenver20141,854
Tyreek Hill & Jaylen WaddleMiami20221,688*
*Through first eight games

— NFL —

FULLY CHARGED: Los Angeles Chargers quarterback JUSTIN HERBERT ranks fourth in the NFL with 287.0 passing yards per game this season and has surpassed the 300-yard mark twice (Weeks 2 and 4). Since entering the league in 2020, Herbert has 19 games with at least 300 passing yards, tied for the most in the league.

With 300 passing yards at Atlanta on Sunday (1:00 PM ET, FOX), Herbert will surpass ANDREW LUCK (19 games) for the most games with at least 300 passing yards by a player in his first three seasons in NFL history.

AUSTIN EKELER leads all running backs this season with 53 receptions. Prior to the Chargers’ Week 8 bye, Ekeler totaled 10 receptions in Week 6 and 12 receptions in Week 7. With 10 receptions on Sunday, Ekeler will become the first running back ever with at least 10 receptions in three consecutive games.

Ekeler also ranks tied for second among all players with eight touchdowns (five rushing, three receiving) and is the only player in the league with at least one rushing touchdown and one touchdown reception in multiple games this season (Weeks 4, 5 and 7). Since entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2017, Ekeler has nine games with both a rushing and receiving touchdown, the third-most in the NFL.

With both a rushing and receiving touchdown on Sunday, Ekeler will become the third player in NFL history with 10 games with both a rushing touchdown and receiving touchdown in his first six seasons, joining ALVIN KAMARA and CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY.

After totaling 11 touchdowns in 2019 and tying for the league lead with 20 touchdowns in 2021, Ekeler can become the fourth undrafted player in the common-draft era to have at least 10 touchdowns in three-or-more different seasons, joining ARIAN FOSTER (four seasons), ANTONIO GATES (four) and PRIEST HOLMES (four).


Running back DERRICK HENRY of the Tennessee Titans, defensive end DRE’MONT JONES of the Denver Broncos and kicker NICK FOLK of the New England Patriots are the AFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week for games played in Week 8 (October 27, 30-31).


  • Henry rushed for 219 yards and two touchdowns in Tennessee’s 17-10 win at Houston, the most rushing yards by a player in a game this season. It marked Henry’s sixth career game with at least 200 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns, the most in NFL history.

  • This is the seventh-career Offensive Player of the Week award for Henry and first this season:
    • 2018: Week 14
    • 2019: Week 17
    • 2020: Weeks 6, 17
    • 2021: Weeks 2, 6
    • 2022: Week 8

  • Henry joins Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes as the only players to win a Player of the Week award in each of the past five seasons.

  • He extends his record for most-ever Player of the Week awards by a Titans player and ties Shaun Alexander (seven-time winner) for the most by a former Alabama running back.


  • Jones recorded seven tackles, three tackles for loss and a sack in Denver’s 21-17 victory over Jacksonville in London. He was the only player in the AFC to total three tackles for loss in Week 8.   

  • This marks the second-career Defensive Player of the Week award for Jones, also earning the honor as a rookie in Week 16 of the 2019 season.

  • Jones joins Greg Kragen (two-time winner) as the only Broncos defensive linemen ever to win the award multiple times.


  • Folk converted all five of his field goal attempts – from 31, 42, 49, 45 and 52 yards – as well as his lone point after attempt in New England’s 22-17 road victory over the Jets. He became the first kicker to covert four field goals of at least 40 yards in a game this season.
  • This is the eighth-career Special Teams Player of the Week award for Folk, and fourth with the Patriots:
    • 2007 (with Dallas): Week 5
    • 2010 (with New York Jets): Week 5
    • 2013 (with New York Jets): Weeks 1, 9
    • 2020 (with New England): Weeks 9, 12
    • 2021 (with New England): Week 5
    • 2022 (with New England): Week 8

  • Folk joins Stephen Gostkowski (six-time winner) and Adam Vinatieri (eight-time winner) as the only Patriots kickers to earn the honor at least four times.


Running back CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY of the San Francisco 49ers, linebacker ZA’DARIUS SMITH of the Minnesota Vikings and tight end WILL DISSLY of the Seattle Seahawks are the NFC Offensive, Defensive and Special Teams Players of the Week for games played in Week 8 (October 27, 30-31).


  • McCaffrey registered eight receptions, 149 scrimmage yards (94 rushing, 55 receiving) and three total touchdowns (one passing, one rushing, one receiving) in the 49ers’ 31-14 win at the Los Angeles Rams in Week 8. He became the fourth player with a touchdown pass, rushing touchdown and touchdown reception in a single game since 1970.

  • This is the first-career Offensive Player of the Week award for McCaffrey and he becomes the first San Francisco running back to earn the honor since Frank Gore (Week 14, 2009).

  • McCaffrey is the first-ever former Stanford running back to win the award and is the first Cardinal to win since quarterback Andrew Luck (Week 11, 2018).


  • Smith recorded seven tackles, four tackles for loss, three sacks and a pass defensed in Minnesota’s 34-26 victory over Arizona. It marked the most tackles for loss and sacks of any player in Week 8.

  • This is the third-career Defensive Player of the Week award for Smith and first with the Vikings:
    • 2018 (with Baltimore): Week 6
    • 2020 (with Green Bay): Week 4
    • 2022 (with Minnesota): Week 8

  • He is the first Vikings linebacker to earn the honor since Eric Kendricks (Week 1, 2016).


  • Dissly forced a fumble and later recovered a fumble, both on punt coverage, in Seattle’s 27-13 victory over the Giants.

  • This is the first Player of the Week Award for Dissly and he is the first Seahawk to win Special Teams Player of the Week since running back Travis Homer (Week 13, 2021).  

  • Dissly becomes the third former University of Washington player to earn the honor, joining kicker Jeff Jaeger (six-time winner) and punt returner Jaydon Mickens (two-time winner).  


• All 14 schools are in action this week, with seven Big Ten contests highlighted by four divisional matchups. The complete schedule can be found to the right.

• Two Big Ten teams remain undefeated on the season, as Michigan and Ohio State are both 8-0. The Wolverines and Buckeyes are both undefeated in conference play at 5-0.

• Four Big Ten teams appear in the AP Poll this week, highlighted by two of the top four teams. Ohio State leads the conference at No. 2, followed by No. 4 Michigan, No. 14 Illinois and No. 16 Penn State, with Maryland also receiving votes.

• Michigan and Ohio State are two of only four teams in the country with top-10 rankings in both scoring offense and scoring defense. The Wolverines rank third defensively (11.5 points per game) and eighth offensively (41.0 points per game), while the Buckeyes check in at second offensively (48.9 points per game) and 10th defensively (16.9 points per game). The only other teams to appear in the top 10 of both categories are Alabama and Georgia.

• Three additional Big Ten teams rank in the top five in terms of scoring defense: Illinois (1st, 8.9 points per game), Minnesota (4th, 14.4 points per game) and Iowa (5th, 15.8 points per game).

• Ohio State’s J.T. Tuimoloau recorded six tackles, three solos, two sacks, three tackles-for-loss, two interceptions and a forced fumble in Ohio State’s 44-31 win against Penn State. He also deflected a pass that resulted in a pick, making him responsible for all four Buckeyes takeaways. Ohio State has forced 10 turnovers in its last two games, the most in a two-game stretch since 2000.

• Michigan improved to 8-0 for the second time under head coach Jim Harbaugh and the first since 2016. The Wolverines improved to 72-38-5 all-time against Michigan State on Saturday, including a 39-29-2 mark since the two teams began playing for the Paul Bunyan Trophy in 1953.

• Wolverine running back Blake Corum set a career high against the Spartans with 33 carries, notching 177 yards with two touchdowns (one receiving), marking his fifth straight 100-plus yard game. Corum now has nine career 100-yard rushing games and has eclipsed 1,000 rushing yards on the season for the first time in his career. The junior ranks second nationally in rushing touchdowns (14), second in total points scored (90) and fourth in rushing yards (1,078).

• Illinois leads the nation in both scoring defense (8.9 points allowed per game) and total defense (224.5 yards allowed per game). The Illini also rank in the top two nationally in passing efficiency defense (1st; 77.94), passes intercepted (1st; 15) and rushing defense (2nd; 75.6).

• Led by running back Chase Brown, Illinois ranks sixth nationally in relative rushing offense and 18th in the country in relative total offense. Brown leads the nation with 1,208 rushing yards this season, with 707 of those yards coming after contact. He also ranks second in the nation in all-purpose yards (1,328) without having return duties.

• Iowa’s Jack Campbell was named a finalist for the 2022 William V. Campbell Trophy on Oct. 26. Now in its 33rd year, the Campbell Trophy is presented annually to the nation’s top football scholar-athlete. The finalists will travel to the 64th NFF Annual Awards Dinner Presented by Las Vegas on Dec. 6, where one member of the class will be declared as the winner of the 33rd Campbell Trophy and have his postgraduate scholarship increased to $25,000.

• Seven Big Ten Conference programs appear in the top 25 of the latest NCAA attendance rankings, including four of the nation’s top 10 schools: No. 1 Michigan (110,224 fans per game), No. 2 Penn State (107,540), No. 3 Ohio State (104,438), No. 10 Nebraska (86,822), No. 19 Wisconsin (73,866), No. 20 Michigan State (72, 786) and No. 21 Iowa (69,250). Additionally, Big Ten teams own 14 of the top 15 single-game attendance highs this season, including the top nine spots.

• The 2022 Big Ten Football Championship Game will be played at 8 p.m. ET on Saturday, Dec. 3, at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium and will be televised nationally on FOX. The winner will earn the Amos Alonzo Stagg Championship Trophy and a chance to play in one of the six bowls that comprise the College Football Playoff, including the Rose Bowl Game.

• The 2022 campaign features 94 All-Big Ten honorees (first-, second-, third-team or honorable mention) selected by either the coaches or the media last season. Ohio State leads the way, welcoming back 17 All-Big Ten honorees this season. Each team has at least one All-Big Ten performer returning this season, with 56 of the 94 returning All-Big Ten players coming from the East Division.

• This season’s Playoff Semifinals will take place Saturday, December 31, 2022, at the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl and Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. The Los Angeles region will host the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday, January 9, 2023, at SoFi Stadium. The College Football Playoff matches the No. 1 ranked team vs. No. 4, and No. 2 vs. No. 3 in semifinal games that rotate annually among six bowl games – the Goodyear Cotton Bowl, Vrbo Fiesta Bowl, Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Capital One Orange Bowl, Allstate Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl Game.

Saturday, November 5, 2022 
Ohio StateNorthwestern12:00 P.M.Evanston, Ill.TV: ABC Stats Radio: WYLL 1160 AM
IowaPurdue12:00 P.M.West Lafayette, Ind. (Conf.)TV: FS1 Stats Radio: WAZY (96.5 FM)
MinnesotaNebraska12:00 P.M.Lincoln, Neb. (Conf.)TV: ESPN2 Stats Radio: KFAN 100.3 FM Video
MarylandWisconsin12:00 P.M.Madison, WI (Conf.)TV: BTN Stats
Michigan StateIllinois3:30 P.M.Champaign, Ill. (Conf.)TV: BTN Stats Radio: Spartan Media Network
Penn StateIndiana3:30 P.M.Bloomington, Ind. (Conf.)TV: ABC Stats Radio: IU Radio Network Video
MichiganRutgers7:30 P.M.Piscataway, N.J. (Conf.)TV: Big Ten Network Stats Radio: WFAN 660-AM, FOX Sports New Jersey 93.5-FM/1450-AM, SiriusXM 135 or 195, Audacy app, Scarlet Knights app Video


TORONTO (AP) John Tavares had his 11th career hat trick and added an assist as the Toronto Maple Leafs snapped a four-game skid with a 5-2 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night.

“He was on it,” said Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews, who had a goal and an assist. “Made some pretty incredible plays. And obviously, his second one was just special.

“Great game by him leading the way.”

Zach Aston-Reese also scored for Toronto. Mitch Marner and Morgan Rielly each had two assists. Ilya Samsonov made 23 saves.

“Whether it’s myself or some of some of our other core guys (we want) to be difference-makers,” said Tavares, who scored three times in a game for the first time since March 2019. “No question you want to come out and have a strong game today.”

Joel Farabee and Owen Tippett scored for Philadelphia, which got 39 saves from backup Felix Sandstrom. Travis Konecny added two assists.

“Effort was there,” Farabee said. “Execution could have probably been a little bit better.”

The Maple Leafs returned home Sunday after a 1-2-2 road trip that included overtime losses to the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks.

Playing the second of a back-to-back after a 1-0 overtime loss to the New York Rangers a night earlier, the Flyers opened the scoring at 13:09 of the first period when Farabee scored his third of the season.

Sandstrom, who was looking for his first career NHL victory in his eighth appearance with Carter Hart getting a rest, was beaten by Matthews on his own rebound from close range on another man advantage at 16:40.

Tavares then ripped a one-timer that hit Konecny’s stick off a William Nylander feed with 1:27 remaining in the period for a 2-1 lead.

Aston-Reese scored his first of the season, and first for Toronto at 2:49 for a 3-1 lead.

Tippett got the Flyers back within one on a power-play gdoal at 7:01.

Tavares added some insurance at 12:24 when he stepped around defenseman Travis Sanheim before scoring off his own rebound. Toronto’s captain then completed his hat trick on a power play with 5:37 left in regulation after Sandstrom lost a skate blade and was out of position.

“It’s been a little while,” Tavares said of his three-goal performance. “Any time you have nights like this it’s a team effort.”


