The Indiana High School Volleyball season will officially come to a close this Sunday at Lawrence North High School as Indiana Volleyball Coaches Association will be holding their annual All-Star games. Every match can bee seen live on INDIANASRN.ORG. Here are the rosters:

Senior 3A/4A All-Star Teams

1Breonna GossHamilton Southeastern HS6’0Middle HitterDuke University
2Brenna GinderCarroll (Fort Wayne) HS5’5LiberoWest Virginia University
3Lauren HardenHamilton Southeastern HS6’3Outside HitterUniversity of Florida
4Sienna FosterBenton Central High School5’9Outside HitterPurdue University
5Lucy KayFishers High School6’1Middle HitterBelmont University
6Allie ShondellMcCutcheon High School5’10SetterPurdue University
7Riley WhitlockHarrison (West Lafayette) HS6’0Outside HitterBall State University
8Aiden LeverickMunster High School5’5Outside HitterPurdue Northwest
9Jenna KerrCulver Academy6’0Middle Hitter 
10Isabelle PoehleinZionsville High School6’2Right SideBoston College
11Ava HoltzLaPorte High School5’9Outside Hitter 
12Georgia PoguePenn High School5’6Setter 
13Lilly StantonWestfield High School5’9SetterMaryville University
14Taeley MahlerHomestead6’1OS/RSEastern Michigan
Jason Young, Hamilton Southeastern High School – State Champion 2023, 2022
Hilary Laidig, NorthWood High School
1Makenzie WagnerProvidence High School5’10Right Side 
2Chloe GilleyColumbus East High School5’3LiberoIndiana State University
3Mia LoydTerre Haute South HS5’8SetterAir Force Academy
4Kamryn UtleyCathedral High School5’8SetterLehigh University
5Katie KopsheverCastle High School5’11Outside HitterEastern Illinois University
6Alaleh TolliverNorth Central High School5’11Outside HitterButler University
7Ava UtterbackPlainfield High School6’0Outside HitterUniversity of Louisville
8Lola SchumacherBrebeuf Jesuit Prep5’5LiberoUniversity of Wisconsin
9Avery ParrisEvans. Reitz Memorial HS6’2Middle HitterHofstra University
10Taylor LewisCathedral High School6’1Outside HitterVillanova University
11Emery MooreNorth Central High School5’10SetterUniversity of Pennsylvania
12Aly KirkhoffRoncalli High School5’6LiberoLouisiana State University
13Lillian MerkTerre Haute South High School6’0Middle HitterValparaiso University
14Daya VestalNorth Central High School6’1Middle HitterTaylor University
Dan Watson, Castle High School – State Runner-Up 2023, 2021
Suzanne Masten, Tri-West Hendricks High School

Senior 1A/2A All-Star Teams

1Carly WhiteselSouthwood High School5’9Setter  
2Aubrey MillerMuncie Burris High School5’6Outside Hitter  
3Blair GrigsbyPioneer High School5’6SetterPurdue University 
4Lauren PaskaLapel High School5’10Outside HitterIndiana Tech 
5Rachel VorstLafayette Central Catholic HS5’6LiberoPurdue University 
6Mackenzie MeadowsWinchester High School5’11Right Side  
7Layla GonzalesMuncie Burris High School5’3LiberoSouthern Indiana 
8Emma SegalFrontier High School5’6Outside HitterIndiana University 
9Allie HaeckerSouthwood High School5’5Libero  
10Mackenzie-Ruth RogersPioneer High School6’0SetterVanguard University 
11Addyson ViersTriton High School6’1Outside Hitter  
12Abigail CresseF.W. Blackhawk Christian HS6’3Middle HitterUniversity of Dayton 
13Olivia MartinezF.W. Blackhawk Christian HS5’10Outside Hitter  
14Shaye WatsonElkhart Christian Academy6’0Outside HitterTaylor University 
Tom Finicle, Southwood High School – State Champs 2022; State Runner-Up 2009, 2014
Jim Craig, Muncie Burris High School – State Champs 2023  
1Kera WischmeierBrownstown Central HS5’11Middle HitterIU Columbus 
2Sydnee WittmerLoogootee High School5’6SetterVincennes University 
3Molly Jayne TuckerSprings Valley High School5’3LiberoIndiana University 
4Ashleigh RileyNorth Putnam High School5’8Outside Hitter  
5Madison RamseyLoogootee High School5’11Middle Hitter  
6Emma NeeleyNortheastern High School5’10Outside Hitter  
7Audrianna HaleLintonStockton High School5’6Defensive SpecialistIndiana State 
8Bella NottgerSprings Valley High School5’11Middle HitterLincoln Trail 
9Alexa StiffNorth Putnam High School5’6Defensive SpecialistSaint Mary-of-the-Woods 
10Leigh CarnesSprings Valley High School5’9SetterLincoln Trail College 
11Evelyn DartCovenant Christian (Indpls.) HS6’0Middle HitterMarian University 
12Audrey WarrickLintonStockton High School6’1SetterThomas More 
13Payge JohnsonTecumseh High School5’8Setter  
14Parker MischlerSullivan High School5’8Outside HitterDePauw University 
Jennifer Shade, Brownstown Central HS – State Champs 2019, State Runner-Up 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008
Katie Johnson, Tecumseh High School – State Runner-Up 2022, 2023

