Dasan McCullough is the latest McCullough to join the Indiana Football program. The four-star linebacker will be following his brother Daeh to Bloomington as part of the 2022 recruiting class. Dasan originally committed to Ohio State.

“I’m staying home,” Dasan said in a statement posted to Twitter. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I refuse to pass up. The chance to play under the man I looked up to my whole life is truly amazing, along with the opportunity to play with my best friends, Daeh, who has the chance to be special and I get a chance to watch and play with, and my oldest brother, Deland, simply the reason I wear No. 1 on my jersey and continue to play the game.”

The 6’5” 220 pound athlete is being compared to former Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons who was selected #8 by the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL Draft last season.