Maple Leafs winger Pontus Holmberg made his NHL debut. Selected 156th overall at the 2018 draft, the 23-year-old played four professional seasons in Sweden before joining the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies at the tail end of 2021-22. … Leafs defenSeman Timothy Liljegren is expected to make his season debut this weekend. The 23-year-old, who had hernia surgery in September, put up five goals and 23 points in 61 games last season.


Philadelphia: At Ottawa Senators on Saturday.

Toronto: Hosts the Boston Bruins on Saturday.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) Alex Tuch scored with 9:26 left and the Buffalo Sabres had five goals in the third period to rally past the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-3 on Wednesday night.

Victor Oloffson, Tage Thompson, JJ Peterka and Kyle Okposo also scored for Buffalo. Eric Comrie made 18 saves.

“It’s good that we’re able to finish games,” Tuch said. “I think that’s something that we slowly learned last year, that we needed to bear down and not sit back and continue to press and continue to play our style of game. I thought we did that tonight.”

Jason Zucker, Josh Archibald and Jake Guentzel scored for the Penguins, who have lost six straight games. Casey DeSmith made 26 saves.

It’s the longest losing streak for Pittsburgh since it also lost six in a row in February 2020. The Penguins’ latest loss comes after they surrendered a 5-2 lead on Tuesday in Boston before losing 6-5 in overtime.

“We’ve got to find a way to get some swagger back in our game,” coach Mike Sullivan said. “When you go through struggles like this, we’re all human beings, everybody cares and everybody wants to be part of the solution. So we’ve got to go back to work.”

Pittsburgh (4-5-2) had similar difficulties to open last season, opening the year with a record of 5-6-4, before turning things around and finishing with 46 wins.

“It’s not a great feeling and we’ve got to find a way to get out of it,” captain Sidney Crosby said.

Zucker opened the score 6:28 into the first, finishing a 2-on-1 rush with a blast from the right circle after a setup by Evgeni Malkin.

Archibald made it 2-0 5:50 into the second on a similar play to Pittsburgh’s first goal. This time it was Ryan Poehling who set up Archibald’s one-timer from the right circle.

Peterka got the Sabres on the board with 1:09 left in the second on a shot through traffic from behind the right circle. Rasmus Asplund assisted on Peterka’s goal and picked up his fifth point in his last five games.

Guentzel quickly restored Pittsburgh’s two-goal lead at the start of the third period, scoring just eight seconds into the period on a breakaway power-play goal, but it didn’t last. Guentzel was spotted from long range by defenseman Kris Letang and scored on a shot to the blocker side.

Thompson jump-started Buffalo’s comeback 3:21 into the third with a power-play goal. Thompson continued his hot streak after a six-point night against Detroit on Monday.

Oloffson tied the game at 3-3 6:29 into the third on a blast from the right circle, scoring his seventh goal of the season, with Tuch’s game-winner coming four minutes later.

The Penguins pulled DeSmith with 2:14 remaining but Okposo scored an empty-net goal with 1:36 remaining. Oloffson added a second empty-net goal with 6.6 seconds left.


Penguins center Jeff Carter did not make the trip to Buffalo after suffering a lower-body injury on Saturday against Seattle. Carter has been considered day to day.


Both teams debuted their new “reverse retro” jerseys for the first time. Buffalo’s retro jerseys are a color variation of the uniforms they wore from 1996-2006, while the Penguins jerseys are a throwback to the 1990s.


Penguins: Return home to host Seattle on Saturday.

Sabres: Start a weekend road trip in Carolina on Friday.



LINCOLN, Neb.  – In front of 8,205 fans at the Bob Devaney Center, the Indiana Volleyball team (13-12, 6-7) battled No. 4 Nebraska in a three-set slugfest on Wednesday evening.

The Hoosiers would come within three or fewer points late in each set but would drop the contest in Lincoln 22-25, 18-25, 19-25.

Mady Saris (12-7-32/.156) and Morgan Geddes (11-5-27/.222) led the Hoosiers in attack while Paula Cerame led the way with a game-best 11 digs defensively.

This match marked the second-straight contest away from home against ranked opposition. The Hoosiers are amidst a run of at least five-consecutive games versus top-25 teams.

IU will get another massive test on Sunday afternoon (2:00 PM ET, BTN+) in Madison against the No. 3 Wisconsin Badgers.

SET 1 (Nebraska 25, Indiana 22)

•  The Hoosiers jumped out to a 6-3 lead with Grae Gosnell burying a kill out of the back row attack.

• Morgan Geddes scored a kill as IU pushed its lead back to 9-7 in the early stages of the opening frame.

• Camryn Haworth called her own name at the net on the pass from Isa Lopez to level the proceedings at 13-all.

• Out of the IU timeout, the Hoosiers executed a perfect play to open up Mady Saris on the outside for an emphatic kill to draw within 21-22.

• Nebraska would hold off IU late, winning the final two points of the set and taking the opener 25-22.

SET 2 (Nebraska 25, Indiana 18)

•  Back-to-back kills from Bekka Allick forced Steve Aird into a timeout with Nebraska taking an early 9-3 advantage.

• Kenzie Daffinee provided back-to-back thunderous aces that silenced the crowd and forced a Nebraska timeout as IU closed the gap to 11-13 in the second set.

• Candela Alonso-Corcelles got things going late in the set with a kill to close the gap to 18-23 but Nebraska would polish off the second set, taking the final two points and opening a 2-0 set advantage.

SET 3 (Nebraska 25, Indiana 19)

•  The Hoosiers pulled within three points at 11-14 after Mady Saris provided another kill to her tally.

• Two kills from Morgan Geddes out of a timeout forced John Cook to call one of his own as IU closed the gap to just 17-20.

• Nebraska polished off the third set 25-19 to take the match in straight sets.


• Mady Saris (12) and Morgan Geddes (11) both reached double digits in kills on the evening. That marked the 21st time this season that Saris has crossed the 10-kill mark in a match.

• Paula Cerame dug a game-high 11 balls. That marked the 9th-straight match she’s been in double digits and the 19th time on the campaign.

• Nebraska came into the match hitting .253 on the season but was held to just .208 offensively with 17 attacking errors.

• Kenzie Daffinee matched her career high with a pair of service aces.

• Camryn Haworth had a productive all-around night with 23 assists, five digs and four kills.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – In the first of back-to-back top-20 opponents, the Indiana football program will host No. 16/16 Penn State at 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC inside of Memorial Stadium. The Hoosiers dropped a road contest in 2021, but won a thrilling overtime decision at home during the 2020 campaign.

INDIANA (3-5, 1-4 Big Ten) host No. 16/16 PENN STATE (6-2, 3-2 B1G)

Memorial Stadium

Saturday, Nov. 5 | 3:30 p.m. ET

TV: ABC  | RADIO: Indiana Hoosiers Sports Network

Setting the Scene

• Indiana (3-5, 1-4 B1G) returns to Memorial Stadium (52,656; Field Turf) for a 3:30 p.m. ET kickoff on ABC against No. 16/16 Penn State (6-2, 3-2 B1G) on Salute to Service Day. Indiana will also honor the 15th anniversary of the 2007 Insight Bowl team.

• The Hoosiers and Nittany Lions have met in 26 of the 30 years PSU has been a member of the Big Ten, with the 2022 season marking the 16th straight season with a meeting.

• Saturday’s game continues a streak of five opponents in a seven-game stretch that are ranked or receiving votes in the top 25.

By The Numbers

10 -Jaylin Lucas returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown at Rutgers for the first IU kickoff return touchdown in a decade.

26 – Of Tom Allen’s 66 career games as a head coach, 26 of those have been decided by seven of fewer points, including four of eight games in 2022.

42 -Aaron Casey is No. 3 the Big Ten and ranks No. 19 nationally in solo tackles (42). His 66 total tackles tie for No. 7 in the Big Ten entering Week 10.

4.0 – With 4.0 sacks in 2022, true freshman Dasan McCullough is tied for No. 3 nationally among rookies.

News & Notes

• Running back Jaylin Lucas returned the opening kickoff at Rutgers for a touchdown to mark the first IU kickoff return for a score since 2012 and the first return of the opening kickoff for a score since 2009. Lucas also led the FBS in kick return yardage during Week 8 and currently leads the FBS in kickoff return average (30.9 ypkor).

• Running back Josh Henderson has scored at least one touchdown in five of the last seven games for Indiana. He has rushed for three and caught three passing touchdowns, including one of each versus Maryland for his first career multi-touchdown game.

• Head coach Tom Allen is on pace to join a select group of coaches in IU history, as he is one victory away from the 30-win mark.

• Wide receiver Cam Camper is the eighth IU wideout (10 occurrences) with a pair of 10-catch games in a season and is just one shy of joining Whop Philyor (3; 2019) and Damarlo Belcher (3; 2010) atop that list.

• Place kicker Charles Campbell continues to move up the career field goals made and scoring charts at IU. He sits among the top 10 in field goals made (No. 8; 37) and extra points made (No. 11; 64), and the top 15 in career scoring (No. 14; 175).


Postgame Notes: Purdue 102, Truman State 57 (Exhibition)

Purdue improved to 28-0 under Matt Painter in exhibition games with a 102-57 win over Truman State in front of a sold-out crowd of 14,876 at Mackey Arena. The win was Purdue’s 33rd straight in an exhibition game.

Purdue has won the 28 games by an average of 26.3 points per game.

The 45-point victory was the largest margin in an exhibition game since Nov. 8, 2015, vs. Northwestern Ohio (92-43; 49 points).

Purdue’s 102 points were the most in an exhibition game since Nov. 3, 2012, a 109-68 victory over Newberry, a span of 13 games. It marked just the second 100-point game in an exhibition game under Painter.

The Boilermakers averaged 1.55 points per possession, including 1.58 in the second half.

Fletcher Loyer and Braden Smith became the first pair of true freshmen to start an exhibition game since Robbie Hummel, E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson in 2007-08.

Purdue recorded 28 assists against just four turnovers. The Boilermakers had 28 assists on 40 made field goals. Purdue had six players with at least three assists, led by Fletcher Loyer’s six.

The four turnovers were the fewest in an exhibition game under Painter.

Purdue’s bench scored 62 of the team’s 102 points. The group went 25-of-40 (.625) from the field and had just one turnover, coming on a defensive rebound that was lost out-of-bounds.

Truman State started the game 5-of-7 from the field, but finished 14-of-45 (.311). Purdue trailed 14-9 just four minutes into the game.

The Boilermakers were 30-of-43 (.698) from inside the 3-point line.

Zach Edey had 23 points, seven rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 16 minutes. He went 8-of-9 from the field.

Trey Kaufman-Renn had 15 points and six rebounds and was 6-of-7 from the field.

Brandon Newman had 13 points and five rebounds and was 5-of-9 from the field.

David Jenkins Jr., had 12 points, five assists (zero turnovers), two rebounds and two steals. He was 3-of-4 from long range.

Caleb Furst finished with 11 points and six rebounds and led the team with a +30 plus-minus ratio.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Zach Edey scored 23 points to lead five players in double figures as Purdue rolled past Truman State in its lone exhibition game, 102-57, at Mackey Arena.

The Boilermakers trailed early 14-9, but outscored Truman State 93-43 over the final 36 minutes. Purdue led 50-28 at halftime.

Purdue shot 55.6 percent from the field but went just 10-of-29 from long distance. The Boilermakers outrebounded the Bulldogs 49-20 and had 25 second-chance points to the Bulldogs’ five. Truman State had no points off turnovers.

Purdue will host Milwaukee in the season opener next Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 7 p.m. ET, in Mackey Arena.



Coming off a bye week, Purdue Football welcomes Iowa to a sold out Ross-Ade Stadium to kick off the final month of the regular season. The Big Ten West matchup begins at noon on FS1. • The Boilermakers enter the contest with a 5-3 record, winning four of their past five games. • The last time the two teams met, the Boilermakers upset No. 2 Iowa 24-7 in Iowa City (Oct. 16, 2021), handing the Hawkeyes their first loss of the season. Three weeks later, 364 days ago (Nov. 6, 2021), Purdue knocked off No. 3 Michigan State at home for another Top 5 victory. • Saturday’s game is the second consecutive sellout for Purdue after beating Nebraska in front of 61,320 fans • The Purdue offense has averaged 327.0 yards of through the air in Big Ten play to lead the conference. • Charlie Jones, the 2021 Rodgers-Dwight Big Ten Return Specialist of the Year for Iowa, ranks top six nationally in receptions per game (9.0), receiving touchdowns (9) and receiving yards (840) as a Boilermaker. • Aidan O’Connell paces the Big Ten in passing yards per game, averaging 324.3 yards to also rank fifth nationally. The sixth-year senior completes nearly 30 passes per game (29.9), second most in the country. • Purdue has controlled time of possession in seven straight games, and their time of possession (33:16) ranks 10th in the nation. • The Purdue defense ranks Top 20 nationally in third down defense (13th), rushing defense (20th) and fourth down defense (18th). • Payne Durham ranks 10th in program history with 17 career touchdown receptions, second-most among Purdue tight ends. • Purdue has won five of its past six home games. • The Boilermakers will welcome home Matt Light and Dorien Bryant, two standouts from the early 2000s, as honorary captains this weekend.

