If you plan on being in Las Vegas and seeing the Raiders starting in the 2020 NFL season, get ready to pay….dearly!!!

First, the stadium itself will cost $1.8 billion. To put that into perspective, I could buy 17,438 brand new BMW’s at $103,225.00 apiece….I could get 4,500 homes at $400,000 each. You get the idea?

Now to tickets and rights fees.

Wednesday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Personal Seat Licenses will cost up to $75,000 apiece. PSLs are agreements that give fans the opportunity to purchase season tickets. According to the Las Vegas newspaper, there are three tiers of PSLs and in total they will generate $160 million.

The Review-Journal reported PSLs for VIP club seats will cost $75,000 each. Club PSLs will fetch $35,000 apiece while the lowest level PSL will cost $20,000 for each seat.

Under that scenario, the total cost of PSLs and two season tickets for the best seats will cost $33,927 a year if financed through 2024. wo mid-level club seats will cost $19,132 per year, while two low-end club seats would cost $13,647 a year.

Individual game tickets still will be sold. The team has not released an average ticket price.

Compared to other recently built stadiums:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a year ago that PSLs for Atlanta Falcons games would range from $500 to $45,000 per seat. Game tickets cost between $55 and $385 for Mercedes Benz Stadium, which opened in August.

The Minnesota Vikings raised $100 million for U.S. Bank Stadium via PSLs, which they called “stadium-builder licenses,” according to a 2014 Minneapolis Star-Tribune report. Those licenses ranged from $500 to $9,500 per seat.

San Francisco’s Levi Stadium opened in July 2014. The 49ers seat license cost between $2,000 and $80,000.

Make that check out to the Las Vegas Raiders!!