Gary West
Gary West49Munster29 
Michigan City
South Bend Riley47South Bend Adams43 
East Noble
Carroll (Fort Wayne)63Fort Wayne Snider53 
Columbia City
Homestead75New Haven56 
Lafayette Jeff69McCutcheon55 
Mount Vernon (Fortville)69Anderson65 
Indianapolis Tech
Lawrence North62North Central (Indianapolis)49 
Decatur Central
Ben Davis68Pike56 
Center Grove41Greenwood35 
Bloomington South
Bloomington South76Bloomington North53 
Jeffersonville57Bedford North Lawrence53 
Evansville North
Evansville Reitz67Evansville Central54 
New Prairie
New Prairie56Hanover Central40 
South Bend Washington
South Bend St. Joseph60John Glenn56 
Twin Lakes
Twin Lakes59Peru55 
West Noble
NorthWood47West Noble40 
Leo55Fort Wayne Dwenger45 
New Castle
New Castle51Hamilton Heights49 
Owen Valley
Guerin Catholic44Brebeuf Jesuit36 
Beech Grove
Beech Grove67Indian Creek48 
Silver Creek83Madison71 
Sullivan57Vincennes Lincoln47 
Heritage Hills54Boonville32 
Bowman Academy70Marquette Catholic58 
North Judson
Boone Grove53North Judson39 
Fort Wayne Blackhawk93Fort Wayne Canterbury51 
Rochester53Lewis Cass50 
Fountain Central
Rossville45Carroll (Flora)44 
Shenandoah61Eastern Hancock38 
Heritage Christian
Covenant Christian71Heritage Christian683OT
Parke Heritage48North Putnam42 
Triton Central66South Decatur65 
Southwestern (Hanover)
Southwestern (Hanover)74Providence51 
Paoli32Eastern (Pekin)31 
Eastern Greene
Linton-Stockton45North Knox44 
Southridge58South Spencer44 
Kouts67Washington Twp.53 
Bethany Christian
Fremont69Elkhart Christian45 
Caston55North White54 
North Miami
Southwood69Lakeland Christian44 
Lafayette Central Catholic67Covington49 
Cowan55Liberty Christian53 
Randolph Southern
Seton Catholic49Blue River47 
Clay City
Shakamak52North Central (Farmersburg)44 
Indianapolis Metropolitan
Bethesda Christian59Indiana Math & Science47 
Indianapolis Lutheran
Indianapolis Tindley58Indianapolis Lutheran46 
Southwestern (Shelbyville)
Southwestern (Shelbyville)68Morristown672OT
Lanesville61Christian Academy49 
West Washington
Trinity Lutheran57West Washington41 
North Daviess
Wood Memorial
Evansville Day64Wood Memorial48 


Valparaiso [20-5] vs. South Bend Riley [18-6]
Gary West [20-4] vs. Elkhart [14-11]
Homestead [25-0] vs. Carmel [22-2]
Carroll (Fort Wayne) [18-6] vs. Lafayette Jeff [24-2]
Lawrence North [25-2] vs. Ben Davis [14-11]
Mount Vernon (Fortville) [17-6] vs. Plainfield [23-2]
Bloomington South [23-4] vs. Jeffersonville [15-6]
Center Grove [14-6] vs. Evansville Reitz [16-4]
South Bend St. Joseph [19-4] vs. Twin Lakes [21-4]
Hammond [17-1] vs. New Prairie [19-7]
NorthWood [15-8] vs. New Castle [9-15]
Mississinewa [17-8] vs. Leo [21-4]
Northview [17-7] vs. Beech Grove [18-5]
Guerin Catholic [19-3] vs. Greencastle [21-6]
Heritage Hills [19-3] vs. Silver Creek [21-4]
Connersville [17-7] vs. Sullivan [21-3]
Boone Grove [18-6] vs. Bowman Academy [11-12]
Churubusco [21-4] vs. Fort Wayne Blackhawk [24-3]
Blackford [23-4] vs. Wapahani [18-7]
Rossville [17-7] vs. Rochester [18-1]
Parke Heritage [24-3] vs. Triton Central [13-8]
Shenandoah [24-3] vs. Covenant Christian [22-4]
Paoli [16-5] vs. Southridge [15-10]
Southwestern (Hanover) [21-5] vs. Linton-Stockton [23-4]
Triton [19-5] vs. Caston [10-15]
Fremont [12-11] vs. Kouts [26-2]
Cowan [15-8] vs. Lafayette Central Catholic [8-10]
Seton Catholic [9-9] vs. Southwood [15-10]
Southwestern (Shelbyville) [13-10] vs. Bethesda Christian [18-7]
Indianapolis Tindley [16-9] vs. Shakamak [10-12]
Barr-Reeve [25-2] vs. Trinity Lutheran [12-13]
Lanesville [17-7] vs. Evansville Day [13-5]


School/ VAULT/ BARS/ BEAM/ FLOOR/ Total Place

Richmond 27.200/ 26.175/ 25.800 /27.450/ 106.625/ 1

New Castle 26.650/ 24.475/ 25.725/ 27.750/ 104.600/ 2

New Palestine 25.800/ 23.550/ 23.875/ 25.525/ 98.750/ 3

Connersville 24.500/ 21.875/ 21.350/ 25.225/ 92.950/ 4

Rushville Consolidated 25.350/ 22.450/ 21.375/ 23.375/ 92.550/ 5

Shelbyville 25.250/ 19.625/ 18.175/ 23.650 /86.700/ 6

Morristown 24.750/ 18.225/ 18.500/ 21.800/ 83.275/ 7

Muncie Central 14.550/ 8.075/ 16.450/ 20.325/ 59.400/ 8

Union County 8.450/ 8.500/ 7.875/ 8.025/ 32.850/ 9

Franklin County 8.450/ 7.025/ 5.875/ 7.800/ 29.150/ 10


Ruger, Elizabeth 11 Richmond 9.550 1

Ward, Samantha 12 New Castle 9.500 2

Brown, Kaliyah 9 Shelbyville 9.150 3

Uhte, Aubrey 11 Richmond 8.900 4

Bosell, Kinsey 11 Richmond 8.750 5

Poag, Emma 12 New Palestine 8.750 5

Goedde, Oakleigh 10 Morristown 8.600 7

Garvin, Ella 10 New Castle 8.600 7

Martin, Kasi 10 New Castle 8.550 9

Fischer, Laura 9 New Castle 8.550 9

Garrett, Kennedy 11 New Palestine 8.550 9

Evans, Katelyn 12 Richmond 8.500 12

Rickey, Alyse 11 New Palestine 8.500 12

Westpahl, Bell 9 Rushville Consolidated 8.500 12

Tackett, Nova 11 Rushville Consolidated 8.500 12

Hoffman, Allison 12 Connersville 8.450 16

Harper, Audrey 9 Franklin County 8.450 16

Kottka, Hayley 12 Union County 8.450 16

Thoman, Katie 11 Rushville Consolidated 8.350 19

Emory, Cora 10 Rushville Consolidated 8.350 19

Ringham, Maliah 9 New Palestine 8.300 21

Batten, Allison 11 Morristown 8.200 22

Hall, Delaynee 12 Connersville 8.150 23

Watson, Jada 9 Shelbyville 8.100 24

Voss, Faye-Lynn 9 Shelbyville 8.000 25

Shrum, Cheyenne 9 Morristown 7.950 26

Creech, Kendall 9 Connersville 7.900 27

Trittipo, Kaelee 10 Morristown 7.900 27

Aldridge, Renee 9 Shelbyville 7.750 29

Jordan, Madison 9 Connersville 7.500 30

Bradley, Karmesha 9 Muncie Central 7.350 31

Monroe, Tracie 10 Muncie Central 7.200 32

Murray, Karly 10 Franklin County 0.000 33


Gymnast Grade School Score Place

Ward, Samantha 12 New Castle 9.275 1

Ruger, Elizabeth 11 Richmond 9.025 2

Bosell, Kinsey 11 Richmond 8.750 3

Kottka, Hayley 12 Union County 8.500 4

Jones, Jensen 12 Richmond 8.400 5

Massengale, Payton 9 New Castle 8.150 6

Kendall, Addison 10 New Palestine 8.000 7

Tackett, Nova 11 Rushville Consolidated 7.950 8

Rickey, Alyse 11 New Palestine 7.850 9

Garrett, Kennedy 11 New Palestine 7.700 10

Brown, Kaliyah 9 Shelbyville 7.675 11

Hoffman, Allison 12 Connersville 7.625 12

Thoman, Annie 11 Rushville Consolidated 7.350 13

Metcalfe, Victoria 12 Connersville 7.200 14

Westpahl, Bell 9 Rushville Consolidated 7.150 15

Hall, Delaynee 12 Connersville 7.050 16

Troxell, Emma 11 New Castle 7.050 16

Uhte, Aubrey 11 Richmond 7.025 18

Harper, Audrey 9 Franklin County 7.025 18

Goedde, Oakleigh 10 Morristown 6.925 20

Jordan, Madison 9 Connersville 6.675 21

Philpot, Emma 11 Rushville Consolidated 6.650 22

Batten, Allison 11 Morristown 6.500 23

Garvin, Ella 10 New Castle 6.225 24

Aldridge, Renee 9 Shelbyville 6.225 24

Poag, Emma 12 New Palestine 5.825 26

Jackson, Alyssa 12 Shelbyville 5.725 27

Griggs, Ella 9 Shelbyville 5.275 28

Trittipo, Kaelee 10 Morristown 4.800 29

Shrum, Cheyenne 9 Morristown 4.625 30

Bradley, Karmesha 9 Muncie Central 4.425 31

Collins, Baylea 12 Muncie Central 3.650 32

Murray, Karly 10 Franklin County 0.000 33


Gymnast Grade School Score Place

Bosell, Kinsey 11 Richmond 8.975 1

Garvin, Ella 10 New Castle 8.900 2

Hoffman, Allison 12 Connersville 8.600 3

Ruger, Elizabeth 11 Richmond 8.550 4

Ward, Samantha 12 New Castle 8.475 5

Garrett, Kennedy 11 New Palestine 8.400 6

Massengale, Payton 9 New Castle 8.350 7

Evans, Katelyn 12 Richmond 8.275 8

Martin, Kasi 10 New Castle 8.075 9

Kottka, Hayley 12 Union County 7.875 10

Kendall, Addison 10 New Palestine 7.825 11

Jones, Jensen 12 Richmond 7.650 12

Rickey, Alyse 11 New Palestine 7.650 12

Philpot, Emma 11 Rushville Consolidated 7.400 14

Westpahl, Bell 9 Rushville Consolidated 7.400 14

Poag, Emma 12 New Palestine 7.000 16

Goedde, Oakleigh 10 Morristown 6.950 17

Jordan, Madison 9 Connersville 6.900 18

Brown, Kaliyah 9 Shelbyville 6.750 19

Tackett, Nova 11 Rushville Consolidated 6.575 20

Emory, Cora 10 Rushville Consolidated 6.100 21

Monroe, Tracie 10 Muncie Central 6.075 22

Aldridge, Renee 9 Shelbyville 6.050 23

Batten, Allison 11 Morristown 5.950 24

Harper, Audrey 9 Franklin County 5.875 25

Creech, Kendall 9 Connersville 5.850 26

Trittipo, Kaelee 10 Morristown 5.600 27

Hall, Delaynee 12 Connersville 5.475 28

Voss, Faye-Lynn 9 Shelbyville 5.375 29

Collins, Baylea 12 Muncie Central 5.200 30

Bradley, Karmesha 9 Muncie Central 5.175 31

Griggs, Ella 9 Shelbyville 4.625 32

Shrum, Cheyenne 9 Morristown 4.300 33

Murray, Karly 10 Franklin County 0.000 34


Gymnast Grade School Score Place

Ruger, Elizabeth 11 Richmond 9.575 1

Ward, Samantha 12 New Castle 9.450 2

Garvin, Ella 10 New Castle 9.250 3

Bosell, Kinsey 11 Richmond 9.150 4

Massengale, Payton 9 New Castle 9.050 5

Garrett, Kennedy 11 New Palestine 8.950 6

Uhte, Aubrey 11 Richmond 8.725 7

Hoffman, Allison 12 Connersville 8.725 7

Jordan, Madison 9 Connersville 8.325 9

Poag, Emma 12 New Palestine 8.300 10

Kendall, Addison 10 New Palestine 8.275 11

Brown, Kaliyah 9 Shelbyville 8.225 12

Metcalfe, Victoria 12 Connersville 8.175 13

Evans, Katelyn 12 Richmond 8.150 14

Kottka, Hayley 12 Union County 8.025 15

Martin, Kasi 10 New Castle 7.975 16

Emory, Cora 10 Rushville Consolidated 7.900 17

Goedde, Oakleigh 10 Morristown 7.875 18

Aldridge, Renee 9 Shelbyville 7.875 18

Harper, Audrey 9 Franklin County 7.800 20

Tackett, Nova 11 Rushville Consolidated 7.750 21

Thoman, Katie 11 Rushville Consolidated 7.725 22

Hall, Delaynee 12 Connersville 7.700 23

Voss, Faye-Lynn 9 Shelbyville 7.550 24

Brubeck, Blakelie 9 New Palestine 7.525 25

Jackson, Alyssa 12 Shelbyville 7.425 26

Westpahl, Bell 9 Rushville Consolidated 7.425 26

Bradley, Karmesha 9 Muncie Central 7.175 28

Monroe, Tracie 10 Muncie Central 7.150 29

Batten, Allison 11 Morristown 7.025 30

Trittipo, Kaelee 10 Morristown 6.900 31

Collins, Baylea 12 Muncie Central 6.000 32

Shrum, Cheyenne 9 Morristown 5.675 33

Murray, Karly 10 Franklin County 0.000 34


Gymnast Grade School Score Place

Ruger, Elizabeth 11 Richmond 36.700 1

Ward, Samantha 12 New Castle 36.700 1

Bosell, Kinsey 11 Richmond 35.625 3

Garrett, Kennedy 11 New Palestine 33.600 4

Hoffman, Allison 12 Connersville 33.400 5

Garvin, Ella 10 New Castle 32.975 6

Kottka, Hayley 12 Union County 32.850 7

Brown, Kaliyah 9 Shelbyville 31.800 8

Tackett, Nova 11 Rushville Consolidated 30.775 9

Westpahl, Bell 9 Rushville Consolidated 30.475 10

Goedde, Oakleigh 10 Morristown 30.350 11

Poag, Emma 12 New Palestine 29.875 12

Jordan, Madison 9 Connersville 29.400 13

Harper, Audrey 9 Franklin County 29.150 14

Hall, Delaynee 12 Connersville 28.375 15

Aldridge, Renee 9 Shelbyville 27.900 16

Batten, Allison 11 Morristown 27.675 17

Trittipo, Kaelee 10 Morristown 25.200 18

Bradley, Karmesha 9 Muncie Central 24.125 19

Shrum, Cheyenne 9 Morristown 22.550 20


#4 Illinois 73 #7 Ohio State 68

#17 Oklahoma State 85 #6 West Virginia 80

#8 Alabama 89 Georgia 79

Providence 54 #10 Villanova 52

Notre Dame 83 #11 Florida State 73

#12 Arkansas 87 Texas A&M 80

#14 Creighton 93 Butler 73

#20 Loyola Chicago 65 Indiana State 49

#21 Virginia 68 Louisville 58

#23 Purdue 67 Indiana 58

Wichita State 80 S. Florida 63

VCU 64 Davidson 52

St. Bonaventure 71 St. Louis 53

Clemson 77 Pittsburgh 62

North Carolina 91 Duke 73

Kansas State 61 Iowa State 59

St. John’s 81 Seton Hall 71

Marquette 66 Xavier 59

Rutgers 77 Minnesota 70 OT

Drake 71 Missouri State 69

Wyoming 80 UNLV 69

Utah State 57 Fresno State 51

Utah 98 Arizona State 59

USC 64 UCLA 63

Kentucky 92 South Carolina 64

Auburn 78 Mississippi State 71

LSU 86 Missouri 80

Ole Miss 56 Vanderbilt 46


#1 Connecticut 77 St. John’s 41

#2 North Carolina State 66 Georgia Tech 61

#17 Georgia 74 #3 Texas A&M 68

#5 South Carolina 67 #20 Tennessee 52

#6 Louisville 72 Syracuse 59

#7 Baylor 93 Kansas 67

#8 Maryland 88 Penn State 61

#11 Indiana 74 Purdue 59

#12 Michigan 63 Northwestern 58

Omaha 52 #22 South Dakota State 40

#23 Missouri State 85 Evansville 44

Villanova 78 #24 DePaul 72 OT

Ball State 76 Western Michigan 69

Ohio 84 Miami Ohio 70

Central Michigan 74 Northern Illinois 68

Buffalo 69 Bowling Green 68 OT

Kent State 64 Akron 58

Michigan State 67 Wisconsin 54

Toledo 59 Eastern Michigan 55

Drake 71, Valparaiso 66 OT

Illinois State 60 Loyola Chicago 45

Bradley 80 Indiana State 58

Marquette 68 Providence 43

Iowa 83 Nebraska 75

Creighton 83 Seton Hall 76


NY Rangers 6 New Jersey 3

NY Islanders 5 Buffalo 2

Pittsburgh 4 Philadelphia 3

Florida 6 Nashville 2

Arizona 5 Minnesota 2

Montréal 7 Winnipeg 1

Vancouver 4 Toronto 2

Dallas 5 Columbus 0

Anaheim 5 Colorado 4

Los Angeles 4 St. Louis 3

Edmonton 3 Calgary 2

Vegas 4 San Jose 0


Chicago White Sox 7 Cleveland 0

San Diego 2 LA Dodgers 1

Kansas City 8 San Francisco 6

Colorado 8 LA Angels 2

Chicago Cubs 3 Milwaukee 1

Oakland 1 Seattle 1

Texas 7 Arizona 6

NY Mets 6 Houston 1

Pittsburgh 3 NY Yankees 2

Washington 5 Miami 3

Toronto 7 Philadelphia 1

Detroit 6 Baltimore 5

INDIANA MBB: Hoosiers Fall to No. 23/23 Purdue, 67-58


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The unwanted streak continues, and you’d better believe Indiana is ticked.