LAST TIME WE MET • The last time the two programs met, the Boilermakers handed the No. 2 Hawkeyes their first loss of the season, 24-7, in Iowa City (Oct. 16, 2021). • Aidan O’Connell threw for 378 yards, the most allowed by an Iowa defense since fellow Purdue quarterback David Blough chalked up 458 yards through the air (Oct. 15, 2016). • All-American David Bell torched Iowa with 11 catches for 240 yards, the second-most receiving yards in a single game in Purdue history. • Purdue’s defense recorded four interceptions, including two from Cam Allen and one from Kieren Douglas. • The victory was one of two Top-5 wins by the Boilermakers throughout last season. Three weeks later, Purdue upset No. 3 Michigan State to hand the Spartans their first loss of the year. B1G LEADERS • Purdue leads the Big Ten in passing offense (314.2 yards per game) and first downs (201), while allowing the fewest tackles for loss in the conference (3.62 per game). • In league games, the Boilermakers top the conference in passing offense (327.0 yards per game) and first downs (25.4 per game). • The Purdue defense has recorded seven interceptions in B1G action, the most in the conference. • Aidan O’Connell paces the conference in completions per game (29.9), passing yards per game (324.3) and total offense (318.3 yards per game). • Wide receiver Charlie Jones leads the B1G in receptions per game (9.0), receiving yards per game (105.0) and receiving yards (840). • In B1G games, O’Connell tops the conference in passing offense (327.0 yards per game) and total offense (317.2 yards per game). • Jones has hauled in 8.6 receptions per conference games to lead the Big Ten.


THE SERIES • Purdue holds a 50-39-3 advantage in the series that began with a 16-0 Iowa win in 1910. • Purdue has won four of the last five in the series. The Hawkeyes last win in West Lafayette came in 2016 in a 49-35 shootout when Akrum Wadley (176 yards, 1 TD) and LeShun Daniels, Jr., (150 yards, 2 TDs) both went over the century mark. Iowa is 17-29-1 all-time in games played at Purdue. • Iowa and the Boilermakers battled to a 21-21 tie at West Lafayette in 1994. That game marks the last tie game for Iowa before the college football tie-breaker system was put in place.

OFFENSIVE OUTBURST The Hawkeyes had their best offensive game of the season against Northwestern on Oct. 29, scoring a season-high 33 points and racking up 398 yards total offense. Iowa rushed for a season-high 178 yards. • The 398 yards were the most for the team since gaining 428 yards at Maryland (W, 51-14) in 2021. • The 178 rushing yards were the most since gaining 186 yards in last season’s regular season finale at Nebraska. • The Hawkeyes scored on their first four offensive possessions to start the game (FG, TD, FG, TD) and on seven of their eight offensive possessions. (Iowa scored on nine straight offensive possessions at Maryland in 2021). WELCOMED REINFORCEMENT A week after making his 2022 season debut at Ohio State, sophomore WR Diante Vines made his first career start against Northwestern. The Connecticut native was targeted five times in the game, where he made a pair of catches for 22 yards. Vines missed the first six games with a wrist injury

IOWA’S DEFENSE.. • is No. 1 in FBS, averaging 3.91 yards per play. • has given up 200 or fewer yards in four games this season. • has held its opponents to 13 or fewer points in six of eight games. • has held five of eight opponents under 100 yards rushing. Iowa limited Northwestern to 18 yards on Oct. 29 – the sixth-fewest in the Kirk Ferentz era and the fewest since holding UNI to six yards in 2018. They were the fewest rushing yards allowed against a Big Ten foe since limiting Minnesota to seven yards in 2008. • has held seven of its eight opponents below their season scoring average and all eight opponents below their season total offense average. • is No. 5 nationally in scoring defense (15.8) and total defense (265.6). The Hawkeyes are fourth in defensive touchdowns (4), 10th in passing yards allowed (172.1), 11th in rushing defense (93.5)1 and 12th in passing efficiency defense (112.16).

DEFENSIVE SCORING Iowa’s defense extended its pick six streak to 15 consecutive years at Rutgers when sophomore DB Cooper DeJean made an over the shoulder catch and returned the interception 45 yards for his first career touchdown. It was the 30th longest interception return for a touchdown in school history and the 50th all-time. • Iowa is leading the Big Ten and ranks fourth nationally with three defensive touchdowns (one interception, two fumble returns). • Iowa’s defense found the end zone a second time in Piscataway when DB Kaevon Merriweather scooped up a Rutgers fumble (forced on a hit by DB Sebastian Castro) and returned it 30 yards for a touchdown. It was the eighth fumble return for a touchdown in school history and the fifth longest in the record books.


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The 2022-23 season for the Purdue wrestling team is set to get underway on Sunday at the Clarion Open. With 22 Boilermakers planning on making the trip, head coach Tony Ersland will have multiple new faces who will have the chance to make big contributions to the squad throughout the season.

The Boilermakers bring back four NCAA qualifiers from last year’s squad that went 10-5 in dual action, highlighted by wins over a then-ranked No. 9 Nebraska and No. 16 Minnesota. The team has another 15 duals on the schedule this season in addition to five tournament trips.

This young group for Purdue will have plenty of competition up and down the roster, so let’s take a look at who is expected to see some action this season.


Following the departure of program great Devin Schroder, who graduated after last season with 96 career wins, redshirt sophomore Matt Ramos steps in and will look to build upon an outstanding debut season that saw him finish just one round short of All-American status during the 2021 NCAA Champions at 133 pounds.

The 2022 U.S. Open Champion at 57 kg may be moving down in weight class, but has high expectations. He enters the year ranked as the consensus No. 10 with a 21-10 collegiate record, highlighted by a 12-3 dual record and nine ranked wins.

Redshirt junior Kooper Loehr slides in behind Ramos and holds the second highest win percentage on the team with a .700 clip.


Sophomore Dustin Norris is expected to step up behind Ramos in the 133-pound spot. He will be making his varsity debut for the Boilermakers this weekend in Clarion, but impressed in his action unattached last year. Norris posted an 11-3 record as he competed in four open tournaments, placing in three of the four. He took first at both the Jim Koch Wisconsin Open and the Indianapolis Greyhound Open while finishing in third at the Cleveland State Open.

Depth behind Norris will come in the form of freshman Jacob Macatangay. Macatangay claimed the 2021 Illinois state title with a pin in the finals to cap a 34-0 season.


The old-head of the group, three-time NCAA qualifier Parker Filius is a rock for the Boilermakers in the 141-pound slot. The sixth-year wrestler finished his fifth campaign with a 22-13 record on the back of podium finishes at the Big Ten Championships (8th), the Cliff Keen Invitational (6th) and the Matmen Open (5th).

The 22 wins represented a career high for Filius, who also set a career high by climbing as high as No. 13 in last year’s rankings. He’s broken that mark already this season by coming into the year as the No. 12 141-pounder in the country. His 59 career wins, 111 career matches and 56 dual bouts all pace the active roster. He also leads the team in career pins with six.

A host of Boilermakers will do work at 141-pounds behind Filius, including redshirt junior Michael Leveille, sophomore Christian White, and freshmen Brac Hooper, Isaac Ruble, and Sean Pitts.


Coach Ersland has a number of promising options for the 149-pound weight class. The most experienced man in the room is junior Trey Kruse, who has 20 varsity matches under his belt and who looked impressive in Friday’s wrestle-offs in winning both of his matches, one with bonus points.

Pushing him for the spot will be sophomore Jaden Reynolds and junior Christian Navida. Reynolds went 15-7 unattached last season, claiming the title at the Jim Koch Wisconsin Open and finishing second at the Mount Union Purple Raider Open. The California-native Navida went 3-2 in limited action last year as he battled an injury, but will look to reassert himself this season.


Year four of the Kendall Coleman experience is loading in as the preseason consensus No. 14 157-pounder in the country looks to take the next step along his wrestling journey. The redshirt-senior is a three-time NCAA qualifier, earning the No. 6 and No. 9 seeds in 2020 and 2021 respectively. He earned automatic qualification to the national tournament on all three occasions. He has been ranked inside the top-10 at his weight class in each of the last three years.

Currently holding a 56-22 record for his career, Coleman sits in a tie for 18th all-time at Purdue with a career win percentage of .718, which leads the team. He has racked up 214 takedowns in his career, which means he is just 10 shy of racking the all-time top-20 list for the program. He also leads the active roster with 12 major decision wins in his career.

Redshirt senior Brennan Doyle and freshman Nate Camiscioli also plan to slot in at 157-pounds this season.


SERIES HISTORY • Notre Dame and Clemson will be meeting for the seventh time overall and the fourth time in the last five seasons on Saturday night in Notre Dame Stadium. • The Tigers lead the all-time series 4-2, including a 34-10 victory in the most recent meeting between the two teams at the 2020 ACC Championship game. • The Irish earned the program’s ninth victory over the top-ranked Associated Press team in Clemson’s last visit to Notre Dame Stadium, a 47-40 double overtime thriller during the 2020 regular season. • Saturday night will mark just the second time in the series history between Notre Dame and Clemson that both teams will not be ranked the AP Top 25. In 1979, No. 14 Clemson defeated unranked Notre Dame 16-10 in Notre Dame Stadium. • The Tigers own two victories over Notre Dame in the post season (2018 CFB Playoffs Semifinal, 2020 ACC Championship) by double digits, but the four regular season meetings between the two teams have all been decided by seven points or less. • See pages 12-13 of this note package for more information the Notre Dame-Clemson football series. • Since the scheduling partnership between Notre Dame and the ACC began in 2014, the Irish are 38-7 (.844) against ACC teams and have won 26-straight regular-season games against the Atlantic Coast Conference. STORYLINES • Notre Dame returns home this weekend to face No. 5/5 Clemson under the lights in Notre Dame Stadium. The contest is the second top-five opponent the Irish have faced this season (Notre Dame opened the season with a 21-10 loss at No. 2/2 Ohio State) and the fourth ranked team Notre Dame will face. Clemson will be the first ranked team to visit Notre Dame Stadium this season. Notre Dame owns wins over No. 16/16 BYU and No. 16/16 Syracuse in 2022. • Saturday night will mark the second night game of the Marcus Freeman era at Notre Dame. It is just the 28th night game in Notre Dame Stadium history, the Irish are 21-6 in ‘The House That Rockne Built’ under the lights and have won 10 of the last 11 prime time home contests. See page 13 for a complete Notre Dame Stadium night game history. • Notre Dame has played the No. 5 ranked AP team 17 times in its football history, earning victories in seven of those contests. The most recent victory was a 36-20 victory over No. 5 Michigan in Notre Dame Stadium on September 5, 1998. The most recent game against No. 5 was a 38-3 setback at Southern Cal on November 29, 2008. • Coach Marcus Freeman will be looking to claim his third victory over a ranked team in his debut season for the Irish on Saturday night. Since the Associated Press poll was established for the 1936 season, only Terry Brennan (4-1 vs. ranked teams in 1954), Tyrone Willingham (3-2 in 2002) and Charlie Weis (3-2 in 2005) have earned three-or-more ranked victories in their first season on the Notre Dame sidelines. Notre Dame also will face a ranked Southern Cal team to cap the regular season and own a victory over current No. 17/15 North Carolina when the Tar Heels were unranked earlier this year. • Junior All-American tight end Michael Mayer, who owns every significant Notre Dame TE record (see pages 8-9), leads all active FBS tight ends in career receptions (160) and all FBS TEs in receptions this season (47). He is fifth on Notre Dame’s career receptions list and has his eyes set on becoming the 13th Irish player to reach 2,000 receiving yards in a career (Mayer currently has 1,870 yards).



Sophomore tight end Mitchell Evans has turned into a short yardage

weapon for the Irish in the past two weeks. Evans has four career carries,

taking a snaps under center in short-yardage situations. He is 3-for-3 on third

down conversions and added a one-yard touchdown run.


Junior defensive end Isaiah Foskey has sacked the quarterback 4.5 times

in the last two games, pushing his career total to 23.0 – just 1.5 sacks behind

Justin Tuck’s Notre Dame career record. At 7.5 sacks this season, Foskey is

10th in the country in total sacks.


Notre Dame has blocked five punts this season which is tied with South Carolina for the FBS lead. The Irish have blocked three punts in the last two games,

including two on back-to-back attempts by Isaiah Foskey against UNLV.


Since September 24 (when the Irish defeated North Carolina on the road)

Notre Dame is tied for seventh in the country in rushing attempts with 233.

In that five-game span, the Irish are averaging 228 rushing yards per game,

which is the 13th-best average in the nation.


Notre Dame’s pass rush has surged over the past two weeks and the Irish

have sacked the opposing quarterback eight times – four in each of the past

two games. The Irish are tied for 16th in the country in sacks per game (3.0,

24 in 8 games played).


Notre Dame will be playing for the 16th time in its football history on November 5 when it faces Clemson Saturday evening. The Irish are 10-4-1 on

the date and the Tigers will represent the highest ranked team Notre Dame

has played on November 5. In 1949, the top-ranked Irish defeated No. 10

Michigan State 24-21 at Spartan Stadium.


Audric Estimé (123 yards) and Logan Diggs (85 yards) both carried the

ball 20 times against Syracuse last weekend. It is the first time that two Irish

running backs have logged 20 carries since Julius Jones (24) and Ryan Grant

(27) against Pittsburgh in 2003. Jones rushed for a program-record 266 yards

in that contest.


Notre Dame is 5-0 this season when it possesses the ball for 30 or more minutes, peaking at 40:55 of possession time against BYU. The Irish were held

under 30 minutes against Ohio State (27:01), Marshall (29:13) and Stanford



Notre Dame rushed for 246 yards in the victory over Syracuse which is the

fourth time the Irish have surpassed 200 yards rushing this season. Notre

Dame is 103-10 (.912) since 1996 when it rushes for 200 yards or more.


