The clock is ticking for Romeo Langford and the three schools hoping the Five-Star recruit will make the “right” decision.

Langford is the “highest” rated player in the country not to make his college choice. He told the Indianapolis Star recently he didn’t expect the process to last this long. His much awaited decision is to come by the end of April.

So why is his decision taking so long?

Will the wait be worth it?

I believe it will be, if it’s the Hoosiers.

The three schools (Indiana, Vanderbilt and Kansas) are going “all out” in their final sales pitch and all three have plenty to offer.

I do have a couple of theories as to why Romeo is waiting.

  1. The decision is too close to call. This is a huge decision for any young man and his family, even if Langford stays at the school of his choice for just one season. Indiana and Kansas have rich basketball traditions and Vanderbilt is building something special with Head Coach Bryce Drew.  If Indiana is his choice, he can play close to home and will be an instant cult hero. For Langford, this is a no-lose situation. Indiana fans will give him the key to the state. In fact they may even give him

If he chooses Kansas, he will play for one of the best coaches in the country in Bill Self. Kansas is  program that’s consistently in the top 10 (and will play for a national title this weekend), and will be, as long as Self stays in Lawrence. But, with a program like Kansas, Langford is just another All-American. Fans expect All-Americans to come to Kansas. No big deal.

If he chooses Vanderbilt, Langford will join Coach Drew and two other McDonald’s All-Americans (2018 CLASS) in an effort to put the Commodores on the college basketball map. Plus, one of Langford’s best friend plays at Vanderbilt. There is something special about taking a “down” program to another level.


  1. Maybe Langford feels a better offer is coming. This theory is doubtful since he told reporters at the McDonald’s All-Star game that the three schools (IU, Vandy and Kansas) are the ONLY schools he is considering. But, you know athletes today. They de-commit at the drop of a hat and are off to another program despite giving their word to the original school. Louisville gave it the old college try last week.


  1. Perhaps Langford really doesn’t care where he goes. There is a high likelihood Romeo is a one-and-done, so it doesn’t matter where he goes…from an education standpoint. I have a feeling Langford is thinking NBA not MBA.


Romeo is giving Indiana one last visit. Hoosier fans are hoping their sales pitch will sway his decision in their favor. Langford will also give Kansas and Vanderbilt one last sales pitch as well, but not in person. Kansas is busy this weekend.

Langford’s decision can make or break a program, especially if that program is counting on Romeo to be the start of a strong foundation. Kansas will survive either way. I believe Indiana and Vanderbilt have the most to lose in his decision. If you break it down even further, Indiana may have the most to lose, if he goes out of state. We have seen several top Indiana high school basketball players leave the state for greener pastures over the years. Maybe Langford will choose Indiana and start a new trend…Indiana is the “first” choice for the best players from Indiana. If he chooses the Hoosiers, then it will be worth the wait.

Gut feeling? Indiana.