Losing nine straight to rival Purdue, and five straight overall, has the Hoosiers seeing red that has nothing to do with their Crimson school color scheme.

“A lot of my teammates are angry,” forward Trayce Jackson-Davis said in the aftermath of Saturday’s 67-58 loss at Mackey Arena. “I’m going to talk to them. We have to keep pushing forward no matter the obstacles. Try to get them to get their minds off of this. Let’s reset and go for the next practice.”

A season that began with plenty of postseason optimism has crashed hard. IU is 12-14 overall, 7-12 in the Big Ten.

“It’s been a tough five games,” Jackson-Davis said. “Three of the five we’ve (had a chance to win at the end).”

Specifically, Indiana lost by seven and six points to Michigan State, and by nine to No. 23 Purdue (18-8, 13-6) down the stretch.

The Hoosiers will open Big Ten Tourney play on Thursday at Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

“We’re going to have to reset our batteries, lock in and have a good week of practice,” Jackson-Davis said.

Hope comes down to this key basketball element:

Make shots.

Case in point – 3-pointers.

IU was 1-for-13 in the first half, making it 3-for-33 in its last 60 minutes of basketball.

The Hoosiers did go 4-for-10 in the second half, but that wasn’t nearly enough.

“We’re not shooting well from the perimeter,” coach Archie Miller said. ” You can’t win in this league without shooting a little bit.”

Long-range shooting has been a season-long problem IU can’t solve even with plenty of open looks.

“In the first half we were 1-for-13 from three,” Miller said, “and 11 of those were good looks. If we make two or three, it makes a big difference.”

Guard Aljami Durham led Indiana’s four double-figure scorers with 14 points. Guard Rob Phinisee had 10 points, six rebounds and four assists.

No way forward Race Thompson was missing this game. A broken nose, and then a follow-up medical procedure after taking another shot a few days earlier against Michigan State — preventing him from practicing — couldn’t keep him out of the starting lineup.

He made an impact until rolling an ankle in the second half. He briefly returned, but finally had to come out. He finished with four points, three rebounds and two assists in 22 minutes.

“He gave it a go,” Miller said. “He has given us everything he has.”

IU never found an answer for a pair of Purdue freshmen — 7-4 center Zach Edey and guard Jaden Ivey.

Edey had 20 points and nine rebounds. Ivey had 17 points.

“Edey is very difficult to deal with,” Miller said. “He’s hard to guard.”

Still, the Hoosier defense made an impact by forcing 16 Boiler turnovers.

“We were smarter today,” Miller said. “Our defense has come back the last three to four games. We did a good job of playing hard and smart.”

Offensive struggles continue. IU has scored 57, 58 and 58 points in its last three games.

“Offensively, we need to get smarter,” Miller said. “We have to figure out how we can do things. We have to keep teaching.

“We’re getting stops, but when we get stops, and don’t score, at some point, you cave in. To our guys’ credit, we haven’t caved in.”

Thompson, Jackson-Davis and Phinisee scored to open the game. Add tenacious defense that forced Purdue to start 0-for-4 from the field with four turnovers and you had a 7-0 Hoosier start.

Enter the 7-4 Edey and the Boilers went on a 13-2 run to flip the momentum. The Hoosiers went nearly eight minutes without making a field goal. A 4-for-8 shooting start crashed against a 2-for-15 follow-up.

Purdue’s inside-outside attack built a 28-16 lead before IU made it 29-20 at halftime.

IU’s 3-for-6 early second-half shooting, combined with four Purdue turnovers, kept it within range, down 33-26.

Hoosier freshman guard Trey Galloway broke out of a shooting slump by hitting a 3-pointer to cut the lead to four, at 35-31.

Purdue surged again for a 12-point lead. The Hoosiers finally began to hit some 3-pointers. Durham hit one. Jerome Hunter had another.

It was enough to avoid a blowout, but not a defeat. It followed a 64-58 at Michigan State four days earlier.

“We’ve played two of our hardest fought games this week,” Miller said. We keep that going and we’ll find a way to break through.”

A pause.

“At some point, we have to make some shots.”

INDIANA WBB: Indiana Claims No. 2 Seed In 2021 Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – For the first time ever, the Indiana women’s basketball team will be the No. 2 seed in the upcoming Big Ten women’s basketball tournament in Indianapolis.

The Hoosiers will face the winner of the No. 10 Penn State and No. 7 Michigan State on Thursday, March 11 at 6: 30 p.m. ET at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. IU earned the double-round bye for the third time in the Teri Moren era, when it was the No. 4 seed in 2016 and 2017.

In the regular season, Indiana set a new program record with 16 conference wins, besting the previous mark of 15 wins set in 1982-83. The Hoosiers have also climbed to No. 10 in both major polls, the highest ranking in program history.

INDIANA WBB: No. 10 Indiana Wins Fifth-Straight Barn Burner On Senior Day


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – No. 10 Indiana used a strong fourth-quarter to push past Purdue, 74-59, to win its fifth-straight Barn Burner trophy on senior day on Saturday.


After winning the tip, senior guard Nicole Cardaño-Hilary nailed a corner 3-pointer on the Hoosiers’ opening possession but the two foes would exchange buckets for much of the first quarter as it ended in a 17-all tie after one.

Junior forward Aleksa Gulbe added to her six points from the first quarter as she took a transition opportunity to break the tie in the second. It was all part of her 11-straight points for the Hoosiers in the first half. Indiana (18-4, 16-2 B1G) would go up by three on a Patberg pull-up and a last second buzzer beater from Cardaño-Hillary gave Indiana a 34-29 lead. 

To start the second half, Indiana used another 6-0 run to push the lead, 40-31. Purdue (7-15, 4-14 B1G) didn’t go away, however, as IU’s lead came within two with 4:58 to play in the third. Berger found Holmes for two of her 11 points in the frame and a triple from senior guard Keyanna Warthen extended the lead back to seven.

A couple of possessions by the Boilermakers would cut the lead to two, forcing an Indiana timeout. The Hoosiers would go into the fourth leading, 53-51.

That’s when Indiana turned on the jets, dominating the fourth quarter, 21-8. A missed possession by Purdue would lead to another 3-point play by sophomore forward Mackenzie Holmes to extend the lead, 56-51.

A missed possession by Purdue would lead to another Holmes lay-in to begin a 14-2 run for Indiana. With 4:14 left to play, the Hoosiers would go on another 7-0 run and lead by as many as 17. 


Indiana won their 16th Big Ten game to set a program record for most conference victories, besting the 1982-83 team with 15 victories.

The Hoosiers win its fifth-straight Barn Burner trophy game to extend its longest win streak in the series and win its fourth-straight in the series against the Boilermakers, including eight of the last nine.

IU extends its season win streak to nine games, the longest of the season.

The Hoosiers had four players score in double figures for the game bind Holmes’ 26 points, nine rebounds, career-high four assists, three blocks and two steals. It is her 11th career game scoring 20 or more points and ninth of the season. She has scored 20 or more in back-to-back games. Holmes scored 22 of her 26 points in the second half.

The Hoosiers used an 10-0 run to go up 66-53 at the 4:58 mark of the fourth quarter.

Indiana outscored Purdue 21-8 in the fourth quarter.

The Hoosiers tallied 21 assists on 30 made field goals.

Indiana scored 44 of their 74 points in the paint.


Indiana head coach Teri Moren

“Well, I thought it was an interesting game. I am happy that we are on the winning side especially for those two young ladies, Ali Patberg and Keyanna Warthen, being that it is senior day. I thought Purdue came in here, after a week to prepare, with an interesting game plan at least what it looked like. I am not in their team or staff meetings, but it seemed to me that they came into Bloomington to try and slow the ball game down today. They were different in the sense as they were not as set oriented as we have seen them be in the past, and what we have prepped for. Again, they kind of went to a high flat ball screen or a wing ball screen. They ran a little isolation for (Fatou) Diagne a couple of times. Other than that, I think their game plan was to come in and try and slow the game down as much as they could. So, it was one of those games where we did some things particularly in the first half and some in the second half. We took some probably alibi shots and got the ball too deep into the low block area. Either they blocked it, or we didn’t get anything good. I thought we had an opportunity to get a lot of short jumpers in the sweet spot of the zone, but for whatever reason we didn’t take advantage of that today. On a day that seemed like our offense wasn’t humming along the way we have seen it, we still had 21 assists on 30 made. We stayed under our less than 12 turnovers. We didn’t shoot it very well from the free-throw line so that was frustrating, but almost shot it 60 percent. It seemed like offensively this was not our finest 40 minutes. But none the less, that fourth quarter in particular, we had figured some things out that in order to win the game, we were going to have to do it with our defense. We got a couple of runouts and built the lead there. I am happy for our team. I’m happy for Key and Ali that we can have and celebrate senior night, and that they can always look back on this and know that they won this game. It was a grind it out sort of day for us but give Purdue credit for coming in and changing the way that they play to see if something would stick against us. I thought it did stifle us, but I still thought that we responded when we had to.”


Indiana will travel to Indianapolis for the Big Ten women’s basketball tournament starting on Thursday. An official bracket will be set following the conclusion of tonight’s games at approximately 10 p.m. ET.

INDIANA BASEBALL: Hoosiers Stop Rutgers, 4-2


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The Indiana University baseball team defeated the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, 4-2, on Saturday night at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minn. With the victory, the Hoosiers improve to 2-1 on the season, while Rutgers falls to 2-1.


• RHP McCade Brown (1-0) was electric on Saturday night for the Hoosiers, earning the win with seven strong innings of work. Brown struck out 12 batters and allowed just one earned run on three hits.

• Brown’s outing is even more impressive considering Rutgers beat Minnesota, 16-1, earlier on Saturday.

• After OF Hunter Jessee gave the Hoosiers an early, 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first inning with a bases-loaded walk, OF Grant Richardson doubled the IU advantage with a monstrous, solo home run over the center field fence to lead off the bottom of the third.

• INF Grant Macciocchi scored on a wild pitch in the bottom of the fourth to push the IU lead to 3-0.

• In his first collegiate game, OF Morgan Colopy made it memorable with a solo home run to left field in the bottom of the sixth inning.

• RHP Matt Litwicki got the final four outs for the Hoosiers to earn his first save of the season, striking out two in 1.1 perfect innings of work.


• Brown’s 12 strikeouts and seven innings pitched were both career-bests.

• His 12 strikeouts were the most for an IU hurler since Andrew Saalfrank struck out 14 against Evansville on Apr. 13, 2019.

• Ashley extended his on-base streak to 28-games dating back to the 2019 season.

• Litwicki’s save is the second of his career.

• Colopy earned his first career start for the Hoosiers.


• The Indiana Hoosiers will face Minnesota at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday, Mar. 7, with first pitch scheduled for 7:00 p.m. ET.

INDIANA SWIMMING: Indiana Men’s Swimming and Diving Finishes Second at Big Tens


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The No. 8-ranked men’s Indiana swimming and diving team could not hold off the No. 11-ranked Michigan Wolverines on the final night and finished runner-up at the 2021 Big Ten Championships at the McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion.

Despite several strong performances in both the pool and the diving well, Indiana was not able to overcome enough hurdles to tackle Michigan. The Hoosiers finished second in the team standings with a score of 1,357 points. Michigan won the team title with a final tally of 1,401 points. IU has finished top three in the team standings in 11-straight seasons. 


Freshman Tomer Frankel outpaced his seed to finish tied for fourth in the Championship Final of the 100 Freestyle with a time of 42.50. Junior Jack Franzman finished seventh in the heat with a mark of 42.60.

Senior Griffin Eiber tied for 23rd out of the C Final in the event with a time of 44.00.


Redshirt sophomore Michael Brinegar led the mile from the first lap through the 66th lap, finishing with a golden time of 14:38.26. Junior Mikey Calvillo finished sixth in the event with a mark of 15:01.89.


Sophomore Brendan Burns continued his golden week with a victory in the 200 Backstroke with a career-best time of 1:39.37. His time was the fastest Big Ten-winning mark since former Hoosier Eric Ress won with a Big Ten record time of 1:38.89 in 2014.

Senior Jacob Steele nabbed bronze with a mark of 1:41.53 and senior Gabriel Fantoni claimed the sixth spot with a time of 1:42.42.

Senior Spencer Lehman won the C Final to place 17th overall with a final time of 1:43.71.


Junior Zane Backes set the tempo early in the race but could not withstand the late charge from the middle lanes. He finished in the bronze position with a time of 1:53.18, a career-best mark in the event.

Freshman Maxwell Reich finished 14th with a time of 1:56.22 out of the Consolation Final, while senior Gary Kostbade placed 16th at 1:57.81. 

Two more seniors scored for the Hoosiers in the event with Thomas Vanderbrook (1:58.35) taking 21st and Brock Brown (1:58.96) claiming 22nd.


The Hoosier relay team of Frankel, junior Van Mathias, Burns, and Franzman claimed the program’s sixth-straight title in the event, winning with a time of 2:49.20.


1. Michigan – 1,401 pts.

2. INDIANA – 1,357 pts.

3. Ohio State – 1,322 pts.

4. Purdue – 732 pts.

5. Wisconsin – 729 pts.

6. Northwestern – 722 pts.

7. Penn State – 619.5 pts.

8. Iowa – 566.5 pts.

9. Minnesota – 564 pts.

10. Michigan State – 196 pts.


• Burns secured his second individual gold medal of the week in the 200 Backstroke with a blistering time of 1:39.37. The mark is the fourth-fastest time ever produced by an IU swimmer, makes him the second-fastest performer in program history in the event, and lands him with the second-quickest time in the NCAA this season.

• The sophomore from Berwyn, Pa., was named the 2021 Big Ten Swimmer of the Championships after winning four gold medals in the 200 Butterfly, 200 Backstroke, 400 Freestyle Relay, and 400 Medley Relay. He also earned silver in the 100 Butterfly and bronze in both the 200 Medley Relay and 800 Freestyle Relay.

• He is the fifth-straight Hoosier to win Swimmer of the Championships, joining Vini Lanza (2017-19) and Bruno Blaskovic (2020). The five-year stretch marks the longest winning streak by any conference school since the inception of the award in 1991.

• Redshirt junior Andrew Capobianco was named co-Big Ten Diver of the Championships after winning the 1-meter event and placing fourth on the 3-meter springboard. He is the 16th diver in program history to earn Diver of the Championship accolades and first since James Connor is 2019. Capobianco was named Big Ten Diver of the Year following the 2018-19 season.

• Brinegar led wire-to-wire in the 1,650 Freestyle, giving IU its first Big Ten crown in the event since James Sweeney won in 1991. The win snaps a five-year run of wins by the Michigan Wolverines in the event.

• His time of 14:38.26 ranks as the third-fastest time ever swam by a Hoosier and is fifth nationally tihs season. He owns the four fastest marks in program history in the event.

• For the 14th time in program history, the men’s 400 Freestyle Relay earned gold. The squad has won the event six-straight seasons, matching the stretch from 1971-77. The team’s time of 2:49.20 ranks sixth nationally this season.

• Backes moved into the fifth spot on the all-time performer list in the history of the 200 Breaststroke at Indiana.

• Frankel moved into eighth place on the all-timer performer list at Indiana in the 100 Freestyle after throwing down a career-best mark of 42.50 in the Championship Final.



Brendan Burns


Andrew Capobianco


Zane Backes

Michael Brinegar

Brendan Burns

Andrew Capobianco

Gabriel Fantoni

Tomer Frankel

Jack Franzman

Brandon Hamblin

Van Mathias


Corey Gambardella

Mory Gould


Gary Kostbade



t-4. Tomer Frankel – 42.50 (NCAA B Cut, Career Best)

7. Jack Franzman – 42.60 (NCAA B Cut)

t-23. Griffin Eiber – 44.00


1. Michael Brinegar – 14:38.26 (NCAA B Cut)

6. Mikey Calvillo – 15:01.89 (NCAA B Cut)

24. Ben McDade – 15:29.78


1. Brendan Burns – 1:39.37 (NCAA B Cut, Career Best)

3. Jacob Steele – 1:41.53 (NCAA B Cut)

6. Gabriel Fantoni – 1:42.42 (NCAA B Cut)

17. Spencer Lehman – 1:43.71 (NCAA B Cut, Career Best)


3. Zane Backes – 1:53.18 (NCAA B Cut, Career Best)

14. Maxwell Reich – 1:56.22 (NCAA B Cut)

16. Gary Kostbade – 1:57.81 (NCAA B Cut)

21. Thomas Vanderbrook – 1:58.35 (NCAA B Cut)

22. Brock Brown – 1:58.96


1. Tomer Frankel, Van Mathias, Brendan Burns, Jack Franzman – 2:49.20 (NCAA A Cut)


A select group from the men’s swimming and diving programs will move onto the NCAA Championships. The NCAA Zone C Diving Championships will begin tomorrow in Lexington, Ky., while the NCAA Championships will begin in Greensboro, N.C. on March 24.

INDIANA VOLLEYBALL: Indiana Drops Series Finale to Maryland


BLOOMINGTON, Ind.- After picking up a home win last night, the Indiana volleyball team fell to Maryland 3-1 (23-25, 25-23, 17-25, 21-25) on Saturday at Wilkinson Hall.

Key Moments

Brooke Westbeld and Breana Edwards recorded back-to-back kills to give the Hoosiers an early 5-2 lead in the first set.

Breana Edwards added another kill to her tally to stop a 5-0 Maryland run and bring IU within five points.

During the first set, IU used two kills from Tommi Stockham to go on a 8-3 run to tie the score at 18.

Tommi Stockham and Savannah Kjolhede recorded two straight kills to help give IU a three point advantage late in the second set.

Breana Edwards threw down another kill to give IU the 25-23 victory in the second set.

Morgan Geddes put down a kill in the middle of the fourth set to give IU a 10-9 lead.