CLEMSON, NOTRE DAME SQUARE OFF AGAIN ON SATURDAY After meeting only twice in Clemson’s first 119 seasons of play, Clemson and Notre Dame will meet for the fifth time in eight seasons when the Tigers and Fighting Irish renew acquaintances on Saturday, Nov. 5. Kickoff at Notre Dame Stadium is set for 7:30 p.m. ET. In its most recent contest, Clemson recorded its 38th consecutive home victory, setting the ACC record and tying the 1919-27 Fighting Irish for the 10th-longest home winning streak in FBS history. Those Irish teams under the guidance of College Football Hall of Famer Knute Rockne were a combined 78-7-3 at all venues in the seasons comprising that streak. But Clemson has supplemented its historic home streak with the nation’s best road record since 2015. Clemson’s 34-4 road record in that span gives the Tigers a national-best .895 road winning percentage, and Clemson’s 34 road wins since 2015 are three more than any other FBS program and five more than any other Power Five program.

With a win Saturday, Clemson would record a perfect record in true road games in a season for the 10th time in school history, joining the 1900, 1917, 1948, 1981, 1995, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 seasons. At Notre Dame in 2020, the Irish ended Clemson’s 36-game regular season winning streak, tied for the fourth-longest FBS regular season winning streak since 1936. The game came during Notre Dame’s lone season of ACC membership to also end Clemson’s 28-game conference winning streak. On Saturday, the Tigers can end Notre Dame’s 26-game regular season winning streak against ACC opponents since 2018. Clemson, though, is 2-0 against Notre Dame in postseason play in that span, including victories in the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the 2018 Cotton Bowl Classic and in the 2020 ACC Championship Game.

– Clemson attempting to open a season 9-0 for the seventh time in program history (1948, 1981, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019). Each of the previous six teams won a conference title, and five of the six played for the national championship (1981, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019). – Clemson attempting to improve to 5-2 all-time against Notre Dame. – Clemson attempting to move to 2-1 in road games at Notre Dame. Clemson won its first trip to Notre Dame Stadium to date in 1979 and dropped a doubleovertime game in 2020. – Head Coach Dabo Swinney attempting to improve to 4-1 all-time against Notre Dame. – Clemson attempting to improve to 31-6-2 against FBS independents since the NCAA split Division I into the divisions now known as the Football Bowl Subdivision and Football Championship Subdivision in 1978. – Clemson attempting to win a 14th straight game against FBS independents dating to 1988. (Note: Clemson’s loss to Notre Dame in 2020 came during Notre Dame’s lone year of ACC membership.) – Clemson (34) attempting to add to the most road wins by any program in the nation since 2015. – Clemson attempting to improve to 35-4 in true road games since 2015. – Clemson seeking a seventh consecutive road win. Clemson’s six-game road winning streak is the second longest active streak in the country. – Clemson attempting to tie seven-game road winning streaks from 1939-40 and 2012-13 for the fifth-longest road winning streak in program history. – Clemson attempting to record a perfect record in true road games in a season for the 10th time in school history, joining the 1900, 1917, 1948, 1981, 1995, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 seasons. – Clemson attempting to win a 39th consecutive game against unranked opponents when ranked in the AP Top 5, the longest active streak in college football according to ESPN Stats & Info. – Clemson attempting to improve to 123-13 against AP-unranked teams under Dabo Swinney. The win would be Clemson’s 100th against unranked teams since the start of the 2012 season (currently 99-3). – Clemson playing a sixth night game in the first nine games of a season for the first time since 1949. Clemson’s six night games this season (including Saturday) are already tied for fourth-most in a full season in Clemson history. – Clemson attempting to improve to 27-4 in night games since the start of the 2018 season. A win would move Clemson to 46-7 at night since 2015.

PREVIOUS GAMES VS. NOTRE DAME Notre Dame 21, Clemson 17 Nov. 12, 1977 at Memorial Stadium Clemson held a 10-7 lead at intermission and the lead could have been larger. The Tigers held a 213-101 advantage in total offense and Steve Fuller was on fire in the first 30 minutes, hitting 9-of-12 passes for 124 yards. Joe Montana was held to 3-of-9 passing for 53 yards by the Clemson defense by intermission. Clemson controlled much of the third quarter. On the Tigers’ first possession, Fuller hit Warren Ratchford for a 35-yard completion. Four plays later, Lester Brown scored around left end from two yards out, a play that drew the ire of Notre Dame coach Dan Devine because an official had gotten in the way of Notre Dame defensive back Ted Burgmeier as he was trying to make the tackle. It was still 17-7 Clemson entering the fourth period when Montana led Notre Dame on one of his famous comebacks. On the last drive of the third period, which continued into the fourth, Montana led the Irish on a drive that officially gained 119 yards in total offense. Devine picked up an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when he went on the field and picked up a flag that negated a 30-yard-run by Vagas Ferguson. It set up a second-and-31, but Montana overcame his coach’s tirade, hitting Ken MacAfee for 27 yards then 16 yards on fourth-and-two. Montana finished off the drive with a one-yard run to make it 17-14. After a Clemson turnover, Notre Dame got the ball back at midfield. Montana had been saving a screen pass for a special occasion and he connected with Ferguson for 36 yards, bringing the ball to the Clemson 14. Montana scored later in the possession to make the count 21-17 in favor of the Irish. Clemson, which was going for its 100th all-time win in Memorial Stadium, had two more possessions but could not get a first down and the Irish escaped Death Valley with the four-point win, keeping Notre Dame’s hopes for a National Championship alive.


INDIANAPOLIS – The Butler men’s soccer team shocked No. 19 Xavier by scoring a goal with only 13 seconds remaining on the clock to level the teams’ final regular-season match at 3-3. The Bulldogs (9-5-3, 4-3-3 BIG EAST) and Musketeers (9-1-7, 3-1-6 BIG EAST) were tied for third in the conference standings coming into the match, and both sides were battling to host a postseason match or possibly earn a bye in the quarterfinals. Xavier scored first, but Butler answered, and the match was level, 1-1, at the half. The Bulldogs took a one-goal lead early in the second half, but the Musketeers answered with two goals and seemed to put the game out of reach, at 3-2, with only four minutes to play.

With tonight’s result, Butler and Xavier finish in a tie for third in the final BIG EAST standings. With tiebreakers factored in, the Musketeers earn the No. 3 seed and the Bulldogs earn the No. 4 seed. Both teams will host BIG EAST Tournament quarterfinal matches. Butler will host No. 5 seed Providence on Saturday, Nov. 5, at 7 p.m. Earlier this season, the Friars defeated the Bulldogs, 2-1, in Providence.

Final BIG EAST standings

Key Moments

7′ | Xavier’s Alejandro Steinwascher gives the Musketeers the early lead, 1-0.

16′ | On a give-and-go, Hemi Nasser plays Jack Haywood in the area, continues his run, and receives the ball back to his foot. He takes a touch and sets himself up for a low shot to the far post, leveling the score, 1-1.


57′ | Jack Streberger carries to the top of the box and finds Wilmer Cabrera, Jr. on the left side. Cabrera, Jr. bends a shot around the Xavier keeper and sneaks it in off the far post, giving Butler the lead, 2-1.

74′ | Xavier’s Nicolas Hald Willumsen levels the score for a second time, at 2-2.

86′ | The Musketeers take a late lead, 3-2, when Kendall Allen scores with only four minutes remaining.

90′ | On a late Butler throw-in, Perrin Barnes heads the ball forward toward Palmer Ault. Ault gets a head on the ball between two defenders and sends it in the air in front of the goal. A charging Tommy Visser volleys the ball as it hits the turf and sends it past the Xavier keeper to tie the score at three.

Butler Points Summary

GOALS: Hemi Nasser, Wilmer Cabrera, Jr., Tommy Visser

ASSISTS: Jack Haywood, Jack Streberger, Perrin Barnes, Palmer Ault

Bulldog Bits

Hemi Nasser’s goal was his first of the season and the sixth of his career.

Wilmer Cabrera, Jr.’s goal was his sixth of the season and the 23rd of his career. He now is in sole possession of the 10th spot on Butler’s all-time list.

Tommy Visser’s goal was his first of the season and the fifth of his career.

Jack Haywood’s assist was his third of the season and the 22nd of his career.

Jack Streberger’s assist was his second of the season and the seventh of his career.

Perrin Barnes’ assist was the first of his career, and his first offensive point as a Bulldog.

Palmer Ault’s assist was the sixth in his career.


MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – The IUPUI women’s soccer team will take on top-seeded Milwaukee (10-3-3) in the first of two Horizon League Tournament Semifinals matches on Thursday (Nov. 3) to decide which teams will compete for the league title on Saturday (Nov. 5). The Jaguars and Panthers will kickoff at 1:00 p.m. CT (2 Eastern) on ESPN+ as Greg Rakestraw (pxp) is on the call.

IUPUI (9-3-6) earned a spot in the semifinals by upsetting No. 3 Oakland in the quarterfinals round of the league tournament by a 2-0 score. The Jaguars built a quick 1-0 lead on a goal from freshman Sarah Henson and added some insurance just after halftime when Emma Antoine netted her sixth goal of the season. Sophomore goalkeeper Ashton Kudlo spearheaded the Jaguars’ school record and league leading 11th shutout of the season, despite being outshot 19-4. She registered eight saves and lowered her goals against average to 0.73 on the season while upping her save percentage to .836 on the year. Her won-loss record improved to 8-1-6 with six shutouts this year.

IUPUI was opportunistic in the attack, scoring on a pair of counters, while largely trying to stay behind the ball against the Golden Grizzlies. Antoine helped assist on Henson’s goal, as did Maya Lacognato, while Sam Slimak assisted on Antoine’s score. Lacognato, a First Team All-League pick, continues to lead the Jaguars in goals (7), assists (4), points (18) and game-winners (3) while Antoine, who made her first start of the year at Oakland, is second on the squad with six tallies. Slimak, a Second Team All-League honoree, has three goals and three assist.


Maya Lacognato, Sam Slimak and Emma Frey all earned All-Horizon League honors, as announced on Friday (Oct. 28).

Lacognato and Slimak were also voted to the Horizon League’s All-Academic Team.


“We had a game plan that was kind of a high risk, high reward type game plan to not let them build out of the back and I thought we did a good job of stifling some things they wanted to do. (Karabo Dhlamini), their defensive mid had really kind of dominated some games this year, so we moved Sam back into her space and Sam kind of shut her down. I thought the kids did an unbelievable job of just buying into the plan and making sure that we were all on the same page,” head coach Chris Johnson said following the win at Oakland.


Milwaukee is 10-3-3 overall and a perfect 6-0 at home this season, having outscored foes by a 20-1 margin. Among those six victories, Milwaukee defeated IUPUI by a 3-0 score on Oct. 6, tallying all three goals after halftime. Kayla Rollins leads Milwaukee with eight goals while Haley Johnson has five goals and three assists. Lainey Higgins has three goals and a team-high eight assists as Milwaukee has outscored their foes by a 33-13 differential this season. In goal, Parker Donahugh and Kendall Edwards have split the minutes nearly equally with Edwards posting a 0.67 GAA and five shutouts and Donahugh notching a 0.95 GAA and four shutouts. Collectively, Milwaukee has nine clean sheets and yields just 0.81 goals per game.


IUPUI is just 1-6-1 all-time against Milwaukee and 1-4-1 in six meetings in Milwaukee. Milwaukee won this year’s meeting by a 3-0 score. The Jags won in Milwaukee on Mar. 3, 2021 and advanced past Milwaukee in the Horizon League Tournament Championship in 2017 as the two teams played to a scoreless draw.


IUPUI is 2-2-2 all-time in Horizon League Tournament games, having advanced on both occasions it played the opponent to a draw. Prior to the win at Oakland, IUPUI’s last conference tournament win was a 3-2 come-from-behind win over Northern Kentucky in 2017 in a game played in Milwaukee.


Lacognato has moved up to tenth on IUPUI’s all-time list in goals scored (16) and points (42) and tied for 11th all-time in assists (10). She’s tied for sixth on IUPUI’s all-time list with seven career game-winners.


Sam Slimak’s league leading 54 shot attempts this season marks the eighth-highest single-season total in IUPUI history and the most by an IUPUI player since Valentine Pursey attempted 62 in 2019. The school record for shot attempts in a season is 83 from Krissy Kirkhoff in 2017.


With a win, IUPUI would face either Purdue Fort Wayne or Youngstown State in the Horizon League Championship match on Saturday, Oct. 5.


MUNCIE, Ind. – The Ball State soccer team makes the trek to Buffalo, New York, for the 2022 Mid-American Conference Tournament on Thursday. The Cardinals secured an opening-round bye as the No. 2 seed and will face the Bowling Green Falcons in the semifinals. First touch for Thursday’s match is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on ESPN+.

Earlier this week, Delaney Caldwell was named the MAC Freshman of the Year as well as being named to the All-MAC Second Team and the MAC All-Freshman Team. Avery Fenchel and Lexi Fraley were rewarded with All-MAC First Team honors, while Caldwell was joined by Abby Elgert and Lexy Smith on the All-MAC Second Team.

All-MAC Selections

Caldwell is tied for 10th all-time in BSU history with seven goals in a single season and is tied for 16th in program history with 15 points. She leads the Cardinals with three match-winning goals. She has appeared in 18 matches, including 13 starts.

Fenchel leads the team with 11 goals and is currently tied for second in the MAC and 25th in the NCAA. Her 11 goals are the second most in program history in a single season and are two away from the program record. Her 22 points have her tied for fourth for points in a single season.