Junior 3A/4A All-Star Teams

1Ava HunterHamilton Southeastern HS5’11Setter
2Kaylyn ChristyHamilton Southeastern HS5’9Libero
3Addison TindallHomestead High School6’3Outside Hitter
4Claire PayneNorthWood High School6’1Middle Hitter
5Madelyn SipeHomestead High School5’7Libero
6Cienna LapsleyF.W. Concordia Lutheran HS6’1Middle Hitter
7Sophia BarberNorthWood High School6’0Outside Hitter
8Emily GrowNew Castle High School5’8Libero
9Sarah NotoPenn High School6’0Right Side
10Lauren WilsonNew Castle High School6’0Outside Hitter
11Stella Terpening Westfield High School6’2Middle Hitter
12Maggie HollonWarsaw Community High School5’10Outside Hitter
13Kate JacquayHomestead High School5’9Setter
14Noema Philistin-Lynch Carmel High School5’10Middle Hitter
Sarah Hendricks, State Champ 1995 as a player (Michigan City HS) and coach (Penn HS) 2011
1Raegan DurbinWestern Boone High School5’10Outside Hitter
2Addisen GallentineCastle High School6’3Middle Hitter
3Carly FondaFloyd Central High School5’10Setter
4Nora GibsonFloyd Central High School6’1Outside Hitter
5Avery FreemanBloomington North High School5’3Libero
6Lexi GinBrebeuf Jesuit High School5’6Libero
7Reese DunkleCenter Grove High School6’3Middle Hitter
8Isabelle BrownAvon High School5’10Setter
9Josie MyersCathedral High School6’2Middle Hitter
10Addi ApplegateYorktown High School5’5Libero
11Addison MakunSilver Creek High School6’4Middle Hitter
12Charlotte VinsonYorktown High School6’2Outside Hitter
13Logan BellRoncalli High School5’11Outside Hitter
14Ellen ZappCenter Grove High School6’0Right Side
15Maya JoskaCastle High School6’0Right Side
Michelle York, former Head Coach Heritage Christian High School
Curt Chandler, former Assistant Coach, Heritage Christian High School

1Grace DrakeSouthwood High School6’0Right Side
2Audra FlanaryEastern (Greentown) High School5’8Outside Hitter
3Alexandra SutherlinCovington Community High School5’6Defensive Specialist
4Mya DavisTriton High School6’1Right Side
5Anne Marie WadleMarquette Catholic High School6’1Outside Hitter
6Livia BallingMarquette Catholic High School5’11Middle Hitter
7Bella CornellSeton Catholic High School5’5Setter
8Bryn VanVleetSeton Catholic High School5’10Outside Hitter
9Keirsten NiesPioneer High School5’7Setter
10Lilly HowellMuncie Burris High School6’2Middle Hitter
11Brynn BerndtCulver Community High School5’10Outside Hitter
12Sophia BeesonWapahani High School5’8Outside Hitter
13Ava LaCrossF.W. Blackhawk Christian High School5’9Right Side
14Taylor CripeSouth Newton High School5’9Outside Hitter
Jean Kesterson, Retired Cathedral HS – State Champs:  1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2015, 2016
Rhonda Low, Retired Cathedral HS – See above, plus Boys State Champs:  1999, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2016
1Becca RobbinsLinton‐Stockton High School6’0Middle Hitter
2Maelee PilantLinton‐Stockton High School5’3Libero
3Katie McCashlandUnion County High School5’3Libero
4Avery KerrChristian Academy5’11Middle Hitter
5Adele L EvansIndianapolis Lutheran High School6’0Middle Hitter
6Kaitlyn OakleyNorth Posey High School6’0Middle Hitter
7Kinzee DeanBrownstown Central High School5’8Middle Hitter
8Madison KeithTrinity Lutheran High School5’10Outside Hitter
9Cathryn ErwinIndianapolis Lutheran High School5’3Libero
10Jacie WilsonSullivan High School5’3Middle Hitter
11Carly DouglasNorth Posey High School5’8Outside Hitter
12Addison DarlageTrinity Lutheran High School5’4Setter
13Samantha SecrestNorth Central (Farmersburg) High School5’4Setter
14Laura RoederTrinity Lutheran High School5’3Libero
Brooke Behnke, former Covenant Christian High School coach – State Finalists 2016
Disney Bronnenburg, Bloomington North High School