Despite a late kill from Breana Edwards off a Brooke Westbeld assist, Maryland took the fourth set and the match.


Tommi Stockham recorded 10 digs and 10 kills, her fifth double-double of the season.

Haley Armstrong was in double digits with 14 digs, her ninth double-digit performance of the season.

Brooke Westbeld pitched in a solid performance with 34 assists, her career high in an IU jersey.

Morgan Geddes had nine kills and 12 digs, both career highs.

Indiana Head Coach Steve Aird Opening Statement

“Pretty self-explanatory tonight. I thought Maryland played well. They blocked the ball great. Our outside hitters hit zero, negative and .071. I thought Brooke struggled. I didn’t think we passed the ball great. Sometimes you just have a tough night. Congrats to Maryland.”

Up Next

IU heads to Ann Arbor to take on Michigan in a two-match weekend next Friday and Saturday. Friday’s match starts at 6:00 p.m. EST.

PURDUE MBB: No. 23 Purdue Clinches Double Bye in Big Ten Tournament With 67-58 Win Over Hoosiers


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Zach Edey got a crash course in the Indiana-Purdue rivalry when he was held scoreless in January.

The 7-foot-4 freshman from Toronto didn’t make the same mistake Saturday.

Less than two months after going 0 for 4 against the Hoosiers, Edey scored 20 points, grabbed nine rebounds and led No. 23 Purdue to a milestone 67-58 victory over the Hoosiers.

Purdue has won nine straight in the series, matching the second-longest streak in school history. The Boilermakers also won nine straight from 1929-35 when future coach John Wooden was playing, plus they won 12 straight from 1908-14.

“It’s big for the fan base, it’s big for the state, it’s big for us, for sure,” Edey said. “I struggled in the first game and I knew I had to come into this game and make a statement.”

Did he ever.

Just four days after the former baseball pitcher scored a career-high 21 points, he went 8 of 10 from the field and scored 12 of Purdue’s last 20 points.

The Boilermakers (18-8, 13-6 Big Ten) now head into next week’s conference tournament with five straight wins, a top-four seed and a double-bye.

Aljami Durham had 14 points and Trayce Jackson-Davis finished with 12 points and five rebounds to lead the Hoosiers (12-14, 7-12), who have lost five in a row. They finished conference play with a fifth consecutive season with a non-winning reecord — the first time that has happened since 1911-19.

“It’s been a rough five games. We’ve just got to recharge our batteries,” Jackson-Davis said. “We’ve just got to put the past behind us and just keep pushing forward.”

This one looked awfully familiar, too, as the Hoosiers went 5 of 23 on 3-pointers and had several long scoreless stretches.

Yet Indiana still managed to hang around.

It quickly cut a 29-20 deficit to 35-31 early in the second half before the Boilermakers answered with eight straight points. When the Hoosiers charged back, getting within 47-42 with 6:29 to go, Purdue countered with an 8-3 burst to make it 45-35.

Indiana was still down six with less than a minute to go, but the Boilermakers closed it out at the free-throw line and with a big helping hand from Edey.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “When I first came here nobody thought I was going to play. They thought I was going to redshirt. It really shows how much work coach (Matt) Painter and everyone has put in.”


Indiana: Just a couple of weeks ago, the bracketologists had the Hoosiers pegged for an NCAA Tournament bid. Their late-season swoon certainly put those hopes in jeopardy, and now they may need to win their first Big Ten Tournament title to make it.

Purdue: The Boilermakers head into next week’s league tourney as perhaps the league’s hottest team and a real threat to win the title in Indianapolis. Not only are they playing well, they are 14-1 in Indiana — and won’t leave the state again this season.


Indiana: Rob Phinisee had 10 points, six rebounds and four assists in his hometown. … Jerome Hunter also had 12 points. … The Hoosiers shot 38.5% from the field, were outrebounded 37-24 and had 12 turnovers. … Fourth-year coach Archie Miller still has not beaten Purdue. … Starting guard Armaan Franklin missed his fourth straight game (right foot).

Purdue: Jaden Ivey had 17 points. … Trevion Williams finished with six points and seven rebounds while Aaron Wheeler added eight points and seven rebounds. … Sasha Stefanovic made two 3s and had eight points. … The Boilermakers won despite going 6 of 21 on 3s and having 15 turnovers. … Purdue has held 15 consecutive opponents to 72 points or fewer.


While only a few dozen were inside Mackey Arena and its cardboard cutouts, hundreds enjoyed the rivalry from across the street at Ross-Ade Stadium. They took advantage of the unseasonably warm, sunny day by sitting on blankets inside and watching the game on the football stadium’s video board.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Zach Edey got a crash course in the Indiana-Purdue rivalry when he was held scoreless in January.

The 7-foot-4 freshman from Toronto didn’t make the same mistake Saturday.

Less than two months after going 0 for 4 against the Hoosiers, Edey scored 20 points, grabbed nine rebounds and led No. 23 Purdue to a milestone 67-58 victory over the Hoosiers.

Purdue has won nine straight in the series, matching the second-longest streak in school history. The Boilermakers also won nine straight from 1929-35 when future coach John Wooden was playing, plus they won 12 straight from 1908-14.

“It’s big for the fan base, it’s big for the state, it’s big for us, for sure,” Edey said. “I struggled in the first game and I knew I had to come into this game and make a statement.”

Did he ever.

Just four days after the former baseball pitcher scored a career-high 21 points, he went 8 of 10 from the field and scored 12 of Purdue’s last 20 points.

The Boilermakers (18-8, 13-6 Big Ten) now head into next week’s conference tournament with five straight wins, a top-four seed and a double-bye.

Aljami Durham had 14 points and Trayce Jackson-Davis finished with 12 points and five rebounds to lead the Hoosiers (12-14, 7-12), who have lost five in a row. They finished conference play with a fifth consecutive season with a non-winning reecord — the first time that has happened since 1911-19.

“It’s been a rough five games. We’ve just got to recharge our batteries,” Jackson-Davis said. “We’ve just got to put the past behind us and just keep pushing forward.”

This one looked awfully familiar, too, as the Hoosiers went 5 of 23 on 3-pointers and had several long scoreless stretches.

Yet Indiana still managed to hang around.

It quickly cut a 29-20 deficit to 35-31 early in the second half before the Boilermakers answered with eight straight points. When the Hoosiers charged back, getting within 47-42 with 6:29 to go, Purdue countered with an 8-3 burst to make it 45-35.

Indiana was still down six with less than a minute to go, but the Boilermakers closed it out at the free-throw line and with a big helping hand from Edey.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “When I first came here nobody thought I was going to play. They thought I was going to redshirt. It really shows how much work coach (Matt) Painter and everyone has put in.”


Indiana: Just a couple of weeks ago, the bracketologists had the Hoosiers pegged for an NCAA Tournament bid. Their late-season swoon certainly put those hopes in jeopardy, and now they may need to win their first Big Ten Tournament title to make it.

Purdue: The Boilermakers head into next week’s league tourney as perhaps the league’s hottest team and a real threat to win the title in Indianapolis. Not only are they playing well, they are 14-1 in Indiana — and won’t leave the state again this season.


Indiana: Rob Phinisee had 10 points, six rebounds and four assists in his hometown. … Jerome Hunter also had 12 points. … The Hoosiers shot 38.5% from the field, were outrebounded 37-24 and had 12 turnovers. … Fourth-year coach Archie Miller still has not beaten Purdue. … Starting guard Armaan Franklin missed his fourth straight game (right foot).

Purdue: Jaden Ivey had 17 points. … Trevion Williams finished with six points and seven rebounds while Aaron Wheeler added eight points and seven rebounds. … Sasha Stefanovic made two 3s and had eight points. … The Boilermakers won despite going 6 of 21 on 3s and having 15 turnovers. … Purdue has held 15 consecutive opponents to 72 points or fewer.


While only a few dozen were inside Mackey Arena and its cardboard cutouts, hundreds enjoyed the rivalry from across the street at Ross-Ade Stadium. They took advantage of the unseasonably warm, sunny day by sitting on blankets inside and watching the game on the football stadium’s video board.

PURDUE SWIMMING: Acin Wins Silver, Purdue Places 4th at Big Tens


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Purdue men’s swimming established two more records on the final night of a successful week at the Big Ten Championships, with Nikola Aćin also winning his second silver medal while being part of both benchmarks.

By finishing in fourth place with a record-setting time (2:50.32, an A Cut) in the final event of the meet, the 400 freestyle relay, the Boilermakers were able to leapfrog Wisconsin in the team scoring for a fourth-place overall finish. That matches the best showing in program history. Purdue has now placed fourth in three of the last four years and six times since 2009 (also in 2010, 2015, 2018, 2019). Prior to 2009, the Boilermakers had only finished fourth once before (1988) in the modern era of the Big Ten Championships.


1.) #11 Michigan 1401

2.) #8 Indiana 1357

3.) #21 Ohio State 1322

4.) Purdue 732

5.) #19 Wisconsin 729

6.) #20 Northwestern 722

7.) Penn State 619.5

8.) Iowa 566.5

9.) Minnesota 564

10.) Michigan State 196

Aćin eclipsed Danny Tucker’s program record in the 100 freestyle that had stood since 2013. Aćin broke the record in the prelims while posting the top qualifying time (42.27). He nearly matched that time in the final and was out touched by .08 hundredths of a second by Ohio State’s Semued Andreis for the Big Ten title. Andreis also won the 50 free Wednesday.

Aćin teamed with Nick Sherman, Trent Pellini and Ryan Lawrence on the 400 free relay. They smashed the program record from two years ago by 1.87 seconds. Sherman’s leadoff leg of 42.88 moved the junior into third place in program history, his mark being just .04 hundredths of a second shy of Tucker’s previous benchmark (42.84).

With their scoring finishes Saturday, Brett Riley, Aćin and Sherman joined Pellini as Boilermakers to score in all three of their individual events this week. Divers Brandon Loschiavo and Ben Bramley also accomplished the feat last week as Purdue hosted the diving portion of the split championships.

After also contributing to Purdue’s silver medal in the 200 free relay Friday, Aćin became the first Boilermaker to medal in an individual event and a relay in the same year since Andrew Langenfeld and John Schmitt in 2009. Langenfeld continues to hold the program record in the 50 free. Sherman broke Schmitt’s 200 free benchmark Tuesday, which had stood since 2009. Meanwhile, Aćin also won Purdue’s first medal in an individual swimming event since Marat Amaltdinov repeated as the Big Ten champion in the 200 breaststroke in 2017. It was the program’s first individual freestyle medal since Adam Johnston won bronze in the 50 in 2016.

Purdue racked up 56.5 points in the 100 free. All four Boilermakers that scored – Aćin, Sherman, Lawrence (43.62) and Ryan Hrosik (43.78) – posted a career-best time.

Freshmen Coleman Modglin and Aaron Frollo also moved up Purdue’s all-time lists with career bests Saturday. Modglin scored in the C final of the 200 breast and moved into seventh place with a time of 1:56.88. Frollo was 25th in the mile and took over 15th place (15:33.01) on Purdue’s all-time list.

Aćin was one of four swimmers in the entire event to post a sub-42 second split in the 400 free relay.

Five Boilermakers earned All-Big Ten honors based on their first- and second-place finishes. Loschiavo was first-team All-Big Ten. Acin, Hrosik, Lawrence and Sherman were all recognized as second-team honorees.

Aćin, Pellini and Sherman are all leading candidates to qualify for the NCAA Championships individually. The Boilermakers had an A Cut in the 200 medley relay last season, but the national rankings in the event did not break in their favor. With four different A Cuts in the relays and multiple strong individual candidates, Purdue should be in much better shape to send a larger group of student-athletes to the national championship meet this year. The divers begin competing at the Zone Championships, their NCAAs qualifier, Sunday morning in Lexington.

A full scoring breakdown and record recap for Big Tens will be posted here at on Monday or Tuesday.

PURDUE WRESTLING: Schroder Reaches Finals, Boilers Fifth at B1G Championships


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Senior Devin Schroder advanced to the Big Ten Championship match at 125 pounds for the second straight season Saturday, scoring a 10-0 major decision in the semifinals to reach the finals. The Purdue wrestling team sits in fifth place with 67 team points after two sessions with six individuals earning automatic bids to the NCAA Championships.

Schroder is the first Boilermaker to reach consecutive conference finals since Ryan Lange advanced to the championship match at 174 pounds in 2003 and 2004. He left no doubt against the No. 3 seed at 125, Malik Heinselman of Ohio State, taking him down in the second period and turning him for four back points. He added an escape, another takedown and a riding time point to finish things up with the bonus-point win and eight team points. Schroder will face top-seeded and top-ranked Spencer Lee of Iowa in a rematch of the 2020 Big Ten finals.

Sophomore Kendall Coleman was unsuccessful in his bid for a second Big Ten final appearance, falling 14-1 to top-seeded and top-ranked Ryan Deakin of Northwestern. He’ll face seventh-seeded Chase Saldate of Michigan State tomorrow in the consolation semifinals.

Freshman Jacob Rundell wasn’t satisfied with qualifying for NCAA’s, accepting a forfeit from Ohio State’s Jordan Decatur and following it up with a 6-1 decision over Michigan State’s Jordan Hamden to advance to the consolation semifinals. He got up early on the Spartan freshman and held his lead the whole way in the win.

Junior Parker Filius followed suit at 141 pounds, securing his bid to nationals with wins over Maryland’s Danny Bertoni and fifth-seeded Dylan Duncan of Illinois. Filius snared two first-period takedowns on his way to a 6-2 decision over Bertoni and revved it up against Duncan with five takedowns in an 11-7 win. He moves on to face No. 3 seed Sebastian Rivera of Rutgers in the consolation semifinals.

Another true freshman locked up a spot in the national field for the Boilermakers Saturday as Gerrit Nijenhuis posted a pair of wins to advance to the consolation semifinals. He opened the session with a 6-3 decision over Indiana’s Nick South, scoring a takedown in the first and a reversal in the third in the win, and backed it up with a fall over Penn State’s sixth-seeded Joe Lee. Lee got the early takedown, but Nijenhuis countered in the second, locking up a cradle and scoring his team-best third fall of the year. He’ll meet seventh-seeded Peyton Robb of Nebraska in Session III on Sunday.

Seniors Max Lyon and Griffin Parriott and sophomore Thomas Penola all secured spots on the podium Sunday and will wrestle for seventh tomorrow. Lyon grabbed an automatic bid to NCAA’s with a 7-5 overtime win over Illinois’ Zach Braunagel, but fell is his second match of the session to Michigan State’s Layne Malczewski. After trailing 7-2 early, Lyon came all the way back to tie the score at 8-8 in the final minute. Lyon nearly secured a takedown at the buzzer, but ran out of time and the riding-time point gave the Spartan the win.

Parriott topped Wisconsin’s Drew Scharenbrock 7-5 to lock up a placing spot for the second straight year, but lost a heartbreaker in overtime to Rutgers’ Michael Van Brill, 7-2 in the tiebreakers. He’ll battle fourth-seeded Yahya Thomas of Northwestern on Sunday with an automatic bid to NCAA’s on the line. Penola missed out on an automatic qualifier as only six were awarded to the Big Ten at 197 pounds, defeating Maryland’s Jaron Smith 7-2, but being edged out by Penn State’s Michael Beard 6-5. Penola will wrestle Billy Janzer of Rutgers in the seventh-place match.

Freshman Emil Soehnlen fell in his first bout of the second session, suffering a 4-0 defeat at the hands of No. 6 seed Kaleb Romero of Ohio State. He continued to compete in a ninth-place bracket, looking to earn qualifying criteria for an at-large bid at 174 pounds, facing Northwestern’s Troy Fisher for the second time of the tournament. He topped Fisher again, scoring a 3-2 decision and advances to face Jackson Turley of Rutgers.

Tomorrow’s first session begins at noon, consisting of the consolation semifinals, the seventh-place bouts and the remainder of the ninth-place brackets. The finals will start at 4 p.m. and all the action will air live on the Big Ten Network.