Fraley has played a vital role in the Cardinal attack and is third on the team with five goals to go along with her two assists. Two of her goals ended up being match winners, which is second on the team.

Elgert is tied for a program record for single season assists with seven, which is tied for fourth in the MAC and tied for 43rd in the nation. She leads the team in assists and looks to add to her total during the Cardinals’ postseason play.

Smith is second on the team with five assists. She has recorded a career high in points with seven, assists, and goals with one. She has started all 18 matches as a defender. She has blocked countless shots and has helped the Cardinals secure six shutouts.

Last Time Out

Ball State secured a No. 2 seed in the MAC Tournament after a 2-1 victory at Central Michigan. Fraley recorded the first goal for the Cardinals, which was her fifth on the season. Caldwell scored the game-winning goal in the 52nd minute for her seventh goal on the year. Bethany Moser made four saves to move her season total to 70.

Rest of the Flock

Emily Roper is fourth on the team with three goals and one assist. Jenna Dombrowski, Grace Alsop, Maria Broering, Sammi Corcoran, Tori Monaco, and Tiffani Torres have each added one goal on the season. Alex McPhee and Maya Millis are tied for third on the team with two assists. Six other Cardinals have notched one assist.

Series Outlook with the Falcons

The Cardinals are 2-2-0 against the Falcons under Head Coach Josh Rife. Ball State holds the advantage in the all-times series 16-6-5. Earlier this season BSU ended a two-match losing skid to BGSU with a 2-0 victory in Bowling Green. The Falcons lead the meetings in the MAC Tournament 1-0-2. This will be the first time the two squads will meet on neutral ground in the postseason.

Scouting BGSU

The Falcons are led by the 2022 MAC Offensive Player of the Year, Kennedy White. White leads the MAC with 12 goals and is tied for 13th in the NCAA. Maya Dean and Mackenzie Reuber joined White on the All-MAC First Team, while Brynn Gardner earned a spot on the MAC All-Freshman Team. Gardner and Dean are tied for second on the team with five goals. Abby Koly and Ellie Pool each have two goals. Five other Falcons have scored one goal. Gardner leads the team with seven assists, while Dean is second with six.

How to Follow

Watch: ESPN+

Live Stats:

MAC Final Standings

Team – Overall; Conference Record

1. Buffalo – 13-1-4; 7-0-4

2. Ball State – 7-4-7; 6-1-4

3. Bowling Green – 9-5-4, 6-2-3

4. Ohio – 10-7-2; 6-4-1

5. Miami – 10-4-6; 4-2-5

6. Western Michigan – 5-9-5; 5-4-2

7. Kent State – 4-7-7; 4-2-5

8. Northern Illinois – 6-7-4; 3-6-2

9. Akron – 3-9-4; 2-7-2

10. Eastern Michigan – 3-11-4; 2-7-2

11. Toledo – 2-10-6; 1-6-4

12. Central Michigan – 2-11-4; 1-6-4


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Notre Dame men’s basketball donned the uniforms for one last tune-up, this time in Purcell Pavilion taking on Xavier (Lousiana). The Fighting Irish secured the 67-52 win behind a 21-point performance from Dane Goodwin.

In fact, Goodwin nabbed a double-double with a team-high 10 rebounds. He shot 6-of-14 from the field and was a perfect 8-for-8 from the free-throw line. Furthermore, 12 of his points came in the second half.

He was joined in double figures by Trey Wertz and Nate Laszewski who had 12 points each. Grad transfer Marcus Hammond made his first appearance in Purcell and recorded nine points and seven boards.

As a whole, the Irish shot 22-of-53 and were 16-of-21 from the line. Notre Dame forced 17 turnovers which they converted into 18 points.

How It Happened

Notre Dame was hitting its shots early, starting 3-of-5 from beyond the arc to garner an 18-11 advantage. Xavier notched a 6-0 run midway through the half to make it a one-possession game at 18-17, but then the Irish revved up the defensive intensity.

Notre Dame forced six Xavier turnovers from 6:40-1:29 and built its largest lead of the half, going up 36-25, before going into the locker room up 36-27.

Laszewski was the lone player in double-digits at the half. In fact, he had his 10 points by the 8:34 mark, going 6-of-7 from the free-throw line. The next highest scorer was Goodwin with nine points, with a 6-for-6 mark from the charity stripe. As a team, the Irish shot 10-of-26 (38 percent) from the field and 4-of-13 from three.

A Xavier three-pointer at 14:07 cut the Notre Dame lead to 41-37. However, that’s when Goodwin took over the game, scoring eight of the team’s next 12 points. As a result, the Irish posted a 12-4 run from 13:00-10:23.

Trey Wertz then played the role of closer with five straight points starting at the 3:50 mark. Next, a Hammond three-pointer at 1:35 was the final dagger as the Irish secured the 67-52 victory.


CARY, N.C. – It’s a rematch and another top-5 showdown with more than just ACC Tournament implications on Thursday night for Notre Dame women’s soccer. The No. 4 nationally ranked Fighting Irish will once again collide with No. 5 Florida State, this time in the ACC Tournament semifinals. The two will not only be fighting for a spot in Sunday’s title game, but ultimately a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament as well.

First touch is set for 8 p.m. ET inside WakeMed Stadium. The match will air live on ACC Network.


Notre Dame joined the league back in 2013 and are searching for its first appearance in the ACC Tournament Final. 

The Irish are 1-7-1 all-time in the ACC Tournament. They’ve appeared in the semis twice (2014 & 2016) and its lone win was a quarterfinal matchup in 2016.

Prior, Notre Dame dominated the Big East with 11 Tournament Titles, posting a 37-5-1 record in the league tourney over 17 appearances.


mark Coach Norman’s best year at the helm, already surpassing last year’s win total of 14.


In Monday’s RPI update it went No. 1 UCLA, No. 2 Alabama, No. 3 UNC, No. 4 Florida State, No. 5 Notre Dame and No. 6 Duke. That’s right – four ACC teams in the 3-6 spots and all four teams that are in Cary on Thursday. So yes, these four teams are battling for a spot in Sunday’s final, but also 1-2 spots that could be up for grabs in terms of a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.


Nothing like hitting your stride down the stretch.

Albert recorded braces at Wake Forest and vs Duke to end the regular season. She has ultimately scored eight goals over the last seven games, which includes three game-winners.

In addition, she scored free-kick goals in both the Virginia Tech and Wake Forest games and has three total on the season. 


The Irish have made major statements all season long to boost their resume. Take this stat — 4-1-2 against the top-25.

Notre Dame defeated then No. 2 Virginia 1-0, No. 3 Florida State 4-0 and tied both No. 11 Duke and No. 19 Pitt.

Notre Dame earned two top-three wins during the regular season for the first time in program history.

The victory over FSU was its largest win against a top-3 program since Sept. 8, 2000 (6-1 win over #2 Santa Clara). Furthermore, the last time Florida State lost by 4 goals in an ACC matchup was on Oct. 15, 2002 against #2 UNC by a score of 5-1.


The culmination of a fantastic regular season has led to not only the Irish claiming their first “of the Year” award in the program’s ACC era, but in fact several.

ACC Coach of the Year: Nate Norman

ACC Midfielder of the Year: Korbin Albert

ACC Defender of the Year: Eva Gaetino

Notre Dame also tied its most ever All-Conference selections (five prior in 2016 as well):

First Team: Olivia Wingate, Korbin Albert, Eva Gaetino

Third Team: Maddie Mercado, Mackenzie Wood

All-Freshman Team: Leah Klenke


In the RPI rankings on Oct. 31, the Irish came in at the No. 5 spot behind UCLA, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida St.

Notre Dame is 3-2-2 against the current RPI Top-25. Furthermore, the Irish are 7-2-2 against the Top-50.

Notre Dame’s strength of schedule ranks 16th in the country.


The Irish backline of Gaetino, Hudson and Klenke have only allowed 50 shots on goal over 18 games – which equates to a stout 2.8 SOG per game.

6 games this season the Irish backline has only allowed 1 SOG or fewer: NC State (Oct. 6), Boston College (9/30), Virginia (9/22), Saint Louis (8/25), Western Michigan (8/21) and Marquette (8/18).

Notre Dame’s defensive/goalie crew boasts 11 shutouts on the year.Their shutout percentage of 0.611 ranks 12th in the country.

Notre Dame’s GAA of 0.604 ranks 19th in the country and 2nd in the ACC.

Mackenzie Wood in particular has been stellar in net as her 0.454 GAA ranks 8th in the nation, 1st in the ACC. Wood has only allowed 6 goals in 13 games. Furthermore, she has collected 9 shutouts, which rank 16th in the nation and lead the ACC.


The importance of scoring first? Well, the Irish are 14-0-1 and undefeated when doing so. Irish are also 9-0-1 when leading at the half.

Notre Dame is averaging 8.9 shots on goal per game, which ranks 10th nationally (1st in ACC). Overall, the Irish are averaging 19.3 shots per game, which ranks 11th nationally (1st in the ACC).

In comparison, shots on goal differential sits at 160-50.

All those shots have led to 42 goals on the year and a scoring offense (2.3) that ranks 16th in the nation.  

Olivia Wingate —   3rd in ACC in goals per game (0.61) // 25th in points per game, 2nd in ACC (1.5) // 3rd in SOG per game, 1st in ACC (2.5) // 25th in total goals, 2nd in ACC (11) // 18th in total points, 2nd in ACC (27).

Maddie Mercado — 22nd in game-winning goals, 1st in ACC (4).

Korbin Albert — 22nd in game-winning goals, 1st in ACC (4) // 5th in ACC in goals per game (0.59) // 4th in ACC in points per game (1.41)

Mackenzie Wood — 8th in  GAA (.454), 1st in ACC // 16th in shutouts, 1st in ACC (9)


Notre Dame has tallied a 42-11 goal aggregate over the 2022 season. Out of the 42 goals – it’s come from 9 different players: Wingate (11), Albert (10), Mercado (8), Van Zanten (6), Klenke (2), Ospeck (2), Coyle, Fisher and Gaetino.

Mercado and Wingate are having career years up top, much like how Sammi Fisher did a year ago. Mercado boasts a career high in goals (8) and game-winners (4).

Meanwhile, Wingate has flown past her previous career high of seven with 11 goals this year. Quite frankly, she’s doing it all, leading the team in both goals and assists (5).

Now add in Albert and Van Zanten to complete the four-headed monster that is the Irish attack. As a foursome, they have contributed 74.6 percent of the team’s points.


NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The No. 12 University of Notre Dame hockey program heads North to the State of Hockey when they take on No. 3 Minnesota at 3M Arena at Mariucci, Nov. 4-5. The top-15 matchup in Minneapolis, Minnesota, will be the first true road series of the season for the Irish, coming off an early home stretch that included five of their last six games.

The Irish opened their Big Ten slate with a pair of home tilts against Michigan State last weekend, posting a 1-0-1 record over the series and sitting third in the conference with four points.

Puck drop for both games at Minnesota is set for 8 p.m. ET and will be streamed on B1G+ and Bally Sports North Extra.


The Irish held on to their No. 12/12 ranking in the polls following an undefeated opening weekend of conference play.

After posting a 5-0 shutout victory Friday night, the Irish and Spartans skated to a 1-1 tie on Saturday evening, with the Irish claiming four of a possible six Big Ten points on the weekend. Notre Dame now sits third in the conference standings behind Ohio State (9 pts.) and Penn State (6 pts.).

Five individuals scored for the Irish over the weekend series with MSU, led by Nick Leivermann with two goals over the two night series. Leivermann (2-1-3) joined Chayse Primeau (1-2-3) and Ryder Rolston (1-2-3) for a team-best three points.

Hunter Strand tallied his first multi-point game, picking up a goal and an assist Friday night for his first points of the 2022-23 season.

Ryan Bischel recorded his second shutout of the season, and fourth of his career, when he made 30 saves Friday night for the 5-0 final.

His 41 save performance Saturday night was a career-high for the netminder and brought his weekend save percentage to .986, stopping 71 of 72 shots faced.

For his performance between the pipes at the end of October, Bischel was named Big Ten Third Star of the Week, Nov. 1.


All-time, Notre Dame trails Minnesota in the series, 25-38-5. At Minnesota the Irish look to close the gap in their all-time meetings, trailing the Gophers 13-22-3 in games played in Minneapolis.

Most recently, the Irish defeated the Golden Gophers in an overtime thriller to conclude the 2021-22 regular season series. Landon Slaggert scored the game-winning goal to earn the weekend split with Minnesota on home ice. Slaggert led the team in points against Minnesota last season, tallying a goal and two assists. Eight current Irish skaters highlighted the box scores in at least one of the meetings between the two teams last season.

Trevor Janicke boasted a team-best two goals against the Gophers in 2021-22.

Current Irish captain scored his first collegiate goal against Minnesota on January 11, 2019. The graduate student has now scored in three of his last four games this season and is second on the team in goals.

Senior forward Jesse Lansdell tallied his first collegiate point against Minnesota, an assist on November 2, 2019.

Irish defenseman Ben Brinkman spent the first four years of his career at Minnesota, appearing in 140 contests with Notre Dame’s Big Ten foe and boasted 23 points off two goals and 21 assists. The graduate student has appeared in six games for the Irish this season.


ST. LOUIS – Indiana State women’s soccer has landed two players on all-conference teams as Ella Gorrie and Adelaide Wolfe were named to the Missouri Valley Conference All-Freshman Team on Wednesday night.

The freshman duo of Gorrie and Wolfe were bright spots for the Sycamores, leading ISU on both ends of the field.

