Cameron, Trevor, Mason, Allen, Rawlin, and Max will be advancing to
Regionals next Thursday at North Central High School.

BOYS Team: 5th place

BOYS Individual:
100m dash- Cameron Vincent; 2nd place, 11.35   *** Advancing to Regionals
100m dash- Mason Good; 12.42
200m dash- Cameron Vincent; 3rd place, 23.59   *** Advancing to Regionals
200m dash- Rawlin Mills; 26.06
400m dash- Zach Adkins; 58.28
400m dash- Akili Roberts; 1:00.93
800m run- Trevor Thompson; 1st place, 2:03.03   *** Advancing to Regionals
800m run- Max Harris; 2:16.01
1600m run- Collin Perry; 5:52.96
1600m run- Christian Mills; 6:01.06
3200m run- Maverick Luster; 11:39.09
3200m run- Nick Woodbury; 11:54.18
110m hurdles- Trevor Thompson; 6th place, 16.44
110m hurdles- Josh Crawford; 19.40
300m hurdles- Tanner Spence; 48.05
300m hurdles- Josh Crawford; 48.47
4x100m relay- Cameron Vincent, Mason Good, Allen Gonzalez, Rawlin Mills;
1st place, 44.98   *** Advancing to Regionals
4x400m relay- Rawlin Mills, Allen Gonzalez, Max Harris, Trevor Thompson;
4th place, 3:35.06   *** Advancing to Regionals
4x800m relay- Max Harris, Christian Mills, Nick Woodbury, Jeffery Thornton;
7th place, 9:46.07
high jump- Trevor Thompson; 2nd place, 6'0"   *** Advancing to Regionals
high jump- Tanner Spence; 5'2"
long jump- Allen Gonzalez; 17'9"
long jump- Mason Good; 17'4.5"
shot- Rawlin Mills; 5th place, 43'1.5"
shot- Alex Vazquez; 30'7"
discus- Tabius Reagan; 92'11"
discus- Ryan Armantrout; 89'10"

GIRLS Individual:
800m run- Sophia Spence, 1st place, 2:27.85   ** Advancing to Regionals
1600m run- Reagan Hoggatt; 4th place, 5:40.84   ** Advancing to Regionals
1600m run- Chloe Wyatt; 9th place, 6:02.13
4x400m relay- Regan Hoggatt, Heidi Livingston, Chloe Wyatt, Sophia Spence,
6th place, 4:49.59
4x800m relay- Heidi Livingston, Chloe Wyatt, Reagan Hoggatt, Sophia Spence;
4th place, 10:48.60   *** Advancing to Regionals