2021 Big Ten Championships

Bryce Jordan Center – Penn State University

Team Standings

1: Iowa – 126.6

2: Penn State – 111.5

3: Nebraska – 88.0

4: Michigan – 76.0

5: Purdue – 67.0

6: Northwestern – 63.5

7: Ohio State – 63.0

8: Minnesota – 62.5

9: Michigan State – 61.0

10: Rutgers – 35.0

11: Illinois – 25.5

12: Wisconsin – 23.5

13: Indiana – 22.0

14: Maryland – 2.0

125 – #7 Devin Schroder (R-Senior)

First Round: #10 Justin Cardani (Illinois) – W, D 2-0

Quarterfinals: #2 Liam Cronin (Nebraska) – W, SV 3-1

Semifinals: #3 Malik Heinselman (Ohio State) – W, MD 10-0

Finals: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa)

133: #8 Jacob Rundell (Freshman)

First Round: #9 Kyle Burwick (Wisconsin) – W, 3-2

Quarterfinals: #1 Roman Bravo-Young (Penn State) – L, D 9-3

Conso. Second Round: #7 Jordan Decatur (Ohio State) – W, Forfeit

Conso. Quarterfinals: #11 Jordan Hamden (Michigan State) – W, D 6-2

Conso. Semifinals: #3 Lucas Byrd (Illinois)

141: #9 Parker Filius (R-Junior)

First Round: #8 Drew Mattin (Michigan) – W, D 4-3

Quarterfinals: #1 Jaydin Eierman (Iowa) – L, Fall 3:58

Conso. Second Round: #10 Danny Bertoni (Maryland) – W, D 6-2

Conso. Quarterfinals: #5 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) – W, D 11-7

Conso. Semifinals: #3 Sebastian Rivera (Rutgers)

149: #3 Griffin Parriott (R-Senior)

First Round: #14 Michael North (Maryland) – W, D 4-0

Quarterfinals: #6 Michael Blockhaus (Minnesota) – L, D 4-1

Conso. Second Round: #12 Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin) – W, D 7-5

Conso. Quarterfinals: #8 Mike Van Brill (Rutgers) – L, TB1 7-2

Seventh-Place Match: #4 Yahya Thomas (Northwestern)

157: #4 Kendall Coleman (R-Sophomore)

First Round: #13 Luke Baughman (Indiana) – W, MD 12-3

Quarterfinals: #5 Brady Berge (Penn State) – W, D 3-2

Semifinals: #1 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) – L, MD 14-1

Conso. Semifinals: #7 Chase Saldate (Michigan State)

165: #9 Gerrit Nijenhuis (Freshman)

First Round: #8 Jake Tucker (Michigan State) – W, D 3-2

Quarterfinals: #1 Alex Marinelli (Iowa) – L, D 8-2

Conso. Second Round: #10 Nick South (Indiana) – W, D 6-3

Conso. Quarterfinals: #6 Joe Lee (Penn State) – W, Fall 4:29

Conso. Semifinals: #7 Peyton Robb (Nebraska)

174: #12 Emil Soehnlen (R-Freshman)

First Round: #5 Donnell Washington (Indiana) – L, Fall 1:53

Conso. First Round: #13 Troy Fisher (Northwestern) – W, D 4-3

Conso. Second Round: #6 Kaleb Romero (Ohio State) – L, D 4-0

9th-Place Bracket First Round: #13 Troy Fisher (Northwestern) – W, D 3-2*

9th-Place Bracket Semifinals: #7 Jackson Turley (Rutgers)*

184: #7 Max Lyon (Senior)

First Round: #10 Rocky Jordan (Ohio State) – W, D 3-2

Quarterfinals: #2 Chris Weiler (Wisconsin) – L, D 9-4

Conso. Second Round: #8 Zach Braunagel (Illinois) – W, SV 7-5

Conso. Quarterfinals: #3 Layne Malczewski (Michigan State) – L, D 9-8

Seventh-Place Match: #4 Owen Webster (Minnesota)

197: #6 Thomas Penola (R-Sophomore)

First Round: #11 Garrett Joles (Minnesota) – W, D 8-3

Quarterfinals: #3 Jacob Warner (Iowa) – L, D 4-0

Conso. Second Round: #12 Jaron Smith (Maryland) – W, D 7-3

Conso. Quarterfinals: #7 Michael Beard (Penn State) – L, D 6-5

Seventh-Place Match: #10 Billy Janzer (Rutgers)

285: #12 Dorian Keys (Freshman)

First Round: #5 Christian Lance (Nebraska) – L, 4-0

Conso. First Round: #13 Rudy Streck (Indiana) – L, Fall 4:11

Numbers represent Big Ten Tournament seedings

* – Matches for ninth place do not count towards team scoring

PURDUE VOLLEYBALL: No. 11 Purdue Splits Weekend at No. 10 Penn State


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – The No. 11 Purdue Boilermakers (9-5) fell to No. 10 Penn State (5-5) in four sets (19-25, 25-16, 21-25, 23-25) in Rec Hall.

The Boilermakers out-blocked the Nittany Lions, 14-10 and were led by Caitlyn Newton with 16 kills on the day. Additionally, Jena Otec registered a team-leading 16 digs.

The day was highlighted by sophomore Marissa Hornung recording her 1,000th career dig, becoming the 21st Boilermaker in program history to accomplish the feat.

Set 1 | Score: 19-25

After trading points, Penn State began to pull away with a 5-1 run to spread the score to 11-15 and Purdue trailed for the remainder of the set.

Set 2 | Score: 25-16

Purdue recorded a day’s best .438 hitting %, avoiding every block attempted by Penn State in the set. The Boilermakers opened with a 12-5 lead over the Nittany Lions, however the host clawed its way back within three points when the score was 15-12 in favor of Purdue. Purdue closed out the set with five consecutive points to win the set.

Set 3 | Score: 21-25

The Boilermakers went on a four-point unanswered run to take the lead, 12-10, however Penn State fought their way back into the fray and exchanged points until a 7-1 run by Penn State challenged Purdue with a 23-19 score that the Boilermakers could not climb out of.

Set 4 | Score: 23-25

The Boilermakers owned a 23-20 advantage as the set neared its close, but Penn State silenced the Purdue offense with a six-point unanswered run to close the match.

PURDUE BASEBALL: Big Innings Burn the Boilermakers in Day 2 Doubleheader


ROUND ROCK, Texas – On a quiet day offensively, Purdue baseball was unable to overcome a pair of big innings after Nebraska scored at least five times early in both games of a neutral-site doubleheader on day 2 of the Big Ten season.

The Huskers (2-1) were victorious 7-2 and 10-0. They scored six times in the third inning of game 1 and five times in the second inning of the nightcap. Both games went final after seven innings. Game 1 was a scheduled seven-inning affair and the Big Ten is utilizing a 10-run rule after seven innings in the nightcap of doubleheaders this year.

Triples from Ben Nisle and Mike Bolton Jr. led to Purdue’s only runs of the day, both coming in the sixth inning of game 1. Nisle tripled to right field for the second game in a row and scored on a sacrifice fly from Miles Simington. Bolton followed with a sinking line drive to left field. He also made third when Cam Chick came up empty on his diving attempt. Zac Fascia plated Bolton with an RBI ground out.

Purdue (1-2) recorded multiple triples in a game for the first time since an April 2019 rubber game win vs. Southeast Missouri State at Alexander Field.

The Boilermakers gave Nebraska five outs in the third inning of game 1. With the game still scoreless, Purdue had an opportunity to cut down the lead runner at third base for the second out of the frame. But the ball was dropped as Jaxson Hallmark slid into third after taking off on a ground ball to shortstop. After a hit by pitch loaded the bases, Max Anderson cashed in for Nebraska with a two-run single. A dropped fly ball in right field extended the inning again and Joe Acker followed with another two-run single, chasing Purdue starter Calvin Schapira.

Brice Matthews delivered the big hit of the big inning in the nightcap, a two-out, three-run double down the left field line. Matthews came through in the clutch after Nick Alvarado had struck out Hallmark, who registered four hits in game 1, for the second out of the frame.

Purdue pitchers issued 14 walks over the first six innings of the nightcap after walking just five Huskers over the first 16 innings of the series.

Nebraska’s starting pitchers, Chance Hroch and Shay Schanaman, combined for 12 innings of two-run ball. Both right-handers began their outing with at least five consecutive zeros.

Eric Hildebrand enjoyed the most effective outing of the six Boilermakers to take the mound Saturday. He retired six of seven batters faced over two innings of one-hit relief in game 1, striking out three.

Nisle threw out a runner at third base from left field in the seventh inning of game 1 and made a diving catch on a sinking line drive in the final frame of the nightcap.

Purdue dropped both ends of a doubleheader for the first time since March 1, 2019, at Oral Roberts.

Sunday’s series finale is slated for an 11 a.m. ET first pitch.

PURDUE WBB: Purdue Drops Regular Season Finale at No. 10 Indiana


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – A late fourth quarter surge proved too much for the Purdue women’s basketball team to overcome in its upset bid of No. 10 Indiana on Saturday afternoon at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. The Boilermakers kept the gap with one of the nation’s best offenses to single digits for 34 minutes, before an 11-point run in the final period led to a 74-59 loss in the regular season finale.

Kayana Traylor and Brooke Moore kept their usual production going with 30 combined points. Traylor finished with 17 points, three assists, three rebounds and three steals in 38 minutes of action, while Moore chipped in 13 points on 6-of-17 shooting.

Fatou Diagne struck for her sixth double-double of the year with 10 points and 10 rebounds, along with a career-high three blocks.

The Boilermakers (7-15, 4-14) shot 39.7% from the field with just a pair of makes from outside. Purdue tallied 36 points in the paint and turned 10 offensive rebounds into 10 points.

On the defensive end, the Boilermakers held guard duo Ali Patberg and Grace Berger to 18 combined points, as the Hoosiers (18-4, 16-2) were led by Mackenzie Holmes 26 points and a 49.2% field goal clip on the afternoon.

The Boilermakers spread the wealth in the first half with seven different players finding the scoresheet in the opening 20 minutes. Neither side could gain much of a foothold in the first half with 10 lead changes.

The Boilermakers worked the ball inside in the first quarter, picking up 16 of their 17 points in the paint. Moore struck for Purdue’s first four points, while Fatou Diagne knocked down a pair of field goals.

In the second, Purdue’s shooting cooled from 53.3% to 27.8%, but the defense kept Indiana from stringing together a lengthy run until an 8-2 run in the final three minutes of the half gave the Hoosiers a five-point lead at the break.

Indiana built its advantage to nine points early in the third, before Purdue chipped it down to two with 10 minutes to play Traylor tallied eight points to propel the Boilermakers to a 52.9% clip in the frame.

Purdue’s hot touch cooled in the final period, going 3-for-13 from the field. Traylor’s 2-for-2 trip to the line with 8:09 to play were the only points the Boilermakers scored until the four-minute mark. During the stretch, Indiana 53.8% field goal mark to open the gap to as many as 17 points.


• Purdue leads the all-time series 55-36 with a 21-18 mark in Bloomington.

• The Hoosiers retained the Barn Burner Trophy for the fifth straight year.

• Traylor touched double figures for 17th time this season, while Moore hit it for the 13th game.

• Diagne matched her previous career high of three rejections set Feb. 7, 2019, at Illinois.

• The Boilermakers lost the rebounding battle 37-36, but tallied 10 offensive boards to Indiana’s nine.

• Madison Layden extended her 3-point streak to 20 games and her steals streak to 22 outings.

• Tamara Farquhar jumped back in double figures for the first time in eight games with 10 points to go along with six rebounds.

• Traylor’s 19 field goal attempts were the second most of her career, behind 20 at Michigan State this earlier this year.

• Purdue shot a combined 53.1% in the first and third quarters compared to just 25.8% combined between the second and fourth.


The Boilermakers will head to Indianapolis for the 2021 Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. As of now, the Boilermakers are slated to play the 8:50 p.m. game as the No. 11 seed on Wednesday night on FS2. The Big Ten announced last week that limited tickets are on sale now.

BUTLER MBB: #14/12 Creighton Defeats Butler, 93-73


No. 14/12 Creighton defeated Butler, 93-73, Saturday afternoon in Omaha. It marked the regular season finale for both teams.


Marcus Zegarowski scored 32 points, the most by a Butler opponent this season.

The Bluejays used 12-of-25 three-point shooting to take control of the contest. Zegarowski went 5-of-7 from behind the arc. Butler was only able to hit five of their 26 attempts from distance.

Creighton’s 93 points are the most allowed to a Butler opponent this season.

The teams split the 2020-21 series with each winning on its home court. Butler won in overtime, 70-66, Jan. 16 at Hinkle Fieldhouse, overcoming a 13-point second-half deficit.

Freshman Chuck Harris scored a career-high 29, his fifth 20-point game of the season.

Butler’s Bryce Golden scored 19 points on 8-of-11 shooting, matching his career-high.

Creighton shot 52.4 percent from the field.

Creighton scored the final seven points of the first half to take a 46-32 halftime advantage, which was the largest lead of the game at that time. Zegarowski had 18 points in the first half on 6-of-7 shooting. As a team, Creighton shot 53 percent in the first half, including making 6-of-12 from three-point range.

Bryce Nze exited the game with 6:42 to play in the first half due to an ankle injury. Creighton led 32-25 at that point in the contest. Nze had six points and four rebounds in 11 minutes of early action.

Butler’s Bo Hodges was unable to play due to a calf injury that continued to bother him pregame and into the first half. The Bulldogs were already without point guard Aaron Thompson, who will miss the remainder of the season with a shoulder injury.

The Bulldogs have used seven different starting line-ups this season; the line-up used Saturday (Tate-Harris-Bolden-Nze-Golden) has been utilized a team-high eight times this season.


Butler is now 9-14 overall and 8-12 in BIG EAST play

Creighton is now 18-7 overall and 14-6 in BIG EAST play

UP NEXT: The Bulldogs will travel to New York City for the 2021 BIG EAST Tournament at Madison Square Garden. Butler is assured of a Wednesday first round game with the team’s seed, match-up and gametime determined later tonight once all teams have completed BIG EAST regular season play.

BUTLER MBB: No. 10 Seed ButlerMBB Draws Xavier in Opening Round of 2021 BIG EAST Tournament


The Bulldogs will open the 2021 BIG EAST Tournament Wednesday in a first round match-up against Xavier. The 6 p.m. tip will air on FS1. Just as it has every year since 1983, Madison Square Garden in New York City will host the tournament.

Butler will be the No. 10 seed in the tournament, while the Musketeers will be the No. 7 seed. The winner of Wednesday’s game will advance to play No. 2 seed Creighton in the quarterfinals Thursday.

Villanova took the BIG EAST regular season title and the No. 1 seed in the upcoming tournament. The 2021 BIG EAST Tournament features four days of games, beginning with three first round games on Wednesday (featuring seeds No. 6-11) and finishes with the championship game on Saturday night.

Xavier won both match-ups with Butler during the 2020-21 regular season: 68-55 on Jan. 30 at Hinkle Fieldhouse and 63-51 Feb. 21 in Cincinnati.

The Bulldogs enter the BIG EAST Tournament with a 9-14 overall record (8-12 BIG EAST). Xavier is 13-7 (6-7 BIG EAST).

Butler and Xavier have met twice previously in the BIG EAST Tournament. The Musketeers won quarterfinal match-ups in both 2015 and 2017 with Butler as the higher seed both seasons.

BALL STATE BASEBALL: Cape Roommate Of Former Card Nicolas Dooms BSU


LEXINGTON, Ky. – An early two-run homer by Kentucky’s Oraj Anu gave the home team momentum as the Ball State baseball team lost 6-0 on Saturday afternoon. BSU got strong outings from a group of relievers and Ross Messina had two of the team’s four hits, and now each team has won once heading into Sunday’s finale.

“We ran up against a strong pitching performance today,” head coach Rich Maloney said. “We have a great opportunity tomorrow for a series win.”

With two outs in the 1st inning, Anu hit a 1-2 pitch out to center to give Kentucky (7-1) a 2-0 lead against starter Tyler Ruetschle. Anu also walked and scored in the 7th inning and Kentucky’s pitching did the rest. Ball State (5-4) couldn’t get much going at the plate after winning 3-2 on Friday, and did not place a runner as far as 3rd base in the game.

Anu did the damage against his former Cape Cod roommate’s team. Anu lived with Kyle Nicolas in the summer of 2019 while they played for the Cotuit Kettleers and won the Cape championship. Nicolas is now in the Marlins system and Anu is still with Kentucky after being drafted in 2017 and 2019.

Ty Weatherly took the ball for BSU in the bottom of the 4th in a tough spot. The score was 4-0 and Kentucky had two runners on. Weatherly walked a batter then struck out the next three to limit the damage. The right-hander, who started the season opener at Arizona, struck out six and retired nine of the 12 batters he faced. Zach Losey threw a clean 8th inning for the Cardinals, striking out two.

Maloney said he was “encouraged by Weatherly’s performance.”

Messina singled in the 4th and in the 6th and Adam Tellier single, walked and stole a base.

The two teams will play Sunday at 1 p.m. Following this weekend at Kentucky, Ball State is scheduled to play at Old Dominion next weekend.

BALL STATE WBB: Women’s Basketball Beats Western Michigan On Senior Day, 76-69


MUNCIE, Ind. – Hard work and determination paid off for the Cardinals today as they sent their three seniors off on a high note by defeating Western Michigan Saturday afternoon in Worthen Arena.

“Today’s contest was a slugfest”, head coach Brady Sallee said. But the Cardinals’ (14-10, 12-8 MAC) were resilient and outlasted Western Michigan (6-15, 5-14 MAC) by a score of 76-69.

After the game, Sallee said that Western Michigan came in very well prepared and he gave WMU’s head coach Shane Clipfell a lot of credit for how well the Broncos played today.

Sallee was impressed with his team’s ability to stay focused and stay in the moment to get the job done despite the Cardinals slow start.

Western Michigan controlled the tempo of the contest in the first 20 minutes of action.

But after intermission, Sallee must have said something in that locker room because BSU outscored WMU 47-33 in the second half.

Junior forward Thelma Dis Agustsdottir nailed a 3-pointer at the 8:23 mark that gave BSU a six-point (61-55) edge over the Broncos at the start of the fourth quarter.

Western Michigan rallied to take back a one-point lead (64-63) with 5:21 remaining.

Agustsdottir, then quickly answered with a 3-point basket which would entail put Ball State back into the driver’s seat for the remainder of the ball game.

Ball State placed four players in double figures today with Agustsdottir leading the way with 19 points.

Not too far behind Agustsdottir, was redshirt sophomore guard Anna Clephane who chipped in 17 points. Senior forward Oshlynn Brown tallied 14 points and 17 rebounds for her 48th career double double while sophomore guard Sydney Freeman rounded out the double digit scoring with 11 points while also dishing out nine assists.

Prior to the contest, the Cardinals said good-bye to their three seniors’ forward Oshlynn Brown, guard Katie Helgason and guard Maliah Howard-Bass.

The Ball State women’s basketball team will now head to Cleveland, Ohio for the 2021 Mid-American Conference Tournament as the No. 6 seed. The Cardinals will face the No. 3 seed Ohio Bobcats in the last game of the quarterfinal round Wednesday night in Rocket Mortgage Field House.

NOTRE DAME BASEBALL: Kavadas, Bertrand Lead Irish Over Clemson 3-1


CLEMSON, S.C. — Just like in the opening series of the season, the Notre Dame baseball team bounced back after dropping the series opener to defeat the Clemson Tigers 3-1 Saturday afternoon from Doug Kingsmore Stadium.

“The fifth and sixth swings of Putz’s hit and Kavadas’ home run gave us a quick lift,” said head coach Link Jarrett. “Bertrand pitched a great game and was in command of multiple pitches in any count, and moved his fastball around nicely. It was a tremendous outing.”