A Chatham, Illinois native, Gorrie was the Sycamore points leader with six on the season. She recorded two assists and two goals including a game-winner against Evansville on September 22. Starting and playing in 15 matches, Gorrie logged 910 minutes of action, attempting seven shots while putting five on goal.

Wolfe, hailing from Bettendorf, Iowa, was the anchor of the Sycamore defense in 2022. She played in all 16 matches, making 15 starts while logging a team-high 1381 minutes. Wolfe was named the MVC Defensive Player of the Week on September 20. She finished the season with five shot attempts, putting three of them on goal.


FORT WAYNE, Ind. – The Purdue Fort Wayne men’s soccer program celebrated Senior Day with a 5-3 victory over Milwaukee on Wednesday (Nov. 2).

The five goals the Mastodons scored are their most against a Division I team since scoring six against Omaha in 2011.

The Mastodons trailed at half 2-1. Purdue Fort Wayne’s only goal of the first half was by Romario Simpson in the 29th minute. He headed in a corner kick from Cesar Cosio.

The ‘Dons out-scored the Panthers 4-1 in the second half. Seth Mahlmeister scored in the 47th minute and 69th minute to put the ‘Dons up 3-2. Cosio assisted on the goal in the 69th minute. Milwaukee knotted it at three until the ‘Dons finished the match with a pair of goals. Keith Larson scored in the 73rd minute, with Mahlmeister adding another point to his day with an assist on the goal. Nathaniel Edwards rounded out the scoring in the 86th minute when Edwards made space for himself and rocketed in a shot to put the ‘Dons up 5-3.

Milwaukee finishes the 2022 season 1-8-8 (0-4-5 Horizon). The ‘Dons conclude the year 2-10-3 (1-6-2 Horizon).

The ‘Dons recognized seniors Cosio, Larson, Moses Akimana  and Logan Lee prior to the game.


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Kenny Strawbridge Jr. and Antoine Smith Jr. were the top scorers once again as the University of Evansville men’s basketball team wrapped up its exhibition slate with a 74-64 victory over Huntington University on Wednesday evening inside the Ford Center.

“We knew this was going to be a good test.  Huntington went to the national tournament last season and returned an All-American and have good shooters all the way around,” Aces head coach David Ragland said.  “Both teams made runs to take the lead and I am happy with how we responded.  We are playing for each other and are working to get better.”

Strawbridge recorded 18 points and 6 rebounds in the win.  He was 4-for-6 from outside while adding four assists.  Smith continued his efficient shooting, going 6-for-7 from the field on his way to 15 points.  He also tied for the game-high with six caroms.  Blaise Beauchamp added 12 points while Marvin Coleman II scored 11.  Coleman also recorded six boards.

Sekou Kalle had the first bucket of the night before the Foresters scored five in a row to take their first lead of the game.  Marvin Coleman II converted the first triple for the Aces to put them back in front at 6-5 before Huntington posted the next three to go back in front at 8-6.

Evansville regrouped and would go on an 11-0 run to take its largest lead at 17-8.  Antoine Smith Jr. got things started with a runner to tie it up while Kenny Strawbridge Jr. took a pass from Smith and turned it into a triple for the next UE score.  Smith added another triple while Strawbridge connected on another field goal to close the rally with the Aces up 17-8.

In the blink of an eye, Huntington stormed back.  Scoring eight in a row, the Foresters made it a 1-point game at the midway point of the half and would continue to rally.  What turned into a 12-2 rally, the Foresters went back in front by a 20-19 score with 8:49 remaining in the half.

Trailing by a 22-21 margin, Evansville reeled off ten in a row to help make it a 34-27 game at the half.  After Gage Bobe opened the run with a layup, Preston Phillips launched a 3-pointer at the buzzer to make it a 26-22 game with 5:50 showing on the clock.  Strawbridge also added a trey in the run.  Strawbridge led all players with 12 points in the first half.

Out of the break, Bobe hit the opening attempt to push the lead back to nine, but the Foresters fought back with another run, outscoring UE by an 8-2 margin to get back within a possession.  Huntington kept it within two possessions for the next sequence until Coleman and Strawbridge added buckets to push the lead to 57-49 with under eight minutes left.

After the Foresters got within six to make it a 57-51 score, the Aces made a statement.  Knocking down nine out of ten field goal attempts, UE extended the lead to a game-high of 13 points when a shot by Blaise Beauchamp made it a 64-51 game inside of the 6-minute mark.  The Foresters cut slightly into the deficit over the final moments but the Aces held strong, winning by a 74-64 final.

“It is always important to win – they (Huntington) are a good team and came ready to play.  They had nothing to lose and shot well.  We need to learn what we can from tonight and be ready for our next game,” Coleman exclaimed following the victory.  “We need to approach every game with the same mentality and work to get better each and every day.”

UE wrapped up the game shooting an even 50%, hitting 30 out of 60 field goal tries.  The defense held the Foresters to 39.7% shooting along with a 29.4% tally from outside.  With seven players hauling in five or more rebounds, the Aces finished with a 45-31 edge in that statistic.

With two successful exhibition games under their belt, the Aces are set to open the regular season on Monday evening at Miami Ohio.


EVANSVILLE – Closing-out the regular season, the University of Evansville men’s soccer team earned a scoreless draw with Belmont on Wednesday evening at Arad McCutchan Stadium, securing a top four seed in the 2022 MVC Championship.

On the attack, sophomore Jose Vivas led the way for the Aces, recording three of Evansville’s nine shots on the night, while junior Tobias Bak finished with a pair of shots on the evening. In goal, graduate Alex Vidizzoni notched his sixth shutout of the season, the most by an Aces keeper since 2008 and tying Vidizzoni for the 10th-most in a single-season in program history.

Evansville’s defense was stifling in the opening half on a night where offense was limited for both sides. The Aces held the Bruins without a shot in the first 45 minutes, while Evansville created a pair of opportunities. The first chance for Evansville came in the 34th minute as Vivas dribbled just inside the 18 and sent a shot towards goal that deflected off the post and out for a goal kick. In the 42nd minute, Evansville again created a chance as a foul was committed just outside the box and set-up for a free kick from 20 yards out and to the right of goal. Evansville took the free kick quickly as Belmont was still getting set and the ball just barely deflected off the Bruins wall and away as the match went to the break with UE owning a 5-0 advantage on shots.

In the second half, Vidizzoni came up clutch with a pair of saves as Belmont’s attack got going. The Bruins out-shot the Aces 7-4 in the second half, but most chances resulted in relatively routine saves for Evansville’s veteran keeper. Another opportunity off a free kick from just outside the box arose inside the match’s final 10 minutes as freshman Nacho Diaz stood over the free kick and sent his dipping shot just over the crossbar as the match ended in a scoreless draw.

Evansville captures the No. 3 seed for the 2022 MVC Championship and will host No. 6 seed SIUE at 2 PM on Sunday at Arad McCutchan Stadium in Evansville.


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – University of Southern Indiana Men’s Basketball used 12 three-point bombs to roll over Midway University, 85-50, in an exhibition game Wednesday evening at Screaming Eagles Arena.

The Screaming Eagles and Midway battled through the first 14 minutes of the opening half before USI exploded on a 21-4 run to take a commanding 51-23 lead at the break. USI was seven-of-12 during the final six minutes of the opening half, including four three-pointers, while Midway was held to one bucket during that span.

The Eagles continued to roll into the second half, expanding the margin to as many as 35 points, 77-42, with 8:09 to play. USI would match the 35-point lead four more times before settling for the 85-50 victory.

As a team, USI shot 50.8 percent from the field (32-63), 37.5 percent from long range (12-32), and 75.0 percent from the stripe (9-12). The Eagles also won the battle on the boards, 45-33.

Sophomore guard Isaiah Swope (Newburgh, Indiana) led the Eagles individually with 18 points. He was a blistering seven-of-11 from the field and four-of-seven from beyond the arc, while dishing a team-high six assists.

Graduate forward Trevor Lakes (Lebanon, Indiana) followed Swope with 17 points on a near-perfect six-of-seven from the field, four-of-five from downtown, and one-of-two from the stripe. Junior guard Gary Solomon (Detroit, Michigan) rounded out the double-digit scorers with 16 points on seven-of-nine from the field and two-of-three from the line.

The Eagles also got a dominate game on the glass by sophomore forward Jack Mielke (Downers Grove, Illinois). Mielke grabbed a game-high 10 rebounds, nine on the defensive glass.

Next Up 2022-223 Regular season:

USI opens the 2022-23 season at the University of Missouri November 7 in Columbia, Missouri. The game will air on SEC+ and ESPN+.

USI trails the all-time series with Missouri, 2-0, with the last meeting coming in 1992-93 when the Eagles lost to the Tigers, 77-62, during former Head Coach Bruce Pearl’s first year at the helm. The Eagles also were grounded by the Tigers in the first meeting the two progams, 82-75, in 1985-86.


EVANSVILLE, Ind. – University of Southern Indiana Men’s Soccer earned a victory over St. Thomas University on Wednesday, 2-0. The Screaming Eagles improve to 2-11-3, 2-4-1 Summit League, while the Tommies fall to 3-11-2, 2-4-1 Summit League.

Both teams played very well defensively in the first half, only seven total shots being taken in the first half. It was a mistake by St. Thomas’ Isaac Eckroth at the 44:35 mark in the first half when he took down freshman Jackson Mitchell (Newburgh, Indiana) from behind in the box and received a red card for the foul. USI earned a penalty from the foul and junior Brian Winkler (Philpot, Kentucky) faked the keeper and put the ball into the bottom left-hand corner, giving the Eagles the 1-0 lead. Junior goalkeeper Alec Meissner (St. Charles, Missouri) made three saves in the first half after the Tommies had four shots.

USI came out aggressive to start the second half and it paid off as a communication error between St. Thomas’ Jack Gleckler and goalkeeper Tucker Mann allowed a ball to roll into the net for an own goal, giving the Eagles a 2-0 lead.

USI finished the match outshooting St. Thomas 11-7 and having a 5-4 advantage in shots on goal. It was a very physical match as 19 fouls were called, and five yellow cards were given out along with the one red card to Eckroth. Mitchell, Junior Zach Barton (St. Louis, Missouri), and graduate Nick Faddis (St. Louis, Missouri) all tied for the team lead in shots with two a piece while five different Eagles had shots on goal. Meissner finished the match with his second clean sheet of the season, making four saves after facing seven shots.


The Eagles finish their season on Saturday as they travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take on Oral Roberts University with a 1pm kickoff from the Case Sports Complex. The Golden Eagles are 10-3-2, 6-1-0 Summit League, this year and hold the regular season crown in the Summit League and would secure the title with Denver University falling in one of their final two matches or by earning a draw or win against USI.

Oral Roberts is being led by Felipe D’Agostini this season as he has six goals. Shane Anderson leads the Golden Eagles with nine assists this year. Oral Roberts has seven players with multiple goals and assists this season. Jeremy Coste has started every game for them this season, allowing just 17 goals and making 56 saves while facing 194. The Golden Eagles have outscored opponents 38-17 this season but have been outshot 195-186.


Valpo soccer junior goalkeeper Nikki Coryell (Aurora, Ill./Metea Valley) became the first player in Missouri Valley Conference history to be a three-time MVC Goalkeeper of the Year and the Beacons’ coaching staff — led by head coach John Marovich — was honored as the Valley’s Coaching Staff of the Year as the conference postseason awards were handed out Wednesday evening at the annual awards banquet, held this year in the Harre Union.

Coryell was one of four Beacons to earn a spot on the All-MVC First Team, joined by classmate Lindsey DuSatko (Plainfield, Ill./North), sophomore Addy Joiner (Chesterton, Ind./Chesterton) and senior Nicole Norfolk (Menomonee Falls, Wis./Divine Savior Holy Angels). Senior Allie Anderson (Wheaton, Ill./Wheaton Warrenville South [Xavier]) represented Valpo on the All-MVC Second Team and sophomore Abby White (Commerce Township, Mich./Walled Lake Central) picked up All-MVC Third Team honors. Molly O’Rear (Naperville, Ill./Naperville Central) rounded out the Beacons’ award recipients as she was an All-Freshman Team honoree.

Coryell enjoyed another standout season in goal for the Beacons, leading the conference in MVC-only play in both goals against average (0.50) and save percentage (.881). She posted five clean sheets in conference action and did not allow more than one goal in any of the 10 MVC fixtures. Overall this season, Coryell boasts an .800 save percentage, a 0.91 GAA and seven shutouts — tied for the sixth-most shutouts in a single season in program history. With 19 career clean sheets, Coryell is one shy of a tie for second in program history in the category and is tied for 10th in MVC history as well.

Coryell has been named the MVC Goalkeeper of the Year in each of her first three collegiate seasons to become the first three-time winner of the award in Valley history. She is the first MVC goalkeeper since Missouri State’s Jessica Teahan (2009-11) to earn three First Team All-MVC honors and is just the third player in Valpo soccer history to earn three First Team All-League awards, joining April Cronin and Emily King.

In her three Goalkeeper of the Year campaigns, Coryell has posted a cumulative GAA of 0.59 and a save percentage of .878 in conference play. In 26 MVC fixtures, she holds a 16-4-6 record and has recorded 14 shutouts, giving up one goal or fewer in 25 of those 26 matches.

DuSatko receives her second career All-MVC honor, earning a First Team spot this year after bringing in Second Team honors last season. The pacey forward was tied for second among Valley players with four assists in MVC-only play, picking up a helper apiece in four of Valpo’s regular season conference wins, and scored a goal as well. DuSatko assisted on the match-winning goal in the Beacons’ win at Murray State and scored the game-tying goal in Valpo’s draw with Southern Illinois.