Senior slugger Niko Kavadas got the Irish (3-2, 3-2 ACC) going with a two-run home run in the first to put them ahead early. That was all the support John Michael Bertrand needed as he was stellar on the mound against the Tigers (5-3, 1-1 ACC). He pitched seven innings and allowed just one run to cross the plate while tying a career high with eight strikeouts. Will Mercer continued the success on the mound to close the game for his first career save.

“We had lots of activity in the bullpen and eventually went to Mercer,” said Jarrett. “He did exactly what we had seen him do versus our own hitters. Tough to square the ball up. Clemson’s two pitchers both were very effective and I thought both teams played very solid, rangy defense.”


For the fourth time this season, Notre Dame got off to a fast start and scored in the game’s opening frame. Coming off a night where he reached base in all five at-bats, Carter Putz singled to get on base in the first. Stepping into the batter’s box with two away, Kavadas crushed a ball to dead center that cleared the wall for a two-run home run. It is Kavadas’ third homer of the season and the Irish held an early 2-0 lead.

Clemson got a run back in the fourth inning but Bertrand limited the damage and the Irish responded with a run of their own in the fifth.

Jack Brannigan started the inning off with a single and advanced to second on a ground out. The red-hot Putz came to the plate and doubled down the left field line to score Brannigan. It was Putz’s third hit of the ball game and the Irish were back up by two at 3-1.

Bertrand was solid all afternoon for the Irish. After Clemson scored 13 runs in the opener, Bertrand kept their bats quiet through seven innings of work. Bertrand only had five base runners get on with three hits and two walks and had just the one run cross home plate.

Mercer came on in relief in the eighth and shut the door for the Irish. With just one hit and one walk allowed, Mercer closed out the game for his first career save.


Niko Kavadas belted his third home run of the season to up his career total to 27.

John Michael Bertrand tied a career high with eight strikeouts.

Carter Putz tied a career high with three hits and has reached base in nine of 10 at-bats in this series.

Will Mercer earned his first career save after two innings of scoreless relief.


The Irish and Tigers will meet for the rubber match Sunday afternoon. Game three of the series is set for a noon start on the ACC Network Extra. The Irish will be sending RHP Christian Scafidi to the mound in hopes of locking the series up.



NOTRE DAME, Ind. — A three-goal third period propelled Notre Dame to a 5-2 win over Penn State on Friday night at Compton Family Ice Arena.

Trailing by scores of 1-0 and 2-1, the Fighting Irish used goals by Landon Slaggert, Matt Steeves, Max Ellis, Zach Plucinski and Nate Clurman to extend their unbeaten streak to four games (3-0-1).

Plucinski’s goal was the first of his career, while Grant Silianoff and Jesse Lansdell each had a pair of assists.

Dylan St. Cyr made 38 saves to earn the win for Notre Dame (13-12-2, 12-10-2 B1G), while Oskar Autio made 17 stops for Penn State (9-10-0, 7-10-0).

The Irish were 0-for-1 on the power play and the Nittany Lions were 0-for-2.

How It Happened

Penn State took a 1-0 lead at 2:41of the first when Mason Snell’s wrist shot from the point found a way through a screen in front.

Landon Slaggert then tied it up, 1-1, at 4:10 of the first period when he converted an Alex Steeves pass from just outside the goal crease. Steeves had blocked a shot at the defensive blue line to spring the odd man rush, leading to Slaggert’s eighth goal of the season.

St. Cyr denied Paul DeNaples on the doorstep with two seconds remaining in the opening frame to keep it a 1-1 game. The senior had 14 saves in the first, while PSU’s Oskar Autio had six saves.

Early in the second, St. Cyr made a breakaway stop on Penn State’s Christian Sarlo. But then Snell notched his second of the game at 10:18 with a shot off an Irish defenseman to restore the Penn State lead at 2-1.

Matt Steeves answered for the Irish just 1:33 later when his second goal of the season tied the game at 2-2. The senior winger converted a centering feed from his classmate, Pierce Crawford, with Grant Silianoff providing the second assist.

Max Ellis gave the Irish their first lead of the night at 3:24 of the third when he one-timed a Jesse Lansdell pass from the slot high past Autio for his fourth goal of the season. Matt Hellickson had the second assist on the play.

Zach Plucinski scored his first career goal at 7:29 of the third period to extend the lead to 4-2. Trevor Janicke kept a rebound alive in front after a Silianoff shot and Plucinkski was able to crash the net and put it home at the back post.

Junior captain Nate Clurman capped the scoring at 15:00 of the third when he crashed the net and forced a bouncing puck over the goal line. Lansdell originally sent a shot in from the point that bounced off Pivonka and kicked off Clurman, who was credited with his fourth goal of the season.


Senior Matt Hellickson skated in his 144th-consecutive game, dating back to the first game of his freshman season.

With a goal, Landon Slaggert extended his point streak to five games (3-5-8) and his goal-scoring streak to three games.

Landon Slaggert is now second on the team with eight goals.

With a pair of assists, Grant Silianoff posted his second multi-point game of the season/his career and his first two-assist game of the season/his career.

With a pair of assists, Jesse Lansdell posted his second multi-point game of the season and the third of his career.

Freshman defenseman Zach Plucinski returned to the lineup after missing eight games and scored his first career goal (it was also his first career point).

Notre Dame improved to 10-2-1 on the season when wearing their blue uniforms (9-2-1 on the road).

Dating back to game two at Wisconsin (Feb. 20), St. Cyr’s shutout streak was snapped at 128:08.

St. Cyr has started 13 of Notre Dame’s last 14 games dating back to the 2-1 win at Minnesota on Jan. 16 while posting a 2.07 goals against average and a .936 save percentage during that span (7-5-1).

Next Up

The Irish close out the regular season at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow evening with game two against Penn State (March 6).

The game is slated for RSN distribution including SNY, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports Washington. 

Saturday’s game will also include a post-game ceremony to honor the team’s graduating senior class of Pierce Crawford, Matt Hellickson, Dylan St. Cyr, Nick Sanford, Matt Steeves and Colin Theisen.



GREENSBORO, N.C. ( –The Atlantic Coast Conference has announced the seedings and pairings for the 68th annual New York Life ACC Tournament, which will be played Tuesday through Saturday (March 9-13) at Greensboro Coliseum.

After winning its fifth ACC regular-season championship in the last eight years, Virginia (17-6, 13-4 ACC) earned the tournament’s No. 1 seed and a double bye into the quarterfinals on Thursday. No. 2 Florida State (15-5, 11-4), No. 3 Virginia Tech (15-5, 9-4) and No. 4 Georgia Tech (15-8, 11-6) also earned double byes and will start tournament play on Thursday.

The tournament begins Tuesday with three matchups. No. 12 Pitt (10-11, 6-10) takes on No. 13 Miami (8-16, 4-15) at 2 p.m., No. 10 Duke (11-11, 9-9) faces No. 15 Boston College (4-15, 2-11) at 4:30 p.m. and No. 11 Notre Dame (10-14, 7-11) plays No. 14 Wake Forest (6-15, 3-15) in the nightcap at 7 p.m. All three games will be televised by ACC Network.

The second round on Wednesday starts at noon with No. 8 seed Syracuse (15-8, 9-7) taking on No. 9 NC State (13-9, 9-8). No. 5 seed Clemson (16-6, 10-6) faces the winner of the Pitt-Miami game at 2:30 p.m. In the evening session, No. 7 Louisville (13-6, 8-5) plays the winner of the Duke-BC matchup at 6:30 p.m., with No. 6 North Carolina (16-9, 10-6) facing the Notre Dame-Wake Forest winner at 9 p.m. The quartet of games will be televised on ACC Network.

The Wednesday winners then will move on to play the tournament’s top four seeds on Thursday in the quarterfinals, which will be broadcast by ESPN or ESPN2.

All 14 tournament games will be nationally televised on ESPN, ESPN2 or ACC Network. In addition, all games will be available for streaming via ACCNX.

The ACC and its 15 member institutions will continue to follow the policies and protocols in the ACC’s Medical Advisory Report.

The Greensboro Coliseum Complex has instituted the Patron Health Initiative, a program dedicated to the safety of patrons, staff and performers stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak. Face coverings are mandatory for every person 5 years or older and must be worn at all times, except while actively eating and drinking in your seat.

The full 2021 New York Life ACC Tournament schedule:

Tuesday, March 9 – First Round

2 p.m. – No. 12 Pitt vs. No. 13 Miami (ACC Network)

4:30 p.m. – No. 10 Duke vs. No. 15 Boston College (ACC Network)

7 p.m. – No. 11 Notre Dame vs. No. 14 Wake Forest (ACC Network)

Wednesday, March 10 – Second Round

Noon – No. 8 Syracuse vs. No. 9 NC State (ACC Network)

2:30 p.m. – No. 5 Clemson vs. Pitt/Miami winner (ACC Network)

6:30 p.m. – No. 7 Louisville vs. Duke/Boston College winner (ACC Network)

9 p.m. – No. 6 North Carolina vs. Notre Dame/Wake Forest winner (ACC Network)

Thursday, March 11 – Quarterfinals

Noon – No. 1 Virginia vs. Wednesday Noon winner (ESPN or ESPN2)

2:30 p.m. – No. 4 Georgia Tech vs. Wednesday 2:30 p.m. winner (ESPN or ESPN2)

6:30 p.m. – No. 2 Florida State vs. Wednesday 6:30 p.m. winner (ESPN or ESPN2)

9 p.m. – No. 3 Virginia Tech vs. Wednesday 9 p.m. winner (ESPN or ESPN2)

Friday, March 12 – Semifinals

6:30 p.m. – Thursday afternoon winners (ESPN or ESPN2)

9 p.m. – Thursday evening winners (ESPN or ESPN2)

Saturday, March 13 – Championship

8:30 p.m. – Semifinal winners (ESPN)

INDIANA STATE MBB: Loyola Cuts Indiana State’s Tournament Run Short


SAINT LOUIS – The Indiana State men’s basketball team ran into a buzzsaw in Missouri Valley Conference Tournament top-seed Loyola Saturday afternoon, falling 65-49 in the Arch Madness semi-final at the Enterprise Center.

ISU (15-10) struggled to get stops early and never truly recovered, as LUC (23-4), who came into the tournament as the No. 20 team in the country, made eight of its first 10 shots on the way to a 53.6 percent (15-of-28) shooting half.

Indiana State had an 8-0 run in the second half, highlighted by a Cam Bacote three-pointer to cut the deficit to 13, but Loyola countered with a quick 6-0 run of its own to put the comeback to rest. Though ISU was outscored by just two in the second stanza (23-21), the first half eruption from LUC was too much.

Sophomore Jake LaRavia led Indiana State on the afternoon, scoring 13 points and pulling down a team-best seven boards while also adding two steals and a block. Senior Tyreke Key finished with 11 points for the Sycamores, while Bacote scored a season-best eight. Sophomore Tre Williams added eight points and two blocks.

For as well as Loyola shot in the first half, Indiana State was able to keep it close by shooting 44 percent (11-of-25) themselves. Overall, however, ISU finished 38.5 percent (20-of-52) from the floor, while LUC shot 49.0 percent (25-of-51). The difference in the game could be seen by the final assist numbers, however, as Loyola finished the game with 17 assists on 25 made baskets, where Indiana State had just five.

The Ramblers won the rebounding battle (32 to 27), but the Sycamores came away with more steals (6 to 5) and fewer turnovers (10 to 11).

MVC Player of the Year Cameron Krutwig finished with a double-double of 18 points and 11 rebounds to lead the Ramblers.

ISU finishes the season with a record of 15-10 overall, and went 11-7 in Missouri Valley Conference play.

MIAMI MEN’S HOCKEY: RedHawks Set to Play North Dakota in First Round of Playoffs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. —The Miami University hockey team will be the No. 8 seed in the 2021 NCHC Tournament and will face No. 1 seed North Dakota in the quarterfinals on Friday, March 12 at Ralph Engelstad in Grand Forks, N.D. The matchup between the RedHawks and Fighting Hawks will be the second game of the day with the first game tipping off at 2:37 p.m. (ET).

All four quarterfinal match-ups can be seen anywhere worldwide on, as well as regionally on television on Midco Sports Network. A Quarterfinal Pass will be available for purchase next week, for those without a current subscription, and provide access to all four quarterfinal games.

The four quarterfinal winners advance to the semifinals on Monday, March 15. Quarterfinal winners will be re-seeded for the semifinals, with game times set for 3:06 p.m. CT and 8:06 p.m. CT. The Frozen Faceoff championship game will then take place on Tuesday, March 16 with puck drop set for 7:37 p.m. CT.

Both Frozen Faceoff semifinals and the championship game will be televised nationally on CBS Sports Network. CBS Sports Network owns the digital rights to the Frozen Faceoff semifinals and championship and offers an authenticated stream here.

2021 NCHC Frozen Faceoff Schedule

Friday, March 12 (Quarterfinals):

(7) Colorado College vs. (2) No. 8/8 St. Cloud State, 2:37 p.m. CT

(8) Miami vs. (1) No. 1/1 North Dakota, 7:37 p.m. CT

Saturday, March 13 (Quarterfinals):

(5) Denver vs. (4) No. 12/12 Omaha, 2:37 p.m. CT

(6) Western Michigan vs. (3) No. 9/9 Minnesota Duluth, 7:37 p.m. CT

Monday, March 15 (Semifinals):

NCHC Frozen Faceoff Semifinal #1, 3:06 p.m. CT (TV: CBS Sports Network)

NCHC Frozen Faceoff Semifinal #2, 8:06 p.m. CT (TV: CBS Sports Network)

Tuesday, March 16 (Championship):

NCHC Frozen Faceoff Championship Game, 7:37 p.m. CT (TV: CBS Sports Network)

MIAMI WBB: RedHawks Wrap Up Season With 84-70 Loss at Ohio


ATHENS, Ohio – The Miami University women’s basketball team drained 10 three-pointers, but it wasn’t enough as the RedHawks dropped a 84-70 decision on Saturday afternoon versus the Ohio Bobcats at the Convocation Center.

Katie Davidson and Kelly McLaughlin led the way with 15 points apiece, while Peyton Scott had 13 points and Kenzie Schmitz chipped in nine.

How it Happened:

Ohio opened the game on a 6-0 run forcing head coach DeUnna Hendrix to call an early timeout. Miami answered with an 11-0 run, including back-to-back triples from Schmitz, followed by a three from Scott. Miami’s hot shooting continued as Davidson drilled back-to-back threes to put Miami up 21-14. Ohio finished the quarter on an 8-0 run and led 22-21 after 10 minutes of play.

Miami was outscored 23-15 in the second quarter and trailed 45-36 at the half.

A Davidson layup cut the deficit, 47-41, with 7:33 to play in the third, but Ohio responded and pushed its lead back to 10, 54-44, with 4:27 to play. A Davidson triple clawed Miami back to within seven, but the Bobcats led 63-55 after three quarters of play.

Scott hit a pull-up jumper to start the fourth, but Ohio answered with a 15-2 run and led to 78-59 midway through the fourth.

Game Notes:

Katie Davidson and Kenzie Schmitz each made three shots from behind the arc as Miami finished 10-of-27 from three-point range.

Schmitz had a career high six assists.

Up Next:

The contest with the Bobcats is the final game for Miami this season.

WRIGHT STATE BASEBALL: Game one pitching, game two offense power Raidergang to Saturday sweep


The Wright State baseball team swept both ends of the doubleheader at Nischwitz Stadium on Saturday afternoon against Northern Kentucky, taking the first game of the day 8-1 before an 11-5 victory in the nightcap.

The Raiders (3-5, 3-0 Horizon) now look to complete the weekend sweep over Northern Kentucky (2-8, 0-3 HL) on Sunday afternoon. First pitch is scheduled for 1 p.m. from The Nisch.

Saturday’s opening game saw a dominant pitching performance from Bradley Brehmer, who struck out the first five batters of the afternoon and seven of the first nine overall on the way to an 11-strikeout day.

Brehmer earned his first win of the season, tossing 6.2 innings and allowing just five hits and one walk, along with one run in the seventh, to go along with those 11 Ks.

Offensively, the Raiders wasted no time getting the scoring going, with Zane Harris’ RBI single in the first getting the scoreboard in motion before Sammy Sass and Damon Dues each connected on solo homers in the second frame. Wright State added to the lead with three runs in the fifth, including an Alex Alders’ RBI single and a bases loaded walk drawn by Gehrig Anglin.

Quincy Hamilton belted his second homer in as many days, this time a two-run shot, in the sixth, before Northern Kentucky pieced together a pair of doubles in the seventh for its lone run.

Konner Piotto was the only Raider with multiple hits, including a leadoff double to set the fifth inning up for success, while Wright State tallied seven hits overall and had RBI from six different players.

Treyvin Moss had two of the five NKU hits, while starter Kyle Klingenbeck took the loss after allowing six runs (five earned) in 4.2 innings.

The second game saw its share of scoring, with the Norse tallying two runs in the top of the first before the Raider bats responded, scoring seven runs over the first three innings and seven of the final eight runs of the night overall.

After tying the game in the first thanks to a NKU error, Wright State took its first lead in the second via an RBI triple from Dues and a double from Black that plated Dues. NKU again tied the game with a pair of runs in the top of the third, but it was all Raiders from there. A pair of run-scoring groundouts in the bottom of the third knotted things up again before Hamilton’s RBI double gave Wright State a lead it would not let go of. The Raiders later capped the night’s scoring with a two-run single from Justin McConnell.

Sam Wirsing tossed three innings of one-run relief to earn the win for the Raiders, while Bradley Deboutte tallied a three-inning save, the first of the season for Wright State. Offensively, the Raiders collected eight hits from eight different players, including three extra-base knocks, while McConnell tallied three RBI and Black drove home two of his own.

DAYTON BASEBALL: Baseball Drops Two On Saturday Against Oakland


DAYTON – The University of Dayton baseball team fell twice on Saturday to Oakland University at Woerner Field. The Flyers dropped the opener 5-3 before falling in game two of the doubleheader 2-1 with both games being seven-inning contests.

UD falls to 2-7 on the young season after today’s games after winning Friday’s home opener.


The Flyers got solo home runs from junior Marcos Pujols and graduate student Eddie Pursinger, who each finished with two hits in the contest. Sophomore Jay Curtis also put up three hits for Dayton in the first contest, and the team finished with 11 hits as a team.

On the Mound

Graduate student Ben Olson started the game, going 4.1 innings on the mound. The southpaw allowed four hits and three earned runs while picking up seven strikeouts in the contest. He was relieved by senior Andrew Zapka who did not allow an earned run in 2.1 innings on the mound. Zapka allowed just two hits and picked up a strikeout. Freshman Eli Majick entered in the top of the seventh to finish the game, facing two batters striking out one of them.

Scoring Plays

Top 2: (1-0 Golden Grizzlies)

Oakland opened the inning with a leadoff single. Two batters later another single moved the runner to third and a sacrifice bunt brought him home making it 1-0 OU.

Bottom 2: (1-1 Tie)

The Flyers used a two-out rally to tie the game at one. Curtis singled to right field and senior Mitchell Garrity followed that with a double down the left field line. Senior Mariano Ricciardi loaded the bases with a hit by pitch before an error by the third baseman allowed senior Riley Tirotta to reach and tied the game at 1.

Bottom 4: (2-1 Flyers)

Pujols gave the Flyers the lead sending a pitch over the right field wall for his first home run of the season.

Top 5: (3-2 Golden Grizzlies)

OU led off the inning with a walk and two batters later a single moved the runner to third. A one-out walk loaded the bases and Zapka entered. Another walk brought the first run of the inning home. The next batter hit a ground ball to junior Ben Blackwell, who was able to get the runner out at second but was unable to turn the double play, scoring the second run.

Top 7: (5-2 Golden Grizzlies)

Zapka got the first two Oakland hitters out before a walk and an error put two on. A double to right field scored both baserunners, making it 5-2.

Bottom 7: (5-3 Golden Grizzlies)

Pursinger led off the inning with his second home run in two days, closing the gap to two but the Flyers were unable to bring home anyone else and that was the final.


The Flyers left seven runners on base in the 2-1 loss in the second game of the doubleheader. Blackwell picked up two hits to lead UD, but Dayton only picked up four hits as a team in the contest. Sophomores Nate Espelin and Anthony Hattrup combined for 5.1 innings of scoreless baseball in the contest on the mound.

On the Mound

Senior Cole Pletka lasted just one-third of an inning allowing one earned run walking three Oakland hitters in the first inning before Espelin entered for him. The sophomore allowed just four hits in 2.2 scoreless innings on the mound picking up a strikeout in the process. Hattrup entered for Espelin and went the same 2.2 innings allowing just two hits and striking out two in his time on the mound. Freshman Austin Brush picked up a big strikeout in the sixth inning to get out of a bases loaded jam before finishing the game in the seventh, allowing one run on a home run.

Scoring Plays

Top 1: (1-0 Golden Grizzlies)

Oakland drew three walks to load the bases with one out and a single to left field scored the first run of the game before Espelin forced a double play to end the inning.

Bottom 4: (1-1 Tie)

Tirotta walked to lead off the inning and two batters later graduate student Chris Cabrera hit one that deflected from the pitcher’s mound toward the shortstop on a designed hit and run. Cabrera beat the throw, which went past the first baseman allowing Tirotta to score all the way from first on the error tying the game at one.

Top 7: (2-1 Golden Grizzlies)

Brush allowed a leadoff home run to right field to give Oakland the lead and the Flyers were unable to tie it in the bottom of the inning, making this the final score.

Up Next:

The Flyers will return tomorrow to Woerner Field for the series finale. First pitch is scheduled for 12 p.m. and junior Dylan Keller is projected to get the ball on the mound as the starting pitcher.

CINCINNATI BASEBALL: Ninth-Inning Homer Propels Baseball Past UNCW, 5-4


WILMINGTON, N.C. – A solo home run by Jake Murray on a full count in the top of the ninth was the difference in a 5-4 victory for the University of Cincinnati baseball team over UNCW on Saturday at Brooks Field.

Murray’s first dinger of the season broke a 4-4 tie and gave their Bearcats (3-6) their second-straight win over the Seahawks (6-3).

Nathan Moore (1-2) picked up the win after pitching a scoreless eighth, striking out two. Beau Keathley snagged the save, pitching the ninth and inducing a double play to end the game. UC’s bullpen allowed only a hit and walk in four innings of work.

Starter Dean McCarthy had his third-straight no decision, going Five innings, giving up four runs on six hits, three of them earned along with five strikeouts and two walks.

UC plated four in the top of the sixth to tie things up at 4-4. Joey Bellini led off and reached on an error. Jace Mercer hit a one-out single to center and Wyatt Stapp singled to right to load them up. Tanner Holen doubled up the middle to score Mercer and Bellini and Jake Hansen followed with a sacrifice fly to score Stapp. Cole Harting singled to center field to score Holen to cap the inning.


• Aiden Bradbury, 2.0 IP, 1 H, 1 K, 0 R

• Holen: 2-4, R, 2 RBI, 2B

• Murray: 1-5, R, RBI, HR


Sunday features a 1 p.m. ET start to close out the series with UC LHP Garrett Schoenle (CIN) on the mound against UNCW RHP Ryan Calvert (UNCW). FloBaseball will televise the weekend set and live stats will also be available. For more information on FloSports, visit

OHIO STATE BASEBALL: Buckeyes Sweep Double-Header vs. Illinois


GREENVILLE, S.C. – Ohio State scratched and clawed its way to a second-consecutive extra innings win in Game 1 and then broke out the bats out in a 12-6 win in Game 2 to sweep at double-header with Illinois on Saturday at Fluor Field in Greenville, S.C.

The Buckeyes are now 3-0 on the season and will look for the rare four-game series sweep on Sunday.

Ohio State’s 2-3-4 hitters of Colton Bauer, Zach Dezenzo and Conner Pohl all had four hits on the day and drove in eight runs.

The story of game one was much like Friday night as the Buckeye pitchers stepped up in high-leverage situations, stranding 14 Illinois baserunners. In game two, Ohio State slugged a pair of home runs and used an eight-run second inning to open up the game.

Game 1 Recap

The teams played extras for a second consecutive game and again, it was the Buckeyes coming out on top 6-5.

Tyler Kean picked up the win in relief as he worked a scoreless eighth, giving up a hit and two walks but got out of trouble with a bases loaded, two-out strikeout.

Bayden Root got the save, the second of his career, working around a one-out single in the ninth.

At the plate, freshman Kade Kern did it again, going 2-for-5 with a double and four runs batted in. Colton Bauer also had two hits and an RBI.

Kern picked up right where he left off on Friday as he cleared the bases with a two-out, three-run double in the top of the first to hand starter Seth Lonsway and the Buckeyes an early 3-0 lead.

Illinois took its first lead in the series as the Illini pushed five runs across in the bottom of the third inning. After a solid first two innings, Lonsway struggled in the third and didn’t make it through the frame. Illinois had three hits, three walks, benefited from two wild pitches and scored five times.

Ohio State cut the lead in half in the fifth as Dezenzo walked and Pohl was hit by a pitch. After Brookman struck out, Kern delivered again with an RBI single to left.

In the sixth, Karaffa led off with a hit-by-pitch and Erwin reached on a throwing error as he tried to sacrifice bunt. Sam Wilson followed with a sac bunt of his own and then Colton Bauer grounded-out to second to score Karaffa and even the score at 5-5.

Freshman Nate Haberthier made his collegiate debut and threw well. He went 2.2 scoreless innings, scattering five hits with two strikeouts and zero walks. Mitch Milheim followed with another 1.1 innings of scoreless ball, striking out three. He stranded runners on second and third in both the sixth and seventh innings with inning-ending Ks.

Illinois got a leadoff double in the bottom of the eighth off Tyler Kean and eventually loaded the bases with two outs. But Kean shut them down again, striking out Cam McDonald to end the threat.

Ohio State then broke through in the ninth. Wilson was hit by a pitch to start the inning but the next two were retired. Pohl then singled behind second base and then Archer Brookman grounded sharply to short and the ball went through the legs of Comia into shallow left center. Dezenzo, who reached on a fielder’s choice, came around to score, giving the Buckeyes a 6-5 lead.

Root came on for the save in the ninth and worked around a single to close it out. Illinois was 2-of-15 for the game with runners in scoring position and stranded 14.

Game 2 Recap

After two close games, the Buckeyes spung for eight runs in the top of the second and was able to cruise to a 12-6 victory in the second game.

The Buckeyes collected 15 hits as a team and five different players had multi-hit games. Captain Conner Pohl led the way going 3-of-4 with a homer and three RBI. Sam Wilson, Colton Bauer, Zach Dezenzo and Brent Todys all notched two hits in the game. The top four hitters in the Buckeye lineup went 9-of-17 with eight runs batted in.

On the mound, right-hander Jack Neely made his Buckeye debut and picked up the win. After a rocky first inning, he held Illinois scoreless over the next three innings, finishing with a line 4.0IP, 4R, 5H, 2BB, 1K. He

Freshman left-hander Isaiah Coupet made his collegiate debut and picked up the three-inning save. He allowed two runs, one earned, on four hits while striking out five over the final three innings.

Illinois struck first in the bottom of the first, knocking Neely around for four runs on four hits. But the lead was short lived as the Buckeyes responded with eight runs in the top of the second.

With bases loaded and one out, Ohio State strung together four consecutive singles from Wilson, Bauer, Dezenzo and Pohl to take a 5-4 lead. After Dezenzo scored on a wild pitch, Mitchell Okuley launched the first homerun of the season for the Buckeyes deep over the right center field fence. When the dust settled, the Buckeyes sent 12 men to plate, scoring eight times on seven hits.

Neither team threatened until Illinois was able to scratch a run across in the bottom of the fifth on a double, wild pitch and a ground out. In the top of the sixth, the Buckeyes scored four more times to push the lead to 12-5. Dezenzo tripled home a run and then Pohl knocked his first homer of the season on a line shot to right.

The teams will finish the four-game series on Sunday morning with a 10 a.m. first pitch.



COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State men’s swimming and diving team finished third at the 2021 Big Ten Conference championships, held at McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion on the campus of Ohio State University.

The Buckeyes gave a terrific effort in one of the most hotly contested swimming championships in recent history as three schools went into Saturday with a chance to win it all. Michigan won the title with 1,401 points and Indiana was second with 1,357. Ohio State was third with 1,322 points. These three schools have now finished among the top three at the Big Ten championships for 11 consecutive years.

This meet was as close and competitive for the duration as any Big Ten championships this century as each school swam with energy and superbly through a five-day span that had the Buckeyes leading after the first two days, Michigan leading after Day 3 and Indiana leading after Day 4. The 79-point margin between first- and third-place is the smallest margin in the last 22 years.

Saturday night’s action was terrific. Indiana entered the championship session with a 26.5-point lead over Michigan and a 36.5-point lead over Ohio State. Seven of eight finalists in the first race of the night – the 100 freestyle – were from these three schools. Ohio State junior Sem Andreis won the race in a personal best time of 42.23 and Hunter Armstrong was third, also in a personal best time of 42.37. Michigan’s six swimmers in the event, including three finalists, enabled the Wolverines to reclaim the lead by 30 points over Indiana and by 57 over Ohio State. The Wolverines would not trail in the meet again.

The final heat of the 1,650 freestyle was then held with Ohio State’s Charles Clark smashing his personal best by more than 22 seconds to finish third in 14:45.24. Three more Buckeyes scored in the event with all three swimming to personal bests: Carson Burt went 15:11.24 to finish 10th; North Hansen went 15:14.49 to finish 15th; and Jonathan Edwards swam to a time of 15:16.18 to finish 17th.

Ohio State had but one finalist in the next race, the 200 backstroke, but three other scorers in the B and C finals. Thomas Watkins swam to a personal best (1:41.15) time in the prelims and then placed fourth overall with a 1:41.70 time in the final. Colin McDermott (ninth), Owen Conley (15th) and RJ Kondalski (21st) also scored for the Buckeyes in the event.

The final individual race of the meet was the 200 breaststroke and, like the first race of the evening, featured seven swimmers from the three schools battling for the championship. Ohio State’s Paul DeLakis headlined a three-Buckeye final by taking runner-up honors in an NCAA A qualifying time of 1:51.78. Jason Mathews was fourth in a personal best time (1:53.71) and Connor Isings was seventh after a personal best prelim (1:54.36). Evan McFadden and Hudson McDaniel scored from the C final.

The final event of this championship was the 4×400 freestyle relay. Indiana won it in an NCAA A qualifying time of 2:49.20 with the Ohio State team of Armstrong, Andreis, Fleagle and DeLakis taking second in 2:49.32.

Up next for the Buckeyes: the NCAA championships, set for March 23-27 in Greensboro, N.C.

Big Ten Conference Championships

Men’s Swimming

March 2-6

Columbus, Ohio – McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion

Saturday Final Results

Event winners and all Ohio State point scorers listed.

100 freestyle – 1. Andreis, 42.23 B; 3. Armstrong, 42.37 B.

1,650 freestyle – 1. Bringer (IU), 14:38.26 B; 3. Clark, 14:45.24 B; 10. Burt, 15.11.24 B; 15. Hansen, 15:14.49 B. 17. Edwards, 15:16.18 B.

200 backstroke – 1. Burns (IU), 1:39.70 B. 4. Watkins, 1:41.70; 9. McDermott, 1:41.81 B; 15. Conley 1:44.95; 21. Kondalski, 1:44.71 B.

200 breaststroke – 1. McHugh (Minn.), 1:50.93 A; 2. Delakis, 1:51.78 A; 4. Mathews, 1:53.71 B; 7. Isings, 1:54.60; 23. McFadden, 1:58.97; 24. McDaniel, 1:58.98.

400 freestyle relay – 1. Indiana, 2:49.20 A; 2. Ohio State (Armstrong, Andreis, Fleagle, DeLakis), 2:49.32 A.

Final Team Results

Michigan – 1,401

Indiana – 1,357

Ohio State – 1,322

Purdue – 732

Wisconsin – 729

Northwestern – 722

Penn State – 619.5

Iowa – 566.5

Minnesota – 564

Michigan State – 196



STATE COLLEGE, Pa. – Sammy Sasso and Ethan Smith both advanced to the Big Ten Championship matches in their respective weight classes and five total Buckeyes earned NCAA bids on Saturday evening in College Park, Pa.

In addition to Sasso and Smith, Malik Heinselman, Kaleb Romero, and Tate Orndorff are all still in contention for third place in their weight classes. Ohio State has had 55 individual Big Ten Champions and Smith and Sasso will look to add to that total on Sunday.

Sasso defeated Michigan’s Kanen Storr 5-0 in the semifinals of the 149-pound weight class. That was his second win over Storr this season and it sets up a finals match against Nebraska’s Ridge Lovett.

Smith won a pair of matches in the morning session and then scored a takedown in the first sudden victory period against Nebraska’s Peyton Robb to win the match 5-3. He will face No. 1 seed and No. 1 ranked Alex Marinelli of Iowa on Sunday.

Romero and Orndorff both lost in the second round this morning and had a couple of late-night battles to punch their NCAA tickets. Romero beat Emil Soehnlen (Purdue) and Jake Allar (Minnesota) on Saturday night and will face Michigan’s Logan Massa on the consolation semis. Orndorff won 5-2 against Northwestern’s Jake Heyob and then avenged in earlier loss this season to Illinois’ Luke Luffman with a 3-1 win the first sudden victory period.

Session III will start at Noon on Sunday while the championship session is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

125 | Malik Heinselman

R1 | Def. Zach Spence (MD) | PIN 2:56

QF | Def. Eric Barnett (WIS) | D, 3-2

SF | Lost to Devin Schroder (PUR) | MD, 10-0

141 | Dylan D’Emilio

R1 | Def. Danny Bertoni (MD) | D, 3-1

QF | Lost to Nick Lee (PSU) | TF, 3:12 (17-1)

Con Rd 2 | Lost to Drew Mattin (MICH) | D, 2-1

149 | Sammy Sasso

R1 | BYE

QF | Def. Peyton Omania (MSU) | MD, 9-1

SF | Def. Kanen Storr (MICH) | D, 5-0

F | Ridge Lovett (NEB)

157 | Elijah Cleary

R1 | Def. Garrett Model (WISC) | D, 9-6

QF | Lost to Ryan Deakin (NU) | MD, 8-0

Con Rd 2 | Lost to Caleb Licking (NEB) | D, 2-1

165 | Ethan Smith

R1 | Def. Josh Otto (WISC) | D, 8-4

QF | Def. Jonathan Spadafora (MD) | MD 15-6

SF | Peyton Robb (NEB) | SV1, 5-3

F | Alex Marinelli (IOWA) |

174 | Kaleb Romero

R1 | Def. DJ Shannon (Ill) | D, 4-1

QF | Lost to Carter Starocci (PSU) | D, 2-0

Con Rd 2 | Def. Emil Soehnlen (PUR) | D 4-1

Con Rd 3 | Def. Jake Allar (MINN) | D, 9-4

Con SF | Logan Massa (MICH) |

184 | Rocky Jordan

R1 | Lost to Max Lyon (PUR) | D, 3-2

Con R2 | Lost to Nelson Brands (IOWA) | D, 5-2

197 | Gavin Hoffman

R1 | Def. Matt Wroblewski (Ill) | SV1, 3-1

QF | Lost to Eric Schultz (NEB) | D, 2-0

Con R2 | Lost to Billy Janzer (RUT) | D, 3-2

285 | Tate Orndorff

R1 | Def. Christian Rebottaro (MSU) | D, 6-0

QF | Lost to Gable Steveson (MINN) | TF, 5:34 (19-4)

Con Rd 2 | Def. Jack Heyob (NU) | D, 5-2

Con Rd 3 | Def. Luke Luffman (ILL) | SV1, 3-1

Con SF | Tony Cassioppi (IOWA) |

EARLHAM BASEBALL: Baseball opens 2021 campaign with doubleheader sweep over Mount St. Joseph


SCORES: G1 – Earlham 4, Mount St. Joseph 3 / G2 – Earlham 9, Mount St. Joseph 1

LOCATION: Richmond, Ind. – Sadler Stadium

RECORDS: Earlham 2-0 / Mount St. Joseph 0-2

RICHMOND, Indiana – Earlham College baseball opened its 2021 season at home by taking both ends of a doubleheader off visiting Mount St. Joseph University, Saturday afternoon at Sadler Stadium. The Quakers posted a 4-3 come-from-behind victory in game 1, and completed the sweep with a 9-1 triumph in game 2.