Joiner earns postseason recognition from the conference for the first time and does so at the highest level, as she is one of just three underclassmen to earn First Team All-MVC honors. The sophomore led the Valley in the regular season with seven goals scored and ranked second with 14 points. Six of Joiner’s seven goals came within MVC-only play, tying her for conference-high honors, and came one apiece in six of Valpo’s seven conference wins. Included in that tally are match-winning goals against Drake and at Belmont, as well as a first-half equalizer at Murray State.

Much like DuSatko, Norfolk took a step forward this season to claim First Team honors after being a Second Team honoree last season. The stalwart center back continued to anchor the Beacon back line this season, playing all but 14 minutes of Valpo’s first 15 matches of the season before suffering an injury early at Belmont Oct. 13. With Norfolk on the field during Valley play, Valpo surrendered just one goal in 544 minutes of play. She got in the mix offensively as well, heading home a corner kick for the eventual match-winning goal against UIC.

A Second Team All-MVC selection this season, Anderson picked up postseason honors for the first time. A steady presence at holding midfielder for the Beacons, the senior tied for the team high this season with five assists — a mark which is tied for fourth in a single season in program history. Four of Anderson’s five assists came in MVC play, tied for second in the conference. Included among Anderson’s helpers was an assist on the match-winning goal at UNI and an assist on the first-half equalizer at Murray State. In the 17 matches she has played in, Anderson went the full 90 minutes 12 times and only came off the field for a total of 58 minutes.

One season after being named to the MVC All-Freshman Team, White brings in Third Team All-MVC honors this year for her work at left back. The sophomore is part of a defensive unit which surrendered just five goals in Valpo’s 10 MVC matches and posted a total of seven clean sheets in the regular season. On the attack, White scored goals in wins over UIC and at Murray State — the latter a magnificent run all the way from covering the post off a defensive corner to the offensive 18-yard box to finish what proved to be the match-winner.

O’Rear represents Valpo on the MVC All-Freshman Team this season thanks to her strong work as an attacking midfielder. She ranked sixth in the league in goals (4) and ninth in points (10) overall, but all 10 of her points came within Valley play, as she finished the MVC regular season third in goals and fourth in points in conference-only matches. In her very first Valley match, O’Rear scored the lone goal of a 1-0 win at UNI with under four minutes to play, and later in the campaign added another match-winner against Evansville. Her assists against Drake and versus UIC both came on match-winning goals as well.

For the first time since joining the MVC, the Valpo coaching staff claims the MVC Coaching Staff of the Year award. Under the tutelage of Marovich, the Beacons have improved their final regular season placement in each of the last four years: going from joint sixth in 2018, to fifth in 2019, to tied for third in spring 2021, to runners-up last fall and to regular season champions this season. Additionally, in each of Valpo’s six seasons in the Valley, the program has matched or exceeded its projected placement in the preseason poll.

In his 15th season at the helm of the Valpo program, Marovich earns postseason recognition for the second time, as he was previously the 2014 Horizon League Coach of the Year. Brianne Barnes joined the Beacons’ coaching staff in the summer of 2021 and has helped guide Valpo to 18 victories overall and a combined 13-2-3 record in conference play over the last two years, while Noah Smith is in his first season on staff, working with the goalkeepers as a graduate assistant.

Valpo’s four First Team honorees sets a program record for postseason honors, as the program previously boasted three First Team All-League recipients on three occasions. The Beacons have had multiple First Team All-MVC honorees each of the last three seasons, and also have had at least one representative on the MVC All-Freshman Team in each of their six seasons in the conference.

Valpo was also officially presented with the 2022 MVC Women’s Soccer Regular Season Champions trophy on Wednesday evening. The title is Valpo’s first team championship as an athletic department since joining the Valley.

NDIANAPOLIS – The University of Indianapolis men’s soccer team sits at No. 6 in the most recent edition of the NCAA’s regional rankings, officials at the national office announced on Wednesday. For the third straight season, the men’s soccer national tournament will feature four super regions of 10 teams apiece, totaling 40 programs competing for a national title.
The Greyhounds are one of five teams in the rankings from the GLVC. Maryville leads the pack at No. 4 while Illinois Springfield is right behind at No. 5. Lewis and Drury sit at No. 9 and No. 11, respectively.
UIndy is set to battle Lewis in the GLVC Championship tournament semifinals on Friday in St. Louis beginning at noon ET.


Team In-Region RecordDII record
1. Saginaw Valley12-0-412-0-4
2. Tiffin10-3-310-3-3
3. Ashland10-6-110-6-1
4. Maryville9-4-49-4-4
5. Ill. Springfield7-3-67-3-6
6. UIndy10-3-310-3-3
7. Lake Erie10-6-310-6-3
8. Wis.-Parkside10-2-410-2-4
9. Lewis10-4-210-4-2
10. Fort Hays St.8-3-58-4-6
11. Drury7-3-77-3-7
12. Rogers St.9-3-69-3-6


INDIANAPOLIS – The No. 7 Marian women’s basketball team took down Concordia (Mich.) in their home opener, 67-46 to open up the season 2-0.

The Knights got off to a strong start in their home opener, jumping out to an early 12-0 lead that got started with Allison Bosse completing the three-point play 46 seconds into the game. Concordia finally hit a basket and free throw on an and-one to end their scoring drought with 5:38 remaining in the quarter. Ella Collier and Kenna Kirby responded with a quick layup and a free throw to increase their lead 15-3. The visitors continued to struggle offensively in the quarter, only managing seven points and shooting 24 percent from the floor, while Marian shot 50 percent from both the field and three to help them have the 18-7 advantage after quarter one.

It was Concordia coming out with the three-point basketball to start the second quarter, but Collier answered back with a three of her own to give Marian the 11-point lead. The Cardinals would come back and hit a couple layups, but it was Aliyah Evans knocking down a jumper to spark an offensive surge from the Knights, as Collier and Alexa McKinley both hit a layup. The rest of the quarter seemed to be the Evans show as she went on to score the team’s last nine points to give her team their largest lead of the game at 39-18 going into halftime.

Marian continued to build onto their lead in the second half, seeing a 27-point lead after an 11-5 run. Concordia would end the run with back-to-back threes and a free throw to cut the lead down to 20, but a jumper by McKinley and a three ball from Bosse put the Knights back up 22 with 59 second remaining in the quarter. A defensive rebound and a free throw by Abbey McNally gave Marian the 57-34 lead as the game moved to the final quarter.

The final quarter of play saw Concordia outscore Marian 12-10, with the visitors hitting a three to get things going, but McNally responded by having the next four points. The Cardinals came back down the floor with a couple baskets of their own, but it was Collier and Sara Majorosova closing out the game, with each hitting a pair of free throws, and Collier solidifying the win with a layup with 42 seconds remaining to help the Knights close out the 67-46 win.

In the win, Marian was led by Collier who had a game-high 18 points to go along with four rebounds and four steals. Bosse finished with 13 points, three rebounds and two steals, while McNally and Evans rounded out the double-digit scoring with 12 and 11. Kirby had a team-high five rebounds and McKinley finished the game with five points.

Marian will be in Milwaukee, Wis. this weekend to compete in the Catholic Classic, as they take on St. Francis (Ill.) on Friday at 8:30 PM.
























American Football Conference
East Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Buffalo Bills610.8570.0203983-0-03-1-04-1-00-1-04 W
New York Jets530.6251.51761591-3-04-0-04-3-01-1-01 L
Miami Dolphins530.6251.51781923-1-02-2-04-2-02-1-02 W
New England Patriots440.5002.51771631-2-03-2-03-2-01-1-01 W
West Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Kansas City Chiefs520.7140.02231722-1-03-1-02-2-02-0-01 W
Los Angeles Chargers430.5711.01641892-2-02-1-04-2-02-1-01 L
Denver Broncos350.3752.51211322-2-01-3-02-4-00-2-01 W
Las Vegas Raiders250.2863.01631742-1-00-4-02-3-01-2-01 L
North Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Baltimore Ravens530.6250.02081832-2-03-1-04-2-02-0-02 W
Cincinnati Bengals440.5001.01861642-1-02-3-02-3-00-3-01 L
Cleveland Browns350.3752.02001992-3-01-2-02-4-02-1-01 W
Pittsburgh Steelers260.2503.01201971-2-01-4-01-5-01-1-02 L
South Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Tennessee Titans520.7140.01321382-1-03-1-04-1-03-0-05 W
Indianapolis Colts341.4382.01291572-2-01-2-13-3-11-3-12 L
Jacksonville Jaguars260.2503.51721581-3-01-3-02-3-01-2-05 L
Houston Texans151.2143.51161540-2-11-3-01-4-11-1-12 L
National Football Conference
East Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Philadelphia Eagles7001.0000.01961184-0-03-0-05-0-02-0-07 W
Dallas Cowboys620.7501.51831334-1-02-1-05-2-02-1-02 W
New York Giants620.7501.51631573-1-03-1-03-2-00-1-01 L
Washington Commanders440.5003.51421722-2-02-2-02-3-00-2-03 W
West Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Seattle Seahawks530.6250.02101993-1-02-2-03-3-01-1-03 W
San Francisco 49ers440.5001.01761472-1-02-3-04-2-03-0-01 W
Los Angeles Rams340.4291.51181572-3-01-1-03-3-01-2-01 L
Arizona Cardinals350.3752.01822101-3-02-2-02-4-00-2-01 L
North Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Minnesota Vikings610.8570.01731444-0-02-1-05-1-03-0-05 W
Green Bay Packers350.3753.51451732-2-01-3-02-3-01-1-04 L
Chicago Bears350.3753.51551812-1-01-4-01-5-00-2-01 L
Detroit Lions160.1435.01732251-3-00-3-01-4-00-1-05 L
South Division
 WLTPctGBPFPAHomeRoadvs. Confvs. DivStreak
Atlanta Falcons440.5000.02002053-1-01-3-03-3-01-2-01 W
Tampa Bay Buccaneers350.3751.01461511-3-02-2-03-2-02-1-03 L
New Orleans Saints350.3751.01992002-3-01-2-02-4-01-2-01 W
Carolina Panthers260.2502.01581862-3-00-3-02-5-02-1-01 L


Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Toronto53.6253-12-21-24-35-32 W
Boston43.5710.52-12-21-04-34-31 L
Philadelphia45.4441.51-33-21-24-44-51 L
New York34.4291.53-10-33-33-43 L
Brooklyn26.2503.02-40-21-02-32-61 L
Central Divison
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Milwaukee701.0006-01-02-06-07-07 W
Cleveland61.8571.04-02-11-06-16-16 W
Chicago54.5563.03-22-21-15-35-42 W
Indiana35.3754.51-22-31-13-43-51 L
Detroit27.2226.02-20-50-31-72-72 L
Southeast Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Atlanta53.6252-13-21-14-35-31 W
Washington44.5001.02-22-24-44-41 W
Miami45.4441.53-31-21-34-52 W
Charlotte35.3752.01-22-31-11-33-52 L
Orlando17.1254.01-10-61-11-51-72 L
Western Conference
Northwest Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Portland52.7143-22-01-05-15-21 L
Utah63.6674-02-32-16-36-31 L
Denver43.5711.03-01-32-24-34-31 L
Oklahoma City43.5711.03-11-20-33-34-34 W
Minnesota44.5001.53-21-22-14-44-42 L
Pacific Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Phoenix61.8575-01-12-06-16-15 W
LA Clippers44.5002.51-23-22-14-44-42 W
Golden State35.3753.53-10-42-12-23-53 L
LA Lakers25.2864.02-20-30-22-52-52 W
Sacramento25.2864.01-31-20-20-42-51 L
Southwest Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
San Antonio53.6252-23-12-15-31 L
Memphis53.6252-03-31-13-35-31 W
New Orleans43.5710.51-13-21-02-34-31 L
Dallas43.5710.53-11-21-12-34-32 W
Houston18.1114.51-20-60-11-61-85 L


Eastern Conference
Boston Bruins1091018845266-0-03-1-09-1-0
New Jersey Devils1073014736254-2-03-1-07-3-0
Buffalo Sabres1073014743284-2-03-1-07-3-0
New York Rangers1163214632313-1-23-2-05-3-2
Carolina Hurricanes962113529252-1-04-1-16-2-1
Tampa Bay Lightning1064012632312-1-04-3-06-4-0
New York Islanders1064012636254-2-02-2-06-4-0
Philadelphia Flyers1053212526273-1-12-2-15-3-2
Washington Capitals1154212532323-1-12-3-15-3-2
10 Toronto Maple Leafs1154212532324-1-01-3-25-3-2
11 Florida Panthers1054111530313-0-12-4-05-4-1
12 Detroit Red Wings943210428323-1-11-2-14-3-2
13 Montreal Canadiens1055010528313-2-02-3-05-5-0
14 Pittsburgh Penguins1145210440413-0-11-5-13-5-2
15 Ottawa Senators94508433314-1-00-4-04-5-0
16 Columbus Blue Jackets103706326442-4-01-3-03-7-0
Western Conference
Vegas Golden Knights1192018935195-1-04-1-08-2-0
Dallas Stars1063113633234-1-02-2-16-3-1
Edmonton Oilers1073014741324-3-03-0-07-3-0
Seattle Kraken1154212538382-3-13-1-15-4-1
Winnipeg Jets953111526252-1-03-2-15-3-1
Minnesota Wild1054111435362-3-03-1-15-4-1
Los Angeles Kings1266012543472-3-04-3-06-4-0
Calgary Flames853010528254-3-01-0-05-3-0
Chicago Blackhawks1044210432343-2-11-2-14-4-2
10 Colorado Avalanche94419329271-1-13-3-04-4-1
11 Arizona Coyotes93517326361-1-12-4-03-5-1
12 Nashville Predators103617326362-3-11-3-03-6-1
13 Anaheim Ducks103617226442-1-01-5-13-6-1
14 San Jose Sharks123817329401-5-12-3-03-6-1
15 St. Louis Blues83506319301-3-02-2-03-5-0
16 Vancouver Canucks102626230401-3-01-3-22-6-2


The 1st to Create Pads

November 3, 1877 – Princeton’s L.P. Smock introduces wearing padding to the game of football when he and his team faced Harvard. Smock sewed padding made mostly of cotton into his uniform jersey and pants for this game. The rules in that contest more closely resembled rugby than our modern American Football but it was a rough sport nonetheless. Per the source of Smock’s pads were thin quilted layers sewn to the shoulders, thighs and knees of the laced-up jersey and knee pants he designed as the first football uniform for Princeton’s players. The pads were not very heavy, and they also did not provide much protection.

Battle of Unbeatens

November 3, 1900 – University Park, Ithaca, New York – Two undefeated heavyweights of the early gridiron era squared off in a week seven showdown as the Cornell Big Red would travel to play the Princeton Tigers. Entering the game, according to an article on the website Princeton had never lost at home with an amazing 121-0-1 record there. Cornell featured All-American fullback Ray Starbuck while Princeton countered with their main man captain H. W. Pell. Cornell made history as they handed the Tigers their first loss at home 12-0 on a rainy afternoon. The Big Red’s Raymond Starbuck and Henry Purcell each scored touchdowns and Starbuck booted a pair of extra-point kicks to lead Cornell past the Tigers. It was the first time in 31 seasons of Princeton football that they had ever suffered a loss in their own house! Truly a remarkable feat!

11 Picks

November 3, 1935 – Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts – Philadelphia Eagles beat Boston Redskins, 7-6. Considering the era of football and the score, it doesn’t sound like the ball went into the air much during the contest but respective quarterbacks combined to throw an NFL record 11 interceptions.

The Vote for Vets Stadium

November 3, 1964 – Philadelphia voters narrowly approve $25 million referendum to build a new multi-purpose stadium that would later become known as Veterans Stadium.

513 Yards Passing!

November 3, 1966 – Provo, Utah – BYU quarterback Virgil Carter sets new NCAA single-game records with 513 passing yards and 599 yards of total offense in 53-33 win against Texas Western per the site.

6 FGs for Turner

November 3, 1968 – Shea Stadium, New York City, New York – Jets kicker Jim Turner boots 6 field goals and an extra point to defeat the Buffalo Bills, 25-21.

BYU Receptions Record

November 3, 1973 – Cougar Stadium, Provo, Utah – Brigham Young University wide receiver Jay Miller, set an NCAA football single game record with 22 catches for 263 yards as the Cougars went on to snatch 56-21 victory over the University of New Mexico.

More Headlines

Big Passing Day!

November 3, 1990 – The Astrodome, Houston, Texas – Texas Christian University quarterback Matt Vogler completes 44 passes including 5 touchdowns for an NCAA football record 690 passing yards but was outmatched when the opposing Houston Cougars quarterback David Klingler threws for 7 TDs. The Cougars overcame the great offensive showing of the TCU Horned Frogs with a 56-35 final score.

Rice Gets There First

November 3, 1996 – San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice becomes the first player in NFL history to reach 1,000 career receptions in a 24-17 win over the New Orleans Saints as he hauls in 3 passes for 45 yards and a TDs. Rice finished his career with 1,549 receptions to set a milestone for NFL receivers of the future to strive for.

7 OTs

November 3, 2001 – Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, Oxford, Mississippi – The University of Arkansas defeats the University of Mississippi, 58-56 in 7 overtime periods to provide at the time the longest game in NCAA football history.

Navy Breaks the Streak

November 3, 2007 – The Navy Midshipmen defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 46-44 in triple overtime, ending the Fighting Irish’s NCAA Football-record winning streak against the Midshipmen at 43 games. When was the last Navy win over Notre Dame you might ask? It was a 35-14 Midshipmen win in 1963.

Foles and Eagles Soar

November 3, 2013 – Oakland, California – Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles completes 22 of his 28 passing attempts for 406 yards with scoring 3 tosses to Wideout Riley Cooper to become 7th passer in NFL history with 7 TD tosses in a game during Philadelphia Eagles’ 49-20 win over the Raiders.

Hall of Fame Birthdays for November 3

Charley Barrett -QB

November 3, 1893 – Bellevue, Pennsylvania – Charley Barrett the slick quarterback from Cornell University arrived to his parent’s delight on this day. Chuck was the consensus All-American quarterback in 1914 and 1915 while playing for Cornell and led the Big Red to an undefeated season with an accompanying national championship in the 1915 season.Per the website, Charley chose the plays, called the signals and was a triple threat man in every respect. He also handled the kicking and punting chores for Cornell. Chuck Barrett was inducted posthumously into the College Football Hall of Fame in the year 1958.

Bronko Nagurski

November 3, 1908 – Rainy River, Ontario, Canada – The famous fullback from the University of Minnesota, Bronko Nagurski was born. Nagurski was a consensus All-American in 1929 for the Gophers. As a matter of fact, according to Bronko is the only player who has been named to two positions on the same All-America team. In 1929, his senior year at Minnesota, he was voted to the first team at both tackle and fullback. In addition, he was named to some All-America teams as an end. Nagurski was a star at Minnesota from 1927-29 and led the Gophers to an 18-4-2 record during that time. Amazingly Minnesota’s four losses came by a combined five points. The National Football Foundation could hardly wait to enter Bronko Nagurski into their College Football Hall of Fame in 1951.

After school was over Nagurski signed on with George Halas and his Chicago Bears teams of 1930 through 1938. Bronko was one of the star players for those Bears squads and he helped the team win NFL Championships in both 1932 & 1933. He was a great write up on one of the infamous 1933 victory and the play made in part by Nagurski that helped take the Bears to victory by clicking here. Bronko Nagurski was enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the entry class of 1963.

Jim Houston

November 3, 1937 – Massillon, Ohio – Marked the birth of Ohio State University’s two way end, Jim Houston. He was a three-year starter under head coach Woody Hayes from 1957 through 1959 and twice was voted as the team’s MVP. He was elected the team captain as a senior. The website has a great bio on Jim and it tells us that as a sophomore, Houston helped the Buckeyes to a 9-1 record and to claim the title of the National Championship for the 1957 season. The NFF Selection committee placed the career of Jim Houston into their College Football Hall of Fame in 2005. After school, Houston played 13 years in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns and was selected to four Pro Bowls.

Kirk Baumgartner – QB

November 3, 1967 – Colby, Wisconsin – Celebrated the arrival of Kirk Baumgartner, a quarterback that played for the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point into our world. Kirk played with the Pointers from 1986 through the 1989 seasons. Baumgartner was a three-time First Team NAIA All-American, a two time NAIA National Player of the Year and arguably the best quarterback in National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics history. As a junior and senior he led the nation in total offense. Baumgartner still ranks among the all-time greatest college quarterbacks with 14,847 career passing yards and 122 career touchdown passes. Kirk Baumgartner was honored with a place in the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005.


4 – 3 – 6 – 9 – 29 -17 – 32 – 13 – 11 – 45 – 18 – 34 – 50 – 16 – 25 – 23 – 8 – 14 – 7 – 80 – 2 – 31 – 5

November 3, 1934 – New York Yankees first baseman Number 4, Lou Gehrig wins American League Triple Crown after hitting .363 with 49 HRs and 165 RBI; but Philadelphia A’s catcher Number 3, Mickey Cochrane (.320, 2 HRs, 76 RBI) is named American League MVP

November 3, 1942 – Boston Red Sox outfielder Number 9, Ted Williams wins American League Triple Crown (.356 average, 36 HRs, 137 RBI). However NewYork Yankees pitcher Number 6, Joe Gordon was American League MVP

November 3, 1948 – 2nd NHL All-Star Game, Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL: All-Stars beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-1; Number 9, Gordie Howe’s first of 23 All-Star appearances

November 3, 1948 – Number 29, Kleggie Hermsen and Number 17, Bones McKinney each score 17 points as Washington Capitols beat Philadelphia Warriors, 77-70 at Washington Coliseum to win first of 15 straight games to start season; best start in NBA history

November 3, 1960 – Pittsburgh Pirates starter Number 32​​​​​​​, Vern Law (20-9, 18 complete games) wins MLB’s Cy Young Award

November 3, 1962 – San Francisco Warriors center Number 13, Wilt Chamberlain scored 72 points in 127-115 defeat to LA Lakers at LA Memorial Sports Arena; then 4th-highest point total in NBA history; remains 6th highest game total

November 3, 1965 – Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Number 32, Sandy Koufax was named Cy Young Award winner by a unanimous vote and for a third time; posts 26-8 record, 1.73 ERA and record-shattering 382 strikeouts

November 3, 1968 – New York Jets kicker Number 11, Jim Turner nailed 6 field goals and an extra point to beat Buffalo Bills, 25-21 at Shea Stadium

November 3, 1970 – Future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Number 45, Bob Gibson won his second NL Cy Young Award (23-7 record, 274 strikeouts and 3.12 ERA

November 3, 1973 – BYU receiver Number 18, Jay Miller set an NCAA football single game record with 22 catches (for 263 yards) en route to a 56-21 victory over New Mexico at Cougar Stadium, Provo, Utah

November 3, 1981 – Milwaukee Brewers future Baseball Hall of Fame reliever Number 34, Rollie Fingers (6-3 record, 28 saves and 1.04 ERA) wins American League Cy Young Award, with 22 of 28 possible 1st-place votes

November 3, 1982 – Pitcher Number 50, Pete Vuckovich became the Milwaukee Brewers’ second consecutive American League Cy Young Award winner;. The hurler edged out Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Orioles; Vuckovich, 18-6 with 105 strikeouts and 3.34 ERA

November 3, 1982 – San Diego guard Number 9, Randy Smith played in his 845th consecutive game in Clippers’ 130-111 loss in Philadelphia. With this he passed by Johnny Red Kerr’s NBA record; goes on to play in 906 straight

November 3, 1987 – New York Rangers’ center Number 16, Marcel Dionne became just the 2nd NHL player to register 1,700 career points, scoring a goal in 5-3 loss at Calgary

November 3, 1987 – Oakland A’s first baseman Number 25, Mark McGwire won the American League Rookie of the Year with 49 home runs, 118 RBI; second to win AL award unanimously. the first one to accomplish this feat was Carlton Fisk 1972

November 3, 1989 – NBA expansion Minnesota Timberwolves made the franchise’s NBA debut but lost 106-94 against SuperSonics at Seattle Center Coliseum. Thie bright spot was Number 23, Tyrone Corbin T-Wolves top scorer with 20 points

November 3, 1989 – Number 13, Šarūnas Marčiulionis and Number 8, Alexander Volkov become first Russians to play in a regular season NBA game; Marciulionis scores 19 as Golden State lose 136-106 to Phoenix. Volkov was held scoreless in Atlanta’s 126-103 defeat by Indiana

November 3, 1990 – Atlanta Hawks’ center Number 2, Moses Malone sets an NBA record for free throws made in a career by hitting 7-of-9 in a 121-120 win over Indiana Pacers at the Omni; passes Oscar Robinson’s record (7,694)

November 3, 1990 – TCU quarterback Number 14, Matt Vogler completed 44 passes including 5 touchdowns for an NCAA football record 690 passing yards in a 56-35 loss to Houston at the Astrodome. Houston Cougars quarterback Number 7, David Klingler threw for 7 TDs

November 3, 1993 – Defenseman Number 3, Ken Daneyko sets New Jersey Devils ‘Ironman’ record by playing 322nd consecutive NHL game in 2-3 loss at LA Kings

November 3, 1993 – Number 31, Greg Maddux becomes first pitcher since Sandy Koufax to win the National League’s Cy Young Award in successive MLB seasons and the first in successive seasons with different teams; Cubs 1992, Braves 1993

November 3, 1996 – Los Angeles Lakers superstar Number 8, Kobe Bryant became the then youngest player to make his NBA debut (18 years, 2 months, 11 days) in 91-85 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Great Western Forum

November 3, 1996 – San Francisco 49ers receiver Number 80, Jerry Rice grabs 3 passes for 45 yards and a TD to become 1st player in NFL history to reach 1,000 career receptions in 24-17 win over New Orleans Saints; finishes career with 1,549

November 3, 1997 – Boston Red Sox shortstop Number 5, Nomar Garciaparra becomes 6th player to be unanimous choice for American League Rookie of the Year; leads AL in hits (209), triples (11), multi-hit games (68); also sets AL rookie-record with 30-game hitting streak

November 3, 2001 – San Antonio Spurs guard Number 8, Steve Smith played in his first game against Portland after being traded from the Trail Blazers; ties NBA record for most 3-point field goals in a game without a miss; goes 8-for-8, scores 36 points in 106-90 winNovember 3, 2013 – Number 9, Nick Foles connected with Number 14, Riley Cooper 3 times to become 7th passer in NFL history with 7 TD tosses in a game during Philadelphia Eagles’ 49-20 win over the Raiders at Oakland; Foles completes 22 of 28 for 406 yards