The wins marked the second consecutive season, and third time in four seasons, that Earlham has opened the season with a pair of victories.


Earlham was roughed up for three runs on three hits, an error, a hit-by-pitch, and a walk in a 26-minute, 41-pitch top of the first inning, with two runs crossing for Mount St. Joseph on a two-out Carter Owen single up the middle.

After that, the Quakers settled in and kept a lid on the Lions the rest of the way. Starter Joey Gerbus retired the side in three of his six innings on the hill, allowing just two hits after the first inning and finishing with five strikeouts.

Earlham manufactured one run in the fifth, taking advantage of an MSJ error that allowed leadoff batter Brian Pincura to get aboard.

The Quakers added three runs in the seventh to gain the lead, with singles by Cameron McCabe and Nathan Lancianese getting runners aboard. A double-steal and a wild pitch allowed the runners to advance with McCabe eventually scoring. Marc Gendreau drew a walk to keep the rally going, and senior Danny Dopp’s double down the left field line scored Lancianese and Gendreau with the game-tying and go-ahead runs.

Chance Strickley pitched the seventh and eighth innings for the Quakers, while Dominick Michael came on in the ninth to close out the game.


Earlham jumped all over Mount St. Joseph early in game two, putting up two runs in the second inning and two more in the third in what ended as a rout for the Quakers.

Isaiah Shake plated both Earlham runs in the second on a single to short, while Cameron Wissel doubled into left field to score one of the two Quaker runs in the third.

The Lions’ only run of the game crossed in the top of the fifth, after Matt Brankamp reached on a two-base Earlham error. Brankamp advanced on a wild pitch, and scored on Patrick Murray’s ground out to second base.

Another Wissel double and a Christian Lancianese triple accounted drove in two of Earlham’s four runs in the bottom of the fifth, with Lancianese eventually scoring on a Gendreau single. Singles from Dopp and Austin Hatfield brought in the remaining two Earlham runs of the frame, resulting in the Quakers taking an 8-1 lead.

Wissel reached on a one-out single in the sixth, and scored two batters later on a Lancianese single to left.

Earlham had plenty of chances to further pad its lead against Mount St. Joseph; the Quakers finished game two with 15 runners left on base while the Lions had 10 ducks left on the pond.

Earlham starter Justin Dillhoff lasted seven innings and fanned seven MSJ batters in his collegiate debut. Lions starter Brandon Shelton was tagged with the loss for his four-and-a-third innings of work.


Earlham will travel to Lexington, Kentucky, on Sunday, March 7, for a doubleheader at Transylvania University. The first game of the doubleheader will start at 12:00 p.m.

BIG 10 HOCKEY: Big Ten Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament Bracket Announced

ROSEMONT, Ill. – The Big Ten announced on Saturday the bracket for the 2021 Big Ten Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament, with Big Ten Champion Wisconsin collecting the top seed after earning its first Big Ten title. The 2021 Big Ten Tournament will be played Sunday through Tuesday, March 14-16, at Compton Family Ice Arena on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

The Big Ten Champion and Big Ten Tournament seeding were determined using the protocol for unbalanced schedules approved prior to the start of the season. The first element of that protocol is winning percentage in Big Ten games, with wins in regulation and overtime counted as wins and shootout results counted as ties for the purpose of calculating winning percentages.

Wisconsin led the Big Ten with a conference record of 17-6-1 for a winning percentage of .729, earning a first-round bye with a 2-1 victory against Michigan State on Saturday. The Badgers’ Cole Caufield scored both goals for the Badgers to claim the Big Ten Scoring Champion crown for the second consecutive season. Minnesota enters the tournament as the No. 2 seed after finishing this season with a .727 winning percentage and a 16-6-0 record in conference play.

The tournament will open at noon ET on Sunday, as fourth-seeded Notre Dame challenges fifth-seeded Penn State. Sunday’s second game is set for 4 p.m. as second-seeded Minnesota takes on seventh-seeded Michigan State, while third-seeded Michigan will face sixth-seeded Ohio State in the final quarterfinal game at 8:30 p.m.

Monday’s semifinals open with the top-seeded Badgers battling the winner of Sunday’s Notre Dame-Penn State game at 4:30 p.m.  

The Big Ten Tournament championship game will take place at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. All six games will be broadcast live by Big Ten Network.



Sunday, March 14

12 p.m. ET: No. 4 Notre Dame vs. No. 5 Penn State

4 p.m. ET: No. 2 Minnesota vs. No. 7 Michigan State

8:30 p.m. ET: No. 3 Michigan vs. No. 6 Ohio State


Monday, March 15

4:30 p.m. ET: No. 1 Wisconsin vs. No. 4 Notre Dame/No. 5 Penn State

8:30 p.m. ET: Semifinal #2

Tuesday, March 16

8 p.m. ET: Championship Game

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Dosunmu’s return powers No. 4 Illinois over No. 7 Ohio State

(AP) After missing three games with a concussion and facial injuries, Illinois star Ayo Dosunmu returned Saturday wearing a protective mask he chose because it makes him look a little like a superhero.

Dosunmu played the part with a 19-point performance, and the No. 4 Illini rallied late to beat reeling No. 7 Ohio State 73-68.

“They gave me different options of masks to wear, and I thought this was the best mask for me,” he said of the protective covering over his broken nose and upper face. “I’m into comic books and stuff. I feel like a superhero with a black mask on.”

Andre Curbelo matched Dosunmu’s 19, and Illinois (20-6, 16-4) got its second straight road win over a top 10 team after routing No. 2 Michigan on Tuesday. The Illini have won 11 of 12 and enter next week’s Big Ten Tournament with a double-bye.

“What a week,” Illinois coach Brad Underwood said. “That’s a tough, tough, tough group of guys in that locker room.”

When it looked like Ohio State might start to pull away late, the Buckeyes’ shooting went cold. Illinois’ Da’Monte Williams hit a 3-pointer to tie the game at 68 with 1:31 left.

Dosunmu’s layup and three foul shots in the last 44 seconds provided the margin of victory as Ohio State failed to make another basket in the game. The Buckeyes missed their last 10 shots and didn’t score in the final 3:48.

“Things were just not falling for us,” Ohio State forward Kyle Young. “We got open shots. They were just not falling.”

E.J. Liddell led the Buckeyes (18-8, 12-8) with 19 points, and Duane Washington Jr. and Justice Sueing each had 15 for Ohio State, which finished the regular season with four straight losses, three against Top 10 teams.

Illinois led by 10 during the first half but a late put-back by Liddell cut the advantage to 41-37 at the break. The teams traded punches in the second half with Ohio State up by four when Illinois mounted the final rally.

“We’re in a good place,” Underwood said. “You want to go in (the Big Ten tournament) confident. You don’t want to go in doubting yourself.”

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Without Cunningham, No. 17 Oklahoma State beats No. 6 WVU

(AP) Minus star freshman Cade Cunningham, No. 17 Oklahoma State still found some welcome momentum going into the postseason.

Sophomore Avery Anderson III scored a career-high 31 points and the Cowboys, with Cunningham sitting out the regular-season finale because of a sprained ankle, beat No. 6 West Virginia 85-80 on Saturday.

Oklahoma State has won six of seven heading into the Big 12 tournament.

“We’re not done yet,” Anderson said. “We’ve got a lot more in front of us that we’re trying to prove. And when we get back at full strength, it’s going to be something to watch.”

The Cowboys (18-7, 11-7) made up for the loss of Cunningham and Isaac Likekele by finding holes in the defense for easy layups, shooting 58% from the floor and outhustling West Virginia for rebounds.

Cunningham injured his left ankle late in a loss to No. 3 Baylor on Thursday. Likekele also sat out for the sixth time in seven games with a hand injury.

Stepping up were Anderson, who blew past his previous high of 17 points earlier this season, and freshman Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe, who finished with 18 points on 7 of 10 shooting.

“It’s a lot of fun when you’ve got a group of guys who care about each other,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton said. “Man, winning is hard. But it’s certainly enjoyable going on the road and banding together the way we did under some circumstances which I’m sure people were easily willing to take the other team in today’s matchup.”

The Cowboys’ Kalib Boone added 12 points while his twin brother, Keylan, scored 11.

Taz Sherman led West Virginia (18-8, 11-6 Big 12) with 20 points. Derek Culver added 14 points, Miles McBride scored 12 and Emmitt Matthews 11.

West Virginia had a chance to tie it near the end, but Keylan Boone stole McBride’s pass into the lane with 11 seconds left. Anderson then hit two free throws for the final margin.

The Mountaineers went 2-2 during a four-game homestand to finish the regular season. Saturday’s loss denied coach Bob Huggins the chance to get his 900th win before his own fans. It also handed No. 13 Kansas the second seed in the upcoming Big 12 tournament, behind league champion Baylor.

“We had no bounce. We had zero bounce,” Huggins said. “It was that way from the beginning. What do you do? I kept saying, `fellas, we’ve got to play.'”

Oklahoma State trailed for most of the game until Moncrieffe scored 10 points over the first five minutes of the second half and Kalib Boone’s dunk put the Cowboys ahead 54-49.

But Moncrieffe fouled out with 5:25 left, followed a few minutes later by teammate Bernard Kouma, who had 10 rebounds.

West Virginia went 13 of 14 from the free-throw line over a five-minute stretch to take a 73-72 lead with 3:43 left. The Mountaineers never led again.

Anderson scored 11 points over the final four minutes to seal the win.

“If you’re going to have success in this league with any level of consistency, you have to be able to adapt,” Boynton said. “I’m just proud of these guys to finish the season the way we did.”

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Late tip-in helps Providence hold off No. 10 Villanova 54-52

(AP) — No. 10 Villanova is limping into the postseason with a third-string point guard and a bit of a road slump.

David Duke and Nate Watson scored 20 points apiece, and Duke outjumped his taller teammate and four Wildcats to tip in the game-winner with 2.8 seconds left on Saturday as Providence held on after blowing a 20-point lead to beat the Big East champions 54-52.

Although the TV broadcast credited the 6-foot-10 Watson with the tiebreaking putback, the box score said it was Duke, a guard who is five inches shorter. Watson said he wasn’t sure – and he didn’t much care.

“I was flying to the glass. We probably both hit it,” Watson said. “I’m just happy it went in.”

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl had an open look at a 3-pointer after a long inbounds pass. But the shot hit the front of the rim, and the buzzer sounded before Jermaine Samuels tipped it in.

It was the fourth straight road loss for the Wildcats, who lost point guard Collin Gillespie to a torn MCL on Wednesday and backup Justin Moore to an ankle injury in the first half against the Friars. Coach Jay Wright said Moore’s injury was “pretty severe.”

“Our problem was not missing Collin at the point guard spot,” Wright said. “We definitely had our chances. We had free throws; we had shots at the rim. It just wasn’t meant to be. It’s hard to accept that.”

Noah Horchler had 10 points and 13 rebounds for Providence (13-12, 9-10 Big East), which has won five of their last seven games against ranked teams. Friars coach Ed Cooley said he was ecstatic “to finish off against a quality opponent like Villanova.

“Despite what they didn’t have, they had some great players on the floor,” he said.

Samuels scored 16 of his 21 points in the second half, making back-to-back layups to start a 14-2 run and adding the last five points of the rally that gave the Wildcats (16-5, 11-4) a 50-49 lead with less than three minutes left.

Duke made one of two free throws to tie it, and then sank a floater with just over a minute left to make it 52-50. After Samuels made a pair of free throws, Jared Bynum fired up a jumper that bounced off the rim, and Duke’s fingertips were the highest of the six players going for the rebound.

Wright called timeout, then changed his play after Providence called timeout. Watson went for the steal on the inbounds, allowing Robinson-Earl to get free for a 3-pointer, but the ball bounced high off the rim and by the time Samuels got his hand on it, it was too late.

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Watson said with a laugh. “I was praying to God he did not make it.”

Robinson-Earl had 11 points and 13 rebounds for the Wildcats, who clinched the Big East regular-season title by beating Creighton on Wednesday night. They will be the No. 1 seed in the conference tournament that begins on Wednesday.

PC led 38-18 in the first before Villanova scored the first 11 points of the second. The Friars held a 47-36 advantage with nine minutes left before Samuels scored nine points during the rally that gave the Wildcats their first lead since the opening basket of the game.

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: No. 21 Virginia tops Louisville 68-58 to claim ACC title

(AP) Virginia’s clutch baskets alone were cause enough for players to leap off the bench in celebration.

The Cavaliers’ whooping was even louder because of the reward those big shots earned.

Sam Hauser scored a season-high 24 points, Trey Murphy III added 17 and No. 21 Virginia beat Louisville 68-58 on Saturday to win the Atlantic Coast Conference regular-season championship.

Assured of least a No. 2 seed entering the regular-season finale, the Cavaliers (17-6, 13-4) received a huge opportunity for even more when first-place and No. 11 Florida State lost 83-73 earlier in the day at Notre Dame. Virginia then methodically took care of the Cardinals (13-6, 8-5) to leapfrog the Seminoles by percentage points (.765 to .733) despite a blowout loss at FSU in the season’s lone meeting on Feb. 15.

Then again, the Cavs have come a long way since that first of three consecutive losses. They earned their fifth ACC regular season title under coach Tony Bennett and sixth No. 1 conference tournament seed.

“To get it how we did it, I’m so grateful,” Bennett said, sitting in the locker room the team used when it beat Purdue two years ago to advance to the Final Four.

“We talked about what a title fight meant and being able to live with the results, win or lose, but lay it on the line and don’t yield.”

Indeed, Virginia gave Louisville little to nothing on his home floor.

Despite making just 3 of 15 from long range, the Cavaliers shot consistently well (52%) inside elsewhere to lead throughout. Louisville got to 41-38 with 13:47 remaining with a 6-0 run, but Hauser answered with five consecutive points and Virginia later added another 5-0 run on the way to a 13-point advantage the Cardinals couldn’t dent.

Credit Hauser for coolly knocking down shots from all over.

The Marquette transfer finished 9 of 14 from the field, making his first four in the second half, and grabbed eight rebounds.

“I’ve never been part of a championship team until now, so for me this is a first in college,” said Hauser, who topped his previous high a month ago against Pitt by a point. “I’m just excited that we got it and we got it done. It didn’t matter that it was during the pandemic or not.”

Murphy helped by shooting 7 of 12, and 7-foot-1 Jay Huff added 10 points on 5-of-6 shooting.

As Virginia relished a double bye earned by its second consecutive win, Louisville saw its meager two-game run halted.

The Cardinals committed just three turnovers but struggled to score. And despite holding one of the nation’s top 3-point shooting teams in check, Virginia seemed to get the baskets they needed from other spots.

“Virginia can be frustrating because they’re just solid,” Louisville coach Chris Mack said. “If you had told me before the game that we would’ve held them, to 3 of 15 from the 3 and have three turnovers for the entire game, I thought it would have been ours for the taking.”

David Johnson had 14 points and Jae’Lyn Withers 12 for Louisville, which shot 37% and was beaten 32-22 in the paint.

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: No. 14 Creighton beats Butler without suspended McDermott

Marcus Zegarowski was right where he wanted to be – on the basketball court – after a difficult week off the floor for Creighton.

In what might have been his last college home game, Zegarowski matched his career high with 32 points to lead the No. 14 Bluejays to a 93-73 victory over Butler on Saturday.

The Bluejays (18-7, 14-6 Big East) won for the first time in three games, doing it without head coach Greg McDermott, who is suspended indefinitely for making racially insensitive remarks to his team following a Feb. 27 loss.

“I always look at basketball as therapy,” Zegarowski said, “especially in this situation where something happened and we came together off the floor and had to talk through things, a real sensitive topic. Having basketball going on right now, we have to focus on that.

“I think we have great guys who are talking about what they think of the situation, and then we have a staff that provides a place to speak our piece but also focus on the next step in basketball. Today was a step moving forward for sure.”

Assistant coach Alan Huss served as interim head coach against the Bulldogs and watched Creighton score more than 90 points for the sixth time this season. The Bluejays never trailed after the opening four minutes.

“It’s awesome just to get out there and think about basketball,” Huss said.

Denzel Mahoney scored 15 points, Damien Jefferson added 12 and Christian Bishop had 10 points and 10 rebounds.

Chuck Harris had a career-high 29 points to lead the Bulldogs (9-14, 8-12), and Bryce Golden matched his career best with 19.

“Creighton was on tonight,” Harris said. “They’re a shot-making team, we didn’t execute from the jump, and they made us pay for it.”

Zegarowski turned in a virtuoso performance. Afterward, the Big East preseason player of the year said he wouldn’t consider whether to declare for the NBA draft until well after the NCAA Tournament.

The junior was 10 of 12 from the field, including 5 of 7 on 3-pointers, and he came up with the basket Creighton needed when the game looked as though it would tighten in the first half.

“Just coming out here, playing for our four seniors and trying to just make the best of it and compete for 40 minutes and not worry about what’s off the floor,” Zegarowski said. “I think that’s what we did.”

Creighton, which shot 52% and made 12 of 25 3s, was much sharper than in its 73-61 loss at No. 10 Villanova on Wednesday. That game came one day after revelations that McDermott, urging team unity following a loss at Xavier, used language evocative of slavery and the antebellum South when he said, “I need everybody to stay on the plantation. I can’t have anybody leave the plantation.”

McDermott apologized, coached the Villanova game and was suspended on Thursday. Five Black Creighton players spoke in a video before the Butler game about why McDermott’s words hurt them.

“It’s a difficult predicament for Coach Huss and their coaching staff to be in,” Butler coach LaVall Jordan said. “They deserve credit, and their players took the moment and owned it.”

MEN’S COLLEGE BASKETBALL: Bacot, Love and Walton score 18 each, UNC beats Duke 91-73

(AP) Armando Bacot, Kerwin Walton and Caleb Love scored 18 points apiece and North Carolina never trailed it its 91-73 win over Duke on Saturday in the regular-season finale for both teams.

Walton hit 4 of 7 from 3-point range and Love had seven assists. Garrison Brooks added 14 points on 6-of-9 shooting for North Carolina (16-9, 10-6 ACC).

The Tar Heels will be the No. 6 seed and earned a first-round bye in next week’s conference tournament. Tenth-seeded seed Duke (11-11, 9-9) plays No. 15 seed Boston College in Tuesday’s first round.

Bacot scored seven consecutive points to start a 22-4 run that made it 26-6 when he capped the spurt with a dunk midway through the first half.

Mark Williams led Duke with 18 points, DJ Steward added 16 and Matthew Hurt 14.

The Blue Devils finished the regular season without a winning record for the first time since 1994-95. Duke has made 24 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances, the second-longest active streak of its kind, but will likely have to win five games in as many days at the ACC tourney to earn a berth this year. The Blue Devils’ longest win streak this season is four.

North Carolina made 31 of 56 (55%) from the field, shot 44% (8 of 18) from 3-point range, and outscored the Blue Devils 21-12 from the free-throw line.

Duke trimmed its deficit to 13 when Wendell Moore Jr. hit a jumper early in the second half by Walton answered with a 3 and the Blue Devils got no closer.

NBA NEWS: Silver: NBA may return to normal in ’21-22, virus permitting

(AP) — The NBA is expecting arenas to be filled again next season and a return to its normal calendar, Commissioner Adam Silver said Saturday, while cautioning again that every plan is contingent on continued progress in the ongoing fight against the coronavirus.

There are no plans for the league to travel overseas next season for exhibitions or regular-season games, Silver said, meaning recent preseason trips to foreign markets such as China, Japan or India won’t be repeated until 2022 at the earliest.

But otherwise, things may largely appear back to normal – with the NBA eyeing a return to the 82-game schedule, starting in October and ending in June.

“I’m fairly optimistic, at this point, that we will be able to start on time,” Silver said from Atlanta, in his annual news conference that precedes the All-Star Game. “Roughly half our teams have fans in their arenas right now and, if vaccines continue on the pace they are and they continue to be as effective as they have been against the virus and its variants, we’re hopeful that we’ll have relatively full arenas next season as well.”

The league had 171 games canceled last season because of the pandemic – one of the reasons for revenue projections being missed by about $1.5 billion – and this season will be at least 150 games below the usual total, with more significant financial losses certain.

All teams are scheduled to play 72 games instead of the customary 82, with only about half the league admitting any fans and those that have opened their doors doing so for just a small percentage of normal capacity.

“Last season and this season has required a significant investment on the part of the team owners,” Silver said. “They accept that. Players will end up taking a reduction in salary this season because they are partners with the league and teams on revenue. League executives, team executives have all taken haircuts on their salary. But I think when we all step back, we all feel very fortunate to be working under these circumstances and my sense is the players feel the same way.”

Silver’s news conference was virtual this season for the first time, done over Zoom – like virtually all other league business this year – because of the pandemic and the league’s protocols for health and safety. A year ago at All-Star weekend in Chicago, about a month before the NBA’s decision on March 11, 2020, to suspend the season following the news that Utah’s Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, Silver warned there was “a major national, if not global, health crisis” looming with regard to the virus.

What Silver said might not have sounded many alarms at that time. Less than a month later, the virus began dominating every aspect of life across the globe – and has continued to since.

“One thing we’ve all come to understand over the last year is that the virus is firmly in charge,” Silver said.

Silver addressed many other topics Saturday, including:


Of the NBA’s 30 teams, seven have Black coaches, and the Minnesota Timberwolves were criticized by some last month for passing over assistant coach David Vanterpool, who is Black, and hiring Chris Finch to replace Ryan Saunders.

Even the National Basketball Coaches Association said hiring processes need to be more transparent, and said it wants to work with the league on initiatives that will improve future coaching searches. Silver wants those as well, but doesn’t want them to simply exist and be hollow.

“I don’t want to create a process in which people are checking the boxes, and that someone becomes `the Black candidate who got interviewed, but didn’t get the job, everyone knows that person wasn’t really going to get the job, but somebody went through a process to appease the league office or somebody else,” Silver said. “It requires real engagement.”


Silver said he was not aware of any players who have been vaccinated yet. Some coaches, including San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich, have gotten the vaccine.

Silver also said it’s not a prerequisite that players get vaccinated in order to achieve the league’s goal of having fans back in arenas like normal next season.

“I don’t think that every player certainly needs to be vaccinated for fans to come back,” Silver said. “I mean, that’s not anything that the health authorities have suggested to us.”

The league has been working to educate players and teams on the benefits of getting the vaccine when they become eligible and when it becomes more readily available. “My sense is most will ultimately decide that it’s in their interest to get vaccinated,” Silver said.


Silver said he and NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts have ongoing dialogue about whether to allow players to enter the NBA draft at the age of 18 again and essentially eliminating the so-called one-and-done policy where players in most circumstances need to go to college for a year before turning pro.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice chaired a commission three years ago that recommended changing the rule, and has had discussions with Roberts and Silver about that topic.

“We both agreed that as part of the process of looking at a new collective bargaining agreement, we should discuss that issue,” Silver said.


There are no “concrete plans” to resume summer league later this year in Las Vegas, Silver said. Last year’s league was canceled because of the pandemic, and the NBA Finals are scheduled to go until as late as July 22 – around when summer league is usually concluding.

“I think we’re going to end up (with) maybe an abbreviated summer league, mini-camps and other opportunities,” Silver said. “Everything’s on the table now.”

PGA: Westwood has career-low at Bay Hill and takes 1-shot lead

(AP) Lee Westwood isn’t just killing time waiting to become old enough to compete against guys his own age.

He might not be able to contemplate driving a par 5 – that sideshow Saturday at Bay Hill belonged to Bryson DeChambeau. Westwood is more graybeard than flat belly.

He also showed at the Arnold Palmer Invitational he can hang with players nearly half his age, posting his lowest score ever at Bay Hill with a 7-under 65 that gave him a one-shot lead over DeChambeau and Corey Conners.

“It’s nice to still be playing in these tournaments. You’ve got to be top 50 in the world,” Westwood said. “And if you would have said to me 20 years ago will you still be top 50 in the world at 48 I might have been slightly skeptical.

“And it just shows that I’m still capable of playing well in these tournaments with all the good young players around me and obviously contending, because that’s what I’m doing this week.”

DeChambeau, who shot a 68, was entertaining. Only one of his six birdies got all the attention, mainly because the U.S. Open champion has teased all week about taking all the water on the right-to-left bending par-5 sixth.

The fans began cheering. Out came the driver. DeChambeau gave it a rip and raised his arms, a scene right out of the World Long Drive Championship, and then thrust both arms in the air again when he saw the shot clear the water, run through the fairway and into the rough, 70 yards from the hole.

“Oh, man, I felt like a kid again, for sure,” DeChambeau said. “It was exciting, especially when you pull it off. It was almost like winning a tournament. It’s kind of the feeling I had. It was like, `Oh, I did it.’ I got the same chills and feeling when I saw it clear and there was no splash. I gave the fans what they wanted.”

That might not have been the shot of the day.

Jordan Spieth made a hole-in-one with a 5-iron from 222 yards on the second hole. Jazz Janewattanond made an ace on the 212-yard 14th hole. Keegan Bradley shot a 64, the low round of the week.

All of them were in the mix, meaning there should be plenty of entertainment on Sunday.

Westwood, who turns 48 next month, won against the strongest field of regular European Tour events last year in Abu Dhabi and he ended the year as No. 1 in Europe for the third time by winning the Race to Dubai.

He grabbed the lead by holing a 30-foot eagle putt on the 16th hole (DeChambeau made birdie) and a 30-foot birdie putt on the closing hole (DeChambeau made par) to reach 11-under 205.

Conners, who started the third round with a one-shot lead, could only manage a 71 on a cool, breezy day at Bay Hill with only a few drops of rain.

Sunday was shaping up as another thriller at Bay Hill.

Spieth opened with a birdie and a hole-in-one, took the lead by holing a bunker shot on the par-3 seventh, saved par after a tee shot into the water and shot 68 with the kind of round he’d rather do without. Spieth prefers boring golf, and this was anything but that.

He was two shots behind, tied with Bradley. This is the fourth straight tournament Spieth has gone into the final round within five shots of the lead – twice he was leading or tied – as he tries to end more than three years without winning.

Janewattananond’s ace carried him to a 69, leaving him four shots behind in a group that included Rory McIlroy, who bogeyed the last hole for a 72. Despite such a pedestrian round, McIlroy was very much in contention.

“I’m not too far away, so if I can get off to a decent start, be maybe a couple under through 5, I feel like I’ll have a decent chance,” McIlroy said.

Westwood had only six pars. He had eight birdies and the eagle on the 16th hole, along with a pair of three-putt bogeys.

Westwood has five victories since turning 40, including last year in Abu Dhabi. So this didn’t surprise him, especially on a course that fits his eye, even though he has only one finish in the top 10.

LPGA: Kupcho eagles 18th to cut Ernst’s LPGA Tour lead to stroke

(AP) Jennifer Kupcho made a 12-foot eagle putt on the final hole to cut Austin Ernst’s lead to a stroke Saturday in the LPGA Tour’s Drive On Championship.

Kupcho shot a 2-under 70 at rainy Golden Ocala, setting up the eagle with a fairway wood from 215 yards that just cleared the rocks and water fronting the green on the par-5 18th.

“I actually was like standing on the tee and I was like, `I feel an eagle coming on.’ So, it was pretty cool to do it,” Kupcho said. “But when I got down there to the fairway I definitely didn’t think it would be possible to get it close and I was not aiming anywhere close to where my ball went, but it happened to go right at the pin and carried by a couple yards, carried the water by a couple yards, and ended up in a good spot. I was able to just make the putt.”

Ernst parred the last six holes in a 69.

“I didn’t quite have it ball-striking-wise today,” Ernst said. “I hit a few good shots, but then kind of sprayed a few drives and kind of had to work a little bit harder that I have had to work the last couple days.”

The two-time LPGA Tour winner chipped in for birdie on the par-4 ninth. She was at 13-under 203.

“I know I need to go play well.” Ernst said. “I can’t not play well and win, so it’s going to be the same type stuff. Obviously, sleeping on the lead the last two days I know what to expect. I’ve slept really well.”

Kupcho is winless on the tour. The former Wake Forest star from Colorado won the 2018 NCAA title and the inaugural Augusta National Women’s Amateur in 2019.

She overcame a slow start Saturday to remain close.

“It was just a tough start,” Kupcho said. “The greens were really slow when it was raining and I ended up three-putting the second hole.”

Albane Valenzuela (66), Patty Tavatanakit (69) and Jenny Coleman (70) were tied for third at 7 under.

Nelly Korda had a 76 to drop to 3 under. She won the Gainbridge LPGA last week at Lake Nona after sister Jessica Korda took the season-opening Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions.

Laura Davies, the 57-year-old Hall of Famer who rebounded from an opening 75 with a 69 on Friday to advance to the weekend at even par, was 4 over after a 76. She’s playing on a World Golf Hall of Fame exemption.

Ernst and Kupcho are in position to give the United States three straight victories to open a season for the first time since 2007.

NASCAR: Allmendinger wins at Las Vegas for surging Kaulig Racing

(AP) AJ Allmendinger raced to the first victory of his comeback season by passing Daniel Hemric on the final restart in the Xfinity Series race Saturday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Allmendinger this year agreed to his first fulltime season since 2018 in a deal with Kaulig Racing. He’s friends with team owner Matt Kaulig and has slowly been lured back into NASCAR as a favor to the team.

He was Kaulig’s “Trophy Hunter” last year in 11 races he was entered solely to win for the team. Kaulig then convinced Allmendinger to run for the Xfinity Series championship while also helping the organization move to Cup next season.

The victory was the sixth in the Xfinity Series for Allmendinger, who retired at the end of the 2018 season rather than drive for an uncompetitive team.

Allmendinger was in tears when he climbed from his winning Chevrolet.

“It’s emotional, hell, you don’t know when you are going to do this again,” Allmendinger said. “You never know if this is the last one. Matt Kaulig, I love you man.”

Kaulig Racing has eight Xfinity Series victories since its 2016 formation. Four of the wins were by Allmendinger.

Allmendinger said he holds Kaulig in such high regard that he’s often ill before races from the pressure to deliver for the team.

“I want to win so bad for Matt every week. It’s hard to put into words what he means to me and truly how bad I want to win for him,” Allmendinger said. “It’s the same thing as wanting to win for Roger Penske. It means that much to me that he believes in me. Thank you for this opportunity because I don’t take it for granted.”

Allmendinger led 44 laps, including the final 13 after passing Hemric on the restart.

Hemric finished second and led a race-high 74 laps in a Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing. Brandon Jones, his JGR teammate, was third.

Austin Cindric was fourth in a Ford for Team Penske and Noah Gragson, the Las Vegas native, was fifth in a Chevrolet for JR Motorsports.

Gragson was followed across the finish line by teammates Michael Annett and Josh Berry in three top-10s for JRM. Annett is mourning the unexpected death of his father earlier this week.

IndyCar driver Santino Ferrucci, in his second NASCAR race, finished 13th.

Ty Dillon has had a terrible run through three races with Joe Gibbs Racing. A broken radiator ended his race last week at Homestead and he crashed with 20 laps remaining Saturday when the battery in his spotter’s radio died.

Drew Herring was switching over to a new battery and not able to inform Dillon he was not clear to move up a lane when Dillon improperly cut in front of Brett Moffitt. Dillon was additionally penalized two laps when too many crew members went over the wall to fix the damage and Dillon finished 30th.

UCF: Jan Blachowicz wins, halts Israel Adesanya’s bid to become 2-division champion

LAS VEGAS — Israel Adesanya’s meteoric rise to UFC superstardom hit a rather large obstacle Saturday night.

Jan Blachowicz beat the previously undefeated Adesanya by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-45, 49-45) to retain his light heavyweight title in the main event of UFC 259.

Adesanya, the UFC middleweight champion, was attempting to become just the fifth fighter in UFC history to hold two titles concurrently.

“It didn’t go exactly the way I wanted it to go, but dare to be great,” Adesanya said. “You know, the critics are the ones on the sideline, but I’m the one putting it on the line.”

Adesanya added: “If I was gonna lose to anyone, I’m glad I lost to him. Credit to him. He’s a great champion.”

The story of the fight leading in was that Blachowicz would have a significant size advantage. Adesanya tipped the scales at 200.5 pounds during Friday’s weigh-in, 4.5 pounds under the 205-pound limit for a light heavyweight title fight. Blachowicz weighed 205 pounds and said he planned on competing Saturday at 220 pounds.

Adesanya, who typically competes in the 185-pound division, likely didn’t gain much weight since weigh-ins, meaning Blachowicz would be about 20 pounds heavier in the Octagon.

“Size is always a factor when you move up a weight class in this sport,” UFC president Dana White said. “It was definitely a factor. Weight was a factor. When you move up a weight class like that, strength is a factor. How hard these guys hit is a factor. And Jan is the real deal.”

That size disparity paid dividends for Blachowicz. The Polish fighter took over the fight late with big takedowns in the fourth and fifth rounds. Adesanya seemed to be building some momentum in the fourth when Blachowicz exploded in for a double-leg takedown. Both times, Adesanya could not get up. While Blachowicz didn’t do a ton of damage on the mat, he held Adesanya there very effectively and sprinkled in some punches.

As the clock was expiring to end the fight, Blachowicz finally landed some hard hammerfists and advanced into full mount. The final flurry all but sealed the bout.

“When I took him to the ground, he felt the difference between his category and [light heavyweight],” Blachowicz said.


Eastern Conference
Atlantic Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Philadelphia2412.66716-38-96-218-66-42 W
Brooklyn2413.6490.513-611-73-211-99-12 W
Boston1917.5285.012-57-123-414-106-44 W
New York1918.5145.511-78-111-313-107-31 W
Toronto1719.4727.08-89-113-512-115-52 L
Central Divison
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Milwaukee2214.61114-58-98-012-76-41 W
Chicago1618.4715.07-119-72-27-86-41 W
Indiana1619.4575.57-119-84-210-114-61 L
Cleveland1422.3898.09-105-122-510-104-61 L
Detroit1026.27812.06-104-160-77-153-71 L
Southeast Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Miami1818.50010-88-103-49-127-31 W
Charlotte1718.4860.59-88-105-19-95-51 W
Atlanta1620.4442.08-98-113-311-125-52 W
Washington1420.4123.07-107-101-65-147-31 W
Orlando1323.3615.08-125-114-29-134-65 L
Western Conference
Northwest Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Utah279.75015-212-73-212-56-42 L
Portland2114.6005.511-610-82-311-96-43 W
Denver2115.5836.09-712-87-113-96-44 W
Oklahoma City1521.41712.06-119-102-67-164-61 W
Minnesota729.19420.04-133-162-44-151-99 L
Pacific Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
Phoenix2411.68612-612-54-215-78-24 W
LA Lakers2413.6491.011-813-51-417-83-72 L
LA Clippers2414.6321.512-612-85-214-74-63 L
Golden State1918.5146.012-67-123-49-105-53 L
Sacramento1422.38910.58-126-103-47-112-81 L
Southwest Division
 WLPctGBHomeRoadDivConfLast 10Streak
San Antonio1814.5639-109-44-512-136-41 L
Dallas1816.5291.09-89-84-19-108-23 W
Memphis1616.5002.07-119-53-58-105-51 L
New Orleans1521.4175.010-95-124-38-134-62 L
Houston1123.3248.05-106-134-58-110-1013 L